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My Recent Trip to India

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My Recent Trip to India by Ingrid NewkirkI was in India not long ago, visiting PETA’s Indian affiliate, a trek that filled me with emotions ranging from desperation to hope. There is abuse everywhere you look, if you aren’t on one of those tours for highly sheltered, rich tourists.

One moment we were screeching to a halt to stop boys from tormenting a lizard (during that escapade, I got cow dung all over my shoe and then tracked it through a hotel’s gloriously ornate lobby before I realized it); the next we were unhitching a pony—with great difficulty—who was practically crawling on the ground under a heavy cart yoke meant for a bull (although bulls suffer from their use too).

I thought I would share this with you so that you can catch a glimpse of what life is like for so many animals in India.


We rescued this paralyzed little angel who had been left tied by a string to a fence and had no use of his hind legs, which you can see just dangle uselessly behind him. He was so very thirsty in the heat. He was only a baby but had the soul of an old man—so wise and brave.


This photo is of a desperately starving, mange-covered mother dog we found by the side of the road, wild as a March hare. We finally managed to lure her with biscuits and get a net over her. In India, Ivermectin is often used successfully to treat mange.

This dear dog was awaiting sterilization: Dogcatchers had tossed her onto their truck via a wire noose around her neck, causing the injuries that you see on her face. We filed a complaint with the authorities about this abusive handling, and PETA India is following up.


This photo is of two hard-pressed sugarcane bullocks, who are forced to pull carts loaded with up to 3 tons of cane, plus the owner and his family. One bullock displays a typical neck wound (yoke gall) caused by the wooden yoke that he must bear on his hump, and all the bullocks suffer from extreme exhaustion, some from lameness. Animal Rahat, which PETA supports, pays cart owners to rest injured animals, and we are heavily involved at the sugarcane factory now because it is the season for cane-cutting. You can keep up to date and help with Animal Rahat’s work by joining and donating to the Animal Rahat Cause on Facebook.


This mangy little sweetheart was living in a drainage ditch amid filth until we happened along and plucked her out.


Here you see some of the emaciated bullocks who are forced to pull tanks of oil without rest or water all day, a practice that PETA India is working hard to stop. We want the bullocks replaced with auto rickshaws.

The above are just a few examples of the thousands of individual animals in India who are in desperate need of help. You can help them by making a contribution to PETA India.

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  • Gita says:

    Whatsup with several of the anti-indian comments – blaming entire races of people or religion? Last time I checked animal cruelty happened all over the world – as well as other social ills.

  • ravi says:

    written by Karl: “In a land whose religion created a caste system or pecking order among its human occupants the fact that animals are exploited and badly treated is just a reflection of the way that lower castes are treated and exploited.
    The interesting thing is that Hinduism is strong on the concept of karma hence its veneration of the cow, a veneration that unfortunately doesn’t extend to other animals.”

    the religion didn’t create the caste system, the british reinforced. second, the caste exists in all societies, it’s not a “religion” created thing. america treated/treats blacks and native americans as inferiors, the kurds are mistreated in the middle east, the tibetans in china, and so on and so on. in addition animal abuse takes place in most countries. karl, please don’t simplify things.

  • Sherif Hamdy says:

    We received many questions regarding the little puppy, inquiring about what has become of him.

    This little lad was found to have massive internal injuries, probably from being hit by a car. His spine was crushed at the lower back, rendering him paralyzed. He was euthanized by a veterinarian and is not suffering any more.

    Our teams are still rescuing dogs almost every single day.

  • neha says:

    im an 18 year old art student from india. could someone please tell me how i can help staying amist all this torture..

  • lasya says:

    Hi…I am not saying that cruelty towards animals does not exist in India, but I feel this article gives a one-sided view…There are many incidents where people have shown utmost care and concern about animals in India not only at personal level but also at State levels (kindly go through the article below for one such example)…There are many of us striving to prevent cruelty towards animals…But time and space are required to see the results…

    Karnataka (an Indian State) Assembly has passed the cow slaughter ban Bill – Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill, 2010, on March 19th which provides for stringent punishment for violators and makes the offence cognizable and non-bailable. A number of states, including Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh and Jammu and Kashmir already have similar legislation

    Cow slaughter ban is in force in Cuba and Iran. The bill prohibits slaughter of cattle, sale, usage and possession of beef, puts restriction on transport of cattle and also prohibits sale, purchase or disposal of cattle for slaughter.

    The offence is punishable with imprisonment not less than one year which may extend up to seven years or fined between Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 or both; second and subsequent offence would attract a fine of not less than Rs 50,000 up to Rs one lakh along with imprisonment penalty.

    The bill was intended to replace the Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter and Cattle Preservation Act, 1964, to prohibit the slaughter of cows and calves of she-buffaloes, bull, buffalo male or female. It is also aimed at preservation and improvement of the breeds of cattle and to endeavour to organize agriculture and animal husbandry in terms of Article 48 of the Constitution.

  • ravi says:

    i also want to add peta india has “men from india” working for them, as well as peta usa!

  • ravi says:

    >>> What is the matter with the men from India? Are they devoid of humanity towards an animal? Dont they own intuition, common sense?

    wow, that’s not a blanket, racist statement. cruelty towards animals exists in all countries and all races, so i’m not sure why someone would say “whats wrong with men from india?” especially if you’re trying to promote animal rights in india!

    i’m an indian male, i’m vegetarian, i donate 10% of my income to charity (including animal rights ones) so please don’t generalize a whole group of people! it does not give a good name to animal rights activists.

    ironically peta always says to be polite in correspondence with companies that abuse animals and govt officials, but for some reason you don’t have to be polite when talking about ignorant people in other countries. sad.

