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Toxic Mushrooms in the Backyard

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If you’ve experienced a lot of moisture and low temperatures in your area this past spring, you may have come across some wild mushrooms.

I live in Colorado, and we went through a soggy and cold—yet gorgeous—spring. Unfortunately, I’ve heard some horrific stories as a result about dogs suddenly dying because they ingested wild mushrooms in their …

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Selecting Candles Without Tallow, Paraffin, or Beeswax

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Like many people, you may be asking: What makes a candle vegan and cruelty-free? What harmful products are often used in candles?

I addressed these very questions in a chapter in one of my books, Making Kind Choices :

Shopping for candles, whether to light the table for that special romantic evening, votive candles to float in …

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Turn Your Garden into a Sanctuary for Birds and Butterflies

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Ah, watching the beautiful birds and butterflies who pass through my back yard is breathtaking! I welcome them and hope that they can find sanctuary and comfort in my garden. How can you turn your garden into a more accommodating and nurturing place for birds and butterflies? Some plants are toxic to domestic animals, so the safety of …

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Humane Gardening Tips: Fake Snakes Serve as Serpent Sentries

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A few years ago, the hardscape portion of my landscape was being vandalized nearly every night by some curious critter—most likely a raccoon. The rock borders of the paths would be tossed about like children’s blocks, and the fist-sized river pebbles used as a drainage bed around the house would be randomly uprooted.

I tried every animal-friendly …

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Tips for Humane, Nontoxic Ant Control

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Just in time for summer, PETA Prime is offering tips on how to keep ants outside the house without using toxic chemicals. So before they reach for the ant traps or bug spray or call the exterminator, homeowners should know that the toxic chemicals that kill ants are also harmful to humans and that scientific studies show …

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Be Kind to Our Small Friends

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Insects are the smallest animals, so some people tend to overlook them, giving little or no thought to their lives—even going so far as to think of insects as an inconvenience or a nuisance. All beings in nature are important and deserve our care and respect, even the tiniest. I once read something very interesting by a …

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Tips on Preventing Harm to Wildlife

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There are many ways in which you can be a lifesaver. Please share these valuable tips with neighbors and friends so that the birds, mice, opossums, squirrels, raccoons, and other animals whose habitats intersect with ours can be protected from harm :

Cap your chimney. When birds sit on top of a chimney for warmth, they can be overcome by fumes, which …

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