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What Did PETA Do in 2014?

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PETA has been working for more than 30 years to stop animal suffering, and 2014 was our best year ever. Watch PETA take on the biggest animal abusers with eye-catching tactics and groundbreaking innovations, and find out what you can do to make 2015 even better!

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It’s Secret Santa–PETA-style!

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Tired of swapping anonymous gifts with random coworkers or family members every holiday?

Now there’s an easy way to be a Secret Santa for those who will be truly grateful for your gift—the many dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals who need PETA’s vital work to save them from cruelty and abuse.

PETA’s Secret Santa program is a festive way to help animals and …

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PETA Prime Book Club: Why Do Dogs Hump?

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marc book

Now that I’ve caught your attention … may we discuss this subject in polite company?

Readers who have ever had an embarrassing show of affection from their dog will relate to Dr. Marc Bekoff’s book Why Dogs Hump and Bees Get Depressed . This lively collection of essays is a sequel to the author’s The Emotional Lives of Animals. Bekoff is an evolutionary biologist who writes with heart, soul, …

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A Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck Tradition

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For several years, my husband, David, and I have been going to a vegan potluck party on Thanksgiving Day hosted by our friends Sid and Linda, longtime vegans and animal activists. Sid is on the board of Spay Neuter Action Project, which runs a spay-and-neuter bus for companion animals of low-income guardians and feral cats. Linda is the …

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Uh Oh, Company’s Coming …

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Here’s part 2 of Scott Anderson’s blog from earlier this week about Frank Cullen’s cookbook ‘Porridge Sisters’ Cookbook of Hearty Vegan Fare.’ Enjoy!

“Hi, it’s us! We’re driving across the country and just realized we’re only a few miles from your house. It would be so good to see you! Mind if we drop by?”

“Uh … OK. Sure. …

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‘Porridge Sisters’ Cookbook of Hearty Vegan Fare’

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For starters, you need to know that I’m not the best of cooks. But I do love to read cookbooks, and on occasion, I have been known to turn out a delicious meal, as long as the recipe was easy. Patience is not one of my virtues. Because it contains simple recipes and for many other reasons as …

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Racecar Driver Takes PETA’s Cruelty-Free Bunnies to the Podium

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Racecar driver and animal pal Jim Weiland finishes first at the Ferrari Challenge North America—PETA style.

When racecar driver and proud PETA supporter Jim Weiland gets behind the wheel, it’s not just the finish line that he sets his sights on—he also drives to help animals. At this year’s Ferrari Challenge North America in Austin, Texas, Jim and his Ferrari—decked …

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