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Would You Fry Your Friends?

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PETA once had a sticker that read, “Animals Are Friends, Not Food.” Kids would put it on packages of meat in the supermarket from time to time, and it was known to show up on animal-based dishes in mixed (vegetarian/carnivorous) households.

Now, a Northampton University study shows that cows are indeed friends?with each other. And that being separated from their friends causes them distress. Not, I imagine, as much distress as being prodded up the ramp of a slaughterhouse-bound truck and hauled down a highway in all weather extremes and not as much distress as being strung up alive and dangled by a single leg while the conveyor belt moves toward the knife, but distress nonetheless. The sort of distress that children often experience when separated from their parents on the very first day of school or that victims of a natural disaster report feeling when the friend who was standing right next to them just a moment ago is swept away.

To hear that animals have friends can be disconcerting to anyone who eats meat. Acting on that fact would separate them from their rump roast and cause them distress. Although Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet cookbook might soon distract them.

But it’s not just cows who bond with other cows. Studies of chickens, for instance,  at Bristol University in the U.K. and elsewhere have shown that they gravitate to other chickens they know and that they are excellent mothers. And fish, the animals even a disturbing number of people who call themselves “vegetarians” still eat, are now shown to enjoy friendships, as well as having demonstrably long memories, the ability to judge the passage of time, and a delight in play.

When the majority of people face the facts about food, friends, and feelings and begin to relate to who’s on their plate, I think society as a whole will also seem a lot friendlier.

For a free vegetarian/vegan starter kit, click here.

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  • Patty Bowers says:

    I will put the stickers on too if you print them again!

  • Camilla says:

    Yes, please make the stickers again – and in several languages. I think it would be great if you made them downloadable. One could just buy sticker paper and print out a ton.

  • Jennifer Hagens says:

    I want that sticker too!!!!
    I will put it here all over Amsterdam.
    Animals have been my friends all my life, I have been a veggie for the last 23 years now, because I cannot stand the bio-industry.
    Animals are not products, they live, feel and LOVE..

  • valerie winters says:

    I would put that sticker everywhere I could. I, after reading daily about what I eat, have to stop eating the animals I love. PLEASE HOW CAN I GET THE STICKERS????? I have a granddaughter that eats no meat, poultry, fish. If she can do it, so can yours truly and another daughter. I rescue feral cats, and feed colonies. I guess I could be considered a traiter to the animal kingdom. Even fish suffer when caught.

  • dawn says:

    they don’t make them anymore? i have tons still from years ago! it irritates me when ppl say “well i don’t eat red meat” or “i only eat seafood”. seafood? that’s disrespectful. i call them sea critters (that unfortun. some ppl eat), but never food. animals are animals, and food is food. i love the peta video where it says “Remember! don’t eat : batteries, ear wax, or your dog”. it’s so true. ppl need to learn what real food is, and what food really is.

  • Melissa says:

    Right now on my car I have the PETA sticker that reads, “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on or use for entertainment.” It’s a good one… says it all!! I am sure PETA still offers it or you can probably find it on Ebay (I once bought a vegetarian bumper sticker along with other animal rights stuff there). As for my current sticker, when I am in the Burger King drive-thru line, I feel like the BIGGEST hypocrit because everyone in the cars behind me has no idea I am NOT ordering a “whopper” but instead am getting the veggie burger meal (which is very good, BTW)! 🙂 The veggie burger isn’t actually listed on the menu but I sure wish it were – then maybe I wouldn’t feel so “judged. 🙂 As for the veggie burger or the veggie burger meal (includes fries and a drink), you can even request they add onions or give you extra tomatoes and lettuce (at no extra cost).
    Anyway, GREAT article!!! I enjoyed reading it and do not understand how people can be okay with eating ANY kind of animal. All one has to do is spend a few minutes watching animals interacting with each other and it is obvious they communicate with each other and have feelings. Just because they do not speak our language or act the way humans do does not make it okay for us to view them with the “here for humans” attitude so many people have. Animals have their own purpose but we constantly deny them access to it. Shame on us for this!! I truly feel we will pay the ultimate price for what we have done to them. The animal related diseases we have experienced such as Mad Cow and the Bird Flu are nothing compared to what will come and all because we raise the animals in filth and slaughter them with the same indignity.

  • Michael says:

    Yes, start that sticker again. I’d happily get my friends to help me go through supermarkets and stick them on.

  • Lacy says:

    I was one of the ‘kids’ who put that sticker om meat packages in the grocery store!! Make them again, please, as I am still a kid and will gladly do it again!!

  • Beverley says:

    I’ll put it all over the meaty-place too…:) Make lots..


  • Carol Carson says:

    I would proudly put that bumper sticker on my car!

  • lo says:

    make that sticker again!!! pls! i’ll put it all over the meaty-place. 🙂 really!

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