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Your Dog Would Like You to Read This, Please …

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As a longtime PETA supporter and cofounder of Adopt-a-Pet.com, Amy Luwis is probably one of the most enthusiastic animal advocates you’re likely to meet. This author, cartoonist, and activist puts her words and edgy artistic talents into action for animals, and she’s created cartoons for PETA, the Doris Day Animal Foundation, and others. It’s safe […]

  • Jun
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The Birth of an Advocate

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Like many of my fellow animal lovers, I arrived on the doorstep of advocacy because of various life experiences. Some of them, like the feelings of love and connection that I’ve shared with my animal companions, are joyful. Other memories are not quite so tender. There is one that, although painful, has not left me […]

  • Jun
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How Delicious Is Vegan Food? The Proof Is in the Breakfast Pudding

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I am a member of the Vegeteers, a small group of animal advocates on Gabriola Island in British Columbia, one of the Gulf Islands on the west coast of Canada. We encourage people to eat plants instead of animals by holding vegan potlucks, showing films, distributing information and vegan snacks at tabling events and on Vegeteers.com, […]

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Are Orcas at SeaWorld Suffering From PTSD?

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There is no longer any serious disagreement among scientists that humans aren’t the only animals who have the capacity to suffer physically and mentally. Elephants, great apes, orcas, dogs, cats and many others can experience depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and compulsive disorders. We know that humans and other animals suffer in parallel ways […]

  • May
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Every Single Action Matters

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MaruVigo no credit500

This post has been adapted from a speech given by PETA member Maru Vigo at a recent PETA event. After I finished college in 1985, I heard about a group in the United States called PETA. At the time, I had been working with an animal-welfare group in Lima, Peru, that mainly works on companion-animal […]

  • May
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What PETA Means to Me

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Itchy Greg Alysoun

My late husband, Greg, and I began supporting animal advocacy organizations in the 1990s, shortly after we married, and initially PETA was one of many on our list. But as we learned more about the issues and the work that PETA does, it became clear to us that PETA does more to help more animals […]

  • Apr
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Why This Classically Trained Pastry Chef Went Raw

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Today, Vikki Sgro-Konopka is a raw vegan who whips up delectable French desserts from unlikely sounding ingredients, but it took a health crisis to get her to change her lifestyle. Vikki grew up as part of a big Italian family in Philadelphia. Food was everywhere, all the time, and holiday dinner tables overflowed with dairy-laden […]

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