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Protest Saves Horse From Slaughter

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Protest Saves Horse From Slaughter by Guest BloggerTalk about fast results: When star PETA member Emily Lavender organized protests against horse slaughter across Canada earlier this month, one horse was saved on the spot!

Protesters outside a slaughterhouse in Québec spotted a man who was about to hand a horse over to be killed because he didn’t want to pay for a medical procedure that the horse needed. They begged the man to give the horse to a sanctuary instead of sending him to a painful and terrifying death, and the man finally agreed to let the concerned group take the horse.

With the help of generous donations, the horse (now named Joe) received his surgery and is currently at a foster home, where he is relishing the freedom to run and play. Joe’s former guardian used him for breeding, so he spent most of his life cooped up in a stall. Check out this happy horse!

When they stop winning races or become injured, many horses used for racing are sent to slaughterhouses in Canada, Mexico, or Japan. We can all help save horses like Joe from ending up as glue, dog food, or human food by never attending or watching horse races.

This post was originally published on The PETA Files.

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  • Mimi says:

    Morning All. I think this is the saddest thing all these sweet inasent Horses being killed for meat I think it stinks . My Uncle who is dead now had a super cute white Hose when he was a young teenager my Mother knew he had one she was younger then her Brother was she spent most of her time in bed becouse she had an apes as on her back that was very painful no medicine in those days my Aunt knew he had one along with my Mother s Mother as well. Well I love horses as well. Mimi.

  • Paul Phillips says:

    Hi Emily,

    You may wish to learn more about the horse racing industry before even considering having anything to do with them. Hope that helps!

  • Emily says:

    I own horses… and I’m vegan, I live on a ranch.. Never sold an animal, raped, mutilated, killed, or harmed any animal… but I wanted to put them in a race… this makes me wonder if i should or not… and the horse will NEVER leave my side i dont care if i go broke theyre not leaving… and if i won money i would use it to help more animals… what do you think?

  • mike says:

    ok look. thanks to the slaughterhouses being shut down, horses have no value anymore. on top of that, feed prices have shot through the roof. so owners cannot afford horses anymore. how can you get mad at someone for trying to put a horse out of its misery? people are forced to make these painful decisions everyday because they 1.)they cannot afford the horse, 2.) they can barely give away horses and 3.) they will get fined and arrested if they let the horse starve. and, in reality, horses are livestock no matter how you look at it. its ok to use cattle for meat..so why not horses? cattle are living creatures too so there should not be a double standard. the only reason horse owners should be bothered with their decision is if there is an alternative that it reasonable. wake up america..you are the ones killing these horses by your actions and decisions.

  • valda purvis says:

    Surely the racing fraternity and all involved in the racing business ,could donate to a fund that would help and care for ex race horses that were no longer involved in the racing game,they make millions from these beautiful horses ,the very least they could do is help them when they need help ,they can afford it.I hope they think of all the enjoyment the horses have given them over time.

  • cath ens says:

    great news! “whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.”

  • Ruth says:

    Animals are for taking care of them not to Abuse them.

  • john says:

    save the horses,not slaughter them.

    Our Precious, Beloved horses have suffered far too long.

  • andrea steinke says:

    I would never ever agree horses for slaughter.

  • Marcia says:

    So nice to hear even one happy ending. Wish there were many more or, better yet, no abandoned, abused horses headed for slaughter.

  • Char Rea says:

    When is horse slaughter going to end. As a civilized nation this is unacceptable.

  • Helen Marie Ostrander says:

    Thank you Emily Lavender for your quick action for this horse. It’s too bad that agencies like this will not take the time to find homes for animals that are healthy. The “easiest way” to get rid of the animal is to kill it. I often wonder where the compassion has gone.

  • Debbie Gibson says:

    When I was young I worked in the racing industry as an exercise person and then a jockey. It is an abusive industry for horses and people and the bottom line is always a dollar. Most of the poor 2 year old babies they try and race (they race them at 2 because they don’t want to have to feed them till they reach 4) are chewed up and spit out. Most never run, many are injured and killed, and some of the lucky ones make it out for a second career as a hunter or jumper. Racing should be banned altogether

  • DawnMarie Perez says:

    this makes me soooo angry!!! Just like that, end an animals life!!! how dare u!!! because u cant afford surgery!!! this is outrageous and needs to be stopped, these “so called slaughter houses” need to be outlawed, if anyone that can afford to keep an animal that is healthy, even sick there are other alternatives such as “safe sanctury” even if an animal is sick, the vet in the santury will know what to do and if it gets to that point will do it humanely!!! Lets do what we can to outlaw these “slaughter houses”

  • mla says:

    what a happy ending for this beutiful horse! thanks to all the protesters, you guys save him. Bless your hearts and the good actions you do for animals, very happy to see there are nice and humane people!!!! 🙂

  • s sureck says:

    We can envision the day when all citizens, their property and their neighborhood will be safe from the dangers and nuisances of irresponsible pet ownership. We can envision the day when animals will not suffer because of human abuse, neglect or ignorance, entertainment or animal experimentation.
    We must work toward that day.

  • Carol says:

    Thank you, Emily!

  • Karen Beliveau says:

    Horse racing should be banned, and until it is all retired horses must be moved to a sanctuary to live out the rest of their days, especially after giving so much to the business, this would just be a little ” Thank You “

  • Elgrit B. Russell says:

    Thank god at least one horse will be saved but what kind of a man is this who won’t take him to the vet for a needed procedure. This just makes me sick that there are people so indifferent and callous.

  • Kathy L. says:

    Leave our horses alone. let them live in peace! respect all life!

  • Becky Mason says:

    I’m writing to you to help horses like Joe who was saved from being killed because he was no longer useful or profitable to the horse racing industry.
    Please help in protecting these beautiful creatures from being glue or dog food. Have a heart and do a good thing.

    Kind Regards
    Becky Mason. U.K

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