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Finding a Reputable Sitter for Your Animal Companion

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The summer travel season is in full swing. Leaving your animal companion safe and comfortable at home while you travel doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) mean checking your loved one into a kennel, cattery, or veterinarian’s office, where animals often become stressed, frightened, ill, or even hurt or lost. Ideally, “safe at home” means finding the right …

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Animals Are Wondrous: Lobsters and Crabs

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Crustaceans are like us in many ways. Lobsters have a long childhood and an awkward adolescence, and just like us, they carry their young for nine months and can live to be more than 100 years old.

Like dolphins and many other animals, lobsters use complicated signals to explore their surroundings and establish social relationships. They take …

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Traveling With a Vegan Child

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Boy at Farmers Mkt with Bananas

It’s the night before our trip, and I am stuffing a carton of organic rice milk into my already overstuffed suitcase. I find space between the granola bars, my little black dress, and a baggie of mixed nuts and seeds. If this sounds familiar, perhaps you are also a traveling vegan parent or grandparent!

As a family travel …

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Picture This

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You’ve decided to retire in an exotic foreign country, where you don’t know the language. A friendly native there looks after you but doesn’t really understand how you feel because of the language barrier. Over the years, you start to get some aches and pains, and eventually everything hurts. You have a hard time getting comfortable. You can’t …

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Put Your Compassion Into Action

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Growing up in rural Delaware in the 1940s, I spent a lot of time hanging out with chickens at my grandfather’s small farm. Each one had a unique personality: Some would settle in my lap, whereas others would hurry to peck my hand aggressively. Friday was slaughter day, and I would become hysterical. I went on many eating …

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Bill Maher and Top Comedians ‘Stand Up for Animals’

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Comedy legend Bill Maher and “Roastmaster General” Jeffrey Ross made fun of everyone in the room, but it was all for a great cause.

The comedians, along with Undateable‘s Ron Funches , IFC’s Laura Kightlinger, and the Nerdist network’s Kurt Braunohler , donated their time and talent to PETA’s “Stand-Up for Animals” show at Los Angeles’ famed Comedy Store.

The packed house was laughing all night as the comedians hit cruelty to animals …

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Nothing Gets Past Karen Porreca: Editor, Activist, and Augustus Club Member

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PETA’s Augustus Club is a complimentary club honoring those who are leaving a legacy to animals through a planned gift to PETA. Members receive quarterly newsletters and invitations to special events throughout the year. Karen Porreca is not only an Augustus Club member but also one of PETA’s most longstanding staff members.

Because Karen is a veritable living archive …

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