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PETA Forced to Get Nasty With Nestea

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What do you get when you mix PETA, a company that tests on animals, and a roomful of eco-friendly executives? A round of applause, which is what happened when an animal advocate stood up during the Industry Water Award Ceremony in Stockholm and asked Nestlé Chair Peter Brabeck-Letmathe when its tea brand, Nestea, will stop carrying out painful and deadly experiments on animals and switch to cruelty-free non-animal testing methods.

A few weeks ago, Nestlé USA CEO Brad Alford got the same surprise inquisition at the Grocery Manufacturers Association Conference in Colorado Springs.

Experimenters working for Nestea have injected mice with toxic chemicals in order to give them diabetes, then force-fed them tea ingredients before killing them. In another experiment, mice were force-fed tea extracts and then had their leg muscles cut open before being decapitated. In still another test, mice bred to suffer brain damage and rapid aging were locked in dark chambers, and painful shocks were administered to their sensitive feet before the mice were killed.

Not only are these tests not required by law, the results also aren’t even admissible as proof of tea’s health benefits—the very reason that Nestlé claims it conducts the experiments. You can give Nestlé executives a surprise of your own by visiting PETA’s new website, NesteaCruelTEA.com and e-mailing AlfordCEO of Nestlé S.A. Paul Bulcke and to ask them to call off the killing.

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  • kumar says:

    Nestle is one of the most unethical company have seen so far.hate them.”if you cant leave a helpless dumb animal that doesnt harm you in words how can you leave humans who can oppose you in all ways”.thats why wars happen.

  • Aly says:

    Congratulations Nestle; you just lost a family of four who have been avid buyers of your products for years. And I promise you I am going to make sure everyone I come into contact with is aware of your actions.

  • sandra deneault says:

    You are cruel humans and i will certainly do all that i can to tell everyone to stop buying your products YOU CAN COUNT ON ME.

  • Pat says:

    This is just shocking!!! They don’t get my support and I will definitely be boycotting their products. Shame on you for your cruelty. What goes around comes around!!!

  • Caddie says:

    I wont go near Nestea! Boycott boycott boycott!!!


    do it to yourself first and then do it to them , no need for any of this anymore. Are ayou all sadists who enjoy watching animals in pain and alone . SHAME ON YOU

  • Samuel Rubin says:

    @ Kim – amen

  • Lilian Merriman says:

    I have been a vegetarian most of my life and am only just starting to attempt to become vegan. Its so hard especially with all the companies that lie by omission about their product origins. Count me in for boycotting Nestle and telling as many people who will listen to me.

  • MJoy says:

    Most of my family are not even vegetarians, but all of the tea-drinkers have agreed to boycotte Nestle. Animal testing is ridiculous and unnecessary. These animals’ deaths are not going to benefit anyone. Leave the poor animals alone! You have no right to kill them.

  • Debi says:

    An unethical company (such as Nestle) deserves no respect, but since that matters little to a business having no integrity–then, they deserve to be hurt in the only place they can feel the pain–IN PROFITS!! I vow to never purchase ANY product this company produces and will diligently spread the word to those I know: Simply DON’T BUY anything from companies (including Nestle and their cohorts) that use animals of any kind in their so-called ‘research.’ It’s time to stand up and demand ethical products. Let’s endeavor to put these horrid companies permanently out of business!

  • Romani says:

    It’s good to know the truth..but an unbearble truth..once I thought Nestea tea brought comfort but now I know it brings only the horror of unforgivable abuse and torture to our innocent fellow Earthlings and I cannot suppot the company any longerby buying any Nestea product again and will do my utmost to make others aware. When are humans going to try and live up to their mistaken concept of humans as the superior being?
    Nestea belies this concept.

  • Kim says:

    This is the same company responsible for the deaths of millions of children in developing countries over the years for promoting their baby formula in places where families can not afford the product and do not have access to clean water to prepare it. They undermine breastfeeding by convincing uneducated mothers that formula is better, and then the ingestion of their formula made with contaminated water leads to diarrhea, dehydration, and… UNICEF has a picture of twins from India, one breastfed and one formula fed. The emaciated formula fed baby died a few hours after the picture was taken. The other one looks healthy and robust. Nestle has no social conscience. This is only one more proof of that. I’ve been boycotting them for over 20 years.

  • Anne says:

    I have boycotted Nestle products since 1977 and will continue to do so. Shame on you.

  • Karen Pittenger says:


  • Cherry Marrone says:

    I will not buy your products until this horrible animal torture comes to an end. Animals are NOT test subjects, they are living, loving and breathing creatures who feel pain just as you do.

  • Adair Leonard says:

    Stop torturing animals. Where is your compassion! No Nestea for me.

  • Danielle Stockdale says:

    I will post this on FB for all my friends to see, and will stop, from now on buying ANY of your products. Animal testing is useless and despicable and until Nestea stops that practice, I will make sure all my animals loving friends will be informed and won’t use any Nestea products.

  • Urmil Dhanda says:

    If you continue this, you are not the company I want to buy my products from.

  • veronica says:

    I still cannot believe nestea still continues with torturing animals even though consumers are angry with the practice. I have stopped purchasing nestea products and have told family and friends what this company does to animals. They have agreed to stop purchasing any of the products aswell. Not only that but will pass on the info. to their friends, co-workers and family. We will no longer purchase these products until PETA says that animal testing has stopped. Please start listening to the consumers.

  • darris says:

    Animal testing is unnecessary and horrendously cruel. Boycotting Nestle, send letters, emails and make phone calls until they get the message loud and clear, WE WILL NOT STAND FOR ANIMAL TESTING!

    Thank you!

  • Pamela C. says:

    This thoughtless cruelty-for-profit can not be allowed. If Nestle won’t do the right thing (and they don’t seem to be inclined), then we, as consumers, must make them hear us.

  • patti schultze says:

    My friends and I will never purchase your products. Animal Cruelty is not to be tolerated any more. You are losing lots of customers, not that I liked your stuff in the first place, but no more….

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