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Oh, Canada

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Oh, Canada by Alisa MullinsIf you’ve been following the animal rights movement since the ’70s, you no doubt remember the massive worldwide campaign to end Canada’s despicable baby harp seal slaughter. Who can forget those heartbreaking ads showing fluffy white baby seals staring at the camera with their enormous eyes? Public outcry forced Canada to ban killing “whitecoat” baby seals in 1987, and the seal slaughter essentially collapsed. Then in 1996, that changed, as the Canadian government started subsidizing the massacre in an effort to rebuild it. It has since grown almost every year, and it is now the largest marine-mammal slaughter in the world, with up to 330,000 harp seals killed annually.

The Canadian government allows club-wielding sealers to kill baby seals after they have started molting their white fur, when they are just 12 days old-yes, seals can legally be killed before they are even 2 weeks old. The difference between bashing in the head of a 12-day-old seal and a 13-day-old seal is lost on most people, and opposition to the seal slaughter is growing. Here in the U.S., the sale of seal fur has been banned since 1972. Belgium and the Netherlands have passed laws banning the importation of seal fur, and the European Union (E.U.) is considering similar legislation. Just last week , a committee in the E.U. Parliament voted in favor of a strong prohibition on trade in seal products-this brings Europe one step closer to a complete ban.

But Canada isn’t taking this lying down. In a misguided and dirty effort to make the slaughter seem more palatable, they’ve implemented new “standards,” including requiring that sealers wait 60 seconds before skinning the seals in order to “ensure” that they are dead. I’m sorry, but bludgeoning gentle animals, impaling them, dragging them across the ice, and ripping off their skin after a 60-second pulse check-if anyone is actually watching-does not fit any realistic definition of “humane.” And the new regulations don’t require a speck of oversight.

With Canada upcoming 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the world’s eyes will  be turning its way. That’s why PETA has thrown our campaign against the seal slaughter into high gear-and  we’ll be keeping it there all during the coming year, right through the Games.

Please contact the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee and demand that it help bring an immediate end to the seal slaughter.

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  • Robert the Wallace says:

    This heinous, rampant and senseless Slaughter of innocent Baby Harp Seals should be a criminal offense worthy of incarceration; it truly must come to an immediate cessation, with stringent laws prosecuting all offenders, and finally become law, strictly enforced! ! !
    I can still recall to this day, some years back, that vile video showing those Bastards unmecilessly, viciously clubbing those sweet, innocent, helpless and trusting Baby Seals clubbed to death. . .their soulful entreating eyes looking up at their souless and heartless executioners, BLOOD spurting everywhere; I was greatly saddened and so extremely ill–I piled!
    Please, everywhere this repulsive act continues, for GOD’S sake, please, please cease this evil! ! ! These creatures of GOD too, have the right to mature and LIVE!

  • Gail says:

    Posts are here since 2009 and yet inhumane acts against animals still go on!!
    What is it in Human Nature that makes us be so cruel whether it be the seals or all types of animal testing!! Have you seen what Humans do to baby animals and animals in general for all kinds of testing?!! Don’t tell me that in 2014 our Scientists do not yet know what will affect us ie: hair products to the race to the Moon! Shame on us!!

  • Moriah says:

    people are really assholes now a days. who could kill a baby animal?!?!?!? like really how would people feel if we hit them over the head

  • KAK UQ says:


  • Secily says:


  • Hélène says:

    I am from Canada and I am part Native from the Mik’ Maq Tribe and I DO NOT find any justification, excuse, reason to EVER ‘beat a person or an animal to DEATH. Whether a mouse, whether an elephant – ALL deserve a chance to live and a chance at life. These people who agree and participate in such inhumane and cruel treatment have had ‘their minds gone mad’. Please World : DO NOT THINK that all Canadians, all Native people are heartless. I have never hunted in my life and will never do so. I have always fought for animal rights and continue to do so. My heart is sick when I witness the barbaric world in which I live in. I treasure my life but if I could go back before my birth – would I choose to come to such a cruel world ? I answer no. What would it take for every human being to realize that all forms of life, even if it differs from our own, is precious ? I cry for the seal who is beaten to death. I cry for the bulls who suffer for hours at corridas. I cry for the dogs and cats in China who endure horrible torture of being skinned alive. Can one imagine the pain ? I cry for farm animals whose lamentations of pain are never heard as they are butchered. I cry for the Greyhounds who can no longer run and who are discarded like garbage (often hung in Spain). I cry for the dolphins who are stabbed to death in Japan. I cry for rats, mice and rabbits and all the others who languish in cages, in laboratories living constantly in a high stress environment and what pain, do they also
    endure ? I cry for children who know, no love. I cry for my soul who is constantly in agony because of ‘knowing’ what my world is made up, of. This is my world and so, it is yours also … What a shame, isn’t it ?
    A Native elder wrote :
    You should know me and I should know you ;
    Because what you do not know, you will fear ;
    And what you fear … you will want to destroy.
    I know also that I will carry this suffering up until the last minute on this earth.
    It is not the Canadian that is bad. Nor, the American or the French, or the Japanese … it is the minds of certain individuals that go mad over greed, money … power.
    I take comfort in knowing that the dogs that I have had the privilege of sharing my life with, have known no suffering. No one has abused them or deprived them of any basic needs. I protected them like I would a child … for they are ‘children’, are they not ? For those out there who are sensitive to the word ‘children’ … let me change it to ‘little ones’. I share my life now with Céleste – a beautiful Spirit of a dog. I look at her – lying so peacefully on my couch as I write this and I give thanks. In her little mind – there is no such thing as suffering or lack of food. There is no such thing as abandonment nor cold nights, tied up to a tree. She is 7 years old and only has had good humans around her. Bless your life and the life around you. It is so fragile.
    I am ashamed of the Canadian government. Anyone who can justify any act of cruelty to any sentient being has also gone mad in the head.
    Hélène from Québec, Canada

  • Bill says:

    I am from Canada and this makes me sick. The seal slaughter has to be stopped, its inhumane and horrible. How can anyone take part in murdering innocent animals? Its disgusting. Most Canadians are completly against this slaughter, I just wish that our government would wake up and see how horrible and unnecessary it is.

  • Craigh says:

    You are all blaming Canada and Canadians for the seal hunt, this medieval hunt is committed by a minority of Canadians in fact most dislike the seal hunt.

  • Craigh says:

    Sandy Porter,
    Canadians are aware of what goes on in their OWN COUNTRY.
    I despise the seal hunt and am ashamed of it as a Canadian, but I cannot ignore false information.

  • Craigh says:

    Sandy Porter,
    The Canadian seafood and tourism industries get most of their revenue from Canadians themselves. The boycott cannot be about all things Canadian because there are too many Canadian products around the world to weed them out. (eg. Oil and gas) The revenue lost is probably less than the revenue generated by the brutal seal hunt. Canada is one of the world’s wealthiest nations, if we can afford to live without the seal hunt, then your boycotting taking place is not hurting us very much. (My brother is an accountant)

  • Craigh says:

    Vanessa Valera,
    It is a minority group of Canadians that commit this atrocity.
    Most Canadians disdain the seal hunt.

  • Craigh says:

    I love the work PETA does, I felt that the maple syrup boycott will not be helping their cause.

  • Craigh says:

    Audrey Clark, are you speaking to the sealers or to all Canadians in general?

  • Craigh says:

    As a Canadian I am ashamed by the cruel seal hunt. On one of my many trips to this site I found an article saying that maple syrup is vital to the Canadian economy and the subsequent boycotting of it would deliver a serious hit to our ” Wallet”.
    The revenue generated by the maple syrup industry is roughly equal to 1/5000th of the Canadian GDP (Gross Domestic Product. It is also four times less then the GDP of one of the poorest countries in the world (Burundi). It costs more than 213 million to build a skyscraper. A more effective boycott would be on Canadian tourism or agriculture.

  • Hannah says:

    My mother and pastor of my church always taught me that God wanted us to care for all animals, not slaughter them heartlessly. I support all animals, but come on, baby seals have done no harm to Canada, not to mention that they are some of the most beautiful creatures in the world!

    *The Inuit people only hunt ADULT seals and they only kill about 10,000 yearly. There is no Inuit involved in the commericial baby seal hunt.
    *Seals aren’t overpopulated, for God’s sake. Most seals only eat fish and squid that prey on cod so the Canadian fishermen actually should thank them.
    *If those Canadian sealers, who are actually commercial fishermen, stopped killing baby seals, then they’d make more profits since currently a lot of people worldwide are boycotting Canadian seafoods.

    Basically, there is no reason for Canada to kill those cute, harmless creatures. It’s a disgrace to the human race that such barbaric killing is being done on defenseless animals like this. Until this seal massacre stops, I’m boycotting Canadian seafood, sorry:(

  • Rebekah Hajduk says:

    That is ridiculous!!!
    These poor animals should not be killed in such an inhumane way or even at all. Those seals have no idea what is going on, and people can live without fur coats. I really hope this is put to a stop its not right at all.

  • Ethan perry says:

    please stop these horrible masarcers so who ever is reading this pleas do some thing to help the seales dont let them die for no reason and together we will stop people killing saeles full STOP!

  • Florence says:

    it really pained me to just imagine the extreme pain the babies have to go thru… just cos of the selfisheness and vanity of humans… All these killings are unnecessary and it only brings shame to humans!! please please please stop all these MURDERS!!!!!!!!!!! we can live perfectly fine without all those pdt made from seal..

  • Jana Toulouse says:

    Stop this killing and brutality. The world is watching and waiting for you to do the right thing.

  • Jana Toulouse says:

    The world is not in favor of this inhumane practice. Now is the time to do the right thing and forbid any more killing of baby seals, or any seals for that matter. Be grateful to mother earth and her creatures.

  • Jacquelyn Foote says:

    This is horrible. Why do they kill the poor seals? And why so many. I know for a fact I have never enev seen anything made with seal fur, and if I had I didn’t realize it. I do not know one person who would want anything to do with any artical of clothing or other product made of seal fur (or any fur). It’s awful that a country as civilized as Canida sticks to suck midevil pratices. Down with seal fur, down with all fur.

  • Ana Luisa says:

    May the murderes step on thin ice and die in a miserable life one day…..They are the animals….

  • celeste martin says:

    I cant believe they still kill the baby seals. I wrote a letter to my congressman back in about 1970!!!! I was 10 years old. As a child it was so disturbing to me, I just couldn’t imagine ANYONE doing such a thing. And I thought we all agreed, fought to SAVE THE SEALS and stopped it.

    As an adult I am again horrified, but this time its pure disgust, people should know better. It is so sad and pathetic that it is still going on!!!

  • Elizabeth Joensen says:

    It is baffling how the Canadian government has regressed on this issue. In so many other areas such as education and healthcare, Canada is the standard setter for other less fortunate countries (like us in the U.S…..pre-Obama). However, the abhorrent practice of clubbing baby seals lowers the Canadian government to a barbaric level. This practice is totally inappropriate. Monetary gain cannot be allowed to be such a guiding factor that it destroys ones sense of right and wrong. We will be intensifying the pressure as the Olympics draw nearer. Policy must be changed to greatly reduce the number of seals allowed to be killed, and to strictly regulate the methods by which they are killed.
    We will be watching.