  • Animal abuse is everywhere and heartbreaking to witness !! We all are stewards of this earth and the creatures within, and must do all we can to curtail and stop the hideous neglect and atrocities that humans perpetrate on animals! Right and justice is on our side .

  • Amen Sigala says:

    So sad to read so much mistreatment in a land that vegetarinism is taught so strongly ! Education isn’t the problem as much as that there is something very wrong with the human race, something not right flows in our blood !

  • Karishma says:

    What uve shown here is nothing……i hv seen far worse cases…..n see it everyday…n wen u tel ppl to stop they look at u as if ure crazy….they feel wat they r doing isint wrong…stupid mentality …sickening……d way ppl treat animals is saddening……

  • Melissa Larson says:

    Like Lucy, I too never knew the animal abuse taking place in India. I would have thought in a society of so many Vegetarians, animals would be loved, respected and cared for but apparently this is not the case. Hopefully PETA will continue to make changes there as they have here in the States. GO PETA!!!

  • thank you for updated what is going around the world and we as animals right some are not aware of the tourturing and suffering including me.

    Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless the staff of PETA

  • Ruth Serra says:

    I’am glad that GOD has put kind soul’s to care for his animals.

  • Yannieck says:

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. I have a dog from Turkey, she was a streetdog and we have her for 3 months now. She is really sweet and always very happy. The good thing about a journey like that is that you get the chance to help them. Keep on the good work.

  • Rajan says:

    India is home for all people.indians pray cow as mother of society especialy in hindu religion.at the same time now awareness has com for serving animals,as they r closely associated with culture in india.

  • I am left speechless … man’s cruelty to animals…

  • A lot of people like me think the indian people respect the animals because they are vegeterian but this is totally false.

  • ASnne Compagnon says:

    The best way to get a nervous break down is to look at these pitiful photos of different kind of animals. I thought India had great respect for all animals because of their beliefs not to hurt animals…..I am wrong?

    No matter what, is more than cruel not to give water to an animal that is working under a heavy load and not even a pat on the animals’s face of appreciation. What is the matter with the men from India? Are they devoid of humanity towards an animal? Dont they own intuition, common sense?

    India, India, when are you waking up?

    Men of India, please, dont join the Chinese, Japanese in cruelty against animals…and for that so many other countries….including U.S.A. in Alaska against the Huskies, and in Animal Farms in U.S.A. and fur farms in U.S.A. have some cruel methods of killing the animals….Hitler is everywhere is he not?


  • John Levine says:

    This animal lover thanks you for your efforts .Because of you and others like you, our companion animal beings have a chance at a better existence.I commend all of you who are in the field. You, who roll up your sleeves and do battle with the abusers and tormentors of our animal bretheren.You do humankind proud w/ your efforts to redeem others who cannot fend for themselves nor voice their protest.Your work is the most important on earth!!!!!

  • Kevin Barbeau says:

    Thank you so much for highlighting the terrible abuse these animals have to endure to sustain an economy plagued by poverty….I personally believe that educating the public is the only way to stop this sort of abuse and ofcourse passing pro animal legislation. Keep up the good work PETA, I am very proud to be associated with a proactive organisation.

  • Karl says:

    In a land whose religion created a caste system or pecking order among its human occupants the fact that animals are exploited and badly treated is just a reflection of the way that lower castes are treated and exploited.
    The interesting thing is that Hinduism is strong on the concept of karma hence its veneration of the cow, a veneration that unfortunately doesn’t extend to other animals.

  • Karmen says:

    Thank you for keeping people informed. Knowledge is power and we need all the power we can get to help these precious souls. I wish I could do more to help, but the best I can do is continue living a vegan lifestyle and informing people with facts and how they can help! Thanks again for all you do for the animals.
    Until they are all free from pain and suffering…..we will continue to fight for them!

  • Thomas Van Wyck says:

    See the video ‘Children of the Brothel’, an Oscar winning foreign film put out by Sundance. If you think animals have it bad (which they do) children don’t fare much better. It will tear your heart out.

  • Tucker says:

    IT JUST BREAKS MY HEART TO SEE THIS/HEAR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I HOPE YOU NEVER GIVE UP ON THESE ANIMALS, AND HOPE THAT LAWS CAN BE MADE SOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PETA, NEVER, EVER GIVE UP ON ANY ANIMAL IN AROUND AND OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kassy! says:

    Screw people who want to torment animals I would want to tie them up and
    Leave them outside all day with no water but then that would mean I am as bad as they are thankyou so much peta for all of your helping animals! It warms my heart I’m I’m posotive it warms the rescude animals hearts on what your doig thankyou soooo much!

  • Lucy Cleek says:

    I recently went to India and though I absolutely loved it there, I was horrified by the conditions animals either work or live in. I guess I wasn’t prepared for it because I assumed animals would be fine in a country with so many vegetarians. I was wrong. I was so sad for the temple elephant I met, and all the cows just tied up. I’m glad to see that there are people working to make India a better place for animals.

  • Richard says:

    Thank you for this update, and for everything you do. What is the latest status of the situation for cows being transported for the leather industry? Any progress on enforcing regulation of this? And is there a list of designers/retailers that don’t sell leather identified as coming from abusive countries? I thought I remembered seeing such a list once.

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