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Ham Fights Back Against Paula Deen

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Ham Fights Back Against Paula Deen by Alisa MullinsAt a recent holiday event to promote Smithfield Foods’ “Helping Hungry Homes” (HHH) program, celebrity chef and Smithfield shill Paula Deen was smacked in the nose by a wayward ham

Was it an accident, or did the ham muster the karmic energy to rebel on behalf of the pigs who died so that Smithfield could donate 25,000 pounds of “protein” to a food bank? We may never know for sure …

Another thing we may never know for sure is how Smithfield could afford to give away so many pig carcasses-sorry, “protein”-when just a few months ago, it was claiming that it was too broke to commit to a timetable for phasing out gestation crates-cramped cages that virtually immobilize pregnant and nursing sows for months on end that are right now being banned in states from Maine to California.

In a Smithfield TV commercial that is currently in heavy rotation, Deen warbles about how the HHH program isn’t “just about givin’ people food, y’all, it’s about givin’ people hope.” What about givin’ hogs hope, y’all?

Remember, Smithfield: Charity begins at home.

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  • Andrea Lew says:

    Did you see Paula Deen’s Easter photo on her website? She’s holding a live rabbit in a cooking pot in the middle of a kitchen while she’s surrounded by children preparing for Easter. Will this woman do anything for a buck?

  • sunny says:

    On tbs networking channel, earlier today, i watched a Smithfield commercial and was utterly disgusted. They show this one scene where it seems to be a butcher shop with the pigs skins hanging. Really?! And then they have like this 9 yr old girl holding up a cute little pig puppet……um, so is the message behind this suppose to indicate that pigs are just so darn cute that we feel the urge to eat them? Sick.

  • Jessica rangel says:

    I think she deserved what that pig did to her! Go piggy! Haha think about your actions before you act. And let me stick u in a cage and see how u like it! Peace :]

  • Pat says:

    We have to pass by the Smithfield Plant in Tar Heel NC on occassion and the aurora of death is so strong. We cannot decide which is the saddest, the full trucks going in or the empty trucks leaving. All of the TV chefs should be required to tour the factory farms, stock yards, slaughter houses and they maybe we would have more veggie chefs on TV.

  • Kristi says:

    It was definitely karma!

  • Ms Lois Koch says:

    I get a little sick and tired of her blah–blah also. It DOES seem “funny” about the ham that slammed her in the head, doesn’t it?!

  • jacqueline says:

    PAULA DEAN is disgusting she needs to go on a DIET and her PHONEY YE ALL!!! How can she promote the slaughtering of all thoes innocent PIGS how does she live with herself. OH I forgot it’s tha PAYCHECK as always.
    Just SAY NO TO SMITHFIELD, HORMEL, OSCAR MAYER they all promote killing animals who deserve to be free!!!!!!!!! How this still goes on disgusts me I don’t eat meat I can’t imagine how thoes animals suffer at the hands of GREEDY AGRI BUSS

  • Brian says:

    Gestation crates are pure evil. I can’t imagine spending my whole life in a crate so tiny that I can’t move. This is pure torture. Sometimes my legs hurt after a long car ride. Imagine this being you entire life, not being able to move. This is the most horrific practice in any industry in the world. Even though my morals make me vegan, I realize some people never will be. It’s really sad the humane race doesnt realize suffering is suffering, pigs feel pain just like we do. What is wrong with the human race. How can people turn a blind eye, knowing a pig has its teeth ripped out and males castrated and put in a crate where it can never move again. It is a known fact that pigs can have the intelligence of a 3 to 4 year old. This should be the number one priority for animal welfare groups to ban gestation crates for pigs, crates for baby calves and cages for egg laying hens. Imagine spending your whole life, in a dark dirty factory in a tiny crate where you cant move an inch and see your race being slaughtered or tortured inhumanely. You owe it to yourself and to the animals to go vegetarian and vegan!

  • Anita G. Whitlock says:

    Dear PETA,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! When I first saw that “piggy chef” on the news, all I could think of is that God is certainly great. A bit of justice for all those pigs waiting in lined-up trucks for their turn to be put in scalding water.

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