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Bob Barker Showcases Cruelty to Bears in Showdown With Cherokees

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Bob Barker Showcases Cruelty to Bears in Showdown With Cherokees by Guest Bloggerpopscene / CC

This post by Karin Bennett was originally posted on the PETA Files.

My most beloved game show host-no, not that oneBob Barker has once again stepped up to the mic to speak up for animals.

Yesterday, Bob met with Principal Chief Michell Hicks and members of the Tribal Council for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to plead for compassion for captive bears in Cherokee, North Carolina, who languish in desolate concrete pits and cages in roadside zoos. After Bob saw firsthand the deplorable conditions at one of these tourist traps (he was denied entry to the other two), he urged Principal Chief Hicks to release the miserable bears to a sanctuary in California.

Although no promises were made at yesterday’s meeting, PETA won’t rest until the black bears are retired to sanctuaries. After all, according to Cherokee legend, black bears are the keepers of dreams. No doubt all of these imprisoned bears are dreaming of their own freedom.

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  • Terry Risley says:

    Is this still going on for these black bears
    I hope not ‼️‼️🙏🏼

  • Lois says:

    There is a place called Marineland in Canada, near Niagara Falls, that has a huge bear pit. You can stand over a walkway that goes over their pond and throw marshmallows to them. When I was there many years ago, there were over 100 bears in this huge pit.

    While they are somewhat better off than bears kept in cages, that is still way too many bears for such a small area. They are fairly solitary by nature, only coming together in large groups when the salmon are on the move, then dispersing as winter approaches. To confine them to a small area is cruel, and some exhibited stereotypical behaviors, such as pacing, or chewing their own paws out of frustration. It is sad that in places as “advanced” as Canada and the United States, bears are made to suffer for the amusement of humans. How is this any better than bullfighting?

    This same place also has a deer paddock with a huge number of fallow deer that you can hand-feed–again, an unnatural, unhealthy situation for the deer. It is also potentially dangerous, as there is nothing to keep some visitor from feeding them poison or hurting them in other ways. You just don’t know what cruel people might do.

    They have whales, dolphins, and seals, too, in their utterly boring marine acts. The animals looked bored, the trainers looked bored, and after watching the first few dolphins leap through a hoop, I was getting bored, too. Marine animals can never be happy in captivity, as they are confined to concrete pools that are far too small for them, forced to do tricks that make no sense, and are not fed unless they are performing. I can only imagine the hell these poor animals must endure every day of their lives.

    I think some animals rights people should check this place out and see if anything can be done to improve the animals’ situations by freeing them from their awful plight.

  • Shan Bakke says:

    Unfortunately, these shows exist as a means to earn money. Too bad that the owners don’t see other alternatives…

  • paul davies says:

    i Came on here to see about the treatment of bears in asia and some parts of western europe . greece , bulgaria , spain , and romania have stopped this kind of cruelty !! I NEVER BELEIVED IT HAPPENED IN THE GOOD OLD USA !!! …….

  • Sharon Kennedy says:

    All of creation is related to each other….the creatures are our brothers and sisters and we are to treat them with compassion and respect.

    The animals like the widows, the orphans and the persecuted wait for justice. It is our disgrace that we do not follow God’s laws to learn from the animals and to live in peace with all creation.

  • judith says:

    Mr. Barker is an incredible human being. His courage is an inspiration and a voice for those who can’t speak.

    Thank you, Mr. Barker for all that you do!

  • Carol Clark says:

    I thought Native Americans respected nature. That should mean bears too. “The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10 Even so-called nature lovers aren’t above the temptation to make a buck at the expense of innocent creatures.

  • Ollie's mom says:

    Is there anything Peta can do to stop these horrific road “shows” and circuses that go from town to town using and abusing animals… and what about the poor horses pulling the carriages in New York and other cities – it breaks my heart to see those horses so scared in the New York traffic.

  • Karen James says:

    Is PETA putting a petition together? I will sign it, for sure!
    Publicity is one way to bring the public attention to this tragedy.

  • Naila M. Sanchez says:

    Oh! No! PLEASE release these bears!!! Only humans can be so cruel!!! This disgusts me!!! Make peace with the earth and God… let these bears go to a sanctuary!!!! Please!

  • Laurie Goodman says:

    I loev Bob Barker – he has always been such a great champion for animals – what a great guy

  • Barbara Knight says:

    I love the Cherokees! I AM part Cherokee! I love animals too and want their freedom! Carve some bears out of logs or something, these people are talented and can do this. I know the bears can’t be released around people, they have been stared at and tortured too long now. If the bear is a symbol to the Cherokee, then this should be enough reason for letting them go. Keep up the good work, Bob!

  • AnneMarie douglas says:

    i remember being in Cherokee years ago shopping when a guy brought out a cougar on chain for the tourists to see. I went through the tourists and told the guy what I thought about his cruelity in the capture of this animal. He became very angery at me and took the poor cougar away. The bears were around than,16 years ago. I never saw them ,only the signs.Sad that some things never change.

  • Susan Kotowicz says:

    Gee, For some reason, I thought this had ended already. I remember bears being kept in cages in the Smokey Mtns in so called road side zoos, from many years ago…these are probably the same bears, years locked up in a cage for tourists to gape at, dusty, hot conditions, standing on wire cage floor, smelling freedom beyond the foul car engine exhaust, but the wire keeps the bear from getting there…we are so much better than what we do to animals, when we will wake up? Let the bears go to santuary…

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