  • Farrelltron says:

    Stop murdering seals so idiots can wear them!

  • Sandra says:

    This is shocking….
    I never understand how can a human beeing be so cruel…
    Nobody has the right to take somebody’s life away!
    Nobody needs fur!!!!! we are not in stone age anymore!

  • Caro says:


    Help to stop the killing of seals.
    But for the first time in history, a Canadian politician (Senator Harb) is proposing a law to end this suffering of baby seals.
    Help to collect 200,000 letters before April!

  • Dayle K says:

    this makes me sad

  • Bere says:

    I just can´t believe it. One of the worst things ever. I mean how can we stiil do that? And I´d like to know, who buys your fur? It´s really a big business… cause.. for me is inhuman..

  • Jeannie says:

    This is supposedly a “way of life” for the Inuit people, as my Canadian husband has told me their government views it. I wonder just what the proportion is: Inuit people vs. non-Inuit doing the killing. Also, I would wager to say that the Inuit do not need 350,000 pelts.

    Let’s all envision it stopping, using positive thought process to change the world!

  • Lara van Aalten says:

    This is the chance to stop the seal slaughter.
    This is the chance to make a better world.
    This is the chance to write history.
    Take this chance.

  • Lillian Marie says:

    Look into their beautiful, mournful, innocent eyes and you’ll see the wonder of the creatures of the Creator.. How can you ever have the guts and the heart to bludgeon a baby seal? so innocent, so full of promise, a reflection of the beauty of Creation! Come on Canada stop the massacre now! THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!!!!

  • tiziana says:

    Stop this massacre!

  • Susan Cooper says:

    This was an issue when I was in high school. I am now 55 years old. What is wrong with this country that nothing has changed in 40 years. I’m ashamed to be a Canadian now as I was then. Shame on the government for letting this disgraceful practice continue and shame on the market there is for baby seal fur. What is wrong with people. I am disgusted, horrified and outraged.

  • laura says:

    Wish the canadian government would stop this massacre once and for all. Sadly, this tragedy will continue as long as there are still cruel people buying fur and finding something “entertaining” about this massive slaughter. They all should be ashame of themselves for allowing and perpetuating this horrible crimes !!!!

  • Nagehan Elif Yeğin says:

    My english is so bad; but i want to say too somethink… committed things in Canada true so upsetting, so appalling!!!!! I want to help to Canadian Seals… When i see videos about Canadian Seals; i’m craying… so indeed this is so nonhuman…:( i wish to goodness save of canadian seals…

  • Almudena says:

    What a shame we can not all live in peace with all creatures and life forms. We don’t really behave like HUMANS sometimes.

  • ash says:

    KARMA (fingers crossed)…. I don’t know what else to say to people that would do something like this…. Would words really help our planets lowest lifeform…. Shame on you Clubbers, and shame on the Canadians that don’t stick up for world rights…. Hopefully Karma and/or Darwinism will take care of these people. I know I would if I saw them.

  • kp says:

    shame canadians … shame

  • Alejandra Luna Sanchez says:


  • Jayne Matthews says:

    and we call ourselves civilised!!!! Anybody carrying out this barbaric and inhumane act puts shame on the human race as civilised beings. This should end NOW, let’s take pride and show respect for our fellow animals, who although they may not speak our language (which apparently puts us higher up in the intelligence aspect (HA!) they have their own form of intelligence that maybe we do not understand, should that make us dumb because we don’t understand them!!!!!

  • Gina Boullosa says:


  • Tammy says:

    I would like to add my voice in outrage against the baby seal killing. They are babies!!!!!!!!! Doesn’t that mean anything?

  • Lea Parrell says:

    Please end this barbaric act NOW!!!

  • Tatiana V says:

    This is beyond shameful, and it’s absolutely horrific, and the slaughter of the innocent baby seals should be forbidden by International law. How is it possible that Canada – and especially it’s citizens do not stand up against their government and it’s barbaric decisions?

  • Shti Riz says:


  • Becky says:

    I am disgusted Canada would allow such an inhumane and cruel act!!!!

  • Kori says:

    Makes me wanna build a little seal yard in my back yard and raise them so they won’t be beaten…

    But then I’d support letting animals go homesick. D:


    Also in the name of the greatest world pianist – the Canadian Glenn Gould – who loved these gorgeous animals (and not only), oh please stop for ever this shameful and unacceptable slaughtering.
    annamaria italy

  • claudia caf says:

    Please, when Peta’s site in espanol?
    I am from Argentina and need to create conscience for these lands.
    Thank you.
    Claudia Caf

  • aLyssa crystaL says:

    i cant understand why do they have to kill those innocent animals specially seals… baby seals… they are so selfish… its unfair…

  • L. Walton says:

    Shame on Canada! This has gone on for far too long!
    The seal slaughter has no place in the modern world and has no place in any civilised or evolved culture.
    It is disrespectful of motherhood and pays no regard for the sanctity of life.
    Its a disgraceful blight on modern humanity.

  • We were meant by our creator to shepherd this world and its animal life, not slaughter it.

    Hey Canada! Only Americans are this heartless! You don’t need to copy our bad habbits!!!!!

    Robert E. Nelson

  • Lenin says:

    Greetings from Ecuador,
    It is really sad to see the way the world turns. I congratulate this organization for the actions it is taking towards the animals. Every effort is very little but what matters is the effort itself. I think the world’s worst problem is the way we think. Humans have not been able to realize that we are all one. Humans think they are different, special and divine, even superior. I think this fool way of thinking must be deleted. We must start thinking again. Make a new paradigm. How big is the sun? How tall are you? Is there a way you are superior? We are probably the same size of a ball of dust on our desk compared to the size of the sun. If we are such small how can we then kill the other animals? They don’t speak. But is that enough to say they don’t think or feel? Of course not. We must identify ourselves with mother nature. We now stablish contact with buildings and electronic devices and forget, because all of the great achivements we’ve gotten, that we are nothing but animals with the peculiar skill of creating things. But animals at the end. Let’s try to find our way back to love our earth.

  • Kristine Mathews says:

    All Creatures,…Great and Small
    The Good Lord
    He Maketh and Loveth them All

    Why can you not understand this, Canada? The world looks on you with disgrace. And I mean diss grace!

  • giovanna says:

    I wish I could talk to the “gentlemen” Canadian parliamentary government to tell them my disgust for the massacre of seals!

  • Nigel Greaves says:

    I am so thankful to PETA for highlighting the slaughter. There will always be those prepared to stoop so low in committing cruelty to defenceless animals. As a previous writer stated above, it’s a pity we can’t all join up on the ice and confront the seal slaughterers! We could, at least, tell them head on how we feel. We must never give up!

  • adam says:

    it is really sad and stmach wrenching to witness such barbaric cruelty, but then, once again its the human race inflicting such terror on other creatures as usual. china, japan, vietnam, turkey, egypt, lebanon, france, italy, russia, africa, south america, us and now canada! every continent has its own version of unfathomable cruelty to animals. be it shelters, slaugther houses or culling etc…. we as a race are governed by cruelty in its many forms. how far shall we go without being prosecuted for our actions? wild animals raid farms and livestock after their natural food has been depleted by humans and they are exterminated, while when humans mercilessly make animals suffer, all they recieve is a slap on the wrist! what we need isn’t just a few few people that care, but a worlwide revolution!!!!

  • Vanessa says:

    To stop to kill these lovely animals. They in what not guilty. They need to be loved. Same the Divine beings!!

  • violet says:

    Who is wearing Fur ????? I live on the west coast and haven’t seen anyone wearing fur for years. Whom ever is doing the killings is using excuses such as demand for fur. I think anyone can use excuses for anything they choose to do. Our government is great at approving of anything that they think will never affect them. Until it does. Just like the gangs doing all the killings here. Now that it affects someone in power they have decided to take action. It’s an atrosity that they so inhumanely carry out these acts and allow them to be carried out all the while blaming the rest of the population. Electing them was our mistake as a population as a whole but lets not let being accountable for the crimes they commit and approve of being commited be our second mistake. Wether it’s seals or wales or people for that matter, we all need to do our part and let them know how we feel.

  • Kyla says:

    Stop the baby seal slaughter!!!! Seals are wonderful creatures, that do not deserve to be killed. Baby seals are suffering because of Canada’s seal slaughtering. PETA is trying to help animals that are going through rough times. So, if you want to stop the slaughtering of baby seals…..join PETA.!.!.!.!.

  • zaskira says:

    O my lord!!! ARE YOU kidding me?! -for fur?!!!!!!! THIS IS SICK!!! I REFUSE ABSOLUTLY REFUUUSE!!!! to buy anything canadian!!! this is horrible, DREADFUL- THEYRE CREATURES TOO!!!!!!! they have lives too!!! this is SO horrible AND THEY ARE 12 DAYS OLD????!!!! SICK – SICK SIIIICK!!!!! NO !! im putting my voice out – this is the MOST horrendus thing i have ever heard and im STILL A TEEN!!

  • Maisa says:

    UUM, this is one of the proofs that there is nothing called “The free world, animal rights, democracy……..”….. How can a human commit such an ugly crime and call themselves a modern civilized country, how ?????
    How??? Do you people see the contradiction??? I am Canadian so it makes me feel guilty…..If this doesn’t wake the world up i don’t know what will??
    And we call Arabs terrorists???!!!

  • Betty says:

    The human being it’s the most cruel animal in the world.

  • Jerri Miller says:

    I not only will boycott EVERYTHING Canadian, but I also will boycott the Olympics.
    FOR SHAME CANADA…isn’t life worth anything to you?
    How about you murder your own children in front of their mothers? Wouldn’t that be fun?

  • Blagica Mitic says:

    This is not normal, in this 21. , this world is going DOWN ONLY BECAUSE MURDERS LIKE CANADA AND CHINA, JAPAN, TURKEY., this world will end one day only because of them, or God will start to clean fucked up mental humans, STOP THIS NOT NORMAL KILLING OF OUR LIL FRIENDS, THEY ARE GODS CHILDREN AND HE SEND US SO WE HELP THEM AND MAKE THEM HAPPY AND WATCH OVER THEM SO THEY BE FINE.., AND WHAT SICK MONSTERS WHO CALL THEM SELF HUMAN ARE DOING, THIS HAS TO END FOR GOOD, How this people would like that we start to kill there baby’s in front of them…, this is fucking same.., SO PLEASE STOP THIS SUFFERING NOW! WE ARE ALL ALIVE WE ARE ALL SAME!

  • venganese girl says:

    To anyone else who’s made ignorant comments like Joe Hanon’s, Merryl Goldmen’s, or any of the other ridiculous ones I haven’t had time to read through, boycotting and entire country is not an effective means to which an intelligent person/organization send a message. If you hope to effect change you must do it from this inside out, ignoring it doesn’t make the problem go away. It’s just not helpful.

