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Prime Cat Poll: Which Cats Are the Most Affectionate?

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Prime Cat Poll: Which Cats Are the Most Affectionate? by Kerry AnderlikSince I was a little girl, I have adopted (and been adopted by) old cats, young kitties, tabbies, calicos, fat cats, skinny cats, black cats, white cats, girl cats, and boy cats. The only thing they all have had in common is that they’ve all been spayed and neutered! I don’t understand why, but when I look back over the years at all the kitties I have lived with, my most lovey-dovey affectionate kitties have all been long-haired boy kitties. Is it a coincidence, or are long-haired boy kitties really more affectionate?

I know that every cat has his or her own unique personality and behavior. Some are shy and timid, while others are brave and act like one of the dogs. Some kitties run to the door looking for adventure when the doorbell rings, while others run and hide as soon as a car pulls into the driveway. Some kitties pounce on the vacuum cleaner’s chord, while others run for cover as soon as the vacuum comes out of the closet. Some kitties go off and sleep in a far room of the house, while others insist on sleeping on your head or taking over one of the dog’s beds.

But the one thing I can say for sure is that, so far, every one of the long-haired boy kitties I have shared a home with has been lovey-dovey affectionate. They all cried to be held and petted and loved to snuggle … and even liked to be brushed! My long-haired lover boy Romeo picks up the brush, drags it over to me, and rolls on his back, waiting to be brushed. My other long-haired lover boy, Buckwheat, can’t watch me brush the dogs without crawling all over them, impatiently waiting for his turn.

So, PETA Primers, is it just a coincidence, or are long-haired boy kitties really the most affectionate? What’s your vote?

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  • LisaCat says:

    Black cats are affection-slobs !!

  • Feliner says:

    Our 8-year-old female tabby is super affectionate. She gives and demands affection. She’s not spayed. Like other female cats, she’s affectionate on her own terms. She’s often happily curled up on our laps, lazing next to us in bed, kneading, rubbing against us, etc.

    In contrast, our male cat was completely non-affectionate. I believe he was neutered. He never gave or demanded affection. He was very independent and did his own thing.

    My experience with cats contrasts with most people’s experience here. Both cats were short-haired cats from animal shelters.

    People say male orange tabby cats are the sweetest and most affectionate. Briefly, we fostered a super-sweet male orange tabby kitten. He did fulfill that stereotype.

  • Pat George says:

    I grew up with cats too. My first cat was an all white short-haired male cat. He was sooo affectionate. My 2nd cat was a female black and white cat and she was affectionate too but not as much as the boy kitty. As an adult, I’ve had a male Siamese cat – very affectionate, and most recently, a male white Persian – very affectionate and loving. He lived just 4 months shy of his 19th birthday! I miss him terribly. I would have to agree that my boy fur-babies were much more affectionate than the female cat I had. My Persian male, was the most affectionate of all!

  • victoria kiefer says:

    My long haired grey and white male, Flanner, is very affectionate and very, very cleaver. He can and does open kitchen cupboards, knows his siblings habits and encourages them to play hide and seek. He is really a lover of people, cats and dogs.

  • Lisa says:

    There could be something to the long haired male theory. I had a maine coon mix male, and he was extremely affectionate before he passed away a couple years ago. He’d let me pick him up and he’d snuggle up with me at night. I now have a tuxedo female, and she’ll jump up on my lap, but she’s not especially affectionate. I not only can’t pick her up, she runs away if I even try to approach her. She’s a rescue and I’ve only had her for a year, so that might also have something to do with it too.

  • Jacob says:

    I don’t know about males. My cat, Juliet, is a short-haired female who is a few years old. It sounds weird, but I can tell that I am her favorite human to be with. She has this habit of waking me (only me; she doesn’t do this with anyone else in my family) up around 2 a.m. by grabbing mouthfuls of my hair and yanking up as hard as she can (repeatedly) just to wake me up so I can move my body or let her under my blankets. When she doesn’t do that, I wake up in the morning and she is curled up in a ball, inches from my head. She sleeps with me and only me almost every night and follows me when I go to eat breakfast.

  • Momma Cat says:

    YES! That is so true, my long hair boy kitties are sooo lovable and cute. I rescued a white and black kitty last year that loves to cuddle and play. He’s the most lovable kitty I’ve had. He’s also very smart and answers me when I talk to him. I wonder if this is a trait of White & Black kitties. He’s a blast!

  • DJ robertson says:

    I’ve had three female cats and I’ve had two male cats . I’ve Foster homed over 40 cars Over the past 20 years . I’ve rescued and rehab over 30 cats in the past 15 years . I have watched carefully for personality traits,

    Hands down a neutered male cat is SUPER affectionaten, not neutered and they only have one thing on their mind from getting little moments of infection with humans ! However, neutered male cats are often very friendly with everybody and anybody and are probably easier to re-home !
    Female cats spayed are definitely more aloof and independent and have their own agendas . However once they choose a human that they bond with they usually bond with just that person and can’t be bothered with other human occupants OR guests in the house.

    I’ve had to warn guests DO NOT TOUCH HER no matter how sweet she may seem she is unpredictBle and will prob. Bite or scratch you.

    I’ve never had to say that about a male cat!

