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Happy Birthday To Mickey Rooney!

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rooney_11Did you know that today is Mickey Rooney’s birthday?! Well, we want to wish this long-time PETA supporter a happy birthday, and while we’re at it, here is a great Q&A video of the legend and his fantastic wife, Jan.

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  • Zaxtor says:

    Sad news, he passed away today at the age of 93.
    Another Hollywood legend passed away.
    He lived a long and healthy life.

    Also He a small man with a big heart.
    He was a good man too, he deeply cared for animals and helped injured animals.

    He will be missed deeply.

  • Lisa says:

    Sorry I missed your birthday, but as they say better late than never … HAPPY – HAPPY – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICKEY!! Thank you Jan and Mickey for caring so much about animals!! We need more people in this world like you! THANK YOU!!

  • Holland VanDieren says:

    Loves ya both, Jan and Mickey. Happy birthday Mickey, and here’s to many, many more.

  • susana says:

    we love you Mickey Rooney!

  • Dawn says:

    I had no idea he likes animals! How wonderful!

  • Penelope Kinzer says:

    Hello Mickey & Jan;

    First a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am 72 and so you know I have watched your movies at the theaters and then finally on a real live T.V. and wasn’t that the most exciting thing?
    Now I think even more highly of you, the fact that you and your lovely wife care so deeply about animals and the world around us is just wonderful.

    Thank you,

    Penelope Kinzer

  • Liz says:

    Very touching video.
    You are beautiful people.

    Thanks for making my day.

  • Gözde says:

    Happy birthday, thank you for being such a perfect person!

  • Deirdre says:

    Happy Birthday to a gem of a man, and a great humanatarian! D

  • Judy Howard says:

    Happy birthday Mr. Rooney and wishing you so many more! You are a true ‘gentle man’ Blessings to you and your wonderful wife. You are really beautiful people. Thank you for sharing this message with us.

  • David Carl Taube says:

    It’s wonderful to see and hear that someone as famous and successful as Mickey Rooney loves animals. A very happy birthday to you Mickey from all of us animal lovers here in the UK.

  • Maureen S. says:

    Mr. Mickey Rooney:
    I guess I missed your birthday, but Happy Belated Birthday to you! I love your many movies, you have given us so much joy with your performances. If anyone was born to entertain, it was you. So, here’s Best Wishes to you and your wife, Jan, and thanks for helping the animals!
    Buffalo, NY

  • Hindy Kempler says:


  • Suzi Kasarda says:

    Happy Birthday Mickey and hello Jan! It’s so wonderful to hear the love in the hearts of respected celebrities as yourselves. Any animal lover is a friend of mine! So friends, have a fabulous day on your birthday and everyday! Love, Suzi

  • Sherrie says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! We all love you. Now we know why. Your heart is as big as all outdoors.

  • Kathryn says:

    Well . . .how could I forget! Happy Birthday Andy . . . and thanks for many years of entertainment for my family. :-))

  • Amanda says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Rooney, it was lovely to be a part of your wonderful show at the Kimball Theatre, and I hope you both have many more happy birthdays. Thanks for all you do for animals!

  • Kathryn says:

    Nice commentary from Andy and Jan. I couldn’t agree more. Animals are the best of our best friends. :-))

  • Susan Trout says:


    You are not only a great actor (loved you in The Black Stallion and many other movies), but you are also a great advocate for animals.

    I wish you and your wife much happiness, and I thank you for being a voice for those who cannot speak!

    May God bless and watch over you always.

  • Donna says:


  • Chris says:

    Happy Birthday, Mickey Rooney! Boys Town has been my all time favorite! I’m going to name one of my Westies “Whytey” one day.

  • Doina says:

    Happy birthday, dear Mckey Rooney!

  • Laura M Shellhase says:

    Happy Birthday, Mickey Rooney, and thanks to both you and your wife for being such beautiful, loving people.

  • Annie says:

    Happy birthday, Mickey Rooney!

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