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Fallen Angel

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Fallen Angel by Kris Lecakes HaleyAnimals killed by speeding cars or malevolent drivers are regrettably commonplace on city and country roads alike. I’ve been photographing them in the hopes of convincing our homeowners’ association to request more “Watch for Wildlife” signage in the area. Sadly, I’ve compiled quite a portfolio, but one recent day was different. As I stopped to see if there was any way to save a recently hit mourning dove, my breath was taken away by her beauty. She looked like a fallen angel; as though she suddenly froze in flight and floated gently to the ground. This, of course, was not the case. But I felt compelled to tell her story so that her death-and the passing of all who meet their demise at the hand of speeding cars-will perhaps help to remind us to slow down, literally and figuratively.

So, as I always do when looking for a way to express myself, I turn to words. I’d like to share these words aboutĀ Fallen Angel with you.

Fallen Angel at my feet,
Your resting place a summer street
Man’s haste brought metal to your brow,
How many more shall we allow?

Alas your path’s precarious flow,
Was not enough for us to slow
For we had errands, seeds to sow,
People to see, places to go

Can your lesson be our last?
Your sacrifice our looking glass?
Man’s rush brought silence to your flight,
Our thirst for speed your sorry plight

Upon your kind we have imposed,
Our arrogance-at once, exposed
You bring our essence to the fore,
Our need to “fly” has silenced yours

We wear your blood on crimson hand
When will we come to understand?
What’s done to one, is done to all
And it is not just one who falls

Perhaps your death can pause us so,
That others of your kind may go
And soar the skies in peaceful plan,
Without the hindrance of man

Your radiance in death debates,
The violence that dealt your fate
Perhaps your fall can raise us still,
As destiny its song fulfills

You came to help us come to know,
That as we reap so shall we sow
Yet while we learn, we must decry,
Why do our teachers have to die?

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  • lauren says:

    all i can say is wow

  • Queennii says:

    Although agreed that it looks like a fallen angel,but i would recommend people who drive to drive perhaps more carefully and more slowly.That way,other than birds,perhaps even human accidents can be avoided.

  • Heather says:

    Omg this made me cry so much! It was a beautiful poem and I felt the birds pain as I read it. I love poetry for how you can express through it. This is something everyone should read.

  • JANICE BURGI says:


  • Amanda says:

    Beautiful poem. Thank you.

  • Vicky Slay says:

    Beautiful poetry written for this fallen bird and many others. It is sad and I try to watch my speed and those who dive low. I have stopped to see if the bird I hit was gone or needed help. An automobile is just not a match for these fragile creatures.

  • Jennie says:

    i take pictures of the animals i see killed as well just so i can mourn them. a few people see them on my flickr page but mostly they avoid them. they are not just a splat on the ground. they were living creatures that people do not care about.

    also i live in a big city & see people kicking at pigeons & it hurts me.

  • Robert Johnson says:

    In death, remembered in a photograph lying still forever. The bittersweet truth of live in the city layed bare for all to see.

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