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Prime Action Alert: Help Us Stop the Bear Slaughter!

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Prime Action Alert: Help Us Stop the Bear Slaughter! by Steve Martindale

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What would you do if you discovered a homeless female bear rummaging through your trash can, looking for a bit of food to eat, and leaving a mess on your driveway? Get a sturdier trash can with a lock on it, perhaps? Or go on a shooting rampage, killing her kind wherever you can find them?

New Jersey has decided that killing makes more sense when it comes to managing bears. Bob Martin, commissioner of the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), has signed off on a plan to permit the slaughter of black bears in the state beginning in December. The cost of a license to kill a bear is $2—making it a bargain for people who get their kicks by wielding powerful guns or who take pride in seeing the head of an animal mounted on a wall or in using an animal’s skin as a rug. Lock and load, New Jersey, lock and load.

Even the Sierra Club fought the efforts of “sportsmen” to reinstitute the bear hunt. “It’s never been about managing bears, it’s only about hunting bears,” an organization spokesperson said of the DEP’s bear-management plan. New Jersey has reduced funds for conservation officers and made cuts in nonlethal bear management programs, including a bear warden program, education programs, and bear aversion therapy. Simple trash management would help enormously; the single biggest factor leading to complaints about bears is garbage. And yet, trash laws have not been enforced. So the slaughter won’t solve the problem of nuisance bears, but it will take the lives of docile bears living in the forest. Not only is nonlethal bear management humane, it also works.

Please take a moment to politely urge New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to put an end to the ridiculous bear slaughter in New Jersey. If you live outside New Jersey, please let Christie know that if he sanctions the bear slaughter, you will not spend your tourist dollars in his state.

The Honorable Chris Christie

Governor of New Jersey
State House
P.O. Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625
609-292-3454 (fax)

To learn more about ways to help free-roaming animals, please visit http://www.HelpingAnimals.com/wildlife.asp.

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  • Gabriela says:

    Hey I’m from Mexico and what I just read is so bad, how could you allowed this happen? I mean that is not fair at all, I think New Jersey could be better without killing bears, c’mon!

  • Tanya says:

    If you want to know all about Bears please check this out http://www.bear.org/website/ It Is Awesome! They also have a live cam of 3 rescued Bears. They are really good people that just want to educate the public about Bears. Please check them out, you wont be dissapointed, I promise…

  • SANDRA ROCHA says:

    Stop this cruelty!!!

  • Hello, thankyou for taking the time to read my email…
    Is it true that bear hunting will be encouraged in your state? 2 dollars for a bear hunting license?… Surely not, how barbaric !
    I doubt I will now be visiting your area as a tourist as this sort of behaviour is dreadful….I hope you will reconsider and take a long hard look at this as we humans share this planet with many species…
    Christine Percy

  • michela says:

    This cruelty must stop!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Annie C says:

    Please stop killing our bears.

  • Michelle Daviau says:

    DIS-honorable Jack-a$$

    How would you like to be shot and have your ugly head mounted on a wall? or your pathetic body used as a rug? Animals are much more important than humans. Think about how you would like to be treated, treat animals the way you would want to be treated.
    PROTECT ALL ANIMALS, have you no shame????

  • Salome Waters says:

    To the Honorable Governor Christie:

    Sir, Please stop the licensing and condoning the bear hunt in your state?

    Bear hunting is done by men who are uneasy about their masculinity, and think that by hauling home a bloody skin or head and have it cured and put it on the wall or on the floor, they will be able to whip out a longer and larger penis.

    Therefore, I think that therapy would be a very good idea for anyone who applied for a bear license.

    Otherwise, I hope you have a pleasant day.

    Yours sincerely

    Salome Waters

  • Mitchell Anne-Marie says:

    I cannot stand the way some humans treat animals. I will always support any action taken to protect them.

