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Bulls Tortured by Fire in Sadistic Spanish Festival!

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Bulls Tortured by Fire in Sadistic Spanish Festival! by Guest BloggerWe normally tell you about the great places to visit that are animal friendly— but we just had to post this on here as one place YOU DON’T WANT TO GO TO.

In Medinaceli, a picturesque town in the province of Soria, Spain, a “tradition” called “Toro Júbilo” brings shame on Spain. On the second weekend in November, balls of pitch (a sticky black substance made from tar or turpentine)  once again were stuck onto the horns of a bull and set on fire. The burning bull is called “Toro de Fuego” (literally “bull on fire”).

The bull was then released onto the streets and could do nothing but run around in pain. The bull often smashes into walls in an attempt to douse the fire. The agony the bull must suffer is unimaginable. These fiery balls can burn for hours, and they burn the bull’s horns, body and eyes and cause tremendous stress – all while spectators cheer and run around the victim.

Please contact Soria officials and politely urge them to ban Toro Jubilo! Remind them that Toro Jubilo is a sadistic and archaic event that has no place in today’s society, and let them know that you, and everyone you know, will refuse to travel to Soria until this cruel ritual is finally brought to an end.

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  • Magdelena Ilieva says:

    Ban Toro Jubilo immediately! This is beyond cruel and disgusting and needs to be banned and prosecuted by law! The people who torture animals must be prosecuted and put in prison! This is Europe, not the Stone Age!!!

    Beyond disgusting!!! Shame on you!!!

  • Jennifer Lane says:

    I will never visit Spain again unless ALL this gratuitous cruelty is STOPPED. Their fiestas often involve severe animal abuse and suffering, and the younger generation is being brought up to think this is normal. Unbelievable that, in these so-called modern times this is allowed to continue. What sick person derives pleasure from seeing an animal suffer? The world is a sad enough place already without these ‘traditions’ being allowed to go on.

  • Lynne says:

    Please tell us how to do something to stop this barbaric and evil practice.

  • I had no idea what this was until I read it on a random email-I knew enough Spanish to be able that –



    PRESSURE IS BEING PUT ON SAN FERMINES…/…etc…It needs to be more publicised as a lot of people don’t know about it, this is the problem in part..

    DON’T THEY HAVE AN RSPCA IN SPAIN or are they all primitive barbarians?

  • Laurel Watson says:

    It’s depraved and drags down public consciousness into savagery and cruelty. Even looking at it is harmful. Animal abuse and sadism should not occur in human society. We know better. We can do better. Please stop this at once.
    Sadism is mental illness.
    We put serial killers into prison for sadism against innocent
    humans. These bullfighters are no better. They are mentally ill
    as are who attend these events to enjoy blood lust.
    It is depraved like rape, torture, murder, pedophilia, genital
    mutilation of women, and terrorism. It is mental illness.

  • Cher says:

    Depravity. I am sickened by this cruelty.

  • Nicole Graniero says:

    I am so discusted by this inhumanity ! How can it be a pleasure to see a living thing suffer ! How can it be a pleasure to be so sadic. Would these people enjoy it if it was done to them ! I will never set foot in Spain as long as this cruelty continues.

  • Mavis says:

    Please tell us all what we can do to stop this and all the other cruel animal sports in Spain.

  • Jacqueline says:

    I vote that we change this practice. If these people want excitement then they should hold a drawing that includes the names of all the organizers, endorsers and all the people in attendance. The winner is then set on fire for the rest to enjoy.

  • Catherine says:

    This is one of the most horrific things I have ever heard. I cannot imagine the agony these cowards put these animals thru. I will never again buy anything Spanish, tour Spain until this attrocity stops. They are a cruel and sadistic people. I hope they get the punishment of God in full force. They deserve it.

  • gloria says:

    I will NEVER EVER VISIT SPAIN AGAIN .This a horrible act , it is very upsetting to see this poor bull.. Shame on you Spain

  • I have always realized that Spain was a cruel country to allow bull fights, to murder bulls without showing any mercy. Now, I learned that the bulls horns are set on fire, and inevitably,kills the bull. I have to assume that many people in Spain have no heart or conscience, and do not believe in saving animal lives. God observes all this cruelty, and one, day will punish all those who do not love animals.

