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Book Your Cruelty-Free Travel

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Book your cruelty-free getaway today! A portion of every travel purchase benefits PETA.

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#DisruptAging: Older Adults’ Interest in New Technology

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National Public Radio featured a piece on members of the AARP’s Nevada chapter who toured a cutting-edge tech show in Las Vegas. Technology reviewed in the NPR piece included FitBark , a device that monitors dogs’ physical activity. Listen to what the AARP attendees had to say about that gadget, and much more.

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Moving With Animals

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In today’s highly mobile society, it’s not uncommon for people to move frequently from one city to another. And although there is plenty of help out there in the form of moving companies and other businesses that can minimize headaches and offer affordable prices, for some, the task of moving can still seem daunting when animal companions are …

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Tell AAA to Stop Promoting SeaWorld!

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SeaWorld’s stock has tanked. Corporations such as Virgin America, STA Travel, Taco Bell, and Southwest Airlines have  severed their ties  to the company, and shareholders have slapped it with a lawsuit . Yet AAA continues to promote the cruel parks that profit from forcing highly intelligent orcas to perform silly circus tricks in concrete tanks that are the human equivalent of …

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Part Three: Winding Up Our Vegan Tour of Portland, Oregon

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Our third day in Portland started off at Canteen , a local juice bar close to our B&B. In addition to juices and smoothies, it has food items on its menu such as oatmeal and cereal for breakfast as well as salads and rice bowls for lunch. And craft beer! We had a couple smoothies and headed to Forest Park —one …

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A Vegan Tour of Portland, Oregon: Day Two

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Our second day in Portland started off with some vegan pastries, fruit, and strong coffee, courtesy of our B&B. We hung out in the large living room, planning our day.

We decided to go to the Pearl District, located in northwest Portland and across the Willamette River—another artsy area, full of shops and restaurants. I had already decided where we were going …

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Eating Our (Vegan) Way Through Portland, Oregon

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Portland, Oregon, Day One

Before heading to Portland with my husband, David, for our summer vacation, I did a considerable amount of research to find as many vegan and vegan-friendly establishments as I could. Stumptown Vegans was an extremely helpful site for planning our vegan outings. It has extensive lists of Portland’s vegan and vegan-friendly eateries, so don’t leave home …

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