  • venganese girl says:

    ok, this is obviously awful and a disgrace to Canada. AS a Canadian citizen I am embarrassed and outraged that this is still ongoing. But to Joe Hanon, your comment was simply ignorant and annoying. Canadians as a whole aren’t the ones you should be blaming or penalizing by “refusing to purchase anything Canadian” that is just unintelligible and quite offensive. By your logic, anyone who stands against anything would not be able to purchase anything because the country of its origin undoubtedly does something or other that is unforgivable to animals,etc.
    Your comment is ridiculous and counterproductive to this dialogue! It’s about creating awareness of this specific problem and dealing with it in a helpful way, bot boycotting the entire country (as if your sole boycott would do anything to our economy). In short, if you have nothing smart to say, try not to say anything at all. We are all here because we care about animals, we don’t need negative ignorant clutter from Trolls like you.

  • Northstar says:

    This is very horrible…makes me sick!! God loves these beautiful creatures.Why torture them?? So wrong!! I will support and help all I can.


  • I don´t understand how humanity became a race of blood and death, all living beings are alike. stop the violence!

  • Charlotte Deceuninck says:

    It is this way inhuman and stupid what there they do! That change must comes there rapidly!
    Change must come in Canada!

  • Jennifer Ogden says:

    What is wrong with the Canadian government, they should be ashamed! I will continue to boycott this sick country. I’m not afraid to let everyone I know and meet why they too should boycott this very sad place.

  • vincenzo says:

    killing Sensient animals is a great shame!
    For Canada it is a sign of ‘incivility

  • Vaishali Acharya says:

    I beg the canadian govt to immediately stop this bloody massacre of innocent baby seals. My heart pained & eyes filled with tears when I read this report – can’t imagine how the mother & baby seals actually experience this!!

  • Snezana Filipovic says:

    terrible!!! stop it!!!

  • Allen says:

    What a disgrace!!! The killing of these poor beautiful animals is a shame. It makes me sooo ashamed to be a Canadian.

  • Ernie says:

    I want the killing of harp seals to stop….and lots of other atrocities beyond the scope of this email. Personally my compassion is not tied-in with a God. My desire to put an end to seal hunts stems from my ‘flat and even respect for all life’ policy as much as living allows. As humans we need to limit the amount of suffering on any living being; this should be our prime imperitive simply because they [Harp Seals] are living entities that can feel pain and fear etc etc. Life does not need to be so cheap.

  • pamela says:

    people (and i use the term loosley) who are so barbaric that they could slaughter a baby in front of its mother have no conscious . therefore you cant reason with them as you would a normal feeling person. they are like serial killers who view their victims as “items “not living feeling creatures.since we cant deal with those who practice this unspeakable cruel behavior on a moral level and this includes the government that not only allows it but endorses it- then the only way we can reach them is the only place they care about. thats right!!! we can hit them where it hurts-right in the pocket book. we must boycott all things canadian until this stops. i and all my friends and family will immediately stop purchasing anything from canada.i hope the rest of you do the same and continue to spread the word. obviously canada cant be reasoned with or shamed into decent behavior mayby money is the only language they understand.COME ON CANADIAN CITIZENS -SPEAK UP FOR THE BABY SEALS>DONT BE BARBARIANS >JOIN THE 21 ST CENTURY WHERE WE RECOGNIZE ALL CREATURES HAVE FEELINGS NOT ONLY HUMANS (WELL MOST OF US)

  • Lisa says:

    I sent this to everyone in my email list asking them to send an email the Olympic Committee. Making Canadians aware of this issue is how we can get it to stop. I can’t think of anyone who would agree with it, and if we can just get everyone to speak out then change has got to happen. So spread the word!

  • eva says:

    i can’t belive it…thank god i live in EU.Those who are killing animals,aren’t humans, they are monsters!!i don’t know, why are people soo cruel…i hope one day this will stop…and that the people, who are killing this animals will go to jale. I’m sad, that the people who have the power to stop this(canada’s goverment), doesn’t do anything to stop it. In the world are so many problems because of us, humans…

  • Gina Gaffke says:

    disgusting and barbarick

  • Teixiera says:

    They need to stop. Cruelty is it’s own reward.

  • Giovanna says:

    There are no words…. only tears.

  • Diana Abu Shattal says:

    Unbelievable ! Canada is a civilised country and they still kill these beautiful animals.

  • Romea Zbogar says:

    I hope the day will come soon, when a Homo Sapiens, will trully become a Homo Sapiens and realise that we are all conected and that the animals have also a soul and they feel, they are happy, sad ecc just like humans and they are our best friends!

  • Les says:

    “If only I could hunt the hunters’………………Alanis Morrisette

    One of the worst examples of barbarian behavior existing today.

  • ülkü bora says:

    who is animal we or other?

  • Helen says:

    Stop the brutality. Why this cruelty on these poor Seals. Don’t these murderers have any conscience of what they are doing . How can you do this to these animals. Don’t their screams and crying bother any of you, that is so quickl to club them to death.
    Think about it, why?????

  • Please stop killing harp seals! You guys want to go to the hell? Canada is breaking so many peoples heart.It’s SHAME on you Canada. I’ll definitely boycott all products and winter olympic games .You guys are not human being!!!

  • Jeong Won Park says:

    Please stop killing harp seals….You guys want to go to the hell? Canada is breaking so many peoples heart…It’s shame on Canada!!! I’ll definitely boycott all products and winter olympic games!! you guys are not human being!!!

  • Desmond Ondatje says:

    The horror and sorrow that many people experience when looking into this issue will hopefully lead us into taking immediate action to end this cruel activity once and for all. Very good suggestions that others have shared! Keep working in all different ways to tip the scales in our favor. Unfortunately we’re aware that many more creatures will be slaughtered before this comes about, which will hopefully give us a sense of urgency in our actions as well as perseverance.

  • Tara Leigh says:

    I am so tired and heartbroken about all of the animal slaughter that goes on on this world every single day. God did not intend for us to treat the world and the inhabitants of this earth – with complete inhumanity. The market is driven by greed – plain and simple. We do not require animal skin/fur for anything! I absolutely love the faux fur options available today and I further love to tell people (if I am wearing anything faux) it is NOT real animal fur…and there is no need whatsoever to wear anything real! I also find myself tired with the attitude some people display by simply turning the other way. I find some people love to try to justify their own behaviors by putting down those of uS who are realists and choos the face the reality of what actually happens. It IS okay to feel something about mistreatment and torture. I also find people don’t want to know or don’t want to watch, hear about or witness the reality. I am talking about all of it…the fur farms, the factory farms, the fur slaughter in China, the fur slaughter in Canada……really, it is very shameful Canada is still allowing this to go on! I actally have a girlfriend who was telling me all about her wedding and showing me pictures and going on and on about the fur coat she borrowed and wore on her wedding day. She then proceeded to tell me how she wants to own a fur coat of her own. After I started to address the issues at hand she actually said to me “Oh please….these animals are raised for this!!!!!”. I challenge anyone with a heart and mind to actually witness the slaughter and skinning (yes, alive!) of these animals. There is no need for this! If nothing else, why can these animals not be killed humanely…euthanasia????????????????????? To see an animal writhing in pain as it’s skin is being torn from it’s body – helpless to stop it…..to see an animal skinless – writhing in pain, blinking it’s eyes, looking at it’s bloody skinless body, trying to lick it and crying in pain and to see the people who are doing it over and over again – is to look right into the eyes of the devil. I wish it was broadcast on every possible media worldwide, and that people were made to watch it – instead of the crap that is on TV!!! Seeing is believing and I can’t help but believe most who would witness would change. As Ghandi put it so wisely: The More Helpless A Creature Is, The More It Is Entitled To Protection………and….You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World. I pray for change. Please Stop the Slaughter!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruth says:

    Who are we to exploit our beautiful animal brothers & sisters in this manner? The Canadian Government ought to be ashamed of themselves – we are no longer living in the Victorian ages. STOP THE VOILENCE ON THESE BEAUTFUL CREATURES!

  • Linda says:

    We all strive for peace, love & joy, yet how can this world
    achieve such when we allow others to harm gentle innocent
    big eyed baby seals. Please wake up Canada & have a heart.
    The time has come to lead with heart wisdom! Please &
    Thank you for awakening to your conscious competence.

  • LISA says:


  • Roger Clement says:

    I think it is about time the so called people of the”civilized world” were held accountable for the intentional killing of animals in the same way that humans are held accountable. We “humans” have a lot to answer for and, if we dont speak out in defence of animals, then we are just as guilty as the perpetrators themselves.

  • Fatehpaul says:

    I was wondering if there’s a petition we can download for this

  • victor says:

    Unbelievable!!!! IT is necessary to STOP that crime….

  • Juan says:

    I forgot to mention: one way to bring attention to this issue is to go ahead and boycott THE 2010 WINTER OLYMPICS in VANCOUVER.

  • Juan says:

    I am a canadian citizen and have lived in this fantastic country for 30 years. I was proud to be canadian until I saw and read articles about the slaughter of those beautiful animals. Unfortunately this conservative government is trying to find excuses to support this new way of job creation, based on gaining more support in the next election from this particular province. The same goes for the liberal party, as the hunt also carried on under their mandate.

  • Caryl says:

    Besides being brutal and inhumane, this gives Canada a very bad reputation. There is no reason for this practice. It makes Canada appear to be a callous nation where animals are brutalized. Please stop this now. It’s making non Canandians think twice before buying your products.

  • E says:

    Canada should be embarrassed & ashamed that they allow this disgusting & deplorable crime against defenseless babies to happen. SHAME. ON. CANADA.

  • Menuka D says:

    I live in Edmonton,Canada and I’m fully aware of this disgusting act conducted under the bold supervion of the Ontario gov. I don’t think circulating mails about this dispute will make a significant difference but the best thing is to lobby the gov. / resposible authorities via demonstations and a huge media campaign ( ex- T.V adds) . Then stikes the problem – money……….

    As cheif Seattle said, mankind will never realize the value of animals untill all animals are gone , by then it will be too late.

  • Cheryl Beveridge says:

    This needs to be stopped!! It just breaks my heart to think this is going on. These poor little seals are suffering for nothing how can people be so cruel and heartless. It makes me so angry inside these people need to be stopped. I am a Canadian and it makes me sick to my stomach to know this is happening. Every year I here about this and I wish I could do something to stop it. SEALS HAVE RIGHTS TOO! I am not proud to be Canadian if this is what goes on in my country!

  • Marian Wither says:

    May whomever is in charge of this cruel act, put an end to it at once.Surely we can do without their precious furs,as they need them and we do not. Please all you people that are buying their furs STOP IT!!! May my message be heard. Thank you!!!

  • Amber says:

    I happen to find this heart breaking. Just looking at the baby seal in the picture made me cry. This is crule and horrible the people in Canada are doing to the seals. I think these people are monsters, for killing the seals, esspecialy by beating them to death. Baby seals do NOT deserve to be killed.

