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Stopping Bird Flu Starts at Dinner

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Several years ago, I had a friend named Apollo. He would struggle to his feet as soon as he saw me and carefully shuffle to my side. His little sounds of happiness filled the air as I scratched and petted him. He ignored virtually every other human, but he lit up when I was around. I wasn’t …

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7 Good Reasons to Shun Eggs During National Egg Month

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Several months ago, PETA’s Los Angeles office, the Bob Barker Building , hosted an unusual adoption event. There were no dogs or cats or even rabbits. This event was for the birds — literally. Nearly 100 hens — who had been rescued by Animal Place from an egg farm that was “depopulating” birds who were no longer productive — were in need …

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Cow’s Milk is Bad Moos’ for Moms

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Let’s just clear this up: No one needs to drink cow’s milk. Ever. It’s a calorie-rich, nutrient-poor beverage that’s been linked to numerous illnesses, and consuming it hurts both human and bovine mothers.

So what about all the health claims for milk that we’ve been hearing ever since we could walk? The story of milk seems to …

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Prime Guide to Disaster Preparedness for Animals

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In light of the recent earthquake in Nepal, we thought we would republish this post. It pays to be prepared to help your animal companions when disasters strike.

Who can forget those awful images after the tsunami of people and animals displaced by the flooding? Like so many people, I wanted to help but didn’t have the skills. So I took …

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Be Part of the Food Revolution!

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Food Rev.

You’re invited to be part of a revolution—a food revolution. From April 25 to May 3, you can take part in the Food Revolution Summit, a special free online event hosted by John and Ocean Robbins. Many of the world’s top doctors, activists, and celebrities, including Paul McCartney, will be sharing inspiring stories and important information.

You’ll …

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Worried About Hot Flashes? Go Vegan!

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A new study showing that some women can suffer from hot flashes for up to 14 years has a lot of women breaking into a cold sweat. But there’s really no need to panic. There are natural ways to eliminate or diminish hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause, including by eating low-fat vegan foods and exercising regularly.

According to Dr. Neal Barnard, the president of the …

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Are You a SuperAger?

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Researchers at Northwestern University are trying to unlock the secrets of why some octogenarians have memory capabilities on a par with people 20 to 30 years younger, earning them the designation of “ SuperAgers .” A recent study gave scientists some clues. SuperAgers’ brains appear to have a thicker anterior cingulate cortex, part of the brain involved with …

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