    Regarding sleeping with humans … My females always slept with me … Only me and no other family member. My sister has 3 females and they have each chosen their respective human companion & stick with them.

    Neutered males vs spayed females? spayed females are generally always VERY close to home if they go outdoors. Males can easily go missing!

    I’ve never had to go looking for an indoor/outdoor female but I have with every male cat even after they have been neutered.

    Females can be VERY VERY moody AND vindictive! They will pee on your pillow to let you know they are pissed at you … I’ve never had a male do this!

    Those are my findings having observed feline domestic behavior over the past 52 yrs. But I’m not an authority this is only what I have observed.

    I do not believe color has a thing to do with friendliness! That to me is individual drawing conclusions without enough comparison.

    Yes long hair male cats are often mush butts… Why?? My theory is they are lazier than females and want their coat rubbed n’ scratched because the leg hair holds in excessive amounts of heat.

  • Martha D says:

    I have been around cats since I was seven and I thought I had this affection thing narrowed down to Siamese cats because both my male and female Siamese had been so much more affectionate than any of my other cats. Then Abby, a short haired Florida tabby chose to come into my life. She is, by far the most affectionate and the sweetest who has ever owned me. She is a stray as well. Go figure!

  • Kathy P says:

    Among my 10 cats, Ninny,the balck long haired boy is the most affectionate. Everytime he sees me, he will cry with his tenor voice until being picked up, kissed, hugged, and petted.

  • al27 says:

    * Most Difficult Worst Tempered Cat to Live with?? My very first kitty was an “UnFixed (Not Neutered) MALE Cat! Later I found out, that “Unfixed” MALES are probably the WORST (again a generality). Worse than ANY Female or any other kitty I’ve ever lived with. Thankfully all other cats, especially the females were wonderfully sweet compared to this Unfixed Dude! Also the first time I ever knew what a cat was or looked like. My parents adopted him as a very young kitten about a year or so BEFORE I was born. In the early 60s, I was told many people did not Neuter Male Cats or Dogs (only female cats/dogs were spayed at that time). Also back then, one rarely had an “indoor only” cat. When I arrived, he was 2 yrs old. Back then he was mostly outdoors. Had this cat been “Neutered” he might have been a bit more tolerant of people, especially me as a young child. While he was my first experience with any pet, I learned at a very young age, and sometimes the hard way, to just stay out of his way! He died of old age when I was about 9 yrs old. I did not know Thomas as a kitten, but my parents recall him being very adorable, outgoing & loving. They suspect he was around 5-6 weeks old when they adopted him, said he was very tiny (may not have been fully weaned for all we know). But that all changed when he became an adult.

  • mary says:

    I have three tuxedos. One short hair and two longhaired.
    I also, care for three all black short haired cats plus one long haired black cat.
    I agree that the long haired boy cats and the short haired are most affectionate.

    I also, have a tortishell coming in the house.

    These were all stray cats that I fostered and subsequently, adopted.

    BTW, i am having GOOD luck with my black cats. Things seem to be going my way !! not i am waiting to hit the lottery !!!

  • Dee says:

    Growing up my parents kept female cats, loved them all. However, when I was on my own I got two male cats (best way I figured to avoid kittens), all have been very affectionate and amazing friends. My current fluffy male is a big cuddler and the most people friendly cat I have ever had, he loves to be around you and on you. He knows my routine better than I do LOL.

    But what I take away from this thread is that kitties and the humans who love them are amazing 🙂

  • Suz says:

    I definitely agree that male cats tend to be more affectionate. And I am partial to my short-haired tabbies! I have had a dozen rescue cats, but the two who really stand out to me were Sidney and Felix, both very large male short-haired tabbies. Both were also very smart, and learned quite a few commands. Acted a LOT like dogs, really!

  • Kathy says:

    You may be onto something there; I had an all-white Turkish Angora mix and he was soooooo affectionate. I also had a female Angora mix and she was affectionate too; she’d purr whenever I even looked at her. I was wondering what you thought of grey kitties. I have a 2 1/2 year old grey tuxedo boy named Dusty and he’ll let just about anyone pick him up and cuddle him, even people he doesn’t know. I call him my chunky monkey.

  • Linda says:

    My female sable Burmese sleeps under the covers with me, begs to be brushed and likes to sit inside my sweater when I’m at the computer. She teases me so I’ll play chase with her and then flops on her side for a tummy rub. And I get lots of sandpaper kisses too. When I come home from a trip, she hears my voice and comes running to greet me and get a cuddle.

  • Brandy says:

    Sunkist is my long-haired orange tabby and so loving…I can’t wait to walk into the door, pick him up and hug him just to hear his loud purrrrrrrs and be the recipient of many licks. I do have a Blue-mitted Ragdoll, which is a long-haired, and he is male as well but does not act all that loving, he’s more passive loving towards me.

  • Boa Vista says:

    Last year, my daughter discovered a stray living on the periphery of our yard. Long story short, he’s now our indoor love. He appears to be a Russian blue, and I don’t know if that’s what makes him so lovable. But, he manages to charm everyone by tailoring his approach to each person. My husband is an ethical vegan and animal rights person who just hasn’t been particularly fond of cats, but his one has changed his mind.