  • Lyndal says:

    Absolutely sickening. I am totaly lost for words! The only words I can think of are unprintable.

  • Kash says:

    Killing something that cannot protect itself … such cowards!
    Bashing in the head of little helpless animals, SHAME on you!
    I know we kill animals for food… animals kill each other for food… that is acceptable.
    If you needed to kill an animal to clothe yourself because there was no other option .. that would be understandable (as it was in pre-historic times)
    But we have options now … and the technology to make warm clothing and fake fur … invest you time and energies there .. and leave the seals alone!

  • Erika says:

    To J DeMarco :PETA is a special place where they care for all animals not just dogs cats and horses

  • Erika says:

    People who do this are so cruel and could care less about the animals fellings I get mad when people do this to adorable and cute animals

  • Nigel says:

    Below is a letter I recently wrote to the Toronto’s Globe and Mail which recently ran a story about several trapped dolphins in the ice off virtually the same location where the annual slaughter takes place:

    “First, I think what the local towns people did in saving those dolphins was a wonderful, selfless act.

    But here’s what confuses me – most, if not all of those towns people will likely go home tonight, sit down to dinner and eat either beef, chicken, pork, lamb, or non-dolphin friendly tuna. Some may even partake in the annual seal slaughter on the East coast.

    How is that humans are able to find compassion for some species in certain circumstances yet remain completely indifferent to the cruelty they inflict on other species?”

    There is undoubtedly something wrong with any human being who is able to brutally slaughter any creature at his/her own hands.

  • Cheryl Cross says:

    Dispicable. What kind of people are capable of this act? I only hope that “what comes around, goes around” and some day the people participating might feel the same pain.

  • Rachel Devlin says:

    NO matter how many times someone calls them murders or sick individuals, its not going to chance something deeper has to be done, to save the seals.

  • Adele Woods says:

    It is time Canada lived up to its name! When I immigrated to Canada I thought I was coming to a country of peace and careing, but I was wrong Canada is still living in the past they treat there wild life as if it owes them something. Some thrid world country treat their animals with far more respect. With technology to-day there is no need to wear furs. The Government protect the people for life is precious we all have one life and so do the animals they have one life on this earth and they have the right to live it. Nature gave us these animals for a purpose to protect and cherish, there life cycles are inportant to the existance of this world we live on. This does not mean that we have the right to take the one live they have away. We would not kill our human babys just because there are two many.Canada needs to stop living in the past with its old traditions of hunting and trophy hunting. This is the 21 centaury.

  • Robyn Wolf says:

    Please, SAVE the Seals~~ they are God’s precious animals. Thankyou so much, luv and hugz, Robyn Wolf

  • John Stout says:

    Aww seems sweet how much everyone cares about these seals. Now is it the fact that we see them as “cute” that makes you all angry or do you have that same passion in other such “injustices”. The fact of the matter is, people always exploit animals; directly or indirectly. Yes, even you readers. When you put down a trap for mice, accidently squish countless bugs under your feet when you walk across grass or when you apply anti bacterial handwash: you are ending a life. I’m afraid in these situations, you just have to be objective and detached.

  • Marlene says:

    This is crazy! What the hell the gouverment of Canada think he is? or who the hell is approving this slaughter of these poor animals. These seals in my opinion are no one’s and I mean it, no one have the right to kill them! And who is doind this slaughter and is finding it as a hobby or something fun, they are all mental people including the goverment. I think that they need to be teached instead of kinder graden children maybe someday they will learn what is right and wrong. And for last may God punish them and send them straight to hell!

  • Eileen says:

    I will not step foot into Canada again until this stops! I have gone over many times to the casinos, restaurants or to shop since I live near the Ambassador Bridge. But not anymore. In my opinion, the people that wear the fur of baby seals are just as sick as the people that are capable of clubbing them. How would you feel if you had to watch your child being clubbed to death right in front of you? But you probably believe they have no feelings and it doesn’t affect the mother seal in any way. We don’t need the fur or hide of any animal to keep warm. Just buy a damned coat!! Do you honestly think you look good wearing this fur? Because the reality is, you are looked at with disgust. If this sounds cruel, too bad! What is being done to these poor babies is beyond cruel! It takes a very sick individual to club a poor, defenseless animal. How you can even live with yourself is beyond me. Not only should this be stopped but the people doing it should be in prison. And while in prison, maybe hit over the head with a baseball bat a few times a day. This is as polite as I can be on this subject.

  • Alan lymburner says:

    Stop your crying peta. Canada saves hundreds of thousends of seals every year from starvasion .the heards are out of controll thay have to be regulated and controled haveing said that the inuit need seal meat to live and ther coats to keep warm its been going on long before peta and the white man were in u.s.a canada have done a lot of research on the hunt
    and the club is by far the moast humanie way to go

  • Dr. Randall Hardy says:

    Of course this practise is inhuman, insane and horrible. Look to the cause of this continued practise – follow the money. Whether it is the war in Iraq or killing baby seals, the profit motive drives barbarians to do their dastardly deeds. How do they sleep at night? They fall asleep by counting their money. Let’s all keep pushing for the right thing to do and speak Truth to power.

  • Jaquie says:

    This is were evil lives, a normal human being cannot or would not consider this Satan act. It is the most barbaric practice and the Canadian government need to act now to stop it, i always wanted to go to Canada but i will not step foot in a country who’s government has little regard for life. We know about this because Peta are making us aware of it, it needs to go further to grab the attention of civilized people and people who care. The more marketing this issue has, the better we have in stopping it altogether. Unfortunately when power goes to the wrong people in government (quite often), these unlawful acts happen.

  • Deepa Mahajan says:

    The main reason for so much cruelty to animals is HUMAN POPULATION and their over consumption and consumerism. As the population grows ever millions more we need more of everything. More meat, more milk, more greed for fur and animal products.
    Earlier man used skin of animals as a covering, and meat as food. There was plenty, there were forests,wild animals and enough cultivated land to let all live in peace. As cloth and other products developed, the animal skin demand went down.But then came came the consumerism age. They had to sell.So almost every other day became a festival day.
    Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s day, brother day, sister day and so forth. The sellers had a ball selling stuff. Many of them animal products, whether it was necessary or not. The pace is so fast that now more and more is needed and faster and faster.
    So who has time for animal welfare.Painful hormone injections are given to cows for more milk. Animals are slaughtered without giving a care for their feelings and pain. Humane injections cost money so let it die an excruciating death. They dont care. These very people who kill animals in such a manner and cry if even a finger of their loved ones gets cut.
    What right have they? Did they create the animals? They cannot even create an atom then who gives them the right to take a life?
    The Chinese Torture is very well known specially in the armed forces. They are even worse than the terrorists!!
    I think the only way is education and a much faster and bigger campaign with videos for the whole world to see. Perhaps through media like newspapers,cinema halls,educational institutes etc and of course the internet.
    Even rats live peacefully when there are few in a hole,but will start killing each other when there are too many.
    We are still not developed enough to start colonizing other planets and de-populating this world.Perhaps just as well as such humans will create mayhem in the universe.
    Nature is the best leveler. When it gets too much it selects the best of the species and destroys all else. But do we have to get to that?

  • Patrizia Mogliani says:

    vanity … for what? Does it have the colour of blood? The entire world is watching, again. it is pure nonsense. This useless massacre has to stop. Mother Earth’s soul is wounded by man’s cruel actions. The animal world is part of her soul, the earth cries, the animals cry, and what are people supposed to do?
    I don’t think killing innocent lives is the answer. these living beings cannot defend themselves. is this courage? is this respect? You, people, the very same that hold that club (or the pen which will sign the agreement to get this thing started), stop and think. stop and breathe, and then .. breathe again. The air will bring you its whisper: “stop …, don’t …, why? …”. We are all part of the same delicate, endangered balance. Look at the big innocent eyes of these little fluffy creatures. They won’t understand why they have to die. You CAN understand that it is better stop, put the club down and strike them sweetly. Just try, just do it. You have the chance to be a better man, a better soul. Mother earth will give you her blessing for this. Thank you. And thank you P.E.T.A.

  • Wallace Ho says:


    The Canadian Government has ability to force these to violate or the maltreatment behavior. Now may also have these non humanity behavior existence? Is whose making mistakes? The Human Being (those hunters who mercilessly slaughter baby or grown up seals, purchasers, and customers). They are making the big mistakes.
    Your parents, teachers, friends or Buddhism is teach the humanity to love and care all kinds of life in this world. Cannot massacre the incapable revolt animals, the humanity not to be able to decide their survival, the nature can adjust.

    Must stop Non humanity behavior immediately.

  • Lezelle Karamalidis says:

    THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!!! I really do not know how people can kill these poor defenseless animals. How can they live with themselves? PLEASE STOP BUYING FUR…..The more we buy the more they will kill.. When will we learn!!! Man is so cruel seals, whales, fighting dogs to death, factory animals, puppy mills, the selling of exotic pets, the abuse in the circus of animals. I could go on and on. Man is a cruel creature, he kills his own every day in this world along with its creatures. We have one planet we all live on, but man insists on abusing it. I am sick thinking of mans inhumanity to man, and the creatures on it. Thank you P.E.T.A, and all the organizations that try so hard to make a difference.

  • Mrs Ann Padley says:


  • Shame Canada, very big SHAME!!!….You must stop this!

  • Gabriela says:

    I am Mexican, but I lived some time in Toronto, Canada; and I have this deeply love for that country and its people; but I am completely shocked to know that without any consideration, love and RESPECT for nature, they continue killing these magnificent mammals who don’t do any harm on anybody, but the contrary; they are lovely, kind with those beautiful, tender and innocent eyes, gentle beings and they have, as well as any other being on earth, the right to be FREE, happy and the right to LIVE! I cannot just imagine how a person could be so cruel, cold and MEAN to inflict any pain on a harmless animal whose only sin, if any, is being born in a heartless country,as it seems to be; thanks to Canadian government.
    I totally agree on not going to the Vancouver olympics; not buying any product from Canada; not promoting Canada AT ALL!!!, I am so disappointed in Canada’s government; and some of its people… so sad!
    We should be together and STOP this cruelty; this shame…

  • Patricia Anne Batac says:

    I do feel so sad regading this matter. These defenseless baby seals are being killed for their whitefur!?! Anyone can be fashionable without compromising other creatures! How could anyone do that? I pray that God will bring justice in this kind of inhumane activity and those who are involved will get their share of the pain that they have brought with these baby seals. God created everything for humans to use and enjoy…but it is NEVER absolute! Humans are responsible for sustaining life on earth and not bring destruction to it! GOD SEES EVERYTHING THAT WE DO…

  • FRANKIE WAN says:


  • Shloka says:

    This is cruel, and it goes against human ethics. Those poor seals!

  • Anna says:

    Stop blaming ALL of Canada. I am from Vancouver and have long been absolutely sick to my stomach regarding the seal hunt. I want it to end just as much, if not more, than anyone else. I wish there was more I could do. I have written to commitees, etc, etc. I do the same amount to try and stop this as you do. I dont really know what else to do. Its very shameful, but I dont know anyone who DOES support this, or anyone who DOES wear fur.

