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  • Jan
  • 13

Martin Luther King Jr. and Animal Rights

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The fate of animals today is similar to that of humans who were subjected to slavery and other civil rights injustices—they, too, are tortured, abused, and neglected as humans once were and sometimes still are. More than 63 billion animals are slaughtered every year in the United States for the food industry, without even a […]

  • Dec
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Triple-Threat Diet for Kindness, Sustainability, and Health

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I adopted a plant-based lifestyle nearly 40 years ago and want to explain why I continue to eat, shop, and dine in this manner so many years later.   V is for vitality.  Eating many chlorophyll-rich vegetables—including some raw and living foods such as sprouts, sea vegetables, and blue-and-green algae—helps power me through long days with […]

  • Nov
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PETA’s Secret Weapon: Philip Hirschkop

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Some people are born to make a difference. Virginia attorney Philip Hirschkop is one of those people.   A lifelong defender of social justice, he has worked with peace activists as well as civil rights, women’s rights, teachers’ rights, and animal rights organizations for more than 50 years. He represented Martin Luther King Jr., Norman […]

  • Oct
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What PETA Is Doing to Help Farmed Animals, Part 3: Online Outreach

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In part 2 of this series focusing on the many things that PETA does to help farmed animals, I talked about ways in which we work to attract media attention, putting—or keeping—animal rights issues in the news and reaching countless people worldwide. At the same time, PETA is also working to reach people on popular […]

  • Sep
  • 28

Age, Arthritis, Animals, and Paul McCartney

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By Ellie Israel I’ve always been an animal lover, but I have not always been an activist. Fourteen years ago, I heard Bill Maher say that he was on the board of PETA, so I decided to look into this organization. When I did, my life changed overnight. I haven’t eaten meat since, and eight years […]

  • Sep
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Hey, What if Factory Farming Were THE ONLY THING Anyone Worked to End?

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A video of Ingrid Newkirk’s speech on this topic at the National Animal Rights Conference in Los Angeles.

  • Aug
  • 26

Fearless, Gutsy Gals Aim to Save Women and the World

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Ending sexism is one of the goals that PETA is working toward. Why? Today, on Women’s Equality Day, women across the country are talking about issues that affect us all, including the wage gap, the glass ceiling, rape culture, and the lingering assumption that women should still assume the lion’s share of home and family […]

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