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5 Staples for Beginning Vegans

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Here at PETA, we meet lots of people who need help getting started on the path to kind cuisine. While any seasoned vegan will tell you that there are plenty of delicious, fresh, and creative vegan meals out there, we’re here to help with step one: getting the basics down.

Next time you’re mulling over recipes, writing …

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Cruelty-Free Ways to Control Slugs in Your Garden

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Those of us who garden know that sometimes slugs can disrupt our efforts. There are many products that one can buy and methods that we could use, but most of those are cruel, may put you or the animals in your home at risk,  and involve killing the slugs.

That is why I wanted to share a …

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‘All Great Truths Begin as Blasphemies’

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Yesterday would be the 156th birthday of George Bernard Shaw (“Bernard” to his friends), which is an occasion worth noting. If you’re not familiar with the work of this independent-minded Irish playwright and provocateur, you’re missing out. Shaw managed to speak truth to power with such humor, clarity, and intelligence that the powerful ended up laughing with …

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Common Objections to Activism

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As advocates for the intrinsic rights of animals to live peacefully and free from the impositions bestowed upon them by humans, we may occasionally have our motives questioned. Most times, individuals have an authentic curiosity and ask us out of a genuine sense of interest and integrity. Let’s look at two of the most prevalent objections that …

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Mornings in the Menagerie

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Mornings are my favorite part of the day. My big old dog Zoey wakes me up like clockwork at 5 a.m. each morning with kisses to tell me it’s time for her to go out. The three young kitties sit patiently by the bed, waiting to follow me in line—like I am the Pied Piper—upstairs to the cat room/office …

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Bestselling Author Blows Lid Off SeaWorld

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The latest must-read from investigative journalist and New York Times bestselling author David Kirby is Death at SeaWorld , which meticulously chronicles the miserable lives and deaths of captive orcas at the marine park, and how the park also puts employees at risk. From the tragic death of trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010, to many other less-publicized violent incidents, Kirby details …

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Summer Visitors to Watch For

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Where I live, summertime brings out many animal visitors who are usually not as visible in other seasons, and some of these visitors can be dangerous to animal companions.

For example, cane toads, or bufo toads (Bufo marinus) , are venomous—they secrete a toxin that is quite dangerous to animals and can kill cats or small dogs and make large dogs very sick. If …

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