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Land O’Lakes Supplier’s Owners Charged With Cruelty

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Land O'Lakes Supplier's Owners Charged With Cruelty by Alisa MullinsThis post, written by Alisa Mullins, originally appeared on The PETA Files. Join our special factory-farming challenge cause on Facebook for tips on how you can make a difference for animals today.

Today, PETA unveiled footage from our five-month undercover investigation of a filthy factory dairy farm in Pennsylvania that supplies milk to St. Paul-based Land O’Lakes, the largest seller of branded butter in the U.S.

Our investigator documented abuse and neglect of cows and calves at the facility, including that cows who were in terrible pain and resisted standing were electro-shocked and jabbed with the blade of a pocket knife in an effort to force them to move and that sick and injured cows were left to languish-often so weak that they couldn’t even get out of their own waste-for days and even weeks without veterinary care. In one case, workers were told to wrap an elastic band around a cow’s gangrenous, infected teat in order to “amputate” it. The cow’s condition deteriorated for 11 days before she finally died.

It is a violation of Pennsylvania law to neglect animals, deprive sick and injured animals of veterinary care, and deny animals clean and sanitary shelter. Charges against the farm’s owners have been approved and filed by a local magisterial district judge. The factory farmers are innocent until proven guilty, of course, but they would face up to 90 days in jail and $750 in fines if convicted.

We have also called on Land O’Lakes to buy milk only from farms that meet our 12-point animal welfare plan, which would prevent much of the suffering we documented at this farm.

For those of you who can’t stomach the thought of eating butter after watching that video, take a minute to tell Land O’Lakes to implement our 12-point animal welfare plan. Then check out one of the many vegan butter alternatives that are widely available. My personal favorite is Earth Balance margarine. It’s 100 percent vegan and free of trans fat (and pus), and it tastes even better than butter. Best of all, it’s also 100 percent free of cruelty to cows and calves.

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  • Leticia Bettencourt says:

    OMG! I couldn’t watch the video, but I imagine the cruelty, I will stop buying anything from this company…!! I won’t give my money to this people!!

  • I will boycott LandoLakes for 2 reasons: cruelity to animals and using GMOs! I believe it is animal cruelity to feed cows round-up alfalfa when we don’t know how safe the feed is for them!

  • Amy Klein says:

    We all need to bombard “Land of Sh*t” with phone calls and e-mails over and over and boycott there product, hitting them in the wallet is the only way they will change there horriffic ways. They claim to not know anything about this abuse, well lets send them the video along with our screams of protest. Lets hold them accountable for not checking on the farms that supply them. If they want to look the other way, then we will not buy there products. I hope they rot in hell and go bankrupt after seeing this. The govt. needs to hire more farm inspectors. All commerial and factory farms should be made to pass suprise inspections every few months. They should have HUGE fines for violators. Those fines could then help pay the inspectors salaries. This is sickening. I’m going to send this to the governor of PA. He needs to make stronger animals abuse laws.

  • Sherrie Stangel505q.com says:


  • Sharon Kennedy says:

    The people who misuse God’s creation will one day have to answer for their crimes against the animal kingdom.

  • We will and are boycottingh all land-o-lakes products until all animal abuse has been ended.

  • Julisa Terrero says:

    I have Land-O-Lakesproducts at home that I will be trashing as soon as I get home. Yesterday I decided on this life long change as was wondering what the thoughts were with Organic Valley. Anyone?

  • Carrie says:

    In my opinion the people are getting of incredibly easy. People who do this should suffer the same as they have inflicted to these animals. 90 days is unbelievable, they should be tortured and then sent to jail for life. They should also have to give all their money and the rights to the farm to either PETA or a moral person who will run the farm and treat these animals right.

  • Diane and Syd Marcus says:

    If you buy any animal products, you are contributing to horrific cruelty. Go Vegan! Please boycott Earth Balance products. Although the margarine is vegan, it contains palm oil. Palm oil production is responsible for the decimation of forests and deaths of thousands of orangutans. Write to Earth Balance and tell them you will not buy any product which contains palm oil.

  • Laurie Bennett says:

    i’m so sick and tired of these “people” treating animals like this. what in God’s name is wrong with them? And to think of how often they get away with this sick disgusting behavior. Authorities need to realize, if those “people” can treat an animal like that, what makes them think they wouldn’t treat a person or child the same? When people act like that they have no morals, no heart and are capable of murder. They should be made to pay and 90 days in jail is no where near long enough. When they get out, they have their lives back, just like Michael Vick. But what about the animals whose health and lives they’ve destroyed? They can never have that back, they are cold and dead and forgotten. And very few people seem to care. Something has to be done, and I have no idea as to what. I’m simply sick of it.

