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Get Great Deals on Amazon’s Prime Day … TODAY!

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Amazon Prime Day500

Chances are that you’ve ordered something from Amazon before—and with good reason. Amazon has thousands of vegan and cruelty-free products, including food, makeup, cookbooks, clothes, and a huge selection of supplies for your furry family members. With AmazonSmile, there’s an even better reason to use the site: You can help support PETA. Today, there’s yet […]

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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve With This Clever Vegan Tee

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Taryn Rasgon, the owner of vegan lifestyle brand Vegetaryn, knows that one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote a kind lifestyle is to wear your heart on your sleeve. That’s why she’s created a funny and pun-filled collection of tees, tanks, sweatshirts, and totes with pro-vegan messages like “Lettuce Eat Plants” and […]

  • Jun
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Bags, Belts, and Beyond: 6 Great Places to Get Vegan Leather

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Couch Guitar Strap500

From runways to running shoes, vegan leather is popping up everywhere. If you’re ready to shed your skins, PETA Business Friends is here to help. With vegan leather jackets, coats, blazers, shoes, handbags, and wallets—even interior design services and guitar straps—there is no shortage of chic and cruelty-free options. Why is vegan leather taking over? […]

  • Jun
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PETA’s Work Against Cruel Animal Tests and for Modern Non-Animal Methods

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Thanks in part to the support of our members, PETA is making great progress in our work to replace the use of animals in laboratories. PETA is persuading companies to stop testing on animals and switch to superior non-animal methods. Modern techniques such as in vitro, computational, and clinical studies are humane, more effective, and […]

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Help Working Animals in India Move From Suffering to a Sanctuary

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2015-09.camels Karan and Waheed 500jpg

Animal Rahat—a PETA-supported charity in India—is building a new retirement sanctuary. The group does groundbreaking work for animals who endure backbreaking labor, so PETA encourages you to consider making a donation via its website to help support the exciting new sanctuary project. In India, it’s common to see horses, bullocks, and donkeys toiling under the […]

  • May
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What PETA Means to Me

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Itchy Greg Alysoun

My late husband, Greg, and I began supporting animal advocacy organizations in the 1990s, shortly after we married, and initially PETA was one of many on our list. But as we learned more about the issues and the work that PETA does, it became clear to us that PETA does more to help more animals […]

  • May
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Closing the Door on Animal Experiments

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Sunday the pig at Ching Farm Rescue and Sanctuary.

To meet its goal of replacing the use of animals in laboratories with sophisticated non-animal methods, PETA combines scientific expertise with media knowhow, grassroots activism, an enviable command of social media, and financial support for the development of non-animal tests. PETA prevents tens of thousands of animals every year from being poisoned, burned, cut open, […]

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