  • patti says:

    My orange boy tabby is very affectionate. He’s always licking me and sitting in my lap & he has this look of love on his face.

  • Brent Ashley says:

    I have had many, many cats. I carried them home from the time I was old enough to walk — they gave me ringworm, fleas and oh, so much more licks, bumps, and kisses. Both males and females are equally affectionate — but, I have found that the earlier they are old enough to be handled, loved and so very protected (from fearful events, trauma, etc. — particularly that – that would be and can be associated with a human being causing the pain/trauma), the more they will find comfort in a human’s touch and trust human beings. Kittens that are orphaned at an early age will gladly accept any kind of nurture that they can get (unless, of course, they are in pain). I had one kitten that actually thought I was his mother! I had one that only lived to be 7 — she had stomach cancer and I believe it was caused by treating her for the terrible mites that she was born with, I didn’t know about them and I am sure the woman who sold her to me was well aware of them. Pesticides —awful, awful…..I will never forget any of the many I have had over my 60 years. It’s a blessing when they have lived a full long life of at least 17 years…..the more the better!

  • Christy Summerfield says:

    I’ve had many cats in my life and I too have found male kitties more cuddly and loving than females. I’ve even had a long-haired male and a short-haired male who would sleep under the covers with me. I currently have a 19-year-old female we adopted as a kitten. She is the most uncuddly and unaffectionate kitty I’ve ever had and I try every day. I’ve even spoken to her about it in great detail. She loves to be brushed and I brush her several times a day because she’s a long-hair. But that’s the closest she lets me get. Yet, she wants to be around me all the time, and as she gets older, she’ll cry if she can’t find me. She will sometimes cuddle with her three dog sisters, all mini-doxie rescue females, but never with me. I love her but I’d sure like to be able to hold her. I’d be so happy if she’d just crawl into my lap. However, she is her own cat and will be what she will be and I’ve accepted it. I did rescue a big old short-haired tom about five years ago and he was the most affectionate cat I’ve ever had. Sadly, he had cancer. We had one successful surgery but it came back with a vengeance and I lost him. I hope the next cat I rescue will be another male.

  • Wendy says:

    I agree. I’ve had two long-haired male tabby cats and they have been extremely affectionate. One of them loved when we had many people over at parties. He would come out and greet everyone, wanting attention, even when he was in pain from an ailment. My friends with short-haired females were not so lucky!

  • Sarah says:

    I have always had male cats until now – I have a female and a male, both medium-haired. The males have always been pretty affectionate, with the only long-haired I had being slightly more independent than the other one at the time. Now with these two I find them both very sweet and affectionate, but the male is the most loving cat I have ever known. He puts his arms around my neck, licks my face, can’t stand not to be near me. I call him my “dog in a cat suit”!

  • john says:

    of the 8 cats that share their ownership of me, the 5 males rnage from “all sweet, all the time” to “all sweet, all the time, as long as you count love-bites as sweet.” Mango likes to sit on a reclining person’s chest to be stroked, and if you stop, he scoots up and nips your chin, sometimes hard. Blacky, born in 1985, and toothless since 2000, is always ready for tummy lovin’, laying flat on his back, whether lounging by the pool, or chillin’ on the couch. Squattles comes running from three houses away when you call his name, and follows you into the bathroom if he thinks you will be sitting down. Buddy and Lucky jump and head-butt as if starved for attention. Those guys all have short hair. The three females are much more temperamental, sometimes sweet, but of great value nonetheless.

  • Barbara says:

    I have had a few cats in my life and the most affectionate cat was my blue eyed Siamese cat, Priscilla.

  • april says:

    tortishells are psycho!! tabbys have the best personalities. my maine coon is the most loyal. i love them all and i love all the cats at pet refuge. come adopt one today. get your cats spayed and neutered and there would not be any at pet refuge in mishawaka indiana

  • Emma says:

    Ragamuffin Turkish Vans are the sweetest and most loving I’ve found.

  • JoAnne says:

    I have 3 cats, 2 males and 1 female, and my males are the most affectionate. Of the two, Punkin, who is Siamese mix, is by far the most affectionate. He loves to sit in my lap, he loves to be near me, when he was younger, he loved to ride on my shoulders all over the house as I did my housework.

  • Jadey A says:

    My pack seems to prove that long haired boy kitty are more affectionate… I live with 5 cats 3 females 2 males the only one who is particularly affectionate (I mean overly affectionate) is our big long haired male he just loves everyone and everything.

    Virginia I’m so sorry to read that your cat and you are going trough rough times I’ll say a prayer for you both.

  • Lindell Vecchio says:

    I have four cats, three inside and one outside. I’ve rescued cats and been rescued by cats. My outside cat, Buffer, is feral. He enjoys my occasional pets but only on his terms. He scratches and would probably bite if I did not respect his wild personality. Wish I could bring him in but he would probably eat my house kitties. I am attached to Buffer because he is a handsome brown short-haired tiger with Atlantic green eyes. He rolls over for me, talks to me, sits on my doorstep and looks longingly through the glass at me and my other three babies. He’s been neutered, vaccinated and treated for parasites. This is an ongoing frustration for me because he roams at night and gets into fights with raccoons and possum. Taking him to the vet requires trapping him and anesthetizing him. This is very stressful for both of us. But, I have provided him a house with clean towels on the back porch, fresh water, snacks, baby food chicken and dry chow daily. I have taken on the responsibility of his wild life and intend to continue for as long as it lasts.

