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Egg Industry Broken Wide Open

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Egg Industry Broken Wide Open by Guest BloggerIf anyone still believes that “organic” eggs are a humane choice, please look at these gut-wrenching photos from the Organic Valley farm in Wisconsin: They show birds in stinking, stifling, windowless warehouses, crammed so tightly together that they’re barely able to move—much less spread their wings, scratch in the dirt, or interact normally in any way.

The heartbreaking photos were released by a farm-policy research group called The Cornucopia Institute in a report called “Scrambled Eggs,” which details the entrenched abuse in industrial-scale egg factories.

As the pictures attest, “organic” doesn’t mean that birds are allowed to be free. Cage-free does not mean free range, of course, and so the chickens can still be crammed into sheds and forced to suffer through having a part of their beak cut off, just like birds on factory farms. But “organic” does mean that the chickens aren’t fed antibiotics—leaving them all the more susceptible to illness in the filthy, poorly ventilated, crowded conditions.

Break the cycle of cruelty in your own life by choosing vegan alternatives to eggs, meat, and dairy products. Call 1-888-VEG-FOOD or order a free copy of our vegetarian/vegan starter kit today.

his post was originally published on The PETA Files

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  • Casey Ronas says:

    I have never eaten an egg in 541/2 years and despite fighting type 1 diabetes for all that time and defeating bladder cancer I am still in perfect health. Don’t kid yourself, egg consumption will lead to an early death. Stop eating them before you drop dead way before your time. STOP EATING EGGS, and live the long life you are supposed to live.

  • Minnie R. says:

    I’ve worked in egg farms here in Zephyrhills, FL years ago and I feel bad for these poor birds because it was very similar to these photos seeing it with my own eyes collecting eggs for the Zephyr Egg company making profits but no regard for these poor animals in these tiny cramped cages.

  • Lillian Ingria says:

    There should be laws to protect animals with punishments to match the cruelty and abuse.

  • Sandra Hooper says:

    Please stop hurting this poor animals, would you let your pet live like this.

  • Hauk Karin says:

    The owners of these chicken belong in prison, too bad its not so dirty and stinking there :-((

  • Amy says:

    OMG that has absolutley disgusted me to NOOOO END!!! OMG those poor chicks!! This is so unbelievably cruel…i did not know that just through babies into a grinder to be grinded alive!! WHO THOUGHT OF THIS STUFF???????? Why do they need to be so darn cruel?????

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