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  • Aug
  • 28

My Dog Survived Hurricane Katrina

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Annie Nanibeach cropped

When Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast 10 years ago, it became the worst natural disaster to strike the U.S. in more than a century. TV viewers were horrified to see images of the storm’s impact not just on the human residents but also on the local animals stranded on rooftops, clinging to trees, […]

  • Aug
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PETA’s Push for Circuses to Evolve: Let’s Put Animal Acts Behind Us

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Bears do not voluntarily ride bicycles, elephants don’t willingly stand on their heads, and tigers are scared of jumping through rings of fire. So why do they perform these and other difficult tricks? They do these things because they know—and they dread—what will happen if they don’t. For animals in circuses, there is no such […]

  • Aug
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PETA Is Turning 35! Join the Celebration of 35 Years of Victories for Animals

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Over the past 35 years, PETA has grown from two people in a spare room to the most powerful force for animal rights in the world—and it’s all because of the dedication of our members and supporters. As we toast decades of hard-hitting campaigns, headline-grabbing antics, and groundbreaking victories, longtime PETA and PETA Foundation staffers […]

  • Aug
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PETA Celebrates Milestone Anniversary

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On August 21, PETA will celebrate its 35th birthday. Through the years, PETA has exposed animal abuse in numerous circuses, laboratories, and slaughterhouses and on fur farms; shut down abusive facilities; cleaned up substandard animal shelters; helped schools find alternatives to dissection; and provided millions of people with information on vegan living, companion animal care, […]

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Which City Just Said No to Pet Store Dog and Cat Sales?

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Recently, my city council members in Encinitas, California, unanimously passed an ordinance to ban the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores in our city. Currently, there are no pet stores in Encinitas that sell dogs and cats, but the ordinance was passed to prevent one from moving in. We are a very animal-friendly […]

  • Aug
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Animals Are Wondrous: Elephants

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In their natural environment, elephants are highly social animals who live in multigenerational matriarchal herds. These tight-knit families work cooperatively to defend one another, search for food, and care for offspring—even receiving help from “babysitters” within the herd. Elephants talk among themselves, make group decisions, and celebrate achievements and momentous occasions. Elephants also have elaborate […]

  • Jul
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Lights … Camera … Animal Abuse?

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Given how profoundly animals suffer at the hands of humans, you would expect to see them rebel if given the chance, as depicted in the new CBS television series Zoo. But even though the rebellious animal characters in Zoo are fictional, real animals still end up paying a price for it. Zoo producers force live […]

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