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  • Jun
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Foster-Mom Receives Special Honor From PETA

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DC Reiter500

On June 11, PETA held a benefit reception in Washington, D.C., to raise funds for PETA’s strategic eyewitness investigations. The event was special, in part, because PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, who was celebrating her birthday that night, had the pleasure of presenting the inaugural Gregory J. Reiter Award to Katie McCotter, who has been a […]

  • Jun
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What Will You Do If You See a Dog in a Hot Car This Summer?

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Picture this: It’s a warm summer day, and you’re on your way to a wedding. You’ve left yourself just enough time to stop at the mall to pick up a last-minute gift. But as you’re power-walking to the nearest entrance, you hear a stomach-turning sound: the muffled, frantic barks of a dog trapped inside a […]

  • Jun
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Live Hermit Crabs’ Shells Crushed, Hundreds Dead at Pet Trade Supplier

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A PETA investigation of a hermit crab dealer in Florida. A hermit crab out of his or her shell. The shells are brightly painted.

After receiving a disturbing tip about Brelean Corporation, a self-proclaimed supplier of captive hermit crabs to PetSmart, Petco, and other retailers, PETA took a closer look.

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Bringing Baby Home to Your Other ‘Baby’

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There are endless parenting blogs and books chock-full of advice and tips on introducing a young child to a newborn sibling. But how about introducing the real baby—your dog—to a new infant? When I was expecting my twins, I was in bed for most of my pregnancy because of intense nausea and vomiting. My dad […]

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Your Dog Would Like You to Read This, Please …

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As a longtime PETA supporter and cofounder of Adopt-a-Pet.com, Amy Luwis is probably one of the most enthusiastic animal advocates you’re likely to meet. This author, cartoonist, and activist puts her words and edgy artistic talents into action for animals, and she’s created cartoons for PETA, the Doris Day Animal Foundation, and others. It’s safe […]

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Get Hooked on Compassion, Not Fishing

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What’s wrong with this picture? A TV spot for a fishing website ends with a little boy—no older than 3 or 4—staring at a dead sunfish and mumbling, “It’s beautiful.” Answer: Everything. The boy probably has no idea what “beautiful” means, and if he does, what is he learning? That skewering other living beings through […]

  • Jun
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Ingrid Newkirk Honors Two Unstoppable Animal Advocates

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Ingrid and Will Green_London Unstoppable 2016

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk is no stranger to sticking her neck out for animals. So recently, when her speaking tour, Unstoppable—which advocates taking action for animals—traveled to London, she took some time to protest the cruel and deadly laboratory experiments that the U.K. Ministry of Defence (MoD) conducted on 57 marmosets last year. But exposing […]

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