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  • Aug
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7 Must-Have Vegan Cookbooks

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Robertos cooking

When I stopped eating animals more than 25 years ago, many vegan cookbooks (when you could even find them) were a little uninspiring. They often seemed to have one goal: convince meat-eaters that they could still enjoy their favorite carnivorous dishes, with a few substitutions. I like “fish” tacos and Philly cheesesteaks as much as […]

  • Aug
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Humane Gardening Tips: Fake Snakes Serve as Serpent Sentries

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A few years ago, the hardscape portion of my landscape was being vandalized nearly every night by some curious critter—most likely a raccoon. The rock borders of the paths would be tossed about like children’s blocks, and the fist-sized river pebbles used as a drainage bed around the house would be randomly uprooted. I tried […]

  • Aug
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How I Built a Better Mousetrap

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One morning, while I was eating my breakfast, three little faces appeared from behind my stove. Uh-oh. They looked like Mousy—the little “mouse” who had been living behind the stove for half a year but had grown into an adult rat—and her offspring. I don’t think it was just the square meals that she got that had […]

  • Jul
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Why I’m Boiling Mad About This Summertime Ritual

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Lobsters languishing in the tank of the claw machine. The lobsters were surrendered to CAP from a Virginia Beach restaurant, where they were part of a claw machine game in which customers paid $3 to try to catch a lobster. The lobsters were liberated back into the ocean.

When did boiling animals alive become an acceptable summer pastime? I’m referring, of course, to the gruesome but widespread practice of dropping live lobsters and crabs into pots of scalding water, ignoring their frantic attempts to escape and calling it dinner. Kind people who would never dream of doing such a thing to any other […]

  • Jul
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Video: Disabled Mini Horse Celebrates His Adoption With a Dust Bath

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When PETA’s fieldworkers found Sebastian, he was trapped in a barren dirt pen with no food, water, or shelter. PETA jumped at the opportunity to rescue him, and he spent several weeks receiving medical treatment, affection, and care at a foster farm. Then he was ready to start living at his “forever home.”

  • Jun
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Enter Now: Cruelty-Free Home of the Year Contest 2016

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Submit photos of your animal-friendly home for a chance to be featured in a major interior design magazine!

  • Jun
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Turn Your Garden into a Sanctuary for Birds and Butterflies

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Some may want to buy a birdfeeder, but if you place feeders out for the birds they can provide as many dangers as they can benefits and can also attract rats and mice as well as predators. Instead, it’s best to use living plants to help transform your back yard into a natural bird and […]

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