  • Kathryn says:

    My long-hair tuxedo cat Sam, who went to heaven in 2002, was my faithful perfect love. However, my male short-hair yellow tabby, JC, is extraordinarily affectionate to both me and the dog. Then again, my female, Cinderella – Stella – Della gives me “french kisses” . . . if I let her. (which I don’t!)

  • I don’t know about the long-hair part, but male cats are definately more affectionate. But the problem with that is-I can’t keep boy cats! I have three girls, but the boys usually get sick and die, get run over, etc. My last boy (Jaspurr) got very sick and I had to give him to a rescue woman. He was an adorable boy. He was white with an orange tail and ears.

  • Kirsten says:

    I have to agree. From what I’ve seen, I volunteer at an animal shelter (with the cats) & it seems that boy kitties in general are nicer, though some girls kitties there are also nice. Boy kitties seem to be more mellow, where girl kitties have a bit more of an attitude sometimes.
    Plus, I have a short-haired 12 year old female kitty and she can be nice, but she does have quite an attitude sometimes, quite a diva cat 🙂

  • Laura says:

    The only thing Iknow is that the cats that were most affectionate were those I´ve pick from street and adopeted. They use to comported to me like trhere motrher, they sleep with me, lamb my mouth like a mum, etc. Ell of them are very thank to me, life all the dogs that I took from the street.

  • Pam says:

    Virginia- my heart goes out to you and Puss in Boots. I hope things go well for the both of you, I know it’s hard to care for a special needs kitty. Keep thinking positive.

  • Lisa says:

    To whom it may concern:

    I reside in FL

    When I go to Dunkin Dunots, in the parking lot there is 5 cats from kitties to adults.
    It brakes my heart to see them.
    Please advice on what to do. I have a kitty of my own.


  • Elaine says:

    I am in agreement with the first poster, Danielle, in that I do not know about the long-haired part, but boy cats do seem to be more affectionate. Although my four girls do have their moments!

  • Haley says:

    I have a short-hair gray boy and he’s exceptionally sweet! All of our boy cats are sweet. But I have also seen quite a few super sweet females. And a few of them were calicos! So I think it depends on the personality. It would be like saying all blonde women are stupid. It depends on the cat, because they have personalities just like us =]

  • Chelsey says:

    I have never had any long-haired cats, but all of the kitties I have had were boys, and yes, I agree with that they are very affectionate. =]

  • My little girl Cleo is definitely my most affectionate cat. I got her when she was only 12 days old when someone arrived at work with her after seeing her thrown out of a car window!! She was so small and had grazes on her nose & mouth & it was so hard to believe someone could be so cruel to this innocent little bundle of white fluff. The vet warned me that after such a trauma and the fact she had been taken from her mother way too soon that the odds were against her surviving. But I bottle fed her every four hours, kept her warm, cleaned her with a damp cloth as her mother would with her tongue and gave her all the love I could. She’s eight now and is the most super affectionate, needy cat I have owned (although I did have a short-haired, silver tabby called Apollo that I also hand-reared who comes a close second). As she grew up it became evident she was deaf (will sit happily on the grass while the lawn mower goes around her) but that hasn’t stopped her playfulness and love of everyone who is a friend of her mothers. Because she can’t hear, if she’s in the house and isn’t sure where I am she will yowl as she searches from room to room trying to find me, so I either need to stamp my feet so she can sense the vibrations or find her to let her see me to know I’m home. Adorable!

  • Alex says:

    Any cat that is adopted or rescued to a loving home is most affectionate

  • Beth says:

    Growing up, I had a Siamese and a Burmese and both were really cuddly. My cat now, Samantha is a calico who we adopted along with her mother Nikki (who has since passed away due to cancer) and they are by far the most affectionate cats that I have ever run across. They were rescued and, at least in the case of Nikki, she seemed so grateful for us taking her in that she couldn’t help but be affectionate toward us. Samantha is my baby though. She was actually feral (her mom had obviously been lost or something because she actually named herself–the woman that rescued Nikki and her kittens was named “Mickey” which she answered to, but they wanted to change it to “Nikki” so there wasn’t more than one Mickey in their house during the time they had the cats). Sammy took a while to figure out that we were not going to hurt her and decided to come out from under my bed and has been a ball of mush ever since.

  • Virginia says:

    My heart is currently being broken by my adopted FIV+ Orange and White Tabby. He was just diagnosed with renal cancer and I am having a tough time coping. He is mushy, funny, a talker, a shoulder rider and I love him deeply. I have six other beloved cats only one is a girl. All I can think about though is him, my Puss in Boots.

  • jennae says:

    My cats at this time are a female, very petite, and very, very loving and lovable; the other is a dsh black male with a white heart on his belly. He is also loveable to the max. Definately not a lap cat tho. But he loves to be played with. He is about five years younger than Pippa, and unfortunately Pippa has never really accepting of him. If I’m ignoring Danio, he will deliberately bother Pippa just to get my attention. They both sleep with me…Danio on my ribcage, Pippa curled up in my arms.

