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Help Animals While You Clean Out Your House

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Help Animals While You Clean Out Your HouseThis past weekend, I spent all Saturday sifting through drawers, closets, and my basement to clear out everything I wasn’t planning to use again. With the visit of summer guests fast approaching, what better time than now to start cleaning out my house? I generated two hefty bags of trash and recycling. I also pulled out old books, cell phones, computers, clothes, jewelry, artwork, and other valuables that I no longer wanted cluttering my space—but that I also didn’t want to throw away. Normally, I would donate these things to Goodwill or a local thrift store, but this year, I am giving them to a cause very close to my heart—I’m donating them to PETA.

I’m sure many of us have used, or are at least familiar with, eBay,  the online site where you can sell or auction off all kinds of goods and collectible items. In an effort to give back to charities, this popular site started its Giving Works program, which allows an eBay seller to donate a percentage of their auction earnings to an organization like PETA.

Here’s how I clean out my house for animals: When I list an item for auction on eBay, I donate between 10 and 100 percent of my earnings to PETA. The item is then marked with a Giving Works icon indicating that proceeds from your sale will be going to a good cause. Even better, when I donate 100 percent of my auction’s earnings to PETA, eBay will waive all selling fees, making it completely free for me to sell my cast-offs in behalf of animals. After the item is sold, the donation will be sent to PETA, and I’ll receive a tax receipt—it’s as simple as that!

So after cleaning my house on Saturday, I took pictures of the items I chose to sell, posted them on eBay, and selected a percentage to donate to PETA. I contentedly wrapped up my cleaning later that night with a newly clutter-free house and pride that some of that clutter would be helping animals who may not be lucky enough to have a home at all.

How are you supporting the causes you hold dear?

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  • Melissa says:

    There is a thrift store near my home run by the local Humane Society. They use the money they make to spay and neuter animals. They give a receipt and my donations are tax deductible. I have found myself buying things at yard sales so I can take the items to the thrift store to be sold! I am able to help the animals even more this way. I also collect unwanted items from co-workers and family members. The thrift store I use has an old box truck and will pick-up larger furniture items.
    I am a “recycler” and always find it hard to just throw my things away, so finding a thrift store that supports my “cause” has made it so much easier for me to de-clutter my home. If you are like me and can’t find the time to list items on Ebay and/or can’t deal with the hassle of packaging the items and sending them out, do some research and I’ll bet there is a Humane Society thrift store somewhere near you. Just box your stuff up and drive it there. My store has volunteers who come out to the car to unload it. And remember… you get your tax receipt!!!

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