  • Kate says:

    $750 is that a joke? unbelievable! These are the lives of other fellow animals. I stick to Organic Valley for all my dairy purchases:)

  • Where are all these sick ,ugly, evil people coming from. Doesn’t Land of Lake inspect their food sources. Thank goodness for the guardian angels of Peta. Go gittem and run them out of Dodge. This Pa farmer placed a black eye on Land of Lake Indian.

  • Pam Wisner says:

    Horrifying, absolutely horrifying. How is it possible that those people can treat another living being like that and go home and sleep at night? How can a person be that callous toward one of God’s creatures? If I wasn’t vegetarian already, this would certainly drive me to it. God Bless PETA and those people who do care!

  • kayla shaw says:

    argh those people should be treated like they treat the animals til they die. and they should shut down the company and give them a wayyyy bigger fine and keep them in jail 4 life. its only right. the law system these dayys is gayyyy. people treat other people like gold when animals are treated like dirt. i think animals should be treated just as well as humans. screww animal abusers.

  • target says:

    LAND O LAKES did email me back, and said they did not know anything about the PETA video. That figures, PUS BUTTER.


    ” the love of money is the root of all evil.”

  • Eileen says:

    I will boycott all of land o lakes foods until they comply with the guidelines are presented to them. Hello butter alternatives.

  • Michèle Legault says:

    I am very proud of PETA for its work defending the welfare of farm animals. When are you coming to Canada? If the cows are suffering in the US, it must be the same here…

  • kathy deleon says:

    Yeah Yeah and double Yeah thank God that you are there for all these creatures to stop this mistreatment!!! Yeah again

  • Peggy Gorman says:

    Cows are so sweet,they know you ,get used to a routine . I love the way they are so nosy.They are kind animals and no one should hurt these beautiful big animals. I hate to see how badly they were treated.Shame on these people. If I was working there I would have made sure they got some kind of treatment.
    I have worked on a farm,feeding and feeding the babes. They knew as soon as I drove in ,heard the car ,they started to moo.
    There is no reason in the world to hurt these cows

  • Zach Green says:

    This is crazy!! How in the world can this be put up with in todays socity?! This is sick! The owners obviously don’t have any heart or soul if they let this happen! Thanks to Peta and a couple of other groups/people got these dirt bags charged for crulty! Thumbs up to you guys!

  • azita karimi says:

    I will not buy Land O lakes products anymore…..thats the brand I used to always buy thank you for letting me know what they are really all about!!!

  • Ann(Boston, MA) says:

    Funny thing about this is I contacted Land O Lakes and they said animal welfare is at the top of their list. I guess that response was computer generated because they knew what was going on. I hopt to find out where that court hearting was i would phone them and tell them they ignored me.

  • Ann(Boston, MA) says:

    five month investigation, that is too long. those animals suffered thats not ethical either.

  • Ann(Boston, MA) says:

    I watched that video. this is horrifying and makes me cry. lets let those owners lie in their filth. not feed them, if their hurt leave them be no one hears them. let them limp like they let those cows do and the workers need to be brought to justice for letting this happen, its just a buck to them. Im vegetarian and I do not purchase any land o lakes products at all.

  • Ann(Boston, MA) says:

    These people and workers need to have a tough punishment, fined hefty. like 5-10 years hard time or longer. Made to sell their belongings and give money to medical treatment for those animals. if they get out, community service, order to stay away from any animal or child for that matter, i have a child i would no way in hell trust those owners to be near my child or any other child. this is just unbelievable. Land o lakes needs to start giving to animal welfare not to their pockets or bonuses. they need to start now.

  • Ann(Boston, MA) says:

    This is horrifying and to think someone who is suppose to be in this business is out for number one him. forget about the animals, who cares. I dont buy land o lakes anything. The dirty little secret he was keeping. “This is sickening and upsetting and inhumane to say the least. How would he like it if he was made to sit in his own feces, urine, locked/chained up not made to move, kicked if sick lying there no one hears you or cares. how would he like it. SOB

  • Kevin Cleary says:

    The Earth Balance vegan butter is amazing!!!! There is still a decent amount of fat so don’t go to crazy with it ;-)~

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