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Man Abandons Cat at PETA; Is Charged and Convicted

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Man Abandons Cat at PETA; Is Charged and Convicted by Guest BloggerThis post, written by Karin Bennett, originally appeared on The PETA Files.

PETA’s headquarters in Hampton Roads, Virginia, is well known to local residents, many of whom volunteer to help animals in their spare time. Thousands in the area have taken advantage of our low-cost animal clinics and the Bea Arthur Dog Park, which is open to the community.

But every once in a while, someone visits PETA headquarters with ill intentions-like the guy who dumped this sweet, starving, nearly-naked bag of bones in our parking lot late one August night and then tried to drive away.

Not realizing that people were watching, the driver shoved an ailing cat, who has since been named Nadia, out of his car, and ignored the terrified and confused animal as she tried to get back into the car, running after it as the man drove away. Fortunately, he was spotted by two PETA Foundation staffers who immediately approached him and saw right through his lame excuses for dumping Nadia on the street.

It took us more than 10 days, during which time the temperature soared to more than 100 degrees, to catch the poor, petrified cat. When we finally did, we rushed her to a veterinarian, who determined that Nadia was 3 pounds (!) underweight-she weighed just 5 pounds-and that she was missing hair on more than half her body, likely because of a severe allergic reaction to fleas. Nadia has been recuperating in foster care ever since and is waiting for her new forever home.

As for the heinous man who attempted to abandon her, he had his moment in court on Friday. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of abandonment and received a suspended sentence of a $1,000 fine and five days in jail. He was also sentenced to two years of probation, during which time he cannot own or keep any animals, and he had to pay restitution to PETA. Most importantly, he learned that abandoning an animal is never an option, no matter the circumstances.

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  • nancy says:

    Wow. It’s sad some people are defending this man. It was not kind to dump the cat outside by itself. Do you think the cat knows where the PETA building is and to knock on the door? Tragic. Anyway, I love PETA and thanks for helping this cat and catching this person.

  • carla says:

    Why didn’t he do the 5 days in jail. The police need to realize that what this man did is a crime. If it was a child well all hell would have broken loose. Animals breath, live and love just like humans, they just can’t express like we can. Stop the crap and put these people in jail. five days is a long time for someone who enjoys their freedom. Someday all animals will get their rights. I hope I am around to see it.

  • Peh Sue Ann says:

    I know this sounds silly, but this man is really not half as bad as those who tortured and killed cats. At least he takes the trouble to drop it off at PETA. I’m not saying pet abandonment is right, but sometimes it’s better to have this animals abandoned than tortured at the wrong hands. At least on the streets, they have a fair chance at survival…

  • Amanda says:

    Abandoning an animal is wrong and rightly illegal, no matter whose parking lot it is.

  • Carrie says:

    I have four cats of my own and my family has had times when we have had up to ten cats at one time and had money troubles but i will say no matter how little money i ever have i will always feed my animal before myself. So this guy was pathetic because if he had a car he definitely had enough money to feed it and care for it so there was no excuse for what he did. And instead of taking it into PETA he dumped it in the car park where it could have gotten run over or chased the car for miles and got lost, which is unthinkable. Now the moeny he has to pay PETA can save others like Nadia in need os desperate help.

  • Carrie says:

    That guy deserved what he got that cruel hearted man. I cant begin to imagine what that poor innocent cat went through. Thanks to PETA though another animal is saved and thats a very happy thought. Im glad that cat is better now and awaiting a home, i hope that cat gets a very loving family to take it in and lives the rest of its life heppy and content.

  • Jade says:

    Glad to hear that the cat is doing good, but like some other I’m wondering why he droped her at PETA she wasnt dead maybe he didnt had the means to do anything and thought peta could help her more than him… I dont know I have mixed feelings about it too

  • Shawn says:

    He got off too easy but at least he was punished! Hip hip horay for PETA and ALL the amazing work you do!!!

  • christina says:

    That’s awesome, I’m glad to hear the cat is doing good and the heartless man that turn his back on this cat had to pay for his actions.

  • Jen-X says:

    I’m with Jess…there are times to prosecute, but maybe he just didn’t know what to do. Perhaps the next animal that he owns he’ll “dispose” of himself.

    Mixed feelings about this.

  • Jill says:

    I also think that although it was wrong to abandon the cat, he obviously was not taking care of her for whatever reason and at least chose a place with people who would take her in as opposed to an abandoned street where at best she would have faced animal control and most likely euthanasia considering her condition. I don’t think it was a coincidence it was in front of PETA headquarters.

  • Bhumika says:

    weeee!!!! good job…finally people will learn something from this incident…

  • Lally says:

    I too am wondering about the rest of the story. Why did the owner abandon the cat at PETA. Was he trying to get help for the cat?

  • Jess says:

    I am glad that this sick cat is now recovering. I have two of my own, one who I found on the street in need of a home. But I have to ask why this man dropped this cat off at PETA? Was he trying to do the best thing although his method was flawed? Was he a drug addict who under normal circumstances would have cared for his cat properly? I think if he did not care at all he could have dumped this poor little cat anywhere. This story seems to be missing some facts.

  • Barbara West says:

    Hooray for PETA! Normally these disgusting people get off with out even a slap on the wrist. So glad you were able to snare him. Sure hope Nadia will come through it all with flying colors.

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