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Seals Vacation at Martha’s Vineyard Too

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Seals Vacation at Martha's Vineyard Too by Guest BloggerThis post by PETA’s executive vice president, Tracy Reiman, was originally published on the PETA Files.

With the annual Canadian seal slaughter just over (although our battle has really just begun), I was ready for a little R&R when I left PETA headquarters in Norfolk for my vacation in Martha’s Vineyard last week.

I have a friend who owns a house at the popular getaway, and as we set up chairs on Lucy Vincent beach in Chilmark,  I didn’t think that my vacation could get any better. The sand was cool beneath my feet, and the ocean waves were filling the air with a salty mist. Then, out in the distance, we saw her. A seal!

At first, we could just see her head as she swam in the waves, but then she headed toward shore and pulled herself up onto the beach for a nice rest. I sat and observed her from a distance—her eyes were so big and luminous. I thought about how lucky she was not to live in Canada, where thousands of seals like her have been bludgeoned to death over the past several months. Here in Martha’s Vineyard, she could enjoy her time on the beach just as my friends and I were, without having to fear for her life.

So many seals are not as fortunate as this one. Please take action now and voice your outrage at Canada’s continued support of the clubbing of seals like her.

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  • Linda says:

    Hi, l am a proud Canadian also, and l am sickened by the slaughter of seals. The Canadian Government must do something to stop this horrible slaughter of seals. The Government is disappointing in so many ways, but the killings are brutal and inhumane. Do these people have no heart at all?? There must be more people who care and can sign this petition. Please come forward and sign, and stop this brutal killings of animals.

  • Olga Zaric says:


    Sign a petition and send it to Senator Mac Harb. He’s the only politician doing something to ban the commercial seal hunt.

  • caroline macpherson says:

    Hello, I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. The sealing that occurs off the coast of Newfoundland, a several hour ferry boat and drive away us. I want to inform you that most people here support the sealing because they think the seals eat to many fish! I debate this with many and can not seem to conform them that this is not right!. I am so glad to hear that the slaughter that happened this year was not as successful as the following year because of the ban of seal products in the European union. If they are not making money at this, they will eventually stop. They think of the money, if there is no profit then there will be no reason to do it. I am hoping for total ban here of sealing, but, they are hardheaded and still believe the seals are eating the fish. What about all the foreign fishing vessels that fish off the same coast and have to monitored by the Canadian military to prevent over fishing?

  • Dianne says:

    I am proud to be a Canadian, born and raised, who is AGAINST the horrifying, brutal slaughter of our Canadian Seals. Still I hang my head in shame and am embarrassed over the inhumane barbarians who participate in such a outrageously, cruel and unnecessary angry production. In my opinion this dispicable crime is carried out by those who have no value for life for any species even their own. They are incapable of a loving, peaceful, unconditional, unmaterialistic existence and therefore, leave their trustworthiness and morals left open to be questioned over and over again. I do not include the Inuit or Native Indian populations in this category since it is not them I see in any of the footage or them who have been earning a living off of the commercial seal hunt.
    The Canadian Governement needs to end the inhumane treatment of its animals in order for Canada to proudly display to the International community that we are truely a compassionate country whose known for its appreciation of all life forms.
    Thank goodness the European Union has spoken and carried out their boycott.

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