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Help Us End Companion-Animal Homelessness!

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The companion-animal overpopulation crisis leads to neglect, abuse, homelessness, suffering, and death for millions of cats, dogs, and other animals each year.

PETA’s mobile clinics are working to stem that crisis by providing free or low-cost spay/neuter surgeries in low-income and underserved communities—helping more than 113,000 animals (as well as preventing 1.5 million unwanted births) since 2001. Your …

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Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton Honored With PETA’s Justice in Action Award

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We first met Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton when she approached a group of PETA protestors outside the FDA over two decades ago. She wished us luck as we spoke out against corrosion tests on animals, and since then we’ve come to know her as a strong voice for justice for animals and human beings.


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PETA Prime Exclusive: An Interview With ‘Main Street Vegan’ Author Victoria Moran

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VM w dog

The bestselling author of 11 books on vegan ethics and holistic health, Victoria Moran has been the go-to person for vegan advice for nearly 30 years. Her popular book Main Street Vegan , which she co-wrote with her daughter, Adair, has been described as the new vegan bible and has received rave reviews from everyone from Russell Simmons and Moby …

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The Chicken by the Road

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I was driving down Route 404 in Delaware when I saw her: a little white chicken sitting just inches away from speeding cars, facing directly into oncoming traffic, her eyes wide open. I pulled over, gently gathered her up, wrapped her in a towel, and placed her on my lap. At first, she squawked in alarm, so …

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What Will You Give the Easter Bunny This Year?

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Easter is almost upon us, or as we in the sheltering world say, “Brace yourselves—it’s rabbit season.” I’ve rescued rabbits for 10 years, and I volunteer in the small-animal room at my local shelter. And every spring, it seems as though, for many cast-off Peter Cottontails, the bunny trail leads straight to our door.

While most of …

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  • Mar
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Iris Was a Prisoner in Solitary Confinement for Years—Until Now

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Imagine being confined in a dark windowless cell that measures approximately 8 feet by 16 feet, roughly the size of a walk-in closet. Iris didn’t have to imagine it. That’s where the 32-year old chimpanzee was found at Chestatee Wildlife Preserve & Zoo, a seedy roadside zoo in Georgia.

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The Story of Ag-Gag, Presented by Compassionate Kids

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Across the country, lawmakers are considering “ag-gag” bills , which, if passed, could subject whistleblowers and undercover investigators to criminal prosecution for their efforts to expose animal abuse on factory farms and in slaughterhouses. By making it a crime to film on factory farms or requiring that evidence of cruelty to animals be turned over almost immediately, these bills could …

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