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Ronald McDonald’s Dark Side

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Ronald McDonald's Dark Side by Steve Martindale

Who is Ronald McDonald?

What is he doing?


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  • John Lord says:

    i wonder why they targeted mcdonald’s? Everyone kills chickens that way. Everyone.

  • shay and ana says:

    Educating people about animal cruelty doesn’t mean we need to terrorize children with these kinds of visuals…if that’s the way things will be done then aren’t we kind of going over the line? The website peta has for kids doesn’t really have anything like this that would scare them. I think a friendlier approach to this topic would have a better result and have more kids looking at the negative side to the meat industry in general. I signed up for Peta2’s vegetarian started kit that included a video of about 5 hours long and i will admit it made me cry. I simply do not think it is fair that our emotional sides are affected so much… I don’t even want to eat anymore.

  • Ellie says:

    This thought makes me sick. I am a young teenager and I understand the cruelty that the animals are going through. If I understand it, then how come the adults that work in these factories, can not?

  • Godwin says:

    Go Vegan.
    Ban McDonald’s

  • jacqueline says:

    Perhaps child friendly brochures with the truth would have sufficed even with photos. This isn’t the way we teach our kids about stranger danger, drunk driving, drugs and alcohol. This shouldn’t be the way we teach our kids about animal cruelty. Also, maybe an informative brochure for parents to teach kids about factory farming would have had more positive impact.

  • jacqueline says:

    This is horrible for kids. Terrorizing them like this about Ronald Mc Donald. Me and my daughter have been vegetarian for over 20 yrs. I would never feed my child a piece of meat. BUT I would not want her terrorized by images of clowns hurting animals. I think this is way out of line and makes animal rights people look crazy. You are angering a lot of people and alienating many of your own with your tactics. When is PETA going to embrace a win-win policy instead of relying on over-the-top antics to get negative attention?

  • Patrick says:

    I helped them this year in Omaha. still hope to see the pictures one day.

  • VIKI says:

    very cool 🙂

  • Red says:

    Brilliant demo, I find it really disturbing that these atrocities are glossed over with the bright colours and tacky imagry, and even more disturbed that its aimed at kids. Clowns are creepy anyway but Ronald Mcdonald is as dark as they come. Each of these animals was an individual that had preferences, companions, family, and was certainly capable of feeling fear, pain and anguish, i find it so abhorrent that they all die so horribly for such a pointless reason – to profit the fast food industry. I dont think the imagry is shocking at all in fact its about time the reality of the industry is exposed.
    Go vegan 🙂

  • Viveca says:

    This is a brilliant visual. I hope it leads to lots of conversations between kids and parents. That may seem harsh….but so is what’s happening to chickens!

  • jordan says:

    Your right jude, this is a fantastic protest against the cruelty animals have to suffer and people should act upon this and become vegetarian.

  • I am really glad that I have not eaten chicken for a number of years now. Yes, I did eat it sometime ago. When I read what was done to prepare chicken, that did it for me. I find other items more to my taste now (vegetarian). PETA has helped me with their ideas and wonderful attitude about animals.

  • jude says:

    What a great demonstration. Hopefully more people will become vegetarians.

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