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The Gifts That Your Dog Really Wants

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Petfinder reports that 63 percent of people buy holiday gifts for their dogs. Then there are the birthday presents, valentines … the list goes on and on. While the rope toys and Nylabones give dogs mental stimulation and exercise, our pups get much more of both from the time that they spend with us. Here are five gifts that your dog will love every day of the year:

Real walks, not “drag-alongs”: Pay attention to when the dog wants to stop and sniff rather than worrying about how fast you are burning calories. Outings to the dog park, where they can safely run off leash, are always appreciated too.

The opportunity to bark: People talk all day long, yet dogs are often shushed if they bark even once.

Frequent and prompt bathroom breaks: Don’t get up in the morning and brush your teeth and comb your hair while your dog is waiting to go outside.

Veterinary checkups: Schedule an annual visit, including a dental exam to check for any painful dental problems. A fresh, clean bowl of water daily helps keep mouths healthy too.

Time: Don’t be a blur, dashing in, changing clothes, and dashing back out again, leaving your dog to stare at the wall. Get the ball out and throw it, brush his or her coat, or just hang out and have some quality time together.

The joy that these kenneled dogs have when they are able to run free is certainly worth a look.


This article originally appears on the PETA Files.


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  • Richie says:

    This guy gives me the creeps,sure it’s nice to see dogs running free but I don’t think he was to concerned if one of the dogs couldn’t keep up and what if the dogs got distracted crossing the street with cars or tripped up a fellow biker.Lastly who picks up after all these dogs.

  • Ingrid says:

    Thank you for passing on this video. These must be the happiest and healthiest dogs I’ve ever seen! I laughed out loud as I shared their joy. Funny when they pass a dog on the leash (about 9:15) that could use a bit of running himself! Loved it.

  • Patty Bowers says:

    Is this guy single? I think he might be my perfect man! :o) :o)
    He sure knows how to give his dogs what they want! Hooray for him and the dogs. I just hope he doesn’t use them for hunting….

  • Sherrie says:

    What an enjoyable video! Loved it.

  • Gitte Loeyche says:

    These are certainly some of the happiest and most well-behaved dogs I have seen for a long time.

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