  • josh thorsland says:

    I think its hot that animals are getting burned can u feel the heat? i can!!!!! thats what these stupid people from spain are saying. this is so immature they should be burned and see how they like it i cant believe were not doing anything about this we should go to the news and then go to spain and protest wll thats what i think should happen. We need to stop all of this now!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vicky says:

    This is the first I have ever heard of such a horrific so called tradition. I am sickened by it and can’t imagine someone not hosing this poor bull down. I would if I were there. Can’t imagine such people in one place who wouldn’t stop this. The running of the bulls is bad enough except when the foolish people get hurt. The bulls don’t have a chance in Spain between what they call bull fights as well. I pray for those people for they are truly sinfull. More so, I pray for the bulls in that country. Wish this was just a bunch of bull. I have a new respect on how I feel about bulls. We have to stop this!!!

  • Nancy Ball says:

    I read this story about a month ago and sent a letter about this cruel torture being done to these bulls. Do these people have no heart! Spain is a huge disappointment as a country and should be ashamed to cause this pain for the pleasure of entertainment. Shame on your country and those who participate.

  • jeffrey grove says:

    Why do people feel the need to torture animals , if they want excitement go and play some sport which does not include hurting any one .

  • Bhumika says:

    I’ll never visit Spain. This is cruel, sick, and barbaric behavior.

  • Ingrid Modaresi says:

    I do not understand how people can separate themselves from the agony of an animal in pain and their role in causing the pain. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” (~Gandhi) says that Spain needs to do some self examination. Cruelty is never admirable nor acceptable.

  • Mamie Holst says:

    I won’t even visit SPAIN until this horror stops!!!!!!

  • Karl says:

    From Spain, the home of the bull fight and the Inquisition. What is the Church and the local version of the WSPCA doing to end this barbarity?

  • Jen-X says:

    Who is G-d? It he like Zeus? I don’t think we can rely on supernatural beings to help animals or people. Going vegan and getting others to adopt a plant-based diet will bring fundamental change for all sentient life.

  • Robin says:

    For shame, so sad so sad. This world is so hateful!

  • Silvina says:

    Ir is just amazing these type of things happen!! Where is the respect for animals! I wil make a petition that will be sent to Soria officials. Check on the petition site Care2Causes.com.

  • gerold fahrer says:

    We need a “All Comprising Ethic” – give the psychotic humankind a therapy, because we need that to overlive in this planet!

  • Helen Dighton says:

    This has to be stopped. It is barbaric and absolutely horrific!
    Do these people live in the dark ages? NO!
    Severe punishment for all those involved is needed now.

  • Celia Clarke says:

    Having just seen the picture of the bull in Soria with its horns on fire, in agony, petrified and suffering unimagineably, I have vowed that I will never visit Spain EVER again, until the Government of Spain put a stop to bullfighting and setting bulls on fire. The Spanish Government should also stop all the other cruelty-to-animals festivals that still take place in hidden corners of Spain. People who watch animals being tortured should be prosecuted. This includes spectators at Bullfights. Until Spanish law is changed Spain will stay in the dark ages.

  • being human says:

    What is going on over there It’s despicable. I don’t have enough words to express my anger and sadness. They still live in the ancient period. They didn’t evolved a bit.

  • I was very surprised to learn your government would allow a violent , cruel thing like this to go on today. Hopefully you will see that it ceases.


    i read a letter from this country saying that this horrible festial and the tradition of setting bulls on fire could not be stopped. this is not true. according to all the rules that govern this event, every one of them is being broken. this horror has to stop.

    this tradition shows the world that this country is still in the dark ages, that you are cruel, uneducated, and barbarians.

    i will protest this festial til it is stopped, i will boycott all products from this country. i will never vacation in this country.

    i will encourage family and friends to do the same.

  • BEVERLY says:


  • Sherry Gerszberg says:

    This is very sadistic act and G-d will punish all those that commit this horrible crime and all those who allow it to continue!! G-d sees everything and will punish all those who abuse his animals who were here on earth way before the human race was!!!Please have a heart have this stopped! We must speak out for G-d creatures and protect them. G-d will punish all of you who abuse animals because he sees everything and nothing gets lost in the eyes of the Almightly!!! He takes the best tally! Watch out! May you who abuses animals and lets the abuse continue suffer in the same way! You might even come back as one so watch out!

  • Gordon Gosse says:

    This act of violence is a sad testimony of the state of humanity. It is comparable in its brutality to the violence and savagery that America wages on any nation with which it displeased, and the rampant torture of its victims. I would strongly urge that such practices be stopped by every possible means.

  • unbearable ! a shame ! I will never visit Soria if these tradition continues.

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