    All my cats but Danio have been female, and all but one have been black and white. The one exception was Pippas mother, who was a torti calico cross. They all have been the most loving, lovable cats. I never thought of one being more loving or loyal than another. All were rescue or strays.

    My newest stray, Naomi, got spooked when we were going to the vet, and she ran away. I miss her terribly. She came to me in the middle of a blizzard this past February. I feel so horrible for not having had her in a carrier. My friend borrowed mine, for a dog, who broke it. So Naomi was just in her harness, but I hadn’t tightened it before she ran. 🙁

  • Vanessa says:

    Definitely all black cats – both long and short haired. They are the most agreeable in personality. It is so hard for me to understand why they are the last to be adopted, because they have the sweetest natures ever.
    Adopt black cats!

  • Meli says:

    I would definitely say that the orange male tabbies are the friendliest…My new orange tabby that recently adopted us is the frienliest, and the most affectionate cat that I have ever had. My cousin also owned another male orange tabby, and he was also very sweet and affectionate as well 🙂

  • MarqueeMoon says:

    Oh, yeah…they are all girls! Girl Power!

  • MarqueeMoon says:

    Tuxedo kitties rule! Just ask Stinky, Polkadot or Oreo Cookie!

  • Susan says:

    I’ve had 5 cats over the years. The sweetest, most affectionate and outgoing ones were two long haired cats…one was a black boy and one was a tortoise girl (may they rest in peace). The short haired cats (all female) were/ are definitely more shy and stand-offish.

  • Caroline says:

    I can’t believe everyone says there’s a difference! I have had all kinds of cats, too, but I have never had one that didn’t want my attention. I have a long haired male and he’s a crybaby attention hog but I also have short haired blue torty and a siamese mix, both females, who sleep up next to me and DEMAND my attention. My female blue torty is probably the best cat I’ve ever had… she’s my bud. My black and white male is a hog and loves to eat but won’t sit still for a lot of fussing.. so they are all different. But any cat will purr and be grateful for your touch. They are all wonderful.

  • Susan says:

    I have had two longish neutered boy cats that were very sweet and affectionate like you described. But, I have also had female kitties that way also.
    Cats are wonderful, fascinating creatures that each have their own unique characteristics and personalities. I don’t know that you can button-hole cats into any one type. That’s why I love em!

  • Pamela Coburn says:

    I have fostered cats and kittens, for a local humane rescue organization, for the last 3 years . I have had many souls come through my care and I believe that a good part of their personality is genetic, saying that I also believe that without the proper human socialization early in kittenhood you can end up with a cat that is people shy and mistrustful no matter what their genetics.
    It has been my experience that male cats overall are more affectionate, not to say the females can’t be, it’s just I have had more males that were than females.

  • Sharon S. says:

    My first cat was a female and she was a lover. All I ever heard about males cats was they spray and pee everywhere. Well last year, I trapped and rescued 3 kittens who were living on their own.

    It turned out that they were all boys. And fast forward to today…they are all very affectionate to the humans and dogs in the family and they have never sprayed once.

  • Sibrina says:

    The closest I’ve heard of anyone thinking of outer traits and affection was when I rescued Riley, my orange male, and his sister, Nissa, a long-haired brown tabby. The rescue worker said all of the orange cats she worked with were the sweetest (he was already adopted so not a sales pitch 😉 I’ve been lucky that my cats are pretty affectionate. The most? I think it’s a three way tie. They were all short hair. Mocha, a female tabby. Then Oliver, my big baby male black and white. I have five cats right now. Yes, all indoors and well-loved! 🙂 Teagan is a female calico. She is very loveable. Social. Everyone adores her attention! I think that it’s more of a personality trait and maybe even partly how comfortable they are in their surroundings. But I’m going to start asking my friends their opinion on this too! 🙂 Blessings!

  • Leah Jones says:

    I have had many cats through my long life, sometimes up to 14 of them at one time. The cats that have captured my heart the most are the three seal-pointed Burmese I’ve had. My last one died a year ago, and broke my heart. They are always ready for a game, very feisty – my last girlie was a tiny thing, and she bashed the dogs up if they annoyed her. Needless to say, they didn’t do that too much. Great respect shown all round for my little “Woosie” LOL. They’ve all talked to me a lot, ambushed me from great heights at times, lurked round doors to jump on me, but in the middle of whatever was going on they only really wanted to curl up on one’s lap and purr. Woosie used to sleep on my pillow, and her purring put me to sleep. Oh yes, I’m a great fan of Seal Point Burmese.

  • michelle says:

    I rescued my girl kitty Magik from the middle of a four lane highway when she was maybe 3 weeks old. I bottle fed her and she slept in a tube sock on my chest for months. She is completely bonded to me as a result and freaks out if I’m gone for more than a few hours (good thing I work at home~she’s swatting at my typing fingers as we speak!)

