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The Pleasures of Eating in London

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Oh, to Eat in London by Alisa MullinsLondon may be known as the home of the “Beefeaters,” but plant-eaters are definitely given a warm welcome. Forget steak-and-kidney pie and fish and chips—modern London is chock-full of delectable vegetarian delights, so much so that PETA has named it the Most Vegetarian-Friendly City in the World.

PETA chose London after considering not only the city’s myriad vegetarian restaurants but also the huge number of vegan-friendly ethnic restaurants and the fact that grocery stores and even steakhouses promote vegan options by indicating them with a green “V” on menus and labels.

I can personally attest to the wide array of vegan options the city has to offer. On my first visit six years ago, I felt like a kid in a candy shop thumbing through the inch-thick Vegetarian London guide I picked up in a bookstore. I didn’t come anywhere close to visiting all of London’s vegan-friendly restaurants, but I still remember Mildreds’ surprisingly heavenly “mushy peas” and Manna’s trance-inducing vegan ice cream. As for The Gate’s plantain and sweet-potato fritters, I can sum them up in one word: yum!

The owners of Indian restaurants in London will often stand outside, beckoning customers inside. On my second visit, I caved in to one of these fellows’ entreaties and was rewarded with the best Indian meal I’ve ever had anywhere, bar none.

If you’re planning to visit England’s capital any time soon, check out London Eating for a list of vegetarian restaurants. But don’t feel limited by that list—you can find scrumptious vegan meals just about anywhere you happen to point your Wellies.

Do you have any favorite vegan restaurants in London?

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  • Darren says:

    When this was part of the buddhist inspired vegetarian chain (with various names) I was a frequent patron. However now the A one buffet at Angel is no longer vegetarian. As well as a very limited range of the vegetarian buffet they previously had, they now serve meat & seafood. This was mixed in with the vegetarian dishes, so cross contamination inevitable, as well as being repulsive (whole prawns bobbing around next to the vegetarian noodles). There were also no separate preparation areas or cooking facilities for meat (which was left on the counter in full view) and vegetarian products.

    Add to this the hike in price (£8.95 buffet at weekends), really poor quality food, and lack of heating (was colder inside than out in the snow, despite asking to put the heating up), this was a dire experience never to be repeated. Avoid at all costs. Many better options nearby for veggies!

  • Jen-X says:

    Wow, I SO wish we had that kind of variety in North Carolina:(.

  • Heather says:

    My favourite vegan restaurant in London is the wonderful 222 Veggie Vegan restaurant: http://www.222veggievegan.com/ but if you want something more up market and central then Saf is good too http://www.safrestaurant.co.uk/

    There are loads of veggie Indian restaurants in London – the Veg Bel Poori House on Chapel Market near Angel Islington has very cheap, good food and lots of fab promotional stuff for going vegan. There’s three veggie Indian’s on Drummond Street by Euston station which do great lunchtime all you can eat buffets, there’s the Woodland restaurants are great too and Sagar’s even have a vegan menu so you don’t have to ask what’s in everything http://www.gosagar.com/

    Camden has Inspiral which is on the canal and has amazing vegan ice cream. It also has Green Note which sadly doesn’t do vegan wine but does do delicious vegan cheese cake served in generous portions.

    Around Soho as well as Milldreds mentioned above there’s Beatroot and Maoz which are mostly vegan and really good for fast cheap food. Beatroot does great chocolate cake as does the cafe in Foyle’s bookshop.

    There’s loads more – even my local independent cinema – the Rio in Dalston sells vegan cakes in their cafe.

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