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  • May
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Spring Produce: “More Peas, Please!”

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Spring is the season of renewal, and a delicious harvest accompanies this spring awakening. Eating with the seasons—and indulging in fresh, organic, local produce—is a great way to keep your body healthy and energized by maximizing one’s nutrient intake. I am loving the recent offerings from my local CSA and farmer’s markets, and I have been sampling …

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  • May
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Helping Your ‘Nest’ Friends

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It’s springtime, and since our yard is very animal-friendly , we have many critters who come back year after year and some who never leave, staying to raise their new families.

Every spring, two birds nest in our climbing rose bush in front of the house. However, we cut the rose bush back this winter, so my husband, David, …

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  • Apr
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The Wonderful World of Bees

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About 15 years ago, after planting fruit trees in my yard, I noticed the trees’ flowers looked healthy, but I was getting very little fruit, even on some of my established avocado trees. I started to watch the blooms closely and noticed that there were few or no bees on them or anywhere in my yard. I have …

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  • Apr
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Ingrid Newkirk on Huffington Post: Earth Day and Animal Products Don’t Mix

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Americans care about the environment. The majority of us think protecting the natural world should be given priority over economic growth, while nearly 40 percent of us consider ourselves environmentalists. So on this 45th Earth Day, let’s all take one simple step to help protect the environment. It’s more effective at combating greenhouse-gas emissions than switching to …

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  • Apr
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You Found a Baby Bird … Now What?

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This time of year, there are lots of baby birds out and about, so before you spot one of these cuties on the ground and swoop in to help,  learn how to figure out whether or not your help is actually needed.

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  • Mar
  • 30

Gardening Series, Part Three: Where Can I Find Native Plants for My Garden?

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cherry blossom

Where do we begin if we want to grow a creature-friendly garden? What are some resources at our disposal?

I collect seeds from my garden and the gardens of like-minded gardeners. A great resource for me is the Prairie Moon Nursery , which you can find online. It sells only native seeds and plants, which takes the guesswork right out of …

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  • Mar
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Part Two: Just Say No to Pesticides

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columbine patch close up

This is part two of a three-part series on gardening.

Of course, it goes without saying, do not use pesticides in your garden! Use a variety of plants, and you will attract your own pest control. If something is eating your favorite specimen and you have a variety of flowers in your beds and a little patience and …

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