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Life After the Laboratory: Libby’s Story

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© Michele Gann

When she first met her rescuer, the emaciated dog crawled on her belly, longing for affection but too terrified to stand up. Known only as the number tattooed on her ear, she was sick with hookworms, tapeworms, and a vaginal infection, and her teeth were rotted.

Libby, as she would soon be named, was one of nearly 250 dogs and cats rescued last fall from animal testing hellhole Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. after it shut down following a PETA investigation. Pharmaceutical companies paid the laboratory to infest dogs and cats with worms, fleas, and ticks and then force-feed them or smear their skin with toxic chemicals in tests for companion-animal products. Our investigator recorded workers as they kicked, threw, and dragged dogs; lifted puppies by their throats; and screamed obscenities at animals. A former supervisor and three former employees of the laboratory were indicted earlier this week on felony cruelty charges.

Despite all that she has been through, Libby has become a happy, playful girl in her loving new home. She wrestles and plays tug-of-war with her two adopted canine siblings, and she loves going out on walks and snuggling under the covers.

© Michele Gann

Dogs like Libby are still suffering in laboratories. You can help by buying only cruelty-free products and letting companies that perform animal tests know why you will not be a customer. You can also donate to PETA’s Investigations & Rescue fund to help us continue to investigate cruelty and seek justice for the animal victims.

This post originally appeared on PETA.org.

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  • Thank you PETA! For everything you do! I think it’s amazing that you’ve saved so many lives!

  • Bob says:

    I totally agree with you Peta animals should not suffer like that.

  • Wie bekomme ich eine Freundin says:

    I cannot understand how people can do this…dogs are smart and loyal animal that never would let you alone and than that…?! This breaks my heart.

  • B.E. says:

    Thank you.

  • shell berman says:

    It doesn’t take any time at all to find out which products are cruelty free. lets remember what these animals go throught ever time we buy prducts. We all can make a difference one person at a time.

  • LeeAnn says:

    Thank you for this heartwarming story. I am so glad this beautiful dog survived and is thriving. Sort of miraclulous that they will have anything at all to do with humans after such suffering.

  • Caddie says:

    Thank you SO much! I dont know what this world would be like without PETA!

  • debra bouton says:

    Thank YOU PETA for all you do <3<3<3

  • Laura Guttridge says:

    It’s so wonderful to read about stories with happy endings.
    Thank you PETA for being there for the helpless animals. 🙂

  • Eva says:

    What a wonderful story. Thank you PETA for giving this dog the life she deserves to have.

  • Mrs. Lois Koch says:

    What is wrong with human beings anyway!! I am so glad to see that the precious little dog is doing so very well now. . . . .Thanks TO YOU!!

  • Sandra Leaper says:

    Thank God PETA is around investigating these terrible places and saving the animals.

  • Maria says:

    What an amazing story! Animal testing could end TOMORROW if we all became more conscious consumers.

  • Brian Giarraffa says:

    Thank you for saving these animals in need. I donate every month and wish I could do more to free the suffering animals in the world. Please keep up the investigations. Thanks PETA

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