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Maya Angelou Knew Why the Caged Bird Sings

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Maya Angelou , who passed away this morning, is probably best known for her coming-of-age memoir, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, in which she wrote of overcoming seemingly overwhelming adversity, including being sent away by her parents at age 3, raped by her mother’s boyfriend at age 7, and giving birth to her only child at age …

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Are You Suffering From Crestor Complacency?

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Let’s have a show of hands: Have you ever heard people brag about how they don’t have high cholesterol but fail to mention that it’s because they are on drugs to lower their cholesterol? It turns out that this state of denial isn’t just an occasional cocktail party conversation annoyance—it’s a bona fide trend, according to a …

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Mickey Rooney’s Timeless Message of Love for Animals

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Screen legend Mickey Rooney , who passed away on Sunday at age 93, may be  best remembered for his roles in Babes in Arms, Boys Town, Breakfast  at Tiffany’s, National Velvet, the Andy Hardy movies, and more than  200 other films, but here at PETA, we most fondly remember a little “movie” he  and his wife, Jan, made for us …

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Cold enough for ya? It is for your dog

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JTM12a_DB (2)

I like to joke that my rescued greyhound, Jasper, is like a canine Barbie doll. He has an outfit for every occasion: two fleece jackets, a lightweight winter coat, a heavyweight winter coat, a raincoat and even pajamas. I sometimes get ribbed by friends about Jasper’s extensive wardrobe, but greyhounds, like other short-coated dogs, are extremely sensitive …

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Cloris Leachman Raises Hope for SeaWorld Orcas

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Horses used to whinny at the sound of her character’s name in Young Frankenstein , but these days, Cloris Leachman’s name is more likely to elicit supportive clicks and whistles from orca whales. That’s because the Raising Hope star has written to the president of the Tournament of Roses Association and urged him to yank SeaWorld ’s float from the Rose Parade.

“I hate …

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Adding Insult to Injury

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A New Hampshire turkey farmer was in the news recently because of his unorthodox practice of giving his turkeys beer. One might naturally wonder whether this is inhumane since it could possibly make the turkeys drunk or ill, but he assures potential customers that turkeys “don’t seem to be the brightest, so they could stumble and you …

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The Joys of Adopting a Senior Pet

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November is “Adopt a Senior Pet” Month , and as anyone who has adopted an older animal can tell you, age is just a number. Furry seniors still have a lot of life—and love—left. Just ask anybody who has met Pepsi or Itchy.

Like so many homeless animals , Pepsi lost his home through no fault of his own. His guardian was a victim …

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