  • Gabriel C. says:

    I urge you to stop this madness and do not allow this kind of savage thinking. I expect better from a Superior and Intelligent species. By Nature, humans are supposed to be higher in their intellect than any other species. Do not place us below any other category. Just by a moment, place yourself in the place of all those species persons like yourself deem inferior, hopefully you are able to do that. We must start to enlighten our Cultures, not bury them under piles of Mediocrity and Prehistoric Reasoning. There is enough abuse, sadism and horror placed by humans on all other species. Many Times over, More Humans and Animals die at the hands of other Humans, than they do at the hands of what they call “Animals”, So, what does that make us? Certainly anything but Superior. Please, I appeal to your Best Moral Ethics, your Spiritual Enlightenment and your Higher Intellectual Capacity no to do this. Let us start acting as what we are supposed to be, Rational, Sensible Beings with a more Excellent Intellect, not the other way around…

  • Karen Henry says:

    With this economy right now, no business, much less a tourism state board, needs any type of controversy to affect their revenues.

    New Jersey isn’t exactly “vacation paradise”. Your cruel allowance of killing bears just adds to the unappeal of going to a state that already has a reputation for “thug-type” cities.

    Change your policy on bear killings and and you would be surprised how the attendance rate, say in Atlantic City, might increase. More than what you would be getting from your bear hunt money.

    Please think. Killing bears like this is not the answer. Why not make New Jersey the bellweather for good (for once)?

  • Steve says:

    THis cruelty must stop. Show everyone that you are a decent human being by stopping this horrific treatment. These animals deserve to live in peace without being targeted to be killoed.Animals are just as important as humans.

    Perhaps we should spend $2.00 to get a iicense to kill you Governor Christie

  • Maria Betancourt says:

    To the Honourable Governer Christie,Please stop this insanity now…Why does killing these animals always seem to be the answer for everything?? This is ridiculous and as stated earlier the animals always have to pay the price when usually it’s the humans at fault…For once people need to take responsibility.. Surely there has to be a better way to resolve this but no one seems to want to take the time to brain-storm anymore. Thanks for listening and I trust you will do more to enforce laws to protect these bears and set the example once and for all that “killing” is not always the answer…

  • Ruth says:

    It will take GOD’S good grace to save the earth from the evil and greedy hand of man.

    Animals can live in depth of 36,000 feet.
    Can a human do that?

    Have you ever asked yourself why would god create animals to be killed?

    In response to those people who keep arguing the whole “we have the right since we were given dominion over the animals”, you are conveniently forgetting the charge that went along with that “right”. We were supposed to be stewards as well; that means no killing, no pain and suffering, and to guard/protect the animals. For example, I have had many aniamls; in return for there help, it is my responsibility and obligation to keep them safe, healthy, and happy to the best of my ability. Our society has failed this charge and should, in all honor, forfeit this “right”.

  • Anne Holmberg says:

    Please stop killing these amazing animals. There are not many of them and you have place for them. They have a right to be there. They were there before you. Don’t destroy the precious gift the creator gave the Earth!

  • Lillian says:

    There should be laws to protect animals with punishments that match the cruelty and abuse.

  • Tucker says:

    ANIMALS ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS HUMANS, IF NOT MORE IN MY BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To the Honourable Governer Christie,Please stop this treatment of bears.They have feelings and want to live their lives in peace,just like people do.Please,don’t let this killing of these poor creatures go on anymore.They need your help!

  • Monica says:

    once again the animals have to pay the ultimate price………..it is too bad that they cannot pick up a rifle and shoot back…………………it is just utterly despicable the way animals are treated……………….

  • To Governor Christie,

    Please stop the senseless slaughter of these poor bears. They deserve to live peaceful, happy and pain free lives. Do not hurt them anymore. If this does not stop, I will never come to New Jersey for a vacation. I will also let others know of what is taking place. You need to stop this inhumane treatment now.

  • Kim says:

    Governor Christie was known to have rotten animal policies when he was a candidate and I doubt he’ll change. Yet another way that he is running the state of NJ into the ground.


    I’m from mexico, here we now about your “program”, we want that stop this cruelty please or when i’ll go outside never visit new jersey if you don’t stop!

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