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This New Travel App Will Help You Speak Vegan in Every Language

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Have wanderlust? Then you’ll be excited about a new travel app called Veganagogo. Available for iPhones, the app makes it as easy as vegan pie to order animal-free food abroad.

  • Jan
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For Animals, the Skies Are Anything but Friendly

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We’re re-posting this piece in light of the news report about a Virginia couple who purchased a flying squirrel and had him shipped by the cargo department of American Airlines. The squirrel died while in transport. The holidays are over, and if you’re like me, you’re already making winter vacation plans and a list of what to pack. […]

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Here’s an Easy Way to Save Ducks and Geese When You Travel

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When you’re getting ready to book a hotel room, you’re just looking for a good night’s sleep, right? But how well will you be able to sleep, knowing that the pillow you’re resting your head on may have caused the suffering and even death of ducks and geese? If your hotel uses down pillows and […]

  • Dec
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Since PETA’s Arrival, Norfolk Has Become a Vegan Hotspot

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Most people think of Navy sailors and powerful warships when they hear the words “Norfolk, Virginia,” but this mid-Atlantic port city is also home to PETA’s headquarters, the Sam Simon Center. As a result, Norfolk has turned into a small-town vegan mecca full of culturally diverse cuisines. From options such as Turkish red-lentil cakes and […]

  • Nov
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Video: These Daring Animal Rescues Will Brighten Your Day

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Animal rescuers in India pitch in to save their own “Baby Jessicas” from deep wells.

  • Oct
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A List Vegan Travelers Will Love

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From New York to Berlin to Chennai, finding delicious vegan and vegetarian food has never been easier for world travelers. Check out CNN’s list of the 11 best destinations for vegetarians, including Glasgow, which PETA named the best city for vegans in the United Kingdom in 2013. 

  • Oct
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VICTORY! European Parliament Votes to End Subsidies for Bullfighting

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This could signal the final nail in the coffin for Spain’s already struggling bullfighting industry.

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