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Cows Dying on Organic Dairy Farm

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Many people are still laboring under the illusion that animals are somehow treated better on farms that label their products “organic,” but a recent cruelty case that PETA was involved with shows that animals on organic farms often fare no better than those on non-organic farms.

A whistleblower alerted PETA to a dairy farm where hundreds of cows were starving and two or three were dying every week. The whistleblower had tried to get the owners of the farm to feed the cows, but the owners were bankrupt, and with no money to feed the animals, they had simply left them to die.

This cow was too weak to stand.

We contacted local law-enforcement officials and, with the help of the district attorney, got state veterinarians to go out to the farm. The vets confirmed that this was indeed a case of cruelty and neglect, and police arrested the owners and charged them with cruelty to animals. The owners were later released on the grounds that they had to do whatever it took to care for the cows or they would face felony charges. Some people in the community have donated food, and the owners are juggling their finances to make food for the cows a priority. PETA has confirmed that the cows’ health is improving.

While these animals are doing better, across the country, cows are still suffering on organic dairy farms. Often crowded into cramped sheds or onto mud-filled lots, cows are repeatedly impregnated and have their babies taken away so that people can drink the milk that nature intended for calves. Don’t let your friends and family be fooled—”organic” does not mean “humane.”

This post originally appears on The PETA Files.

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  • Don Randall says:

    Here’s a good link for further information about how much calcium is in certain vegan foods: http://www.vrg.org/nutrition/calcium.htm
    Regarding PETA, the best thing they can do is to promote healthy vegan lifestyles.

  • chander kumar sonic says:


  • Lynn Matarelli says:

    Ths is truly disgusting not to mention heartbreaking. Stop the inhumane treatment of these poor creatures.

  • MARIA says:

    I had no idea about this…I am outraged! Is there something PETA can do to legislate better conditions for this poor cows? I can’t believe it happens all over the country and nobody pays attention or does anything. Please let me know if there is a petition I can sign or any action I can take. Thank you.

  • Where are the regulators that supposedly protect farmers and farm animals? What does the Dairy Farmers Association do anyway? What is the purpose of these associations and/or Dairy Counsel that touts their “Got Milk” campaigns? Don’t they provide some sort of education and support? WHY is this happening all over the country and if someone speaks up they are to blame?

  • BB in CA says:

    We don’t need no stinkin cow milk.

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