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Ingrid E. Newkirk Honors Animal Champs in Chi-Town

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Georgia and IEN_Chicago Naked Truth460

Chicago has come a long way since it “boasted” nicknames such as “Porkopolis” and “Hog Butcher for the World.” Last year, Chi-Town grabbed the number five spot on PETA’s list of the Most Vegan-Friendly Ci ties , and the legendary Chicago Diner figured prominently in the city’s ranking. During a recent stop in Chicago, as part of her nationwide “ Naked Truth ” …

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PETA Prime Book Club: Morrissey’s Autobiography

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If you know anything at all about Morrissey , you know that he is never one to shy away from controversy , especially when it comes to speaking up for animals (or speaking out against the Royals , but that’s another blog). So you won’t be surprised that some of the most memorable passages in his bestselling memoir, simply titled Autobiography, are about …

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For Goodness’ Sake: 5 Easy Ways to Be Kind (and Why You Should)

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Here’s an easy way to ease depression, reduce anxiety, boost your immune system (and overall health), and increase your self-esteem: Be kind. New research is showing that practicing the Golden Rule is as beneficial to the “giver” as it is to the recipient. In a recent article in Martha Stewart Living magazine, Barbara Fredrickson, a professor of psychology at …

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We’re Starting a Book Club … and You’re Invited

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Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, here at PETA Prime, our thoughts have turned to summertime fun: vegan cookouts with friends, picnics in the park, concocting new flavors of vegan ice cream , and the best beach reads. (See? We don’t think only about food.) We know that many of you out there are readers, too, so we’ve decided …

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Prime Inspirations: Meet PETA’s Hero to Animals

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Claudine & IENsmall

If you’ve ever doubted that one person can make a difference, you haven’t met longtime PETA member Claudine Erlandson. When PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk visited Seattle recently on her nationwide Naked Truth speaking tour, she took a few moments to honor Claudine with PETA’s Hero to Animals Award.

So what makes Claudine an animal rights superstar?

Claudine joined PETA 26 years ago …

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Help Us Stand Up for Horses

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For many people, horse racing conjures up images of ostentatious hats, mint juleps, and wreaths of roses. But as The New York Times reported, a PETA investigation at two of the best-known racetracks in America—the famed Churchill Downs in Louisville (home of the Kentucky Derby) and the Saratoga Race Course in New York—revealed that for the horses, this “sport” has no glamour. They endure …

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Consider the Lobster? That’s the Least We Can Do

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It’s not normally considered newsworthy when animal shelters rescue abandoned animals. That’s their job, after all. But the Lincoln County Humane Society in Ontario, Canada, made headlines in April when it came to the aid of an animal who was found inside a cardboard box that had been left in a restaurant parking lot. The animal in …

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