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Meet the Most Interesting Activist in the World

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What do you get when you cross a marathon runner with a “nun” and a “cow”? Saiju Gangadharan, a super–animal activist and possibly the true “Most Interesting Man in the World.” A long-time PETA supporter who lives in Washington, D.C., Saiju is a devoted volunteer who will do anything for animals. Seriously, he’ll do anything: […]

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Escaped Cow Teaches Us a Lesson in Compassion

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His name is Freddie. Two weeks ago, he was just a number—one of the 30 million anonymous cows slaughtered for their flesh and skin in the U.S. every year. Today, he’s a poster cow for eating vegan. Freddie became famous when he made a break for it while being unloaded from a truck at a […]

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Octogenarian Bodybuilder’s Vegan Lifestyle Inspired Many

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We were saddened to hear of the sudden, unexpected death last week of vegan bodybuilder Jim Morris, 80, who inspired so many with a chiseled physique that belied his age. A former bodyguard of Elton John, Jim broke the color barrier in bodybuilding, and he broke the age barrier by posing in the buff at […]

  • Jan
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What to Do If Your Companion Gets Lost

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I’ve run across some really sad cases of guardians who lost their feline companions and did not know what steps to take to recover them. Here are some basic guidelines that were originally published in my book 250 Things You Can Do to Make Your Cat Adore You. These steps should also work for most other […]

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No Fairy-Tale Ending for Elephants

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In the face of growing public condemnation, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has finally conceded: It’s eliminating elephant acts this May instead of next year, bringing the lame and ailing animals some measure of relief from their days on end chained in stifling, reeking boxcars. But don’t pop the champagne corks just yet. […]

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Animal Rights

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The fate of animals today is similar to that of humans who were subjected to slavery and other civil rights injustices—they, too, are tortured, abused, and neglected as humans once were and sometimes still are.  

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Do Your Estate Plans Include Your Animals?

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“Inseparable” is probably the best word to describe the relationship between Mildred, an elderly widow, and her beloved dog, Sparkle. For 10 years, the two ate every meal together—with Sparkle perched on Mildred’s lap—and took daily walks through their neighborhood. But Mildred was developing dementia, and after a neighbor found her on the floor of […]

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