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A Great Online Vegan Cooking Class

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Several weeks ago, I was reading the Los Angeles Times and saw an article about two sisters who teach vegan cooking classes online. I thought I was dreaming. Cooking shows were the one thing that I missed even more than cheese when I adopted a cruelty-free lifestyle! For vegan foodies like me, there is a noticeable shortage of cooking shows that we can enjoy watching all the way through. I mean, who wants to watch a chef cut apart a small dead body that was once a living, feeling being? It’s disturbing, it’s unappetizing, and it’s just not cooking as far as I am concerned.

Jenny and Heather Goldberg’s online vegan cooking classes can be found at SporkOnline.com. There is a short intro clip, called Bite Size Sample, that gives you a glimpse into their kitchen and allows you to watch their cooking style in action. Once you become a member, you’ll have access to their monthly featured menu as well as all their archived shows. Each class features a four-course meal built around a specific theme. The audience is filled with interesting people who discuss their kitchen experiences as Jenny and Heather cook the afternoon away. It’s all great fun!

The first thing I noticed is how healthy the foods that these girls cook are. They use only quality organic vegan ingredients. That’s how I cook, and I appreciate being able to follow a recipe with them as they use the same things that I have in my pantry and refrigerator. They also give tidbits of information about food throughout the show. These vegan women are totally up to speed on the whole world of food lore and vegan cooking, and I have learned a great deal from watching only a couple of their shows.

They are also a delight to watch. They’re like those cute couples we all know who finish each other’s sentences. Jenny and Heather enjoy each other’s company and embrace vegan cooking with such exuberance that they pull you in like good friends at a dinner party. Their continuing smiles and compatibility in the kitchen make these girls the dynamic duo of vegan cooking shows!

If your idea of a good time is hanging out in your kitchen, then check out Spork Online. You will discover many new healthy vegan recipes and have tons of fun in the process. PETA has also teamed up with the site to give 11 lucky people Spork Online memberships. You need to hurry, though. This contest ends on January 24, 2011!

Have any of you signed up at Spork Online yet? I’d love to hear what you think. Maybe you know of some other vegan cooking shows that you could tell us about.

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  • Angela Poch says:

    I also have an online cooking school. Not just classes, but an actually “how to cook” from beginning to end. As seen in North Point Magazine and Vegan Cuts Snack Box.

  • Laura Guttridge says:

    Vegan cooking classes! What a fantastic idea, love it!

  • Michele says:

    I create my own veggie meals and I have a full box of them!
    I can make anything with Morning Star. You name it I can make it.
    Can’t get enough of Vegan Cooking. 🙂

  • Al says:

    Vegucatingrobin.com is great too if you are fond of the Howard Stern Show… and its free!

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