  • Linda says:

    I have a big grey and white lap cat that has a range of purrs that start out low and by the time is done I have turn up the tv. He is my cling on cat just so lovable. Sleeps on top of my pillow and just purrs. His name is BUDDY

  • Chris says:

    My dad’s long haired male cat is an incredible mushball!! He LOVES attention, getting brushed, sitting on your lap. He doesn’t care who the attention is from…family members, friends, neighbors. He cries when he wants to get onto your lap. He is a riot!

    My orange and white male is also a love, but he gets scared of noises so he hides a lot.

    My two female cats are loveable when they feel like it. They are always adorable, but will snuggle on their terms. They do however know when it’s bedtime and follow me upstairs when it’s time. They are very loyal!!

  • SEAN ZEDIK says:


  • Dory says:

    I have 3 cats. The mother cat, a calico, and her two boys. One of the boys is long haired and very affectionate to me and my family. He loves to get brushed and petted. His brother, is a shorter haired cat and he likes to keep to himself. He’s very friendly to people, but just prefers to be alone rather than be with people, in my opinion. The mother cat has a very good disposition every since we took her in almost 2 years ago. She’s very friendly and loves to recieve attention.
    I hope I’ve helped!

  • DonnaLynn says:

    I have a long haired girl. Baby, she is the sweetest! I hold her like a baby and rub her belly, she has never ever scratched me, even when we play and I roll her around, her claws never come out, She also loves to be brushed she’ll roll over side to side so I don’t miss a spot.. She is great with anyone she meets, she very lovable, and she likes to fetch and play hid-n-seak.. She is the best cat I ever had!!!

  • Madison says:

    The short-haired female I have right now has to be the sweetest cat ever. I had mostly females growing up, and they all had very different personalities. The short-haired male cat I once had was probably the meanest cat I’ve ever had, so remember that not all males are cuddlers!

  • Whitney says:

    very interesting..i’ve had lots of animals. my first really loving cat was a black short-haired boy. when i went off to college, he would wander around the house meowing for me. his mother, however, was a big baby and would sit back on her hind legs and reach her arms up like a child to be picked up. i also really loved this gray tortie long-haired girl, and while she loved to suckle on my shirt, she wasn’t really affectionate, and was most of the time down-right mean. another girl, black and white short-haired, would claw me if i was busy with something and didn’t pay attention to her. after that, i had a black and white short-haired boy who would demand (yes, demand) that after my husband returned from work, we’d go lay down together so the boy cat could lay between us and drool all over us. now he’s gone, and i have two long-haired siblings, a girl and a boy. the girl is affectionate and loving, wants to be held, but it’s taken me some time to get her to that point. the boy, however, wants a group hug with me and my husband when he comes home. he climbs all over us in bed, climbs up us while we’re standing, climbs back and forth between us, giving us little love bites on our cheeks and purring like a madman. so yea, very interesting..

  • Amy says:

    I have only had two cats in my life, both were males, one short hair
    and one long hair. The short hair male wasnt a lap cat and not very
    affectionate. The long haired male is much more affectionate although
    he too is not a lap cat and dosent like to be held. But the long haired is
    very demanding of my attention for belly rubs! I am convinced that male
    cats are more affectionate and will always insist on a having males. I
    also love the beauty of a long haired cat!

  • Daniel says:

    I should have mentioned too that one of those males actually picked me out at the Humane Society. I was a couple of cages over checking out this black haired little beauty when a huge gray paw snagged my sweater. I took one step to my right to untangle his claws and was amazed to see that he was still one cage over. When I freed his paw he started purring his head off. 27″ from nose to butt, 22 pounds lean- the biggest cat I’ve ever seen much less lived with. When my daughter was born he appointed himself her guardian.

  • Cecily says:

    We have been “rescuing” cats since 1968. (The word “rescuing” is in quotation marks because once they come in they are usually there for the rest of their lives.) The majority are males, maybe because they come from the streets. Although I haven’t noticed a difference between long-haired and short-haired, must agree that the males are often more affectionate.

  • Pavloveia says:

    I have a male DSH orange tiger cat and he’s the most affectionate cat I’ve ever had! He curls up under my chin and I have to hold him like he’s a baby! He tips his head into my neck and he couldn’t get closer if he tried! He’s amazing!

  • Scott Ogilby says:

    I vote for any shelter or rescue cat. My two short-haired rescue cats are incredibly grateful and affectionate.

  • Donna says:

    I’ve had many different types of cats, both male and female. Right now we have long hair, black male cat and he’s a big, big moma’s boy. He loves to be right next to me. If he’s on the other end of the sofa all I have to do is give him a little baby talk and he runs over to me, every time. He can’t resist baby talk and I’ve never seen a cat like him. He also has to always be touching us in some way. I was sick for two days and he never left my side both day and night, except to eat, drink and go to the litter box. So I have to agree. Before we found our sweet baby boy, I would have disagreed with this statement.

  • Erika says:

    My experience is that orange cats are the most affectioned ones! … but it doesn´t matter, I´m still the most affectioned one with all of them

  • Deborah Pope says:

    I think the most affectionate cats are rescued old cats. hubby & I adopted an 11 year old spayed mixed breed shorthair cat. We had her for 3 more years & of all my kitties (all spayed/neutered rescues) she was the sweetest.

