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Sexiest Vegetarians Over 50 Announced!

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You submitted your photos for PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarians Over 50 contest, and after sifting through dozens of photographs of Tofutti cuties, PETA’s panel of judges narrowed the list down to 20 finalists. We asked you to vote, and now those votes are in. The winners are Mimi Kirk and Julian Winter!

They will each receive an Organic Shining Star gift basket from Vegan Divine to commemorate their win.

Congratulations to them both!


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  • PJ Post says:

    So glad to find another 70-year-old who looks–and is–only 45 or so, and who proves that numerical age doesn’t define perceived and biological– age. Rates of aging vary a lot, and nutrition and exercise and a peaceful mind correlate with these.

  • veganguest says:

    Thank you for making our planet better, one bite at a time. You’re both an inspiration. I LOVE seeing news like this. Thank you PETA.

  • Way to go, Mimi! You are such an inspiration. We will be celebrating your birthday on our new site! 🙂

  • Kevin, great post. Thanks for compliment. The whole experience has been rather humbling. Re: tractor curls…actually I credit those insufferably long, hot August days throwing hay bales for 12 hours. Little did I know then… Tiger pose, yes. I recently encountered the “dancing tiger” pose (the dancer pose kneeling with the standing leg). Wicked hard.

  • Kevin says:

    Julian shows us all that there is more in life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. With that being said, you are quite sexy. Guess that is what a gallon of yogurt and granola everyday can do.

    But I do want to know how many curls you did with those tractors before they snapped your photo?

    Keep on Tiger posing

    Keep in touch

  • judith says:

    Congratulations to Mimi and Julian. Mimi, 70? Wow! I hope to look as incredible as you do when I get there!
    You are gorgeous!

    Julian and Mimi, it seems that compassion and beauty go in hand for you both.

  • Linda Smith says:

    Congratulations to Mimi and Julian. What a fun contest to participate in for all! Thanks to my daughters who inspire me to eat healthier to live longer so we’ll have many more precious times together!
    Thanks also to the ‘young’ ones I’ve inspired to just try a vegetarian lifestyle!

  • Margaret says:

    Congratulations to both of you!

  • Ms Lois Koch says:

    It’s great to see how many people are Vegetarians. When I was younger if one did not eat meat, one was considered “strange”. Glad to see something like this. If anything, I believe Vegetarians are the ones people look up to now because they are truly “with it”! It’s Organizations like PETA who have shown the way along with the very few (when I was young) who really got the bumps and meaness of the general public who we can truly thank!

  • Sandra says:

    Congratulations to both of you! Mimi you look good for 70yrs old. Julian you look good to. I know some young guys would love to look like you.

  • Jan Geren says:

    Thank you for being such an inspiration! I always thought that vegetarians looked better than meat-eaters.
    You are beautiful Mimi and Julian is so handsome! Both of you are the greatest1

  • Mimi, you’re an inspiration! I’d like to also thank my co-finalists both male and female. Too bad we couldn’t all meet. You all have such a great story.

    Thanks also to my daughters who continually encourage me with the exhortation ‘Come on old geezer.’ To date though, none of them can out snowboard me. Love you girls. Ahimsa and Namaste.

  • Lea Harris says:

    Congratulations! When I saw your picture up there at 70 yrs old I knew you’d win, and I’m glad! You deserved it! Lady, you rock and speak well for the benefits of vegetarianism! I hope someday to meet you maybe at a PETA event or something. Peace, love. namaste! -Lea Harris (a fellow finalist)

  • Congratulations to both winners. I know you are both excited to spread the message of being kind to our animal friends.

  • Jonathan says:

    No surprises here…Julian is, by far, the sexiest vegetarian over fifty in our office. Congrats, Julian! I guess all the sprouts and carrot juice paid off.

  • Mia White says:

    Congrats to Julian Winters and my mom Mimi. Mom I am so happy for you and proud of you! You have always been my inspiration. Your outer beauty shines through from the amazing inner beauty you radiate. When you walk in a room everyone feels good around you. I am so blessed to call you mom. xoxoxo

  • John Mendell says:

    We love Mimi! If there was a wonderful person contest, she’d win that too.

  • Mick Moogie says:

    ‘ Congratulations Mimi Kirk and Julian Winters ‘
    ” Queen Mimi – is truely a sensual sexual beautiful woman who is an International Vegan Inspiration of joyful love and compassion for all “

  • What an honor to win this Mimi! I am SO happy for you. Congratulations!!

    chef TinaJo

  • Philana says:

    Julian is my father and I’m sooooooooo proud of him I still cant believe it! And congrats to mimi I’m not surprised you won too.

  • Dixie Pettit says:

    Way to go, Mimi! When I covered your story for the Ramona Sentinel, I told my husband you would win! All the finalists were beautiful, but the inspiration of your age beyond their years gave you just a little extra edge, I believe. I enjoyed meeting you, speaking with you and look forward to chatting again in the future. Will you be at the Women Go Raw Tour on Sep 2?

    Congratulations you beautiful, vivacious vegan! Your raw beauty is out there for the whole world to see!

  • Tom McElheney says:

    Hooray for Mimi, and congratulations Julian Winter. I hope lots of people who embrace unhealthy eating as simply the logical way to celebrate life’s special moments (the people who say they don’t *want* to live to be a hundred) will look at this contest and ask themselves if their devotion to silly food is worth robbing themselves of years of vitality …and sexiness!

  • Skye Rivers says:

    I am so happy to hear this news and I would like to congratulate both winners. What an inspiration they are for personal growth and pure living. Mimi Kirk, you rock! You’re essence is nothing less than enlightening and you are an incredible role model, not only for PETA, but all those around you.

  • I have known MIMI for some time now and not only is she the sexiest but probably the nicest, funniest, cutest, interesting etc, etc, etc.
    Way to go Mimi and I will see your sexiness here in Sept.
    joan severance

  • mimi kirk says:

    first i’d like to congratulate julian winter my fellow winner and then say thanks to all who voted for me. i’m really happy that i won. especially being the oldest one in the contest.. congratulations to all the finalists it was an honor to be in this contest with you. any vegetarian is a friend of mine. together we can make a difference for the humane treatment of animals.

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