    The people who are doing this are mainly Newfoundlanders who have lost jobs when the fisheries went out of business. Its very very wrong and unneccessary.

  • Carole Spencer says:


  • Mònica CALÒ says:

    la nobleza de un pueblo se reconoce de acuerdo a la bondad con que trata alos animales (GHANDI)

    PLEASE STOP THIS HORRID SLAUTHER!!!! THIS UNHUMAN ACTS!!! S T O P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Courtney C. says:

    I’m a strong believer that if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Commercial seal hunting certainly doesn’t sit well with me. In fact, I find it difficult to believe that anyone would find this act acceptable. Please stop the seal slaughter!

  • Mònica CALÒ says:

    la nobleza de un pueblo se reconoce de acuerdo a la bondad con que trata alos animales (GHANDI)

  • Peter Siemens says:

    I happen to be a Canadian, and yes I do think that this is wrong and inhumane, but I don’t think you need to go about blaming ALL of Canada for it. We could blame ALL of the United States for cruelly slaughtering chickens, but we don’t. I’m sure you know this, but I just want to remind you that we don’t all slaughter seals for a living. It seems that you forget that Canada is an entire country, and we the citizens are not responsible for the actions of a small number of us.

    Anyways, good luck with the campaign.

  • Sammi says:

    Firstly, I am appalled at some comments left here.
    Like the person who said that they are brutal killers of sea kittens and deserve what they get, and the other person who said “but it creates jobs”.
    There is no price on a life. This is certainly unethical and wrong. I am speechless. Just sickened.

  • Sheila says:

    It is hard to believe that man still likes to make animals suffer
    needlessly when there would be a more human way to kill a animal when there is a need to kill. I would not want to face God with this inhuman way of doing things. People like this would no doubt do the same to people.

  • jessica says:

    it is horrible that people can kill a living being so beautiful and innocent
    fight against it is a matter of life

  • gabrielle says:

    Well, here we go again, another year and still my government allows this barbaric act to go on. I’m ashamed to say that this hunt is approved by the Canadian Govt. The department of fisheries and oceans are the ones who decide just how many baby seals are allowed to be slaughtered, all in the name of vanity. How pathetic that we as humans allow this to continue, the ice in our waters will be stained with the blood of innocent babies while their mothers watch and cry and are unable to protect their young. Could we be any more cruel, inhumane and evil. Anyone who is capable of doing this must not have a conscience. The government has told the world that the hunt is necessary to keep the seal populations under control because they feed on cod and the cod numbers have been down for years, but the truth of the matter is the cod numbers are down do to overfishing, allowing foreign vessels into our waters and dragging everything out of them, even when these vessels have reached their quotas, they still fish out of pure greed. If the seals were truly the cause of the cod decline why not kill the adults so that less babies would be born, why not just shoot them. The only reason is that the babies fur is what the fashion industry wants, these animals are slaughtered for no other reason than vanity. Perhaps if these animals were being killed to feed a nation, and were being killed humanely it MIGHT be more acceptable but even that would be wrong. I’m so ashamed to say that in my country we are not doing anything to stop this, we turn our heads and look the other way because we can’t be bothered. Well I’ve been writing to the dept of fisheries and oceans for years now, to no avail. I’m asking everyone who reads about this to please please please send it to everyone you know, if people around the world start hurting the Canadian fisheries pocket books by boycotting canadian seafood products than maybe one day in the near future this will stop. I truly hope that what goes around comes around and that when the hunter’s judgement day comes that they are imposed with a suffering as painful as what they have inflicted.

  • farsim says:

    PLEASE STOP BUYING FUR…..The more we buy the more they will kill..

  • barbara fraser says:

    When will we learn!!! Man is so cruel seals, whales, fighting dogs to death, factory animals, puppy mills, the selling of exotic pets, the abuse in the circus of animals. I could go on and on. Man is a cruel creature, he kills his own every day in this world along with its creatures. We have one planet we all live on, but man insists on abusing it. I am sick thinking of mans inhumanity to man, and the creatures on it. Thank you P.E.T.A, and all the organizations that try so hard to make a difference. Barbara Fraser.

  • Brenda Heiden says:

    How would the members of the Canadian governmen feel if their babies were slaughtered in front of them? Like seals don’t have feelings! My tourist dollars will not be going to Canada ever AGAIN. The Olympics – forget it. You don’t deserve them.

    Stop the slaughter! Please don’t buy items made from fur.

  • Erica Van Tassell says:

    I was talking with a young lady from Canada and I asked her if they were still slaughtering baby seals and she said that they did not pursue that any longer. What this shows is that people are unaware that this is going on in their own country. Thankyou Peta for exposing and bringing to light these issus. These poor, beatiful, animals DO NOT deserve this! Why would people want to wear fur in the first place? It is so hard to fathom why there is so, so much cruelty in the world towards animals. To me, God is found in nature and wildlife. This is evil, purely evil. This must be stopped and soon as possible. I will also boycott products and trips to canada untill this is banished.

  • Teri says:

    This made me sad as a child. Now it’s back; as an adult, I’m still saddened.
    I see all of these comments from all around the world. PETA brought all of us together; great work, PETA!
    I see 2 posts from Canadians; for both of them, please share the worlds’ view of the seal hunt. If there is some way non-Canadian citizens can influence the officials and law-makers to express our opinion; please share with us.
    If we all work together, maybe we can stop this forever.
    The Winter Olympics may just draw much-needed attention to this terrible bloodsport.

  • Jane says:

    I still don’t know how people can do this!!! Seals are living things!!, they have feelings and a life, which have to be respect!. If Canada is a developed nation, I think canadian people should start acting according to that. When they kill and torture poor animals, they prove that they have no heart or feelings!!!

  • Kathy. says:

    OKAY. So as a Canadian, it’s kind of annoying when all of these people are bashing Canada as a whole because of seal clubbing. Especially when it also occurs in 4 other countries, including Russia. Yes, most of the world’s seal hunting does take place in Canada, but these seals aren’t just used for their fur!

    The Inuit people (who, by the way have been doing this for thousands of years) also relied on this (and many people still do) as a source of nutrition, using practically every part of the seal. Now, these people are being looked upon as MONSTERS because they’ve been doing something their ancestors were doing to survive!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure not all of those seal hunters are all “innocent” and may very well get some sick satisfaction out of hurting these seals. It obviously isn’t humane, so I’m not arguing that point. But why not help figure out a way to humanely do it? People aren’t seeing the big picture when they make sweeping statements about this.

    Do you realize how many people will be jobless? Unemployment rates are already dramatically increasing in the middle of this recession, why make it worse? And it’s not like these hunters and their families live in main cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax, etc! There aren’t many other options, if any! Homelessness will increase, I’m sure.

    Don’t think I don’t give a crap about these seals, because I do! (Although I’m sure most people will hate me anyway for saying all of this..) But you can’t stop or start something without there being ramifications to deal with later down the road…

    As for the Winter Olympics, give me a break!! The Bejiing Olympics went on, didn’t they, even though there was much controversy regarding human rights there? Why should the athletes be punished for something they aren’t involved in? Just saying.

    I hope someone can read this and not automatically think I’m a horrible person, because it shows that they can not just shut down someone who doesn’t think the same way as them. And hasn’t it been said many times over “How can we expect animals to be treated fairly if we can’t even treat other HUMANS fairly?”.

  • Lisa says:

    I know that the Inuit will say that this is a practice that has been handed down in their families for generations,,and nothing taken from the animal is wasted….well,,this is now 2009 and the Government needs to take a stand against these so called “groups” that claim it is their heritage and “right” to kill animals in the name of survival…if we don’t take a stand against them ,,who will,,the seals cannot speak for themselves and if we don’t there won’t be any left for our children and grandchildren,,so sad:(

  • Kate says:

    I cannot even begin to imagine how anyone could take a club and beat an innocent creature to death while that creature is crying and looking up at them while being clubbed. What in God’s name could that killer be thinking while doing this?? Surely, there MUST be another way of living for these people. Go out west to Edmonton and work at Tim Hortons. I hear they are hiring for $20 an hour. Surely that’s more money than what they are making clubbing baby seals to death… and oh, by the way, they won’t have blood-stained hands while serving the coffee!!!!

  • Katie Huigens says:

    If people would refuse to buy anything created with these poor creatures’ fur, there wouldn’t be any reason for this. Stop killing these poor animals and for God’s sake, DON’T BUY ANYTHING made with their fur!

  • C. says:

    all lets email -talk, public outcry about this, with the seals losing more of their land. It is stupid and barbaric for them to continue this act. Why cant the Canadian government see this? I will try to veto for them to have the Winter Olympics if this stupidity continues!

  • Maymor Gómez Torres says:

    Why people??? Why people??? Why do not want to understand that we are living in the same home with the same rights????? and when I say “WE” I am talking about every species that live in this world…!!!

  • Sergio Alday says:

    I can´t believe, we are living in the 21th century?

  • Ludmila Jarabicova says:

    Please, please, please stop this massacre. Stop this in killing Canadian baby seals! It’s cruel and it must end now! Canada, stop killing these babies.

  • James says:

    Before championing about “animal rights “, look what humans have done in the name of “human rights” to humans, and you will see where hummanity stands.
    Japan, Iraq, and recently Gaza in Palestine are all examples of how cruel humans can be. There no such a thing as human rights or animal rights. We are what we are!

  • Craven M. says:

    Those poor fishermen / “harvesters” need their JOBS!

    I say we bring back slavery. This will provide jobs to all manner of people- slavemasters, autioneers, slave-ship seafarers, etc.
    Then we will have lots of jobs!
    I’m with the sealers! Jobs are imortant! And Canada knows this!

    My greatgranfather was a worker in a candle factory, and he lost his job when they introduced this disgusting “electric light bulb”!
    Bring back candles and ban the light bulb!

  • Judy Pittman says:

    With the little respect we have for human life these days it’s no wonder there are barbaric people out there with no respect for animal life either. 

  • Amy Elliott says:

    As a Canadian citizen, I am completely humiliated and disgusted by this barbaric, outdated practice in my own country. Shame on our government for allowing these murderers to to continue the bloodshed annually!!! It breaks my heart and brings me to tears to think of the poor seals and their families that are being destroyed for soulless human greed.
    It must stop now!!!!!!

