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Eat Like You Give a Damn

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I love to cook, and I love to collect cookbooks. I must have a hundred vegan cookbooks in my collection. The Herbivore Clothing Company’s Michelle Schwegmann and Josh Hooten just put out a new vegan cookbook, and I needed to add it to my collection. The book starts out with a moving story written by […]

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Don’t Forget Your Hidden Firewood Friends

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The other night, we had a roaring fire going. The house was warm, our dogs and house rabbit were hanging out in front of the fireplace, and I decided to throw on another couple of logs. I picked one up that had a hole in the end. Always worried about harming animals unintentionally, we grabbed a flashlight, looked into the hole, and saw two little eyes staring back at us. A lizard had been sleeping deep in the hole, and we missed him when we gathered our wood. We put the log back into the woodpile outside so the little guy could continue his nap. Luckily, we had found him, but we were still very shook up-if we hadn’t checked the log, it would have been a very painful death for him.

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6 Chic Vegan Shoes to Spice Up Your Winter Wardrobe

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From Stella McCartney to Vaute Couture to Olsenhaus, we’ve seen the popularity of vegan clothing and shoe designers soar. And while items from big-name fashion houses like the aforementioned are not always attainable for the masses, nowadays there are plenty of products from cruelty-free brands that are. Vegan footwear is more widely available than ever […]

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Protect Animals From Winter Weather!

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Although they are equipped with fur and feathers, dogs, cats, birds and other animals can still suffer from frostbite, exposure, and dehydration when water sources freeze. Cold temperatures mean extra hardship for “backyard” dogs, who often go without adequate food, water, shelter, or medical care. ©iStock.com/SteveByland ©iStock.com/SteveByland

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The Cruelty-Free/Vegan Home: Leather Alternatives

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with dog

Recently, I was visiting a client’s home that I had designed over a year ago. As I was walking through the residence, I couldn’t help but notice that every room in the entire house contained one or more items made with animal skins. The living room showcased large leather swivel chairs, an oversized horsehair ottoman […]

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Animals Frozen Alive, Crudely Gassed at Petco, PetSmart Supplier

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You know those plastic tubs that people use to store holiday decorations, old blankets, and clothes in the attic? Well, an animal dealer that supplies small animals to PetSmart, Petco, Pet Supplies Plus, and many other stores uses even smaller containers to house live animals.  

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Selecting Candles Without Tallow, Paraffin, or Beeswax

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Like many people, you may be asking: What makes a candle vegan and cruelty-free? What harmful products are often used in candles? I addressed these very questions in a chapter in one of my books, Making Kind Choices: Shopping for candles, whether to light the table for that special romantic evening, votive candles to float […]

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