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Will You Be An ‘Angel’?

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Will you be an “angel” for a lonely dog chained outdoors? When you sponsor a doghouse for a dog in need, you’ll make a difference in the life of a neglected “outdoor dog.”

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Blinding Them With Science: How PETA’s Jessica Sandler Is Persuading Policymakers to Stop Animal Testing

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Villas at the Atrium Pet Portraits

While living in Tel Aviv in 1982, Jessica Sandler walked into a pet store to purchase a leather collar for her dog. It suddenly dawned on her that she was buying the skin of one animal to put on another. She says, “The inconsistency of lavishing affection on one animal while allowing others to be subjected to …

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Jesus People for Animals

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There’s a long history of compassion for animals in the church—and for good reason: the Bible!

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Victory: Mandatory Spay/Neuter Ordinance Passes in Pasadena

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With a never-ending stream of unwanted cats and dogs pouring through the doors of animal shelters day after day, it’s hard to imagine who would oppose any measure that would help end animal homelessness . I’ll tell you who did: animal breeders and, surprisingly, some anti-euthanasia campaigners. Both came out to speak against a Pasadena, California, ordinance that would require all cats …

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As You Consider Your Year-End Planning

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Ziggy, pictured below, is just one of millions of animals rescued through PETA’s work, but as you know, more are in need.

Including PETA in your year-end plans can help animals like Ziggy and give you a rewarding “return on investment.” Here’s how:

Your donation to PETA before the clock strikes midnight on December 31 will …

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Keep Your Animals Safe and Happy This Halloween

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Each October, Halloween ushers in its own brand of awesomeness in the form of pumpkins, candy , and costumes. Spider webs and creepy decorations set the stage for ghost stories and trick-or-treating. But holiday fun for humans can translate into hazards for companion animals. Halloween is the busiest time of year for the  Pet Poison Helpline because companion animals often accidentally …

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Adopt, Don’t Shop

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One day, pet stores around the world will stop breeding and selling animals because it’s a cruel and horrible industry. But until that day comes, those of us who love animals will hopefully continue to raise awareness of animal exploitation. We can speak up for animal welfare, and when it comes to adding a new nonhuman member to …

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