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Animals Are Wondrous: Mice

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Mice are complex, unique beings with the capacity to experience a wide range of emotions. These highly social animals communicate with each other using high-frequency sounds that are inaudible to the human ear. Male mice woo mates with high-pitched love songs. Female mice with litters will vigorously defend their nests and young.

Mice become emotionally attached to …

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Meet Marta Holmberg, PETA’s Director of Youth Outreach and Campaigns

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This is the follow-up to an article about peta2 posted on PETA Prime last week. 

Augustus Club: PETA has been cited as the most popular social-change organization among young people. In your opinion, why does PETA connect with young people more successfully than other organizations?

Marta Holmberg: Early on, we recognized the importance of reaching young people, and we decided to …

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PETA’s 2015 “Rescued” Calendar: Beautiful Portraits, Heartwarming Stories

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PETA’s new “Rescued” calendar features some of the many dogs, geese, bears, and other animals who have been saved from lives of cruelty and abuse, thanks to the generosity of PETA donors.

The wonderful photos and inspiring stories in our 2015 calendar represent only a fraction of the animals who are helped by PETA every single day. Each month also includes animal …

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PETA Presents: Holiday Gifts That Make an Impression … and a Difference

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As the holiday season approaches, I find myself repeating the same two questions in my head: What did I give people last year, and what in the world am I going to give them this year?

PETA to the rescue! No need to worry about what to get that distant relative whose name you’ve drawn in the …

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When ‘Old School’ Methods Just Won’t Do, We Rely on peta2

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What’s the difference between PETA and peta2 ? The campaign goals are the same, but the difference is the target audience. We created peta2 to inject the concept of animal rights directly into the bloodstream of today’s youth culture.

That’s because the best way to create lasting, long-term changes for animals is by making sure that future generations …

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Will You Be An ‘Angel’?

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Will you be an “angel” for a lonely dog chained outdoors? When you sponsor a doghouse for a dog in need, you’ll make a difference in the life of a neglected “outdoor dog.”

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Blinding Them With Science: How PETA’s Jessica Sandler Is Persuading Policymakers to Stop Animal Testing

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Villas at the Atrium Pet Portraits

While living in Tel Aviv in 1982, Jessica Sandler walked into a pet store to purchase a leather collar for her dog. It suddenly dawned on her that she was buying the skin of one animal to put on another. She says, “The inconsistency of lavishing affection on one animal while allowing others to be subjected to …

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