  • Megs says:

    While the seal hunt it extremely cruel, you have to realize a few things.. First off, the olympics are not responsible for the seal hunt. People didn’t boycott China, and a bunch of animal rights activists boycotting the Vancouver Olympics because it’s in Canada where the seal hunt so happens to take place is not going to change a thing but further your bad reputations to the people that we need on our side in order to end this massacre. There is no need to take it out on my country, there are a ton of people who live here that don’t agree with it. And trust me, the government will not listen unless a lot of people REALLY raise their voices. Whining and crying about it on a peta board is not going to do anything, and if you all really cared you would get up, stand up.. If we really really try it might be possible. That is why I think the petition is an excellent idea. It gives you the best chance if you really get out and get the signatures. There are so many injustices to people and to animals in this world. As brutal as the seal hunt is, it is not the biggest injustice out there. Some of you may think so cause they’re so ridiculously cute, but really there are tons of seals out there, they aren’t endangered and that’s why the government reinstated the right to hunt seals for population control, not because they are heartless and want baby seals clubbed to death. It could be worse, like tigers or elephants… Anyways, it’s a terrible thing, but please don’t shun canada. There’s a lot of good people up here. Bad things happen in every country… And quite frankly a lot of you piss me off. Boycott Canada cause of the seal hunt…
    You might as well boycott the world.. There is cruelty and suffering everywhere.
    And boycotting will really do your cause a lot of good btw. You’re a bunch of hypocrites. (See? I’m generalizing. Those of you who aren’t hypocrites probably just cringed a little, as I did when you generalized Canadians)

    Now excuse me while I get off my ass and make a difference.

  • Billi Alexis says:

    What gives humans the right to put any animal through such excruciating pain for some STUPID MONEY? Doesn’t these HUMAN BEINGS understand that we cannot live off money IE eat it, drink it? Money is paper, paper comes from trees, trees grow from Mother EARTH and human beings NEED MOTHER EARTH to survive… not only do we need her to be healthy for us to survive, but Mother Earth also needs her children, not just human beings, but her animals that are apart of nature. By the way, animals only kill to survive, they eat everything they kill. They don’t cut off their furs, tusks or paws, and sell them for the trade or black market, they don’t think like that, only to survive is how they think and that’s how humans should think too! BUT NO, human beings, for some reason, think they’ve acquired the right to make any animal suffer just to line their pockets. All animals are pure and HOW DARE any human thinks they have the right to do this to such innocent creatures.
    Humanbeings do not have the right! they do not have that right!!!!

  • Amanda says:

    I am so ashamed to be a Canadian because of the seal hunt.
    The majority of Canadians want this stopped but our government is so greedy and they don’t listen to the people.
    This weekend is the Toronto anti seal hunt rally.
    March 14th 1:45-3:00
    Yonge and Dundas Square
    This is being hosted by a different animal welfare group but the goal is the same so please come out and help us save the seals.

  • T. Scheuerman says:

    God shows mercy to the merciful. When the Sealers time comes they too will be shown no mercy. It is evil and must stop.

  • Rhonda Solomon says:

    Please, please stop with horribly inhumane treatment of seals that are helpless to defend themselves!!!!! This is horrible.

  • Mien says:

    Use your sense Canada and stop the killing of animals!!!!!!

  • Daniela Veit says:

    I am sick with grief for the poor baby seals that it seems nothing we ever say or do is succeeding in stopping the disgraceful yearly practice of torturing and slaughtering them. Continuing this practice despite the horror of it is insane. Canada can rest assured I will never buy anything that comes from them. Shame on all of you canadians that go on with your lives without doing anything about it. If you are at all civilized you should take to the streets and demand immediate banning of the annual massacre. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! It’s inhuman!

  • Sierra Pruskauer says:

    Who gives man the right to decide whose life they can take? Have we truly become so barbaric that we believe we can take an innocent animals life into our own hands? Unless we are willing to let ourselves be defined as barbaric cavemen again please stop these inhumane acts! We are not in the era of the stoneage! You Barbarians disgust the human definition!

  • zosten says:

    stop this crualty now!!!

  • Sophie S. says:

    please please pleaseeeeeee stop killing these harmless creatures! how would you feel to be killed by a stranger in your own home!!!help save these animals and i am sure good krama will come your way!

  • Sonja Clark says:

    Shame, shame, shame. Cruelty in this world toward all animals has gone on long enough. Must these beautiful creatures suffer at the hands of these monsters who kill them just because someone out there would like a new coat, disgrace. Maybe the new clothes these poor defenceless animals are made into should come with a huge tag showing just what they are made of and how they were killed just for this person to have an expensive fur coat it might make them think twice. STOP THIS SENSELESS SLAUGHTER OF THESE BABY SEALS NOW CANADA YOU MAKE ME SICK. To much greed in the world, I to will be boycotting the winter games and all those who choose to sponser it as well as letting anyone I speak to know just what this government in Canada is up to. Spread the word people and show you do care.

  • Valerie Sparks says:

    I am amazed to hear of such inhumane, cruel treatment of these baby seals! I could probably understand it a little better if some third world country, with people who are uneducated – not that it would make it right. But, this is CANADA who is supposed to be living in the 21st century! Come on…..act like humane, considerate people who God gave the gift of life to. You don’t have the right to treat His creatures as if you are still barbarians. I will not attend the Olympic games and I will petition all that I know as well as join public outcry for everyone to boycott the games if this practice is not stopped!!!!

  • April Cunningham says:

    Canada STOP allowing the brutal killing of these innocent seals!! Only disgustingly sick and evil individuals would kill these harmless animals! Shame on Canada for encouraging these horrible murders!! As an American, we must stand together in All Nations of this world and fight for what is right! Truth, Justice and Liberty for ALL! We are in this world to make a difference and protect the innocent; to fight for nothing is to live an empty life.

  • chris shearsmith says:

    I am trying to write to my goverment to get the import of fur to my country banned, and im running a 13 mile run for PETA to try and raise money to stop this murder please all help as much as you can !

  • Madeleine Jacquemin says:

    This is so inhumane. How a country so advanced with a population so intelligent, can permit this slauther!!! Stop it, now

  • Jana Kyralova says:

    it´s really strange… I do not understand people who are able to do such a thing. In 21 st century really incredible and said. Please STOP IT IMMEDIATELY.

  • Izabel07 says:

    I hate animal killers:((

  • Franciane Bordignon says:

    Please, stop to destroy our world and ourselves!!
    What a shame to Canada! A rich and civilizated nation must sop this practice!!!

  • Nicole says:

    I can’t believe that people actually slaughter seals in canada ! What is wrong with them seriously! They can not defend themselves so you just want to kill them for the fun of it! I am very upset with this matter and this better STOP! I will keep fighting with everyone until it does!

  • roshni says:

    i have so much to say, and yet so little.

    the people who are cruel to animals- and indifferent, or apathetic towards the cold hearted treatment often meted out to our beautiful friends, will not go unpunished.

    what you sow, so shall you reap. if you give love, you receive love; and if negativity is all you seek to propagate, it will come back to you tenfold.

    this is not just mere karma. this is simply the way of the universe.

    i sincerely hope and pray that all perpetrators involved, and all humans who find immense pleasure slaughtering innocent creatures will learn their lesson very, very soon.

    but most of all, i pray that these lovely beings will rest in peace. they are probably better off elsewhere than here on this hellish planet- or what’s left of it, thanks to world governments.

  • Betty Richardone says:

    This has got to be the most despicable act on these beautiful, wonderful animals minding there own business. How dare they go into there habitate
    and inflict such violence oin them.

    We DO NOT have the right to do this to any animal. Humans should be ashamed of themselves to think they have the right. If it is wrong to hurt, or kill humans then, it IS the wrong to do this to animals.

    This is just unnecessary.

    LEAVE THEM ALONE !! Let them LIVE their lives.

  • Ruth & Lab Pit Larry says:

    What for, for a lousy coat or boots, or whatever… this has been going on for too long. I’m Canadian and American, but right now I am American. Stop the killings and let these pups become parents.

  • Tom Cobian says:

    As we treat animals will affect our human condition.
    Stop the slaughter.

  • Esmeralda Narain says:

    C’est avec une immense et profonde peine que je realise a quel point l’etre humain peut etre bestial….pire..un monstre..je suis outree du mal ki est fait a ces bebes phoques..THEY ARE ONLY BABIES..No matter whether they are human beings,reptiles,extraterrestrial or just BABY SEALS..they have a heart,feelings,emotions and are sensitive..THey have the right to live..they already have their own predators..so leave them alone.
    JUST CLOSE UR EYES A FEW SECONDS AND IMAGINE U WERE A BABY SEAL..ur skin and fur are being ripped off..ur having blows over blows on ur head and no one to help u…ur waiting for death but its not coming..defenceless….i only think of this and i dissolve into tears..how can we be so cruel..killing for food?im ok with that but killing for not any other reason than money is EXECRABLE..abominable!!!!!So please,if one of u people is reading this message..be conscious and think with ur heart…and discourage ur homonyms in doing this LOATHSOME..U would never accept that such a thing happens to the ones u love…And we people of PETA,and many other people,LOVE these animals,we care for them..
    Im so sad becoz im in Mauritius,sooo far from canada and i just can’t do anything than writing..think with ur heart guys!!!!

  • Lisa Thomas says:

    It is tragic and heartbreaking that such brutality is being taken towards these beautiful animals, and only for their fur and money.

    Please do the right thing and bring an end to the seal slaughter.

  • mariela gubero says:


    You should have a link to Facebook on every article you guys post so that many people can be read about these issues

  • Yanet says:

    This is inhumane and horrible! Stop suffering with this animals, stop killing!!!!!

  • margaret guider says:

    Stop this inhumane treatment now. We as a civilized society must protect the defenseless from the uncivilized abusers. Disregard the winter games and all sponsors. Shame on Canada.

  • Elizabeth Gzz says:

    It is a crime and a Shame how people ca be so heartless. STOP KILLING BABY SEALS , baby seals do not belong to us, they belong to the nature they have the right to live and grow and NOBODY HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL THEM. S T O P I T !!!!!!

  • Christine says:

    Why should animals be treated any differently than humans? Would society allow a human to be clubbed to death without repercussions? Certainly not, a jury of your peers would gather to decide the fate of the murderer…. why then should animals not be afforded the same luxury as humans. Although not our equals, they are still living beings that feel pain like we do. Clearly we don’t endorse punishment on our weaker humans such as those born with birth defects or the elderly simply because they can’t speak out. We need to speak out for those who cannot. We can’t sit back and take the “wait and see” approach. Lobby our government by sending petitions and protest, protest, protest. Past experience shows that the squeaky wheel always gets the oil. Let’s start shaming the government into acting responsibly where the seal hunt is concerned by boycotting every product or sponsor associated with the Winter Games until our message is clearly heard. We can do it if we all stick together and SPEAK OUT against these inhumane brutality killings! Tell everyone you know what is happening so it doesn’t end here. We can all make a difference if we stand united.

  • christina says:

    ooga booga! what a bunch of cavemen!

  • Clara Nunez says:

    Please stop this horrible cruelty to this beautiful animals!!!!!!!!

  • Dolores Garrison says:

    I am a Canadian,but not a proud one because of this terrible terrible slaughter of baby seal pups.It should stop now.

  • Van says:

    Let’s create a gingle : We are the world
    We are the chidrens and seal baby , and many animals….Stop Now… They have life !!!

  • Myra Martin says:

    This is a disgrace and needs to stop!

