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Share a Smile for Animals Today!

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Amazon is one of the most widely used sites on the Internet. Chances are that you’ve ordered something from the site before—and with good reason. Amazon has thousands of vegan and cruelty-free products, including food, makeup, cookbooks, clothes, and a huge selection of supplies for your furry family members. Now, with AmazonSmile, there’s an even […]

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Just How Humane Is “Humanely Raised” Meat?

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If you’ve been to a natural foods store or upscale restaurant lately, you’ve likely seen signs proclaiming that at least some of the meat came from “humanely raised” animals. But what exactly does that mean? As a new PETA investigation has found, “humane meat” labels are often worth less than the recycled paper they’re printed […]

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Tips for Keeping Vegan During the Jewish High Holidays … and Every Day

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Chances are there will be at least one vegan (maybe you?) at most holiday gatherings this year. We talked with PETA member Madeline Karpel about how to “veganize” favorite holiday recipes … and perhaps even start some new traditions. When did you go vegan, and what was your inspiration? I went vegan 10 years ago […]

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Why Your Grandchildren Will Probably Be Vegan

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PETA’s 2014 Sexiest Vegan Over 50 winner Ed Ozols’ beautifully written article about the environment and being vegan may inspire you to go vegan, if you’re not already … and enter this year’s contest!  Tonight’s rain is falling lightly on the forest floor, and the Earth responds by giving up her spicy scents. I’ve breathed […]

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PETA Prime Book Club: ‘Dogs and Underdogs’

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Me and the Bonz

People who cherish dogs will know they’re in good company as soon as they start reading Elizabeth Abbott‘s book Dogs and Underdogs: Finding Happiness at Both Ends of the Leash. On the very first page, she mentions spending summers with Mike the terrier and “his people.” The word “owner” never enters into it. Abbott is […]

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Picture This

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You’ve decided to retire in an exotic foreign country, where you don’t know the language. A friendly native there looks after you but doesn’t really understand how you feel because of the language barrier. Over the years, you start to get some aches and pains, and eventually everything hurts. You have a hard time getting […]

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Animals’ Stories Deserve to Be Told, Too

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“Airplane Crashes: 114 People Killed.” “Torrential Rains Flood Missouri Towns: Families Evacuated.” “Pileup on Interstate: 84 Persons Dead, 13 Injured.” Hey! What about animals? How many of them died or were injured? What happened to them? I expect that all of us—certainly those who read the PETA Prime blogs—have the same questions when we see […]

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