  • Michelle Hill says:

    I have three kitties, two girls and a boy, and I can say without a doubt that Kerry is right on with her article. My boy, Smokey Bear, is the most loving cat I have ever had. When I am sad he comes over to me and looks at me like he understands. He is an enormous long-haired grey cat with a mane like a lion, he is also a rescue. I also heard from a vet that grey boy kitties are the most loving and best cats to have, in his experience.

  • angelina says:

    😀 i love to hear about other peoples pets my sister has 3 cats and the most affectionate is the boy he meows when he hears her voice and wont stop until she comes in the room so she trys not to make alot of nnoise and makes us not say her name because he know her name and well he loves her to death and we always joke around on how when she gets a boyfriend he has to go through Papa Samson LOL its funny because he is a sweet cat even to me and my little sister i love him so much he makes me smile cause when you lay on her bed he is the first to jump on the bed and snuggle right next to you 😀

  • Marie-Ann says:

    I have 2 cats that I found underneath my bush in my back yard at
    about 3 weeks old.
    Obviously they were both left there perhaps by the mother.

    I took them in very young and now they are both 5 years old.
    I am assuming they are littermates.
    Both are boys.
    The Orange Tabby is quite affectionate but his brother the
    long haired creamed color one that looks like a Turkish Angora is
    extremely affectionate.

    But, of course I love them both.

    I have had female cats also in my life but I find the boys to be more
    affectionate for some reason.

  • danielle says:

    The most affectionate cats I have ever had were all short-haired female tabbies, although they had an extremely jealous side to them as well.

  • Jen says:

    I have a boy kitty now (medium-haired) and he is SO affectionate. I had only had girl cats up to this point, and they were not nearly as affectionate as he is. He runs to greet me, rubs all over me, and sleeps with me. If I lay on the couch, he cuddles with me too. I love it! I’m only getting boy cats from here on out.

  • Robin says:

    Well Boots made her home in my back yard as God would have it
    waiting the death of my neighbors cat of 20 years. She then made
    her way over to live with them, as the replacement. I named her
    boots due to her sweet white paws.

    Boots is a Calico, and is the most precious cat you ever met.
    Only one small, comment she also loves to talk to you. When ever she
    sees me pull into the driveway she then walks me into my home
    talking the entire time. Much love for all cat and animals I have
    although Boots holds a special place.

  • Daniel says:

    The most affectionate cat I ever had was a long haired female with tortoiseshell markings. No other came close as she was downright clingy. My two favorite cats of all time were both short haired males. Both loving but on their own terms.

  • Kelly PC says:

    I’ve shared my home with four cats throughout my life. Two short-haired females & two long haired males & I have to agree that the furry boys were/are the biggest sucks. Our two girls were affectionate but didn’t crave attention as much as boys & they’d rather find a quiet place to sleep than sleep on or snuggled up to a person like the boys do.

  • Jessica says:

    I took a stray in a few years back and she had kittens. We couldn’t take proper care of all of them (there were six!) But the one that stayed, Sammy, she was very affectionate. She was a black and white cat, and once she got over her fears, she was begging almost every hour of every day for me to come out and play and give her attention.

  • Rachael Williams says:

    I would have to say male Tuxedo cats are the most affectionate.
    They don’t ask for your love and attention, they demand it!

  • Jennie says:

    My boys have always been more affectionate than girls. Never had a long-haired cat, though.

  • Mary B says:

    Have a long-haired boy Persian who loves, loves, loves to be loved. If you stand to close, he’ll nudge you with the top of his head to get pets, or tap you with his paw to get your attention. Every night when I go off to bed, he trots up the stairs after me for our ritual night time petting session, and most often when I sleep, you can find him perched in the window sill above my head, or nestled up net to one of the kids.

  • Sherif Hamdy says:

    Show us all your beautiful affectionate kitties. Post them on our PETA Prime Facebook page!


  • Marion says:

    I took in a grey cat that was about 1 year old, she was sleeping under our shed, it turns out she is an Oriental and has a lovely temperament and is so affectionate, she can’t get enough fuss.

  • carol says:

    My current longhair boy kitty is extremely affectionate, much more than my two shorthairs, though they are very friendly. My mother has a longhair boy kitty that is very afraid of people, not affectionate at all. She raised him from a kitten and his siblings were not this way so we have no idea why he is so distant.

  • Lucy Todd says:

    My cat is the biggest softie ever- he’s a boy but not long haired. He’s also a rescue cat, and I think they love you even more for giving them a new start in a better home 🙂

  • I have a long-haired, male kitty who is one of the most lovable, affectionate friends I’ve ever known. But, I am also partial to male, orange tabby cats as well. Both have proven to be extremely social in my experience – and I’ve had the opportunity to share my home with many kitties!

  • Karin says:

    I have 3 cats – longhaired boy, longhaired girl & shorthaired boy & the longhaired boy is definitely the more affectionate of the three. But I don’t know if it’s a longhair male thing or just their different “personalities” having not had other longhaired cats to compare it to.

  • Lisa says:

    Black and white kitties are the nicest in my experience!

  • steve says:

    i gravitate to our orange tabby gus as being the outwardly more affectionate kitty – but maxine the short-haired grey/white has her own style of affection that can be as intense as gus’ in your face hugs.

