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  • Oct
  • 27

8 Ways to Keep Birds From Crashing Into Windows

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There are tons of perks when you work for PETA: cool coworkers, a worthwhile cause, and an office building with many windows overlooking the Elizabeth River in Virginia. I’m talking huge windows. But as is often the case, every perk comes with a price. Honestly, we love birds, but we really, really don’t want them […]

  • Oct
  • 26

Cats and Their Claws

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We cat lovers all have the same issue. What to do with our sweet little ones when they go on clawing around! We all know that declawing is a no-no, so what to do? Here is an excerpt from my book Making Kind Choices, which discusses the issue. Cats have to scratch as surely as […]

  • Oct
  • 25

Keep Your Animals Safe and Happy This Halloween

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Each October, Halloween ushers in its own brand of awesomeness in the form of pumpkins,candy, and costumes. Spider webs and creepy decorations set the stage for ghost stories and trick-or-treating. But holiday fun for humans can translate into hazards for companion animals. Halloween is the busiest time of year for the Pet Poison Helpline because companion […]

  • Oct
  • 20

I Want Candy!

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When I was a kid, candy was my favorite food group. Lollipops, gummy bears, taffy, jelly beans—you name it. If it had sugar in it, I would eat it, no questions asked. Now that I’m vegan and (ahem) a little older, my palate is a bit more sophisticated. But just because I’ve traded in candy […]

  • Oct
  • 12

Living the Slug Life

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I didn’t choose the slug life, the slug life chose me. It all started when a tawny-colored slug showed up on my porch when I was 4 years old. Instantly enamored, I gave him a name that only a kid could love: Foo Foo. I loved Foo Foo and considered him my first companion animal. […]

  • Oct
  • 5

Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History

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We all know that cockroaches will be around long after we’re all gone, but so will coyotes. These keenly intelligent and adaptable animals have survived for millions of years. They’re exceedingly resilient—they thrive almost everywhere in North America, including metropolitan areas such as New York City. Coyotes are now the most common large wild predators […]

  • Sep
  • 27

Vegan Interior Design Tips That Save Animals’ Lives

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Have you ever taken a moment to look at a sheepskin rug? I mean, really look—closely enough to take in the creepiness? As soon as you realize that animal skin was once … well, skin, you’ll never be able to scrub the idea from your brain. The good news is that you can create gorgeous […]

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