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  • 25

A Vegan Holiday Gives Everyone Reason to Be Thankful

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If it’s OK to be happy about who won’t be there this year when the clan gets together for Thanksgiving, then I’m happy. Really happy. We’ll once again dig into a festive, flavorful dinner with all the fixin’s, and no one’s going to push away from the table hungry. But for the first time, turkey […]

  • Nov
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Meet PETA’s 2015 Sexiest Vegans Over 50

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It was a tough choice. All the finalists in PETA’s 2015 Sexiest Vegans Over 50 contest embodied “sexy” qualities—including compassion, altruism, fitness, and enthusiasm—but with your help, we’ve chosen one man and one woman to show people that being vegan is attractive at any age. Let’s meet our winners!

  • Nov
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What’s Wrong With Eating Honey?

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Honeybees are often factory-farmed, much as chickens, pigs, and cows are. And as with other factory-farmed animals, honeybees are victims of unnatural living conditions, genetic manipulation, and commercial transport. Some honey manufacturers even cut off the queen bee’s wings so that she can’t leave the colony. Many bees are killed or have their wings and […]

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Vote for PETA’s 2015 Sexiest Vegans Over 50!

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Select your favorite finalist and fill out the short form to vote and help us decide whom we should name as this year’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50!

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How PETA’s SVO50 Contest Changed My Life

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As an animal lover and guardian, my deepest, dearest, and most heartfelt wish is to see a world free of suffering and pain for all animals. But before entering PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50 (SV050) contest, my effort in behalf of animals was not nearly what it is today. Although I’ve spent years volunteering in animal […]

  • Nov
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Win a Copy of the New ‘Crossroads’ Cookbook

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Earlier, we whet your appetite with an interview with Tal Ronnen, the chef at Crossroads—an upscale all-vegan Los Angeles eatery that’s earning rave reviews from herbivores and carnivores alike—and the author of a brand-new cookbook, also called Crossroads. Now, we’re making things really interesting by telling you about a chance to win your very own […]

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Crossroads Chef Tal Ronnen Talks ‘Seafood,’ Vegan Cheese, and the Vegetable Everyone Should Be Eating

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Excerpted from Crossroads by Tal Ronnen with Scot Jones (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2015. Photographs by Lisa Romerein.

Chef Tal Ronnen may be most famous for preparing food for Oprah’s 21-day vegan cleanse and for catering Ellen DeGeneres’ and Portia de Rossi’s vegan wedding, but his popular Los Angeles restaurant, Crossroads, is quickly gaining fame in its own right. It’s a beautifully appointed restaurant (yes, that’s an authentic Toulouse-Lautrec print on the wall) […]

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