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From the Mailbag

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fish pedi

This question comes from the current issue of PETA’s Animal Times magazine. Are “fish pedicures” harmful to the fish? —Ethical Girlie Girl You bet your bunions they are. Fish pedicures involve soaking your feet in a tub of water containing fish who eat the dead skin—and who are starved in order to make them do […]

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Fit, Fierce, and 50-Plus … There’s Still Time to Enter PETA’s Contest!

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Calling all 50-and-over vegans! If you’re a vegan over 50 who wants to show the world how beautiful it is to be compassionate, read the complete contest guidelines and enter now!    

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Meet the Grand-Prize Winner of PETA’s 35th Anniversary Gala Contest

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Nettie Schwager from Corvallis, Oregon, will be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Paul McCartney when she heads to Hollywood on September 30 to attend PETA’s 35th Anniversary Gala. Nettie won two tickets to the star-studded gala for her lifelong commitment to helping animals, which includes leafleting (she’s given away 54,000 booklets about vegan eating!), […]

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Ingrid Newkirk on the Myth Of “Humane Meat”

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What do Santa Claus, unicorns and “humane meat” have in common? They’re all lovely, feel-good ideas–and they’re all fantasies.

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Why Most Everything We Eat Is Unnatural and That’s OK

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Why is Bay Area scientist and entrepreneur Ryan Bethencourt a “pro-GMO vegan”? Actually, almost nothing that we eat today is strictly natural. Everything from bananas to broccoli has been altered by our predecessors. Read more about this timely topic from an ethical scientific standpoint here.  

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Vegans Over 50: Show the World That Compassion Is Sexy!

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Dashing and compassionate Ed Ozols of New York, pictured here, is last year’s male winner. Now we’re looking for the next Sexiest Vegan Over 50 man (and woman, of course!). Is that you? If you’re a vegan over 50 who wants to show the world that compassion is sexy, enter PETA’s “Sexiest Vegan Over 50” contest!

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Why Is Adopting an Animal Companion Good for Seniors?

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Research has shown that seniors benefit physically and mentally from having an animal companion. Sure, adopting a homeless animal will improve his or her life, but did you know that an animal companion can improve your life, too? And we’re not just talking about rescued animals who have literally returned the favor and rescued their […]

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