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  • Oct
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Are Petting Zoos Deadly?

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Toddlers suffering from kidney failure. One-year-olds undergoing dialysis and transfusions. Parents burying a child. What is the common thread in all these tragedies? Petting zoos. Yes, petting zoos. As the parents of Colton Guay would surely now attest, no one should underestimate the risks associated with petting zoos. Colton died earlier this month after falling […]

  • Jul
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Lights … Camera … Animal Abuse?

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Given how profoundly animals suffer at the hands of humans, you would expect to see them rebel if given the chance, as depicted in the new CBS television series Zoo. But even though the rebellious animal characters in Zoo are fictional, real animals still end up paying a price for it. Zoo producers force live […]

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Dynamic Duo Make a Difference

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When PETA friend Sigrid bought a condo on a Gulf Island in British Columbia, she was delighted to meet her new neighbors: a small flock of wild turkeys. The beautiful birds would often wander around the complex, searching out tasty treats and taking dust baths in the bushes. But when one inquisitive bird scratched someone’s […]

  • Jun
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A Wildlife Filmmaker ‘Fesses Up

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wildlife filmmaker book

In an era of global media saturation, Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker: The Challenges of Staying Honest in an Industry Where Ratings Are King is a timely and important book. Author Chris Palmer is a wildlife filmmaker. The book is written as a memoir in a series of chapters called “confessions,” and Palmer acknowledges that in […]

  • Apr
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PETA Prime Book Club: SeaWorld Exposed

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The riveting documentary Blackfish has justifiably received a lot of attention, but Death at SeaWorld: Shamu and the Dark Side of Killer Whales in Captivity, released about a year earlier than the popular film, is equally compelling. When investigative journalist David Kirby first started writing, he intended to give “both sides” of the story. He […]

  • Feb
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The PETA Foundation’s Enforcers

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The U.S. federal government and all 50 states have laws to protect animals from abuse. But who watches the watchers? That would be the PETA Foundation’s Captive Animal Law Enforcement (CALE) division. CALE is a specialized group of highly trained attorneys, wildlife specialists, veterinarians, and support staff that pushes federal, state, and local law-enforcement agencies […]

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PETA Prime Book Club: What Is ‘Rewilding’ and Why Should I Try It?

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Full disclosure: I am a big fan of Dr. Marc Bekoff, so this review may be a bit biased. But it’s almost impossible to believe that anyone could find fault with this man’s stellar work. Bekoff’s latest book, Rewilding Our Hearts: Building Pathways of Compassion and Coexistence, is a call to action for anyone who […]

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