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Follow ‘VeganShopper’ for Deals and Steals

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Attention, bargain shoppers! There’s a twitterific deal-finder available online specializing in everything vegan and cruelty-free. Giving you the heads up to exciting contests and special offers,  @VeganShopper is where you’ll find the latest compassionate deals and steals.

They do the legwork, and all you have to do is click “Follow” and wait for the tweets to roll in …

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  • Apr
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The Wonderful World of Bees

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About 15 years ago, after planting fruit trees in my yard, I noticed the trees’ flowers looked healthy, but I was getting very little fruit, even on some of my established avocado trees. I started to watch the blooms closely and noticed that there were few or no bees on them or anywhere in my yard. I have …

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The Chicken by the Road

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I was driving down Route 404 in Delaware when I saw her: a little white chicken sitting just inches away from speeding cars, facing directly into oncoming traffic, her eyes wide open. I pulled over, gently gathered her up, wrapped her in a towel, and placed her on my lap. At first, she squawked in alarm, so …

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  • Apr
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What Will You Give the Easter Bunny This Year?

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Easter is almost upon us, or as we in the sheltering world say, “Brace yourselves—it’s rabbit season.” I’ve rescued rabbits for 10 years, and I volunteer in the small-animal room at my local shelter. And every spring, it seems as though, for many cast-off Peter Cottontails, the bunny trail leads straight to our door.

While most of …

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  • Mar
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Gardening Series, Part Three: Where Can I Find Native Plants for My Garden?

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cherry blossom

Where do we begin if we want to grow a creature-friendly garden? What are some resources at our disposal?

I collect seeds from my garden and the gardens of like-minded gardeners. A great resource for me is the Prairie Moon Nursery , which you can find online. It sells only native seeds and plants, which takes the guesswork right out of …

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  • Mar
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Part Two: Just Say No to Pesticides

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columbine patch close up

This is part two of a three-part series on gardening.

Of course, it goes without saying, do not use pesticides in your garden! Use a variety of plants, and you will attract your own pest control. If something is eating your favorite specimen and you have a variety of flowers in your beds and a little patience and …

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  • Mar
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Go Native! The Importance of Using Native Plants in Your Landscape

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mon butter 2

Without native plants, wildlife cannot be sustained. In an overly simplified nutshell, the lovely cultivars that originate from Asia and Europe and can be purchased at your local nursery or big box store to beautify your landscape are not palatable to our little insect friends. “So what?” you might ask, as you scratch your head.

Well, take the …

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