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  • Nov
  • 17

Victory! Kikkoman Ends Animal Tests

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Following a vigorous PETA campaign that included more than 100,000 protest e-mails, countless critical social media posts, scathing media stories, and phone call blitzes to the company’s U.S. offices, Kikkoman—the most popular soy sauce company in the U.S. and Japan—ended its long-standing practice of experimenting on animals. The company announced this morning that “Kikkoman has […]

  • Aug
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Patagonia’s ‘Sustainable Wool’ Supplier Exposed

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Eyewitness video shows workers plunging knives into the throats of conscious lambs and starting to skin them while they’re alive and moving.

  • Mar
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Ringling to Phase Out Elephant Acts by 2018, but Should Do It NOW

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For 35 years, PETA has protested Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus’ cruelty to elephants. PETA also caught Ringling’s abuse on video and released to the world a former Ringling trainer’s photos of the circus’s violent baby-elephant training to the world. We know that extreme abuse of these majestic animals occurs every single day, […]

  • May
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Make a Mother’s Day: Neuter and Spay

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205 W Alsop St, Enfield, NC 04.05 (6)

For Lady, motherhood wasn’t something to celebrate. Chained to a dilapidated doghouse in a patch of weeds and muck, the skinny brown dog had no way to escape the advances of roaming male dogs when she came into heat. Before long, she was pregnant. She spent the long weeks of her pregnancy outdoors and alone, […]

  • Apr
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Yes, These Turtles Are Still Alive

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PETA rescue workers discovered the two turtles pictured below beside local roads. Although they were mortally wounded, both turtles were still alive and suffering immensely when we found them. They were quickly and mercifully put out of their  misery. As the weather warms up, turtles are becoming increasingly mobile. If you see a  turtle attempting […]

  • Mar
  • 20

How to Feed a Spay-and-Neuter Army

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kitchen food

It wasn’t enough that longtime supporter anna j. ware donated a brand-new, state-of-the-art mobile spay-and-neuter clinic  to PETA. Nor was it enough for her to fly from her home in Atlanta, Georgia, to PETA’s headquarters, the Sam Simon Center in Norfolk, Virginia, for the clinic’s ribbon-cutting ceremony. And it wasn’t enough for her to hang […]

  • Mar
  • 17

New Nightclub Dress Code Proves That Fur Is Out

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Unless you follow fashion news, you may have missed a recent story out of the U.K. Mahiki, a London hotspot popular with celebrities and young Royals, announced that it is permanently banning fur. The landmark dress code sends a strong message to the city’s glitterati: It doesn’t matter who you are—if you wear fur, you’re […]

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