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Animals Are Wondrous: Chimpanzees

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Chimpanzees are more closely related to humans than they are to gorillas. Chimpanzees and humans share the same blood types and have at least 95 percent genetic similarity. These highly intelligent animals have long childhoods, cooperate with and learn from each other, make and use tools, and participate in cultural and social activities such as dancing in …

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Retiring: Your Health and Your Wealth

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AARP just released a new poll that says that more than half of working Americans over age 50 don’t think they’ll have enough money for health care after retirement. We dug into the PETA Prime archive and found this blog on that very topic, so we’re re-posting it. Read on!

What happens if you retire, and the next thing …

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PETA to Combined Federal Campaigns Supporters: Thank You!

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PETA is grateful to all those who donate through workplace-giving campaigns and matching-gift programs. Your support helps PETA make significant changes for animals in a variety of crucial ways. Here are just a few from the past year alone:

 Within weeks after PETA Asia’s footage of angora farms revealed that workers violently rip the fur from the flesh of screaming rabbits, many of the world’s top fashion retailers …

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Share a Smile for Animals Today!

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Amazon is one of the most widely used sites on the Internet. Chances are that you’ve ordered something from the site before—and with good reason. Amazon has thousands of vegan and cruelty-free products, including food, makeup, cookbooks, clothes, and a huge selection of supplies for your furry family members. Now, with AmazonSmile, there’s an even better reason …

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Famous Reasons to Properly Plan Your Estate

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As a Philanthropic Specialist, I enjoy assisting members who are leaving a legacy for animals through an estate gift to PETA. Although everyone’s estate differs, it is in everyone’s best interest to spend time considering and documenting a plan. Below, I have put together a few famous examples that illustrate why even with the best intentions, improperly planned …

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PETA’s Animal Times: The Magazine That Speaks Up For Animals

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US AT2-14 Front Cover

PETA members, by now you should have received your copy of the latest edition of PETA’s Animal Times magazine. Featured in this issue: PETA’s investigation into Taiwan’s cruel pigeon racing industry, an eyewitness exposé of a pig breeding facility, delicious vegan recipes, and the ever-popular Celebrity Watch updates. If you are not yet a PETA member and would like a …

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Preparing for Your Animal Companions’ Future

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As PETA’s Augustus Club members know, planning your legacy is important. But one of the most overlooked yet most important aspects of estate planning is preparing for your animal companions’ future when you can no longer care for them. There are steps that you can take now to ensure that they’ll continue to receive the loving care that you want …

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