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Woofie and the Dog Park

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Woofie and the Dog Park by Kerry AnderlikWhen it’s cold and dreary and all the other parks are deserted, Spokane County, Washington’s one and only dog park is always buzzing with activity. Spokane’s first-ever dog park, Gateway Dog Park, opened on October 4, 2006. The opening made front-page news in the Spokesman Review, and one of our dogs, Woofie, was the featured dog in the opening paragraph:

“Every dog has their day. Wednesday was Woofie Anderlik’s. Minutes after Spokane County ceremoniously opened its first off-leash dog park, Woofie trotted through the gates. He watered the grass, sniffed a few butts and ran with an equally eager group of about a dozen canines.”

Like many places, the Spokane area has become a victim of urban sprawl. It had become really difficult to find a safe place where dogs could run and play without the worry that they might tango with wildlife, get hit by cars, or violate the leash law. We desperately needed a dog park.

Gateway Dog Park is a testimony to what a community can accomplish when we all work together. Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS), our County Commissioners, the Parks Department, and numerous volunteers all pulled together to raise the funding to turn an abandoned rest area off Interstate 90 into a 3 1/2-acre dog park called Gateway Dog Park.

Gateway Park is in a beautiful spot, right along the Spokane River, connected to numerous biking and hiking trails. There is always a crowd of happy doggies and their people. It has been such a success that two more dog parks in the area are opening–one across the state line in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and one north of Spokane.

You can read the complete Spokesman Review newspaper article about the dog park’s opening. If you are traveling on Interstate 90, stop by and see for yourself. Take the State Line exit between Spokane, Washington, and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and follow the sign to Gateway Park. It’s easy to make new friends at the park, and you might even run into us. We’ll be the ones in the blue “SCRAPS Volunteer” vests, roaming around with our dogs and our pooper scoopers.

If you have a dog park in your area or know of a special dog park, I’d love to hear about it.

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  • Kaitlyn Kat says:

    Are you aware that the Kootenai Humane Society permits adopted dogs to be used for bear and bobcat hunting? Do you feel they should be considering a Policy Change? The Humane Society is against this as cruelty, inhumane and reckless. The HSUS has a campaign against this, and only eight states permit this. If you wish to “celebrate animals” and “confront cruelty” please be a voice for the voiceless. If you need to surrender a dog, please go to a reputable rescue group. Any PETA members around?

  • Phyllis says:

    I used to take Cinnamon and Arizona to the dog park in Piedmont Park in Atlanta every Sunday morning. Most of the time it was wonderful to watch the dogs running and playing but then I started noticing the dangers.
    There was one spot where people tended to congregate and the dogs worked up from running around would get into fights. Two smaller dogs were killed by bigger dogs – not mean dogs, just unaltered and worked up.
    Then there was Oreo. Poor Oreo was a Boston terrier who was running through the grassy field of the dog park and fell into a manhole! Someone had removed the cover and no one knew until it was too late. Who expects to find a manhole in a grassy field? No one was able to get to Oreo – not even the fire department. Eventually his body was found against a sewer grate.
    We never went back after that. My dogs walk on harnesses and leashes and they run and play together in our fenced in backyard and Lord knows they tear through the house. I may be over protective but their safety comes first.

  • Christy Anderlik says:

    Kerry…you forgot to tell everyone that i met my latest boyfriend at the dog park. His boxer was sniffing my rottie……………………………..!!!!

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