  • Claudia says:

    I’m not sure about long vs short haired, but I’ve found that boy kitties tend to have a little more personality and are therefore more affectionate. My cat Ollie is so affectionate he jumps up on his hind legs, reaches up to my face to touch it then kisses my nose and generally headbutts my face. He’s amazing! I think there’s something particularly special about ginger boy kitties. But just like children, I think the behaviour of a cat is dependent on how they’ve been brought up.

  • dian holbrook says:

    my longhaired boy kitties are by far the most affectionate. i whole heartedly agree!! and i’ll throw in “birth order” as well. it’s just so happened that the longhaired boy kitties are/were the oldest in the house. isn’t that something!?!

  • Coral Giffin says:

    I have a short haired boy called Carlos who is huge and sooo smoochy. But he won’t allow cuddles in bed.
    I also have an abysinnian cross girl Mishka who is touch aversive all day and then at night has a complete personality change and sleeps purring in my arms with her paws wrapped around my neck.
    My male cats have been smoochier. But my females have had the most unique and distinct personalities.

  • Tina says:

    My long haired love hated to be brushed and hated to be picked up. He wpuld let you know when you could pet him, not pick up. And as for brushing, I had to hold his collar to do it. He was the Prince of the house.

  • Annie says:

    You are absolutely on the mark. The most affectionate cat I’ve ever owned was a black & white long hair (domestic). Sadly, he’s gone and I’ve been waiting to find another just like him. (He was abandoned by his previous owner and was a street cat for two years before I got him). I’ll never replace “Kitty” but I intend to try.

  • Tom says:

    We have had several girl cats but only one boy cat, our beloved Larry – all rescues. He was definitely more affectionate than the girls. We don’t know if this was because he was a boy or just Larry!

  • Barbara S says:

    I agree that male cats are the better natured of the specie. I have had wild male cats that I have been able to feed , medicate and tame better then the female’s. Strange but 2 of them were long haired.

  • Katie S says:

    I agree with Danielle-my Romeo is a shorthaired snoeshoe, and he’s definitely a lovey baby.

  • Bea says:

    I have had many cats and could not find any system in their personalities but I heard somewhere that black & white cats are definitely affectionate (I have never had a black & white cat).

  • Pamela says:

    The most affectionate kitty I’ve had was a male tuxedo cat. I’ve had cats since I was a child and I’m 52 now. That’s a lot of cats.

    Other then my precious tuxedo sweetie, who was unusually affectionate, the others have varied greatly in personality just like individual people. I don’t think it has anything to do with the gender of the cat or whether they’re long haired or sort haired. One thing you might consider is we humans tend to stereotype — if we’ve had a particular experience with a person or beloved creature we tend to pick the same kind over and over again seeing them through the lens of that first experience and then say ‘well that’s just how that particularl type is..’

    Nothing is really that simple.

  • Kelley says:

    I have 4 female cats and 1 male, and it would be tie between the oldest alpha female short hair tabby, Cleo and Jackson, an 18 pound linebacker of a short-haired tabby. Cleo’s personality is a little more needy and Jackson just worships the ground I walk on…..wouldn’t it be nice if human men were this way too..LOL.

  • Carmen says:

    I cannot believe you said that! I have noticed the same thing. My most loving, affectionate cats that wanted to be held, stroked and cuddled were long-hair males. What’s up with that? I usually go for long-hair cats as I have very long hair, too. Right now, I have a short-hair black male, a Siamese female and a multi-colored long hair female. We did not do claw removal on these 3 but did on our original 6 cats. I find that we could cuddle with those other cats because they could not scratch us. We try to cuddle with these 3 we have now, but they like to bite and scratch, and we cannot get close to them. I take them in once a month for a nail trim which costs $10 for each cat! They are gradually starting to not scratch us as much, altho our recliner chairs are pitted with claw scratches. (Another great use for duct tape – holding the chair material together.) I once thought of buying stock in Band-aid and Neosporine product companies, we used them so much.

  • Dorothy says:

    My Boyfriend is longhaired, with silvery Siamese markings which might be called “lynxpoint” with big blue eyes. He was born outdoors about 6 years ago as a feral kitten who always kept his distance and it took him a whole year to even get close to me but he turned very affectionate. In fact he plants himself in front of me and mews, reminding me of a little kid who wants and demands attention. Last year I had a fire in which I lost 3 of my other cats and was myself dragged by other people out of my house while a fire fighter ran in, rescued Boyfriend, who had smoke inhalation, did CPR and saved his life. I will forever be indebted to that fireman and to all fire people who save both people and animals, and I hug, squeeze, cuddle, and kiss Boyfriend every single day and night.

  • Yvonne says:

    Definitely the most affectionate Icat ‘ve ever had was my persian male, Tiger. He loved to snuggle, purred all the time and loved to be brushed. My present cat, Frisky, a female tabby, loves to be petted and brushed…she’s a petaholic…but doe not want to be held and is not terribly affectionate. It’s all about her, ha ha.

  • France says:

    My girl is somewhat more affectionate than the two boys I had before — but none were really longhaired. And she’s definitely more quiet. At last I can sleep the whole night through.

  • Danielle says:

    I don’t know about longhaired, but all the boy kitties I’ve had have definitely been the most affectionate.

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