  • susan korths says:

    shame on you canada for killing babies …

  • Lara D says:

    and also people need to wake up and start relizing that money is not everything these creatures are klled for money!!! money is just bits of paper with print on them this creature are living things just like you or me they think and feel and there kiiled for paper it is pathetic!!!! xxxx



  • Joan Rolfe says:

    I have been visiting Canada for years and am well aware of the horrible carnage that’s being done to the wonderful baby seals who deserve to live as much as we do. I love animals dearly, so please (all of us) do all you can to stop this slaughter for the sake of few gloves, hats and whatever else makes blood money for unscrupulous, greedy and immoral people.

  • Ken says:

    Here’s a dumb question: Who buys these fur coats? They are as guilty as the murderers themselves!

  • Michelle Hill says:

    This is the most disgusting act of violence on animals by human beings I have ever heard of. The “so-called” regulations are pathetic excuses to minimize the brutality of the “hunt”. It is unbelievable to me that the Canadian government and it’s people have allowed this massacre to continue year after year. It is beyond dispicable, and needs to be put to an end once and for all.

  • Lesa Major says:

    How can people who do this heinous crime look at themselves in the mirror and sleep at night. I believe in karma and what goes around comes around. And when it’s time for these people to meet their maker I hope their put thru the same torture that they do to these harmless creatures of God. All animals are put on this earth for a reason and to be killed by insensitive inhumane people is NOT THE REASON! So you that are out there to help save these animals and all others that suffer please spread the word and make people more aware of what is going on.
    To many people walk around with blinders on and don’t want to be bothered, but bother them and make a point to let them know that this is wrong and what they can do to help. So everyone please pass on you PETA emails and messages on how to help this matter and others!

  • Maureen Braz says:

    Civilized people . . . . . 1st world country .. . . . killing helpless babies? for what? .. . what is the pourpose ? Why?. . . . for nothing . . . .they don´t need to do that. . . . .stop NOW the babies seal killing!!!!!

  • JeanMarie Wisniewski says:

    I implore you, please stop these senseless and brutal murders. I have had a few opportunities to travel to China free, and refused because of the senseless furr trading and the horrific slaughters of their dogs and cats. Canada, shame on you. You are just as bad, and I loved Canada, but no more. I will never step foot inside your beautiful country with your senseless and horrific killings of these gentle creatures. They want to live, like you, like me. Please, stop!

  • susanne mortensen says:

    let us not aloud this massacre anymore .we want too stop it and we will stop it

  • Brittney M says:

    I am Canadian, and I am also an animal rights activist, but I do not want people thinking that we have seals in our backyards, nor do we smash them infront of our children! The government has been made aware of this, and even if this illegal, just like everyother law, it will be broken. In this case it will be broken by heartless, and incompassionate people, unlike you and I. I do not support seal clubbing, but you need to remember that Canada is not an inhumaine country, and that there are many petitions and other things circling around. Unless you want to club the clubbers themselves, I do not see a logical way around this.

  • Janice L. says:

    God is watching!! PLEASE STOP this HORRIFIC SLAUGHTER!!! What kind of “people” do this?? I can’t for the life of me understand how thay can live with themselves.. They should all be locked up or even better given the same traggic fate as the BEAUTIFUL, INNOCENT CREATURES they SENSLESSLY MURDER!!! Please help the baby seals and all the animals that suffer and are murdered at the hands of humans, donate, give of your time, spread the word.. Anything you can do is better than doing NOTHING!!

  • Jackie L. Holley says:

    CANADIANS – stop this slaughter – how horrible of all of you – the people who slaughter and the people who just stand by and let it happen.

    Stop it NOW

  • Bento Amaral says:

    How can this hapens on the 21st century. Canada should have legislation against these murderers. What kind of mind and consciousness do these people have?!…Don’t they have eyes do see those beautiful and heartbreaking faces?!…We cannot permit these commerce. Just see what Ghandi said.

  • Jessica says:

    Omh how cruel. How can they do this to baby seals??? They are so cute and i dont think these people have heart? Are they called humans?? These seals have the right to liva and i really don’t understand these people.

  • darla hill says:

    First of all,I want to thank Peta and others for making the world aware of how much pain and suffering to animals of all sorts are going on everywhere!People have no remorse and have justifyed all these types of behavors from labs,farms,fur ,it doesn’t matter, and untill they are all out in the open things won’t change.So thank-you! I will never go to Canada again and I will not buy anything from there and many other places.Enough with excuses to be killers and abusers,it’s not right and not needed that bad.I hope one day,these killers will have their day for what they do. I hope in my time,that someone high up will end all animal abuse and find other ways to get what they want or so despertly need.

  • Ryan says:

    I’ve seen a lot of comments of hatred in here targeted at Canadians. I’m a Canadian, and I’m a very zealous animal rights activist. I’m the kind of person who throws red paint on people wearing fur coats. So in turn, I don’t support the seal hunt at all, yet people like me and the millions of other Canadians against the seal hunt are being generalized as “barbaric”. We can’t help that our government won’t listen to us; all the animal-loving Canadians can do is protest it and hope for the best. This is basically the only cruel thing that the Canadian government has ever done in the world’s eyes, and suddenly all Canadians are targeted? There are some senators in the House of Commons that are vigorously opposing the seal hunt, so don’t generalize and remember: not all of us are bad.

  • Angel Gagne says:

    As a Canadian citizen I am ashamed of my country for being so barbaric and inhumane.
    This behavior is not far from beating any living being to death. We have great punishment for murdering a dog for fun or a human. What makes this seal different?
    The people who participate in this disgusting behavior should face the same cruel punishment.
    Perhaps the people who allow this to go forward, our leaders should too.

  • Sue Moores says:

    The Canadian tourist board should include photos of this bloodbath in their advertising. Perhaps also film footage or photos should be shown to promote the forthcoming Olympics. Why not be honest about Canadian “culture”? See how it affects tourism, Olympics or otherwise. I have not purchased any products from Canada since the hunt was re-introduced (I still can’t believe it has been), nor will I until it is STOPPED.

  • Kay Farrar says:

    “The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated”. — GANDHI

  • Donice G says:

    How can an elected government of a civilized, respectable nation endorse such barbaric terrorism? There is not one single acceptable reason for the travesty of clubbing a seal to death – it truly is an act of terrorism. The people of the entire world are facing the consequences of uncontrolled greed with the current economic crisis; when will we as a species ever learn from our mistakes? The killing of innocent baby seals, which is driven by greed, is further evidence of the downfall of civilization; when humanity is lost – as it certainly is here – we have nothing left worth having. Canada, stop this unconscionable practice now.

  • Lejla says:

    Canadians wake up! You do not live in stone age!

  • Cassia says:

    I am completely against the slaughter of seals.

    However, their short lives are better than any of the animals that are raised for human consumption. Adopt a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and save even more animals lives.

  • The more I know people, the more I love animals…
    What`s the matter with these murderers????

  • Kelly Sparks says:

    Barbaric, disgusting, and unbelievable.
    How does anyone justify this? It’s appalling. I was asked to go on a trip with some friends last December and I told them about this situation. Everyone cancelled the trip.
    Canada is making a HUGE mistake by continuing this atrocity!!!!!!!!!!


    Kelly Sparks

  • Savannah says:

    Okay…I’ve already posted my comment but I can’t find it so…I’m posting it again. I think that all of us sitting here posting our comments should listen to whoever suggested we put in money to buy the island. There are millions of animal lovers. Why can’t we get enough together to save these poor animals. Even if Canada was to ban the slaughtering…who’s to say it won’t come back? I believe that if we all put in and buy this island we’ll not only save thousands of baby seals, we’ll ensure they’re safety. We’ll know that nothing like this will ever happen to them again. I am seriously looking into to trying to buy this island so if anyone would like to actually do something about this, contact me by email. Bare with me, it’s kind of long:
    [email protected]
    Let’s save these babies from torture and their mothers from heartache.

  • Duane says:

    It just showes how greedy some people or entities can be when it comes to making a dollar. Man really hasn’t changed that much since the begining. Thanks for the update on these helpless seals.

  • Carol R Hill says:

    These animals are pure like the driven snow they live on leave them alone and give them the right to live TODAY!!!

  • April Wemple says:

    Dear Canadian People…..
    What’s wrong with your world?? Have you no hearts?? have you no remorse? Is this something your proud of?? because God help you for what you do. Can we not spread good things around the world and love the animals that have been given to us to enjoy in life. Is this something you would want your children to see? Lets spread more love on earth and Thank our Great Lord and Savior above for these beautiful animals that he has given to us and put all of our greed and selfish ways behind us….

  • Bruce Allen says:

    And the Canadians look upon themselves as civilized? Another society of barbarians.

  • Raymond Riley says:

    I’m not a PETA fanatic !!! I pick and choose my causes carefully and this is one at the top of the list for me and my family.(12 in all) Fur is not at all necessary any longer ! Man made products can be far superior for warmth and can even fake the look and feel of fur!So for the family’s fourth year we’ll not consume any CANADIAN SEA FOOD! AND IN ADDATION THIS YEAR,SEEING WHERE YOUR STILL KILLING BABY FUR SEALS,WERE NOT BUYING ANY CANADIAN PRODUCTS WHATSOEVER!!!! Example-June of 08 #2 fuel oil was selling for $4.58 a gallon here in MASSACHUSETTS so we decided we would be early at it and buy a wood stove.Well there were none of the E P A high efficiency stoves to be had so you got in line with a deposit and a company and model and waited.Sept was the earliest delivery date and that was for a Wolf Steel,Napoleon,which we liked.We left the hearth shop with a bunch of catalogs and that night looking Thur them discovered Wolf Steel was a Canadian co.Next day called the store and said we wanted the Lopi an American company stove,which we thought was a nice stove also. The manager said Lopi was a much smaller co.and probably would be another six weeks! That was ok with us so first week of November we took possession of a Travis industries Lopi American made stove.In a week we were on the wood burning standard. Always listen to the customer cause were always right!!!Were only one family but were connected.Hopefully you’ll learn this sooner rather than later!! Raymond Riley

  • angie says:

    I love so many things about canada but not this. It is horrible and dispicable and I cannot believe something like this goes on! I wish everyone would have respect for all life and we could fix the majority of the worlds problems.

  • Stop this now !
    i hate you all ho did this to the seals . It is so horrible . What if you where a seal and somebody dead you in a cruel way !?
    Kanada , stop this stupid thing right now !
    Kanada gonna be a hated land for this !

  • Priyankaa says:

    Stop this cruelty done to animals.We have no right to kill any living being on this mother earth and that too with inhumanity and cruelty.Indeed, this merciless slaughtering has to stop, no matter what.

  • Becky says:

    This is just ridiculous guys!!! THis is a horrible horrible thing that is happening but don’t pin it on ALL Canadians! thats just CHILDISH!!!! I’m Canadian and I don’t agree with it at all! You SOUND like a bunch of arrogant Americans….you guys need to grow up and get your message across in a different way…you sound so hateful…I feel absolutely DISRESPECTED!…..there are a whole lot of PETA members up here to so watch what you say!

