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  • May
  • 27

Accelerated Depreciation for Animals at SeaWorld

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“We won’t be a taxpayer for several years to come. That’s a great advantage for us .” Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to say that? But that boast is not coming from a senior who is struggling to choose between food and medicine or a family that is fighting against foreclosure. That admission […]

  • Apr
  • 17

Join the Food Revolution!

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Food Revolution Summit

There are few issues that have as great an impact on animals, the environment, and your health as the modern American diet. From the intense suffering of billions of chickens, pigs, and other animals on factory farms to the huge health care costs of treating heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and the multitude of other sometimes […]

  • Apr
  • 1

Plan Your Legacy for Animals Today

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Are you one of the millions of Americans without an up-to-date estate plan? And what does that have to do with PETA? April is National Financial Literacy Month, so there’s probably no better time to think about your future and what it will mean for animals! Successful estate and financial planning doesn’t have to be […]

  • Dec
  • 7

Animals Deserve Good Lives – and Good Deaths

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You might not know me, but I’ll bet you’ve heard of my father, Tony Nicklinson. He became famous for something no one would wish on their worst enemy. A stroke in 2005 left him paralyzed from the neck down, unable to speak, care for himself or live any semblance of the life he once loved. […]

  • Nov
  • 20

A Vegan Running Inspiration!

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John Waddell

John Waddell may be nearing 70, but thanks to his healthy vegan lifestyle, he shows no sign of slowing down! This Australian has been running regularly in some of the most competitive marathons in his home country, including, most recently, the very competitive Sydney Marathon. For this 69-year-old, a vegan diet “is a recipe for […]

  • Nov
  • 9

Delicious Treats That Help Animals!

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Allison's Gourmet Benefit for Animals

Just in time to help satisfy your holiday sweet tooth, one of our favorite sources for all kinds of vegan treats, Allison’s Gourmet, is holding its first-ever “Gourmet Benefit for Animals.” During the entire month of November, this award-winning bakery and PETA Business Friend will donate 10 percent from every sale to PETA and two […]

  • Oct
  • 5

Win With HumaneTrip.com!

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Falling leaves and dropping temperatures are a sure sign that the frigid gray days of winter will soon be upon us. But thanks to HumaneTrip.com, your escape from the coming chill may be only a mouse click away! PETA Business Friend HumaneTrip.com is offering an exclusive chance for you to win a week-long ultimate vacation […]

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