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Stop the Spread of Zoo Zombies

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Stop the Spread of Zoo Zombies by Guest Blogger

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This film educates its audience about polar bears-and the animals don’t seem to mind that they’re being spied on. Not so in the case of the video below: Shot by a giggling zoo visitor, it shows how polar bears suffer in captivity (so much so that some animals are given mood-altering drugs) and how naïve zoogoers misinterpret the animals’ neurotic behavior.

The typical enclosure for a polar bear at a zoo is a mere one millionth the size of a polar bear’s minimum home range in the wild.

And if the International Polar Bear Conservation Centre has its way, more bears will be taken captive. The center’s plan is to seize polar bears from the wild in Manitoba and dump some of them at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg and others at zoos around the world. The export of polar bears from Manitoba was stopped in the 90s after animals were found languishing in all sorts of places-even, asPETA discovered, in a Mexican circus. But now, some are determined to resurrect this cruel practice.

And others are determined to stop it: John Youngman, a lawyer and former president of the Zoological Society of Manitoba, wrote this enlightening commentary. Every sentence underscores how misguided the center’s plan is, but I think my favorite point might be the following: “As for educational value, the only substantive thing a polar bear in captivity teaches kids is that it’s okay to ruin an animal’s life for our viewing pleasure.” Or maybe it’s this: “There is no ‘conservation’ value in capturing wild polar bears and putting them in zoos. Nor is there any known program for successfully rehabilitating orphaned or captive-born polar bears back into the wild.”

Tell us which point in Youngman’s piece you think hits the hardest, and if your local zoo houses polar bears, please ask it to phase them out. As long as there is a demand for keeping these animals captive, the industry will look for ways to abduct them from their homes.

This post was originally published on The PETA Files.

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  • I see drug induced steriotypical behaviour just like this in nursing homes where people are drugged (chemically restrained) so that they don’t interfere with the ‘workers’ lives.
    People are NOT thinking about these animals behind bars/small unnatural enclosures that their lives are totally insane!
    Education is the only solution and we need to begin with the children.
    Life is precious for all beings, including the preborn and the elderly or people with disabilities. We need to help ALL of God’s creatures if we expect to teach compassion about other sentient beings.

  • Renata says:

    What a difference! So beautiful (the first tone) such harmony. Appalling the second one. Laughing people: someone needs to remind me that we are supposed to be the intelligent species, and maybe this someone should also prove it to me because I don’t really see any evidence of it. Actually the opposite.

  • Ruth Serra says:

    Genesis 1:28 Further, God blessed them and God said to them: “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving upon the earth.”

    29 And God went on to say: “Here I have given to YOU all vegetation bearing seed which is on the surface of the whole earth and every tree on which there is the fruit of a tree bearing seed. To YOU let it serve as food.

    30 And to every wild beast of the earth and to every flying creature of the heavens and to everything moving upon the earth in which there is life as a soul I have given all green vegetation for food.” And it came to be so.

    If you read what it says, it says

    Here I have given to YOU all vegetation bearing seed which is on the surface of the whole earth and every tree on which there is the fruit of a tree bearing seed. To YOU let it serve as food.

    God was talking about animals and people eating VEGETATION.

    God holds us accountable for how we treat animals.

    When Adam was created, God surrounded him with animals and call it “very good”.
    If God brings our pets back to life, it wouldn’t surprise me. It would be just like Him. It would be totally in keeping with His generous character.

    The planet, space, stars everything is his (GOD).

    Be careful what you do to GOD’S creation for he is always watching.
    And if you want him to remember you care for his animals.

    And if you believe in god or you do not you have to believe, simple, you eat, drink, sleep and breath these are his rules and we all have to live by them.


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