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No Justice for Cows in Pennsylvania

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No Justice for Cows in Pennsylvania by Alisa MullinsDespite overwhelmingly sad video and photographic evidence of lame, thin, and downed cows left to suffer and die and a cow whose teat was banded and left to decay and fall off-not to mention expert testimony that all this constituted cruelty-a judge whose courtroom was packed with dairy farmers today dismissed all charges against the owners of Reitz Dairy, a filthy Land O’Lakes supplier in Pennsylvania that PETA investigated last year.

PETA’s investigator found cows on this factory dairy farm collapsed, lame, and struggling to hobble through a deep soup of feces and urine in the perpetually filthy conditions. Cows suffering from painful infections and severe lameness were deprived of even basic care; dying cows were not even put out of their misery. PETA’s video shows injured cows as they are kicked, shocked with a high-voltage electric prod, and jabbed along the spine with the open blade of a pocket knife.

A little pat of butter? PETA has brought the abysmal conditions on this farm to Land O’Lakes’ attention, but the company is doing nothing to prevent such abuse and neglect on its suppliers’ farms and continues to buy from Reitz Dairy.

Cows are great mothers, loyal herd members, wise, and gentle. Studies show that they will sacrifice their own interests for the benefit of the group and that they communicate in subtle ways with facial expressions that we can’t even register. When they figure out a puzzle, such as how to open a tricky gate, they have a “eureka moment” and jump for joy.

Because cows cannot rely on the law to protect them, it’s up to every concerned person to take a stand—to vote against cruelty with our shopping cart. As this case has vividly demonstrated, milk, cheese, and butter do not come from “happy cows” who frolic in lush green pastures. They come from miserable cows confined to crowded, muck-filled barns—cows who are forcibly impregnated, only to have their newborns yanked away from them so that humans can drink the milk that nature intended for their calves.

That’s why we must continue to pressure Land O’Lakes to, at the very least, implement the 12-point animal-welfare program that PETA has recommended. And each one of us needs to “file charges” against factory farms every time we shop by refusing to purchase their ill-gotten products.

This post, written by Alisa Mullins, originally appeared on The PETA Files.

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  • Carolyn Lombardi says:

    It is so shameful and disturbing to learn that barbaric farmers can get away with treating their animals with such neglect and cruelty..Shame on the judge who allows this treatment of animals…God will punish you.. These cows are god’s creatures and deserve a good life just like evrone and everything else.

  • Helen says:

    do not worry i have no intention of buying any of their products ever!

  • Nancy says:

    This judge must have been paid or had dairy friends. Shame on him for continuing to allow this suffering to go on. Was he also blind? The stories are never ending about the suffering, torture and brutality. Are humans who approve of this really human beings? This is unacceptable and the judge’s decision should be reversed, this company charged with cruelty.

  • Monica says:

    I cannot believe that a judge would do this, with all of the graphic video footage that was shown, oh, this is just terrible, what ever is the matter with some human beings, I am so terribly upset for these poor animals……….

  • Vatsal says:

    cows are god they give us milk and dairy products we should help them because of them we are able to live healthy life people who slaughter animals will never succeed in life

  • Linda says:

    I drove by a Land o’ Lakes farm in PA before and from the road it looked like this bucolic picturesque postcard with the nice barns, ducks in the pond, green grass, flowers….Even then I wondered whether it looked the same behind closed doors. This article says it all.

  • kayla shaw says:

    It’s terribly sad that people can actually hurt animals this horribly. It’s a shame the world is such a horrible, pain filled place for animals because many humans decided to be ignorant and not respect the animals who are meant to be companions. im glad im vegan but i sure wish i could do more for these amazing animals. 🙁

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