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‘Julie and Julia,’ Vegan Style

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'Julie and Julia,' Vegan StyleI was having lunch at Native Foods recently when I noticed a crowd around one of the tables. Upon closer inspection I found a woman who had taken the Julie and Julia challenge, vegan style. (You know that movie about Julia Child’s cookbook that all the vegans I know, including myself, refuse to see because of the scenes with cruelty to animals.)

This woman was working her way through The Native Foods Cookbook. Not only was she cooking every recipe, she had photocopied the whole cookbook, then put the pages into a three-ring binder with plastic page protectors and decorated the pages with pictures of food she found in magazines like Veg News. It was a cool crafts project and recipe testing extraveganza all in one.

Think of what a fun project this could be for you, your family, or even a group of friends. Pick your favorite vegan cookbook and make it a project to cook every single recipe in the book. If you do it with your family, think of the wonderful meals you can enjoy together.

If you do it with a group of friends, it could be like a book-club potluck, where everyone in the group is assigned a recipe to make and bring once a week or once a month to a lunch or dinner party, rotating the location where you meet and eat and giving helpful tips on the recipe you cooked.

There are so many wonderful vegan cookbooks available now. Check out the cookbooks at the PETA Catalog and take the Julie and Julia Challenge, vegan style.

Do you have any great recipes that you’ve easily veganized?

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  • Jennifer says:

    This is a fantastic idea! It should be fun for my son and myself.

  • Monica,

    You are right to be upset by the callous use of animals. There is no excuse for mistreating or depicting the mistreatment of animals for the sake of entertainment and ratings. The public’s attitude toward animals can be and often is molded and influenced by various media images. When people see animals used thoughtlessly, it not only encourages “copycats,” but also perpetuates the idea that animals are ours to be used in any way we deem fit, as long as it makes a buck or prompts a laugh.

    Your most powerful weapon is your voice — tell family and friends not to rent the movie.

    You can also voice your objections to Sony Pictures:
    [email protected]

    Thank you for caring and for taking action.

    Yours truly,

    Jennifer O’Connor
    Animals in Entertainment Campaign Writer

  • Monica says:

    How can i speak out against the movie Julia and Julie, i rented the movie without knowing that the film has scenes of animal cruelty ..when Julie killed lobsters (is so visual), ….i´m against this movie because they are promoting the lobster killing and make it seems like something normal and without importance.

  • gina says:

    what an awesome idea!!

  • Tammy says:

    Every recipe I used to make has been easily veganized! Not only that, but if I don’t tell guests, they don’t even realize it’s not real dairy, etc until they notice I wouldn’t be eating it if it was!

    Here is a great Lasagna filling!
    -1 block of firm tofu (herb or plain)
    -1-2 tubs of Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese
    -2-3 tbsp of lemon juice
    -1 bag of fresh spinach leaves (chopped)
    -salt and pepper to taste
    -garlic and other seasonings (optional and to taste)

    Press the excess water from the tofu, then chop up and place in a food processor. Blend til fairly smooth.
    Then, place the tofu in a big bowl and blend in the cream cheese. (I use about 1 1/2 tubs of tofutti) Once blended, add the spinach and seasonings. You can also add grated Vegan Parmesan or any other cheeses you like.

    Assemble your lasagna as normal and use this mixture to make a thick middle layer or two thinner ones. I also stuff Jumbo Shell pasta with it. Just place them in a single layer in a casserole, cover with sauce and bake.

    I kind of experimented with this filling til I liked it and I find that it actually tastes better the next day, it’s much firmer and everyone who ate it, thought it was dairy cheese (yuck)


  • Lacy says:

    Oh, Laura, don’t be so hard on those of us who are vegetarians, but not vegans!!! We LOVE Julia Child and France, and I have learned a lot from her vintage cookbooks, and from my travels in France. You can not possibly make a better tart ‘pate’ then Julia’s! We are vegetarian, not vegan…sorry, but a touch of butter or the right cheese is just too hard to give up, and we are careful about where it and our eggs come from. The ‘Julia’ challenge for me is The Bold Vegetarian’ by Bharti Kirchner. We are half way through the book, but always defer to Julia’s crist for quiche or tart!!

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