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PETCO’s “Rally for Reptiles” Really Slimy

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PETCO's "Rally for Reptiles" Really Slimy by Scott VanValkenburg

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A poorly informed reporter in California recently promoted a sad spectacle of exploitation and quoted freely from an outrageous news release from PETCO, which held a “rally” designed to promote and facilitate the purchase of snakes, turtles, and other exotic reptiles. If a business held such an absurd event to boost sales of puppy-mill pups or purebred kittens, folks who are appalled at the companion animal overpopulation crisis would rightly be outraged and likely protest. But countless reptiles are also victims of the ruthless pet trade; thousands of those who survive the horrific mortality after wild-capture and transport challenge the ability of already-overburdened humane agencies and reptile rescue groups to provide them with care and shelter.

Stores like PETCO purchase reptiles from cruel suppliers such as USGE and Sun Pet, which were the targets of recent PETA undercover investigations.

PETCO’s release stated that reptiles “do not require exercise or an overabundance of attention.” While veterinarians will confirm that reptiles can become obese, require species-specific care, and some, in fact, need more exercise than moving around in a large (which is rarely the case) enclosure, PETCO would have everyone believe that you just buy them and let them sit like decorations. PETCO is not alone in promoting this misery of course—the sale of what are basically clear, plastic coffins for living frogs by Brookstone is just one other example of people treating animals like decorations or throw-away toys.

People who care can rally for reptiles by telling PETCO and PetSmart and other stores to end their sales of live animals.

Have you had experience with reptiles who were abandoned or abused?

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  • greeneyes says:

    Aside from appreciating the zany lizards and occasional snake or tortoise i have met along the way in the backyard or stopping to help across the road, i really never had much contact or experience with turtles until i came across a turtle in a small tank filled with black water , literally. Since it was in an ‘education’ building i was hesitant to do anything bec i thought it my be getting cleaned-well two weeks later return to the the same ice cold building and there is the same fish tank with the same turtle in the same dirty water…i was very disturbed..along the way comes a person who told me they set it out because it was no longer wanted. So i took home this turtle who I can only say became an absolute joy. I can only say that I never knew I could have such a deep love and affection for this little turtle .

  • Morgaine Wakelin says:

    I hope humans do have to pay in some way for the callous way we exploit animals. The universal suffering of animals cries out to be heard.

  • Melissa says:

    I love animals very much as I am sure anyone reading this does. My love for them causes me to enter the mall pet shops and other stores such as PETCO. I stand in front of the many glass cages and stare at the guinea pigs, gerbils, rats, birds, snakes, etc. Animals are so very fascinating! I do not know why I torment myself because I always leave unhappy. I imagine the lives those animals will have in their prison cell after the child for which they are “bought” loses interest in them. It is sad however not just for the animals sold at these pet stores, but more importantly for the moms and dads of those animals who are used as breeders until they finally are too old and worn out to produce any more offspring. We must stop using and abusing the animals for our entertainment. Mad cow disease and bird flu are only the beginning. I believe we will truly pay for the way we treat the animals and I actually await the day they have their justice!

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