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Brooke Shields: Fur Nightmare

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Brooke Shields: Fur Nightmare by Guest Blogger

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When I was a little girl, I dreamed about growing up to be a rock star. Or maybe a veterinarian. Or a roller derby queen.

I didn’t dream about anally electrocuting animals on fur farms, but apparently Brooke Shields did. The aging actor recently paid a visit (or should that be “was paid for a visit”?) to Kopenhagen Fur’s workshop to create her very own mink coat, and she said it was “a little girl’s dream.”

We understand that when some actors’ careers begin to fade, they’ll do just about anything to stay in the limelight, including appearing in eyelash-growth commercials and starring in short-lived TV shows. But Brooke, did you really want the world to remember you as a “fur pimp” who stares agog at rows of animal skins?

Brooke says that she will wear her fur coat “when I follow my children to school, when I drink coffee, and when I sleep.” Hmm, I think if you need fur to keep you warm at night, you’ve got problems.

What do you think?

This post by Paula Moore was originally published on The PETA Files.

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  • Moi says:

    Brooke, you and I were at Princeton University at the same time. I always thought you were so very smart.
    Until now.
    This behavior certainly proves me wrong.
    So sad.

  • A Proud Animal Lover says:

    Switzerland, shame on you for standing up for all those sadistic stunts that Brooke is pulling! Oh, and she is not really level-headed at all; in fact, she is just plain dumb and sadistic. Let me guess…maybe you must be misguided or something. Oh, and I bet that Brooke Shields really hates animals yet she hates herself even more. Wow, what a pathetic, sadistic, insecure, attention-seeking idiot she really is! I bet that she is also even grooming her kids to be furhags too, just like her. Oh, and I prefer Pamela Anderson as well as P!nk, Emilie Autumn and even Brigitte Bardot because at least they actually care about animals and want only the best for them, unlike Lil’ Brookesy, of course. I hope that Brooke will someday get what’s coming to her!

  • Dawn says:

    switzerland. It’s just one coat? And as we look around and see another, but wait that’s just one… and pretty soon we look around and have a million. and that is how the fur business stays in business. Ignorant people are like sheep. they will follow their “lame” heros and do what they do. Brooke may be fading but she is still concidered a “STAR” and should be setting a better example. I did like her but do not anymore and will not spend my money on anything she endorses unless she admits that she was wrong and denounces fur.

  • Kay says:

    Brook Shield is a beautiful lady and makes a good endorsement of a beauty product (well long eyelashes can really add up to one’s beauty) like latisse.. But this cruelty for animals really ruin everything. She could have been beautiful and at the same time passionate to animals.

  • Amy says:

    Just goes to show that you can be very intelligent and have an Ivy-League education, but still be woefully ignorant when it comes to important issues. I hope her publicist makes her aware of our feelings and encourages her to make a more enlightened and compassionate choice when it comes to her PR. Brooke, say no to fur!!!!!

  • Tatiana La Scala Lambauer says:

    I think I will never let my daughter see one film with her!I will boycott everything she does!! I am very disappointed!
    Some people like not to pay attention to things, like reading and getting well informed! They prefer to do whatever goes to their empty mind and as if she has nothing else to do, she will never be a Jolie, she wears fur!!
    And yes, we can criticize that and we are protected by INTERNATIONAL LAW when we do that…Environmental, fauna, dont belong to the killers. They belong to us. We have the obligation to protect nature to our further generations.

  • switzerland says:

    Look, I know this seems awful… and it kinda is, but I think that she is a very level-headed adult and can make her own decisions. It is just one coat and she has a right to wear what she pleases with her hard earned money. I really don’t think she is advocating the butchering of sweet innocent animals but rather that she enjoys having A fur coat. She has actually tried to get out of the limelight with Princeton, broadway and all. I think, as a person who has been under a microscope her whole life that maybe you could try using another lense in which to look at her by. She, like many others should have some privacy from the hard eyes of the public. Give her a chance to live her life, without your hard, judgemental lense. Also, I don’t mean to seem critical but if I was going to do an honest anti-fur campaign, I wouldn’t make Khloe Kardashian pose nude. That’s just me though.

