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  • Oct
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Contest Time: Help Cut Out Dissection

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Happy “Cut Out Dissection” Month! For the love of frogs (and pigs, worms, and other animals who are cut open in classroom experiments), we need you to help us cut out dissection. Each year in the U.S., an estimated 10 million animals are caught in the wild, cut from their mothers’ wombs, bred in disgusting warehouses, […]

  • Oct
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PETA President Talks With KBOO About Being an ‘Unstoppable’ Force for Animals

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When PETA President Ingrid Newkirk was in Portland, Oregon, to give her Unstoppable presentation and present the city with an award for taking the top spot on PETA’s list of vegan-friendly cities, she took some time to speak with Voices for the Animals host Courtney Scott about PETA’s most successful tactics and the status of […]

  • Oct
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All the Feels: ‘Why Don’t You Want Me?’ Song Promotes Animal Adoption

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Erick J Pleitez / CC by 2.0

Imagine what it would feel like if your family members decided that they no longer wanted you and left you at a shelter to fend for yourself. What if you were in an unfamiliar place and locked inside a cage with no idea where your next meal was coming from or how you’d survive? Someone […]

  • Oct
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Judging Compassion: Toronto Pig Save Cofounder on Trial for Helping Animals

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Toronto Pig Save cofounder Anita Krajnc is on trial. Her “crime”? Giving water to hot, thirsty pigs who were crammed into a metal transport truck on a swelteringly hot day in June 2015. As writer and Toronto Pig Save supporter Elizabeth Abbott explains in her Huffington Post blog post, “Judging Compassion: The Criminal Trial of […]

  • Oct
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Animal-Friendly and Affordable? It’s in the Bag!

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jean & jax

Shoppers looking for luxury, leather-free handbags for fall—minus the hefty price tag that typically accompanies designer originals—have a new option. Shop the fall collection from PETA Business Friend, jeane & jax—featuring double-zip wallets, fringe cross-body bags, fold-over clutches with chain trim, quilted totes, and more—online. jeane & jax founder and designer Silvia Gallo explains that her company […]

  • Oct
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Meet This Year’s ‘Sexiest Vegans Over 50’ Contest Winners

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It was a tough job sifting through tons of enticing entries—but with your help, we narrowed the field in both the male and female categories and picked the finest of the finalists. Let’s meet our winners:   Victoria Moran, who is 66, has been a vegan for 32 years. She went vegetarian at age 19 […]

  • Oct
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Seeking Common Ground

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photo @ The Guardian

Why is there such a divide between animal rights activists and environmentalists? A divide also persists within both groups—between advocates of animal welfare and animal rights as well as between conservationists and preservationists. In each case, it’s a division between the age-old concept of benign stewardship and the emergent recognition of the right for human […]

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