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Archives for December 2011

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Celebrating the Holidays in Oakland!

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holiday party

PETA and PETA Foundation staff in Oakland, California, along with some of PETA’s most compassionate supporters, recently joined together to celebrate the holidays and a year of victories for animals.

This festive event included great speakers, a screening of PETA’s end-of-year video , a silent auction, a merchandise shop to cover last-minute gift-giving needs, champagne and wine from our …

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Notes From a Vegan Vet—Part 2

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We at PETA Prime would like to welcome a new voice to our community of dedicated and compassionate writers. Dr. Barry Taylor was recently chosen as the male Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50 winner for 2011.

In my last post , I mentioned Buck, the family member who inspired one of my very first words.

Buck was a nice dog. He never nipped anyone, never eliminated in …

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Short North Noshing

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This is the second of two posts on compassionate travel to Columbus, Ohio. You can read Robin’s first post here .

On one wall of Knead, a modern diner in Columbus , Ohio, there’s a map of the state denoting locations of nearby farms. For me, it set the tone for Short North , the city’s arts district.

“This is a …

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A New Year’s Eve Dog Rescue: How You Can Prevent Tragedy on December 31

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As people break into “Auld Lang Syne,” kiss, blow noisemakers, and raise a toast to the New Year, the noise of fireworks will be causing untold numbers of terrified dogs to flee from their backyards and even their homes. I’d like to raise a toast to my colleagues at PETA who bravely attempted to rescue a stray Rottweiler …

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Best of PETA Prime: Remembering Animal Shelters at the Holidays

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Those who care for animals at our community animal shelters are often taken for granted. Working under the most stressful conditions, these unsung heroes deserve our special thanks, and the holiday season can be an ideal time to show our appreciation.

Many animal shelters are in dire financial shape—especially those impacted by the current economic crisis. …

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Holiday Vegan Baking

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I took up baking about a year ago because I love cookies and wanted to learn how to make my own. Luckily for me, cookbooks featuring vegan cookies and desserts are plentiful these days. I can’t imagine learning to bake as a vegan 10 or 15 years ago, when vegan baking was practically unheard of and …

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Celebrate a Year of Victories for Animals

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We did it! With your help, PETA made 2011 a banner year for animals. Ringling was slapped with the largest fine in circus history for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The Environmental Protection Agency adopted modern replacements for animal tests, saving millions of animals. Four laboratory workers were indicted on felony cruelty-to-animals charges as a result of our investigation at a North Carolina laboratory.

We persuaded many …

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