  • jane says:

    It makes me physically ill to see the picture of Brooke almost drooling in delight, over the dead mink furs laid out on a table. There were at least 10 or more there, not enough for a coat, since a coat consists of about 35 male or 60 female minks. Brooke you are DISGUSTING, a sorry excuse for a human being. Those poor animals suffer horrific deaths, I shudder just thinking about it. Maybe next time you can fulfill your Childhood Fantasy by actually skinning the animals yourself?? Since You are heartless, I wouldn’t put it past you. What kind of girl would have a fantasy about wearing fur. Are you really that self absorbed and shallow, that you think it is OKAY for those animals to die horribly for your f ing coat??? You make me sick and make my skin crawl in disgust. Thank you PETA and Pam Anderson, you are my hero!!!! Go to Hell Brooke, oh yeah and don’t forget to wear your fur coat, so you can look good for the devil!!!!

  • Roxanne says:

    Horrible no talent shallow woman.

  • dian m holbrook says:

    well, brooke, you just went on my list. i’ve followed you for many years, but i guess now my attention will have to go to, oh, i don’t know, one of the other THOUSANDS of actors vying for my attention. ones who don’t need fur coats to get attention. your poor daughters. how sad.

  • neny says:

    oh my what kind of child dreams of this this is usually something that terrifies children seeing cute innocent animals being killed for hideous coats and other clothing! i also saw on tv that she is more than happy to encourage people to buy fur wtf is wrong with this woman! translation of what shes saying is murders okay i dream of it and encourage everyone else its okay too ughh disgusting

  • Candice Lynn says:

    Well, I wish someone would send Brooke Shields a copy of the video “The Witness” which shows in horrific detail exactly what’s done to “fur animals” to get that coat made. Maybe I’ll do it (not that I think she would bother to watch it). She can’t be so ignorant that she’s unaware of the suffering of animals. Or then again, maybe she’s happy to join the ranks of other selfish celebs like Catherine Zeta-Jones who don’t care about anything except their image. BAN BROOKE!

  • gloria says:

    Iam sooo disgusted with Brooke Shields right now..I want to slap the crap out of her. I used to think she was so classy. Not anymore,, How could she think that its right to kill animals so she can wear them,,,

  • Jimmy Rock says:

    I always thought Brooke Shields was a very beautiful woman with alot of class. I`m kind of suprised that she would do such a thing, It seems very contrary to her personality.

  • regina sigal says:

    she was nobody and she is nobody now. she was not an actress just a
    pretentious spoiled brat, who wanted to be a star whatever that means.
    Wearing a fur coat to school!!!!!. what a monster. i can’t even look at
    this ugly bitch. what a disgrase.

  • Jacquie Levine says:

    Shocking Brooke .. that you are so unaware and self absorbed.
    Where do you think they get the fur.. uh duh.. have you not seen one of a thousand videos of the tortured creatures.. skinned alive. etc.
    You my darling, have been given much. You need to be a leader. and undo some of the world’s travesties. not be a participant. jeez Brooke. really. you ?..I expected way more sense. so disappoiniting. I will expect you to do damage control x 100.. and help the same poor creatures you awed about, to survive.

  • Spud says:

    I used to think she was such a beautiful person, now I see she is so very ugly, cruel, narcissistic and superficial! What a very poor qualiy of life she must have, if she finds fur farming interesting!

  • MARIA SELVA says:

    we love and respect animals,
    brooke is deeply regrettable that attitude cruel, inhuman and preposterous fervieentemente wish to reconsider your position on the abuse and extreme cruelty involved in choosing a fur coat and wipe out hundreds of animals whose fault is to be beautiful how many animals are going to sacrifice for your feed your EGO?
    An actress who rose to fame PRECISELY THANKS TO BLUE LAKE, THE NATURE AND ALL THAT SHE entails
    Do you really need to be happy, sacrificing hundreds of lives deanimales?
    brooke dress waiver and tarnish your image and your life with the innocent blood of animals
    and choose to highlight your beauty with elegant comfortable clothes designers or equally elegant shopping malls

  • Jacob Dijkstra, M.D. says:

    Interesting to see the story on Rue McClanahan and this lady on the same page. It probably is all a matter of breeding and and what kind of family one grew up in. No wonder that Rue’s career was strong till the end.

  • kayla shaw says:

    well shes a little messed up in the head…scratch that shes extremely messed up in the head. THIS WOMAN IS AN ABSOLUTE MONSTER. what is wrong with people jeezzz

  • It amazes me that people are still uneducated about what goes on and how animals are tortured and mutilated so that women can wear a dead animal skin!!!
    This is the 21st century and I was delusional to think that by now women, and men were aware of the horror chamber the fur industry is. Shame on you Brooke!

  • Nancy Ball says:

    I am so disappointed in Brook Shields after reading this. What was she thinking! Send her a video to see where her cute little fur coat came from and we’ll see if she’s still anxious to follow her little girl to school wearing it. I too always though of Brook being a classy lady who would never do anything like this. Brook, please rethink what you’re doing!

