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  • Nov
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Can Eating Apple Pie Help Build Strong Muscles?

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Fall means eating lots of hearty foods, including apple pie, pumpkin bread, fried green tomatoes, lentil soup, three-bean chili, and other filling vegan meals. And not only do these seasonal favorites treat your taste buds, they’re also good for your health. Vegan foods are cholesterol-free and chock-full of fiber and other nutrients. Researchers even suspect that […]

  • Oct
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PETA President Talks With KBOO About Being an ‘Unstoppable’ Force for Animals

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When PETA President Ingrid Newkirk was in Portland, Oregon, to give her Unstoppable presentation and present the city with an award for taking the top spot on PETA’s list of vegan-friendly cities, she took some time to speak with Voices for the Animals host Courtney Scott about PETA’s most successful tactics and the status of […]

  • Oct
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Judging Compassion: Toronto Pig Save Cofounder on Trial for Helping Animals

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Toronto Pig Save cofounder Anita Krajnc is on trial. Her “crime”? Giving water to hot, thirsty pigs who were crammed into a metal transport truck on a swelteringly hot day in June 2015. As writer and Toronto Pig Save supporter Elizabeth Abbott explains in her Huffington Post blog post, “Judging Compassion: The Criminal Trial of […]

  • Oct
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What PETA Is Doing to Help Farmed Animals, Part 3: Online Outreach

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In part 2 of this series focusing on the many things that PETA does to help farmed animals, I talked about ways in which we work to attract media attention, putting—or keeping—animal rights issues in the news and reaching countless people worldwide. At the same time, PETA is also working to reach people on popular […]

  • Oct
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Spend Money, Save Animals at the PETA Mall

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I’m addicted to Go Max Go vegan candy bars. I can’t find them at a store near me, so I get them from the The Vegetarian Site, a longtime PETA Business Friend. And I don’t even have to leave my couch. That’s the beauty of the PETA Mall: There are tons of merchants, and you […]

  • Sep
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‘C’ Is for Compassion: PETA’s Humane Education Program Teaches Kids to Be Kind

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Since so many young people bully and abuse others—their peers as well as animals—it’s important for educators to teach students to be kind and empathetic. That’s why TeachKind—PETA’s humane-education division—has revamped its popular classroom resource, the Share the World curriculum kit, and is sending free copies to 26,000 elementary schools nationwide. Share the World is […]

  • Sep
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Like Mushrooms? You’ll Love This Recipe

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Niacin is an essential and beneficial nutrient, a B vitamin that’s necessary for the health of your hair, skin, eyes, liver, and nervous system. It helps your body make hormones and metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and protein. But studies show that people who take prescription niacin, along with statins or another drug, called laropiprant, to combat […]

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