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Goats Hacked Apart in Military Training

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Thanks to a brave whistleblower, PETA has obtained horrific undercover video of live animals whose limbs were cut off for an archaic military training drill. The course was held earlier this year in Virginia Beach, Virginia, by private contractor Tier 1 Group.

In the shocking video, instructors repeatedly crack and cut off the limbs of live goats with tree trimmers, stab the animals with scalpels to cause internal injuries, and cut into their abdomens to crudely pull out their organs. Some of the goats moan loudly and kick their legs during the mutilations, which veterinarians who viewed the video say are signs that the goats were not adequately anesthetized and may have even been feeling pain.

The disturbing video footage shows a callous course instructor who cheerfully whistles while dismembering goats as well as members of the Coast Guard who joke about writing a song about mutilating the animals.

According to the whistleblower, later in the day the goats were shot in the face with pistols and were hacked apart with an ax while still alive.

Today, there are high-tech humanlike simulators available specifically for military training that can breathe, bleed, cry, talk, and respond to medications. These human-based methods are obviously more humane and effective than cutting apart, blowing up, shooting, and killing thousands of animals every year. One shockingly realistic simulator is a special suit designed to be worn by a human actor that enables military personnel to safely perform emergency surgical procedures on a live human without any injury to the person.

Last year, PETA helped end an Army course that involved poisoning monkeys with chemicals, and we’ve saved ferrets and cats from other cruel military training courses by convincing military officials to switch to modern simulators.

The evidence of the superiority of these state-of-the-art simulation methods is so overwhelming that Congress has introduced legislation to phase out the use of animals in military training in favor of non-animal methods.

Military medical experts, veterans, and civilian physicians are joining PETA in urging U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and other military officials to immediately end the use of animals in military trauma training exercises. And we need your help, too!

You can support critical investigations like this one by joining PETA’s Investigations & Rescue Fund during our special drive. If we meet our goal of 1,000 new donors to this vital fund by May 1, PETA will receive an additional $100,000 to help animals like those pictured here.

This post originally appears on The PETA Files.

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  • Anna Fisher says:

    Thank you all above for your comments, I cannot even watch it.
    Maintain a plant-based diet, feel great, my dream is for peace and love for life.

  • william says:

    Appalling, as a veteran wow.
    This video shows some very sick and sadistic individuals that show borderline psychopathic behavior. These individuals share characteristics found in common serial killers. I am glad they are scary and sadistic during times of war they are needed, but this behavior as training is appalling.
    To all special forces this is an embarrassing.
    This training will not save anyone’s life unless you share the anatomy of a goat.
    No medical school, or even an ER training facility would condone such radically insane and inhumane, and ineffective training for any medical purposes.
    This if anything is counterproductive to saving any life whatsoever.

  • chander kumar soni says:


  • Caz says:

    We live in a very sick society when these acts off cruelty can be seen as acceptable. Disgusting individuals who do these acts of cruelty and disgusting individuals who continue to allow this to happen…..The Government!!!!!Who are suppose to be Making a Difference. Sick sick sick evil people!!!!!Who will probably go on to murder human beings (out of their military unifoms) (which research has shown).

  • Emanuel says:

    Those people can’t have a heart, they just can’t…. How can they sleep at night?

    Please: FREE YOUR MIND and stop the cruelty, start LOVING.

  • clayton says:

    I dont see how anyone can be so sick!

  • Paula Ann says:


  • Pamela C. says:

    I can’t even watch this film. I am so angry. These horrible, little men. I am ashamed of my country.

  • Patti McNeill says:

    Military training is to make humans into killers. They want them to be unfeeling and without any morals when it comes to murder, so they do this shit to make them sickos who would do anything.

    I have no respect for the armed forces, they are paid killers who are indeed paid by US the taxpayers !

  • Truly sick and disturbed human beings do things like this. Our government better get to see this and decide whether this is the image the United States wants to portray to the world. We are a sad nation when cruelty is accepted as training. Anger is just part of what I feel right now.

  • Dazzle59 says:

    Absolutely horrifying. Poor goats! Thanks to PETA for uncovering this shocking abuse. Back in 1999, I resigned from civil service with the Department of Defense (after 15 years on the job) in protest of the DoD’s refusal to stop torturing innocent animals in the name of military readiness. I addressed my resignation letter to William Cohen, Secretary of Defense under President Clinton, but received no response. I hope that Leon Panetta is a better listener.

  • America used to stand for high morals, for right over wrong, for good over evil. We placed ourselves above cruelty and knew how compassionate we were. We knew we were better.
    What has happened to us?
    Have we become this evil so that our military brass and instructors take innocent, sentient beings and mutilate them, cause them unspeakable suffering, such inhumane treatment that we see this video horrified? No “we” haven’t but the government has. They have lost their collective souls, and despite computer modeling, high tech human models, even cadavers or stints for the personnel in ER trauma wards, they would do this to the most harmless of animals. And don’t you think dogs and cats, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, etc. aren’t being put through this treatment as well.

    To the government who would make whistleblowers for animal rights WHO STAND UP FOR ANIMALS NOT TO BE MUTILATED AND MISTREATED guilty a federal offense and label them terrorists – just friggin’ go to hell. Thank God for them. They shine the light of truth on those who lie!

    To those of you who are impassioned because of this video, start calling and emailing your elected officials at all levels. The Congressional switchboard is toll free – 866-220-0044 and 866-338-1015. We will NOT ALLOW THIS TO GO ON!

  • Bonnie Towles says:

    It is truly hard to be “polite” when faced with such hideous behavior on the part of people paid with tax dollars … Why do not animal welfare laws apply to such barbarity? The contractor and all those involved in this disgusting, brutal and unnecessary barbarity (except to enable these “macho men” to practice their sadistic rituals on animals before applying them to people in “war zones”) need to be denied future funding and drummed out of the military. We do not need these sickos representing the US in it’s purported attempts to control the “evil doers” … They have no further to search then in the mirror.

  • kathy powell says:

    Thank God for Peta. I’m so sick at my stomach right now from this film. There has to be something wrong with a person that could do it in whatever name you want to use.It’s so coward to have an animal overcome and mutilate or mistreat it. Those guys were so macho while they were doing it, like it was really a great feat, really, really. That is the most chickens**t act I,ve ever seen. Killing animals in a humaine way for food maybe there’s an argument but this is so sick and so are those little boys that did it. They are in that small penis catagory.

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