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The Rocky Road to Ace’s Relief

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aceAce—a kind, shy pit bull—was chained outside 24/7. The area where he lived was worn, there was not a single blade of grass within sniffing distance, and he was living in a plastic barrel that offered minimal shelter from the elements. After a bloody encounter with another dog, Ace was left with swollen and infected genitals, and his neglectful “owner” let the painful sores go untreated for more than a month.

A concerned complainant first reported Ace’s plight to local law-enforcement officials, who refused to help. When we received the initial call about Ace, we got a similar and frustrating run-around from officials, who assured us that the dog was “fine.”

By the following morning, our persistent efforts to secure help for Ace resulted in getting a qualified animal control officer dispatched to Ace’s Alabama home. Once the officer arrived on the scene, it was obvious that Ace was not “fine,” and he was immediately seized. The untreated infection had taken its toll on Ace, and when he arrived at the local animal shelter, he was finally given a humane release from his prolonged suffering.

In addition to suffering through sweltering heat and blistering cold, dogs like Ace, who are forced to spend their lives at the end of a lonely chain, are susceptible to violent encounters with other animals. Chained dogs often become fearful of intruders and overly protective of their tiny patches of ground. This can encourage unnaturally aggressive behavior that often has tragic results for the animals and people who go near them. If you know of or see an injured or neglected chained dog, please take action.

This post, written by Logan Scherer , originally appeared in The PETA Files.

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  • Marg Durrance says:

    police always seem oblivious to animal needs or of course have more pressing matters—my heart goes out to this pitty having owned one for 11 years a very gentle soul whose tail was his worst weapon which never stopped wagging & who hated rain drops. So sad when I hear these stories of these short-haired dogs who love warmth & who try so hard to please. There has to be much more harsh laws for stupid uncaring people such as these owners!

  • Erin says:

    RIP Ace. I can’t understand why someone would do that to any creature. And if you aren’t going to spend time with a dog, why would you get one? It’s senseless. And not everyone in southern states are cruel, Carla. I’m from Alabama, and there are lots of animal lovers down here, too. But I’ll admit that there are a lot of farmers down here that don’t see the wrong in things like this. Especially in downtown Birmingham there are a lot of people who just throw pitbulls in their backyard to keep people away. There was this man who had dozens of pits in his back yard and he bred them. He didn’t even name the females. His dogs were taken away by the Greater Birmingham Humane Society because he had too many.

  • Laureen says:

    What became of the owners? Were they held responsible for the pain and neglect this dog suffered? The laws in many counties and states are too lax when it comes to these issues.

    Our county just banned the use of chains for animals that live outdoors. It doesn’t mean it will cease from happening, however, there are penalties in place.

  • Carla says:

    When are the police going to take animal abuse a crime. That poor dog suffered for no reason. Was the owner arrested? proberly not. If a child was chained outside all hell would break loose. I see no difference. laws need to change. Southern states seem to be behind in certains laws. Lets educate law enforment on animal abuse.

  • Barbara Case says:

    RIP sweet Ace. I ‘m so sorry you were not loved and cared for in your life here on earth. May your plight be a lesson to us all to have compassion for all creatures great and small.

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