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Tasty Deal of the Week: Daiya Dairy-Free Cheese

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Love the creamy, rich flavor of cheese, without the cruelty of dairy? Daiya  dairy-free cheese is a delicious alternative. Visit Daiya’s Facebook page and scroll down to the coupon offer: Enjoy!









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Thriving as a Vegan Cheapskate

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Everyone likes to save money. But some of us really like to save money. We don’t view a trip to the grocery store as a chore—we view it as an odyssey. We hear the Mission: Impossible theme music playing in our heads as we stealthily dart down the aisles, wielding our weapon of choice—a shopping cart—and daring …

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Bill Maher and Top Comedians ‘Stand Up for Animals’

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Comedy legend Bill Maher and “Roastmaster General” Jeffrey Ross made fun of everyone in the room, but it was all for a great cause.

The comedians, along with Undateable‘s Ron Funches , IFC’s Laura Kightlinger, and the Nerdist network’s Kurt Braunohler , donated their time and talent to PETA’s “Stand-Up for Animals” show at Los Angeles’ famed Comedy Store.

The packed house was laughing all night as the comedians hit cruelty to animals …

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Nothing Gets Past Karen Porreca: Editor, Activist, and Augustus Club Member

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PETA’s Augustus Club is a complimentary club honoring those who are leaving a legacy to animals through a planned gift to PETA. Members receive quarterly newsletters and invitations to special events throughout the year. Karen Porreca is not only an Augustus Club member but also one of PETA’s most longstanding staff members.

Because Karen is a veritable living archive …

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Help Us Stand Up for Horses

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For many people, horse racing conjures up images of ostentatious hats, mint juleps, and wreaths of roses. But as The New York Times reported, a PETA investigation at two of the best-known racetracks in America—the famed Churchill Downs in Louisville (home of the Kentucky Derby) and the Saratoga Race Course in New York—revealed that for the horses, this “sport” has no glamour. They endure …

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The Seal-Bashing Begins

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Yesterday marked the first day of Canada’s  annual commercial seal slaughter , in which tens of thousands of baby  seals are shot, bludgeoned, and skinned so that off-season fishers can sell  their pelts. Baby seals can legally be killed as soon as they lose their white  fur at just a few weeks of age, and most are killed when they are less than 3  …

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Retiring: Your Health and Your Wealth

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What happens if you retire, and the next thing you know, your medical bills start eating away at your savings like rust on an old Rambler? It’s not a pleasant question to face, but if you don’t want to get caught short in the money department, it’s one that every prospective retiree should think about. A recent …

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