  • Chrystal D says:

    She’s a whacko anyway…good for her,she feels proud wearing tortured animals…and will teach her little snobs to be the same…how PROUD she must be! I have to go puke now.

  • Karyn says:

    It’s a shame that Brooke Shields has to be so insensitive towards innocent animals! My dream as “a little girl” was to stop cruelty towards our furry friends. This shows those of us who are fighting the battle for animals what we are up against. Brooke needs to understand that it is not fashionable to wear fur. In fact, most Americans find it disgusting! She should REALLY rethink her opinion on wearing fur in order for people to see her in a favorable light.

  • Lois says:

    Brooke Shields should have her eyes glued open and forced to watch many hours of animals being tortured for the fur industry; but then would she make the connection-she comes across as pretty unintelligent. Maybe she could have a ‘dream’ of someone skinning her dog or children because they love the look of skin purses or shoes or what ever!! Brooke retract this horrible statement and turn your life around. You will never regret the action of kindness to ANY sentient being.

  • Cathy Munroe says:

    I also had a lot of respect for Brooke Shields. I will never look at her the same way again. Shame on her.

  • Susan Navidad says:

    Can you say “Suddenly Sickened”? Brooke–you make me want to puke.

  • Sandy Sbar says:

    Anyone that can look at the skin of a dead animal and want to wear it is not much better than the Nazis who used the skin of Holocaust victims to make lampshades, among many other sick acts. Drink your coffee and think about the poor animal that can no longer enjoy life because you are a spoiled brat. Teach your children something better than killing innocent animals so you can wear them as a coat. Wearing animal skins – well, those who do are no better than the cave man, but he had few choices for warmth.

  • Tess says:

    Let’s just give Brooke the benefit of the doubt and have Peta inform her of the torture and death that goes into a fur coat.
    If she refuses to learn or doesn’t care, then let the advertisers she works for know that you’ll never buy their products as long as she is hacking their wares.
    I pray that she’s just oblivious and will change her tune when informed about the cruelty involved in wearing fur.

  • Jeannie says:

    Wow, I just decided that Brooke Shields is no longer one of my favorite people! I understand you need to work and make money but, sorry, this is not the way to do it. Wish I could spend a short amount of time with her girls and tell them what they had to do to make their moms fur coat 🙁 so sad!

  • I don’t understand how anyone can finger corpses and select those to be stitched together into a garment that screams “Look at me and all these dead animals who died solely so I could wear this ridiculous & unnecessary coat! I’m an unfeeling witch! Yaaay, me!” Just tragic. Brooke Shields should know better, make better choices and set better examples for her fans & for her daughter. Fur is beautiful … on animals! It makes me very sad to just see the ‘pelt’ photo on the fur-monger’s website & consider those beautiful bouncy & spirited animals who had their lives terminated — and for what?

  • nikita l says:

    WHAT A HEARTLESS BARBARIC BIOTCH like i never hated nor liked her but for sure i dont like her now i will never watch anything with her in it ever again i hope she loses everything for this

  • Helena Bernal says:

    She should have anal electrocution and then comment on “a little girl’s dream”. Now that would be my dream come true. And let me say that I find it very difficult to be polite to someone who has no regards to other creature’ lives.

  • Dawn says:

    What!! I always thought of brooke shields as a classy ladie, and one of the few
    level headed Hollywood actresses. I never would have imagined her
    to be for animal cruelty and the aweful treatment of those poor innocent animals
    who are bruetly killed for fashion. Shame on you Brooke shields, now you can look like a
    high class hooker wearing your fur coat while taking your kids to school or coffee.
    All the money you spend going overseas to design your own mink coat, you could
    have supported many of the aspiring American designers and made a
    nicer faux fur coat, but you are too much of a trashy
    selfish human being who liked killing animals to even
    consider that as an option. I hope you enjoy the paintballs.

  • Izzy Tang says:

    I sincerely hope that Brooke’s camp reads some of these comments and realize how much damage she has caused to her D-listed celebrity status. I used to think Brooke was a beautiful but her cruel actions reveal her to be heartless and cowardly. I urge her to take the time to understand the suffering animals in the fur industry go through. If she can stomach learning the truth behind such horrendous fashion and still advocate for fur – then she is not only a bad actress, but a horrible person as well.

  • sarah says:


    I didn’t before but now I straight up HATE BROOKE SHIELDS.

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