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Victory! Ringling’s German Tour Canceled

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Victory! Ringling's German Tour Canceled by Guest Blogger

This post, written by Liz Graffeo, originally appeared on The PETA Files.

When our friends at PETA Germany found out that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was scheduled to tour throughout Germany this November, they immediately got to work brainstorming ways to get the tour stopped. Since many Germans aren’t familiar with the U.S.-based circus, PETA Germany staffers began educating people about Ringling’s abysmal track record of beating and abusing animals in order to force them to perform tricks that to them are confusing and unnatural.

Appalled by the idea that Ringling beats, chains, and cages elephants, tigers, horses, and many other animals, thousands of people contacted the managers of every arena where Ringling was scheduled to perform and expressed their concerns. And, guess what?

Ringling has confirmed that it will no longer be performing at all in Germany!

Want to get involved with putting an end to cruelty under the big top here in the U.S.? Use our automated form to urge the USDA and Secretary of Agriculture Thomas J. Vilsack to seize the elephants whom Ringling hauls around the country in filthy boxcars and forces to perform under the constant threat of punishment. The actions of caring people like you will make a difference for these elephants.

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  • Melanie says:


    Well done to you Germany!!!!

  • Cherry says:

    What terrific news this is!! Now we must work on getting the various circuses banned from the entire planet.
    Good for you, Germany!! 🙂

  • Vicky Bravo says:

    YEEEESSSSS!!! I am so proud of GERMANY!!! this is a big hope that we can do it all over the world…..thank you PETA!!

  • Michael says:

    To Jim Higgins

    Why don’t YOU do something about it? PETA works endlessly and tirelessly for animals and that’s all you can say? Perhaps I misunderstood your tone and I hope that I did. Congratulations PETA for this amazing victory. PETA you are the best.

  • Kathryn says:

    Most every animal welfare org is working on this issue, Jim. What have you done to help?

  • Chris says:

    Thank goodness. The eyes of the elephants in the photo look so sallow. Abuse right before OUR eyes. Thank you for your work on this PETA Germany.

  • Jim Higgins says:

    Why dont you do somthing abought the wild horses that are rounded up by the BLM for relocation ? .

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