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Clothes for Our Four-Legged Friends

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Right now in most areas, it’s cold, wet, and windy. Some places even have snow, and temperatures often drop below freezing in colder areas. It’s about time to shop for some warm clothes that are suitable for these weather conditions—for dogs, that is!

We often hear, “Dogs don’t need coats—they have fur!” But is that really true for …

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Moving With Animals

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van dog on cage

In today’s highly mobile society, it’s not uncommon for people to move frequently from one city to another. And although there is plenty of help out there in the form of moving companies and other businesses that can minimize headaches and offer affordable prices, for some, the task of moving can still seem daunting when animal companions are …

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Why Your Grandchildren Will Probably Be Vegan

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Tonight’s rain is falling lightly on the forest floor, and the Earth responds by giving up her spicy scents. I’ve breathed in these wonderful aromas a thousand times, never wondering if it would ever end, if the rains might stop, or if death would come to these boreal forests. But yes, it might. And water, or rather …

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Ellen Jaffe Jones: Winning PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50 Contest

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An Emmy-winning news anchor and investigative reporter, Ellen is an outspoken and energetic advocate for a vegan lifestyle. She has written several books, including Paleo Vegan and Eat Vegan on $4 a Day. At 61, this brainy boomer is also the picture of health!

PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50 winner blogs on her journey to becoming vegan, the health benefits …

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PETA Presents: Holiday Gifts That Make an Impression … and a Difference

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As the holiday season approaches, I find myself repeating the same two questions in my head: What did I give people last year, and what in the world am I going to give them this year?

PETA to the rescue! No need to worry about what to get that distant relative whose name you’ve drawn in the …

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Uh Oh, Company’s Coming …

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Here’s part 2 of Scott Anderson’s blog from earlier this week about Frank Cullen’s cookbook ‘Porridge Sisters’ Cookbook of Hearty Vegan Fare.’ Enjoy!

“Hi, it’s us! We’re driving across the country and just realized we’re only a few miles from your house. It would be so good to see you! Mind if we drop by?”

“Uh … OK. Sure. …

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‘Porridge Sisters’ Cookbook of Hearty Vegan Fare’

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For starters, you need to know that I’m not the best of cooks. But I do love to read cookbooks, and on occasion, I have been known to turn out a delicious meal, as long as the recipe was easy. Patience is not one of my virtues. Because it contains simple recipes and for many other reasons as …

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