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Real CEOs Eat Tofu!

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A healthy plant-based diet gives many world-class vegan athletes the energy and strength that they need to be at the top of their game, and it isn’t associated with the health problems, environmental destruction, and animal suffering that go along with eating meat. Of course, the advantages of a vegan diet aren’t just enjoyed by athletes. More and more of the world’s leaders in government, business, and entertainment are discovering that they can stay sharp mentally as well as physically by eating vegan.

The new breed of power vegans recently mentioned in Business Week includes people like Bill Clinton, who now looks fit, trim, and younger than he did when he was president. Indeed, he now weighs roughly what he did in high school! As for business moguls, you can’t get much more Type A than Las Vegas real estate tycoon, casino owner—and animal lover—Steve Wynn. Wynn has become an energetic advocate for cruelty-free vegan food. He distributed 10,000 copies of the Mike Anderson documentary Eating—one for each of his employees. All Wynn’s restaurants in Vegas and Macau now offer vegan menu items, so he is influencing many people who otherwise wouldn’t have given a vegan diet a second thought.

Some influential men have been convinced to adopt a vegan lifestyle by their vegan wives: News Corp.’s CEO Rupert Murdoch, for example, and the former head of Viacom, Tom Freston. Tom’s wife, Kathy, is a well-known author who has integrated compassionate eating choices into Quantum Wellness in order to provide the energy that it takes to face whatever challenges life may present. Clearly, it works!

And they don’t get much more powerful (and hip) than Biz Stone, who stays on top of the latest in technology and social networking as the cofounder and creative director of Twitter. He went vegan in 2000 after spending some time with former farmed animals at a sanctuary. For him, the ethical choice is obvious. Some other vegan moguls include Bill Ford, executive chair of Ford Motor Co.; real estate kingpin Mort Zuckerman; John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods; and venture capitalist extraordinaire Joi Ito.

In terms of net worth and cash flow, these power players are in a rather different world than I am. But we share the most important part of our lives in common: We show compassion toward animals with every bite of food.

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  • Philip and Barbara Burghardt says:

    Giving people a lot of vegan choices in restaurants, will help make people realize
    they can keep up their healthy lifestyle, even when going out with friends!!!1 Thank you from a” new-bee” vegetarian, future vegan and all the animal lives that will be saved, as more and more people change their eating habits from meat to healthy

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