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Three PETA Members Who Make a Difference

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Three PETA Members Who Make a Difference by Steve MartindaleI get energized when I read PETA’s Annual Review, since it’s so unbelievable how much work this organization accomplishes in one year. But I am often asked, “How can I personally do more to help animals where I live?” Three wonderful PETA members in Canada have answered that question with an Annual Review of their own. When Michele, Diana, and Sharon sent me their personal stories for 2008, I knew that I had to share it with PETA Primers immediately! Take a look at how these three dedicated PETA members helped animals in 2008:

We are proud to say that we have been even more inspired to make compassionate choices in our daily lives. Here’s how the three of us have been making a difference in Ottawa since May 2008:

  • We used PETA merchandise to promote our organization everywhere we went–this includes items such as the “No Animals in Here” lunch bags; grocery bags; aluminum water bottles; coffee mugs; stickers on our cell phones, cars, and daily agendas; wall calendars; padfolios; key chains; and T-shirts galore!
  • We used cruelty-free products.
  • We participated in activism through demos, such as our own circus protest in August and a fur demo for “Fur-Free Friday”  in November, and we went to KFC with the PETA Lettuce Ladies (Nicole and Virginia) to enjoy the new vegetarian sandwich (yummy!).We organized another fur protest for February 14 and a seal hunt protest for March 15.
  • We wrote letters to newspapers (and a letter was published regarding our concern about plans for an aquarium) and local radio stations.
  • We hosted a vegetarian info session at our workplace with delicious vegan treats.
  • We signed petitions on a regular basis.
  • We reactivated a local animal rights group and its Web site.
  • Sharon’s husband, Dan, continued to work on his antifreeze campaign, since many animals suffer very painful deaths every year because toxic antifreeze is dumped or spilled outdoors or even put out intentionally.
  • Michele sent various animal rights leaflets using postage-paid envelopes that came unsolicited from banks and other businesses.
  • We helped convert family and friends to vegetarianism (including Michele’s son!).
  • Michele rescued a second rabbit from a family that had purchased the rabbit without really knowing of the commitment and care that rabbits require.
  • We regularly handed out “Vegetarian Starter Kits”  to coworkers and friends.
  • We convinced a coworker to join PETA (so we now have four PETA members out of six people on our team).
  • And perhaps our proudest moment was coordinating our work team’s annual holiday party for nine women, with an entirely vegan potluck dinner! This was a huge accomplishment, because in previous years, we have had to battle just to get some vegetarian options and we often faced ridicule and scorn. This is also an accomplishment because the idea for a completely vegan potluck came from our other coworkers (and, to top it off, the food was fantastic!).We wish you all the best!

Thank you, Michele, Diana, and Sharon! What an inspiring summary of how big a difference individuals can make in this world. Please share with us what you have done for animals in the last year.

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  • Gail Richardson says:

    Bravo, ladies! Steve, thank you for posting this. I grew up in Rochester, N.Y. which is only 80 miles from Niagara Falls where I visited, and I did writing work last year for a company whose editorial offices are in Ontario, so I feel close to Canada in these ways.
    My favorite thing was Michele’s idea to use those postage-paid envelopes that we all get in unsolicited mail from various businesses to send out leaflets! I love this idea as it not only saves you postage costs, but it eliminates the waste of throwing away or putting these envelopes in paper recycling by reusing them to spread information! That way instead of the businesses getting nothing from you and you being stuck with disposing of that much more paper, you get to send them animal rights messages for free!!! What a great idea. Thanks!

  • Sherif Hamdy says:


    In response to Vicki regarding meeting up with people with similar interest I would suggest looking at Meetup.com. Their website is used for people to meet others who are interested in the same topics. I would go and search to see if there are any animal rights groups near your area on there and if so join up!

    For example near Cambridge: http://www.meetup.com/cities/ca/on/cambridge/groups/

    If no groups exist in your vicinity you can always start your own group and see if others who are interested in the cause would join. This is a great way to make friends and organizing with others who are interested in the same cause.

    Best of luck!

  • Vicki Williams says:

    Hi being a Canadian I have found it difficult to meet up with other Peta members. I live in Cambridge, near Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.
    Is there anyone else out there would like to get together to become friends and fight for animal rights like the friends in this article.
    If you are interested or know of a group in my area could you please email me.
    [email protected]

  • Lizz says:

    Is there anyone out there who knows what or where people can go when they have to prioritize to not buy animal liscenses when their financial situation has changed? I recently received a $1000 fine because I could not pay for liscenses this year. My animals are well cared for and are healthy and living in a clean and loving home but money is tight right now and I chose to withhold liscenses until I could afford it! Now I have an added bill that I can not in any way afford and there seems to be no one in the system that cares–how they thought that I could afford a fine when I can not afford liscenses is beyond me and I do not want to surrender my animals or go to jail ? It appears that I will have no choice and I would like to try to establish something so this will not happen to anyone else.
    If anyone has any ideas please let me know? Thank-you,

  • Isabelle says:

    Good job you all!!!!! Every single thing we do, to help our planet and our animals make us better human being. It will be wonderful if more peoples will follow our path. Because of people like you, i am very proud to be Canadian.

  • Jamie Rivet says:

    Good stuff. That’s a bit of inspiration for the rest of us.

  • Akool says:

    Amazing work ladies!!! I’m so proud of living in Canada now 🙂

  • I make a difference in this world by making vegetarian dog food for my dogs. They love it and it is so easy to make.

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