  • Savvas Sarris says:

    The anger of God is coming with all these killings …

    We all must to try for a better future and harmony to all people and animals .

  • Jeff says:

    Nothing I have ever seen in my life is more cruel, disgusting, heartbreaking, and is completely and totally vicious as the seal hunt. I just wish these savage hunters could feel the pain and terror of these little animals. I will never understand why someone with ANY decency could do such a barbaric act upon a little animal that is so helpless. I only hope that someday SOMEONE will come to their senses and do the RIGHT thing and stop this slaughter.

  • Kristine Dishong says:

    These kind of happenings in our world are not acceptable and should be stopped immediately. The supposed regulations mean nothing and will never mean anything to these lunitics who can actually skin these baby seal. Unreal.

  • Vihra Rogacheva says:

    Dear Canada,

    Bulgaria as a member of the EU is working on improving the life of animals. Bulgaria and many other countries need your example for strong governmental will to improve the lives of those who can not speak for themselves.

    Canada show the world you can do it! Ban the seal slaughter!

  • Prudence Sommers says:

    I pray that God forgives for the killing of baby seals. The manner in which you likk them is disgusting, shame on you.

  • Prudence Sommers says:

    It is really disgusting that you would kill baby seals just for the fur. The greed of many for fur, I will pray for you that God forgives you.

  • linda ayach says:

    No more anything Canadian until this slaughter stops.

  • Lisa Askim says:

    Please help to bring an immediate end to the seal slaughter. It is inhumane and cruel. Please take action today to stop this despicable act.
    Lisa Askim
    Disgraced Canadian citizen

  • Katharina Rieger says:

    Canada !!!
    Stop, Stop, Stop baby seals massacre !!!!!!!!

  • Samantha says:

    I am not sure exactly what is wrong with people but the senseless slaughter of animals should not only be focused on during a major event so that whomever looks good at that time. They should want to look good all the time. These poor seals do nothing, they damage nothing, the only reason they are hunted is because their coats are pure white and some think they good on anything but the owner, the seal. I am starting to believe that people are ignorant, want to be ignorant and stay that way that way they can hide behind it when the ecological system of our planet truly dies and mankind dies with it…..I am saddened by all of this and I often have nightmares regarding the future of this world and since I am half way through with my life, I fear not so much for me but my child.

  • jordan Philippe says:

    Stop this seal slaughter


    To: Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee

    I was going to travel with my family to Canada this summer. After reading about the continuing seal slaughter we have decided to cancel our trip. I hope that more US citizens do the same. How can you allow the clubbing of baby seals? This action by the canadian gov is disturbing and should be discontinued.

    Signed, Lee Barnstein
    Owings Mills, Md. 21117

  • Joyce Page says:

    Stop the murdering.

  • Thomas Sommers says:

    Please stop the killing of baby seals, nobody needs fur that bad..

  • baz says:

    How can anyone pursue this barbaric occupation? I really makes me sick to think that my fellow humans can resort to such cruelty all for a little bit of cash.

  • Penny Johnson says:

    Please stop the seal slaughter. Obviously some seals are skinned alive, I am sure it takes longer than 60 seconds to die before you are skinned. I saw a most horrible video of a racoon kicking while being skinned alive in China. There was blood dripping down its face it lifted its head to look in the camera. You should see it on You Tube under animal cruelty. Also you should ask the Chinese to stop skinning animals alive, it is a horrendous cruelty considering the nerves under the skin have pain receptors.

  • zosten says:

    It’s a shame that humans do cruelty to other animals.
    And for what? Humans are only to be destructive and disturbing the world.
    Animals not, they’re here not only to produce themself but also to help the planet systems.
    Without that good (animals, plants, trees, insects etc) system the world is gone over a few years, don’t forget that!
    Humans are not smart enough or unable to rule this only living beautyfull planet!

  • Doug Becker says:

    Until this savage attack on seals had been put to an end, Canada will be boycotted on all aspects and that will include the Olympic Games.

  • Janet Grimm says:

    Please stop the Canadian harp seal slaughter. It is barbaric and useless. Fur is not the way to go anymore, there are many very good alternative synthetics. Animals do not need to die.

    Thank you.

  • Mom says:

    If you haven’t already click on the link to send an e-mail to help the seals!!!

  • SUE WAY says:

    PLEASE PLEASE ,PLEASE stop this slaughtering. It’s barbaric. Would you like a big giant to stand over your child and bludgeon it to death. NO you WOULDN’T. These poor poor baby seal’s with wonderful loving eye’s, are doomed to die ….. because models, rich people etc etc etc, want to walk around in a second hand coat. Which is presisely what it is. Let these wonderful animals live. Human’s are destroying the planet, forest’s and soon alot of our wild animal’s will be extinct. YOU are guilty of MURDER.
    You have their blood on your hand’s.

  • ED-V GmbH says:

    Stop slaughtering baby seals. Please do not massacre babys.

  • Eric C. Brooks says:

    This can only be described as a vile and monsterous act of shear bloody barbarism……CANADA, HOW BLOODY DARE YOU!!!!! THIS IS SOMETHING THAT CIVILISED NATIONS DO NOT DO! I implore you to stop this senseless, and ghastly carnage at once. Surely you, as a nation, are better than this!

  • Narotam Lathia says:

    Canada stands to lose, a lot more than just financially, with its present stance on the mass slaughter of baby harp seals. It is only a matter of time before Canada is isolated, from the world, on this issue. The E. U. is going down the right path and hope it imposes a ban on all fur related trade with Canada. I will now write to my European Member of Parliament.

  • Naresh says:

    I don’t really get the Canadians. Why are they slaughtering the seals? Is it some kind of pervert sport that they are interested in? PETA should start a campaign and persuade UN to impose global ban on fur trading. In the meantime, economic sanctions on Canada should be summoned for this massive act of pervert Satanism.

  • Eugenio Rosci says:

    This is a real massacre..we are in the 2009..please stop this massacre..

  • Dawn Jennison says:

    Please do not allow the slaughter of seals to be legal. That is horrific!

  • End your seal slaughter many countries OPPOSED to this and your countries people. N0-ONE wants your seal products you av many many groups of many EU COUNTRIES – BOYCOTTING YOU

  • Gabriela Bustamante says:

    Please stop baby seal’s slaughter

  • Nitin Mehta says:

    Canada is a rich country, it does not need the blood money earned from slaughtering seals.

  • There is no middle ground in killing Canadian baby seals. It’s cruel and unexcusable and it must end now! Claiming that it is more humane, because the killers wait before skinning baby seals is a lame attempt to excuse the sensless killing. It will not work! The whole animal rights community should unite and plan extensive campaign to fully disclose the cruelty and uglieness of the seal business in Canada during Winter Olympic. Let the whole world know how it really looks and how bloody these money is.

  • DJ - UK says:

    My wife and I visited Canada for our honeymoon and we found it to be a beautiful country so I find it difficult to understand that a very small minority of this population would be such an evil part of humanity.
    I would like to know the opinion of anyone who wears this kind of fur for “fashion” about being subjected to their own family being attacked in front of their eyes for sake of apparantly “looking good”. In this ever increasing violent world we live in I believe the old eye-for-an-eye method should be brought back, instead of this politically correctness obsessed attitude we have to adopt these days, so if someone wants to skin animals then they should be subjected to similar torture themselves. STOP BUYING FUR AND STOP MAKING A MARKET FOR THESE SCUMBAGS!

  • azazeljj says:

    It is unfair in relation to the animals, after all world struggles for human (children) rights, and here more helpless animals suffer from the same Person! Did you see the difference???

  • botogel angela says:

    stop killing the baby seals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniela F. Magon says:

    this slaughter it’s a world’s shame. Please stop it

  • Dennis Pippig says:

    Please stop this massacre!

  • Cristiano Bombardi says:

    love seal!!!

  • William Hohage says:

    A civilized country cannot allow this slaughtering. Please stopthis as soon as possible.

  • Maggie says:

    This is so heart-breaking!
    It does anything BUT make me feel PROUD to be a CANADIAN.
    I’m actually embarassed more than anything right now!
    I don’t understand how any “HUMAN BEING WITH A HEART,” can possibly think this type of treatment of any animal is right – and in addition; LEGALIZE IT!!! What is wrong with our world??

  • MARIE COLBIN says:


  • MARIE COLBIN says:

    please help!
    don´t kill seals!

  • D says:

    Good job! It’s a shame Canada still allows this.

  • sam says:

    thts just mean……..

  • Anouma Heydemann says:

    There is absolutely no need for any animals to suffer to please mankind. Our evolution depends on how we treat each other, including all sentient beings. This is a great chance to change and to make a shift in consciousness. So, take this opportunity.

  • Ylva Eringaard says:

    Please, stop with killing baby seals!!!!

  • Yavor Hadzhiev says:

    Even 90 % of 3rd world countries wouldn’t let such thing happen. I am ashamed to be a human, but it doesn’t matter, maybe the ones that slaughter seals are just animals…
    And the ones that do this and the ones that let the previous ones do this talk about God? I think he took some holidays on their expense. Don’t you ever have enough? Isn’t it easier just to make fake fur, wouldn’t it give more jobs?
    But what do you expect… People do the same things to other people so what about defenseless animals…

  • guyomard says:

    All together to stop this slaughter !

  • I don’t understand why big men have to kill tiny baby seals. Please don’t!
    End this seal slaughter.
    Diane Densley

  • Tony Shrum says:

    Let’s make a change. This has been shown to be looked down upon by many nations, and having been banned before, should once again be made illegal. Baby harp seal slaughter is beyond belief and almost seems unreal. It needs to stop.

  • gevenois jos says:


  • Tomeu says:

    Just very disappointed about killing baby-seals or any seals

  • Haydé Ardalan says:

    Any person who is able to slaughter these helpless innoncent beeings, is able to kill his own children for the money and most probably would do so. Stop this useless massacre now! They have feelings too but no words to express it.

  • dave says:

    i had a dream last night, if we all milions trillons of us who agaisnt this unnessury slaughter put a lttle money in we could buy this island so the whildlife can live in peace . so can any one tell me the name of this island so i can start asking people to send money. and they will feel proud to oweing a bit of a island and what good it will do
    keep up wit6h the good work

  • barbara says:

    Please stop the slaughter of our wildlife. Where is your conscience Canada? What will be left for your children and granschildren if you carry on this way?

  • barbara says:

    Please stop the slaughter of our wildlife. Where is your conscience Canada? What will be left for your children and granschildren if you carry on this was?

  • adele quaranta says:

    I am shocked for baby seals. We have to stop the seal slaughter! Please, In any way!

  • Dr. A.M.I. van Oppenraay says:

    Stop the skinning, start the skiing!

  • jenny smith says:

    What is it going take to stop these poeple kiling these beautiful innocent creature’s blame the housewife’s.

  • Meike Wichelmann says:

    I can’t believe how cruel the people can be. Please stop this barbaric, shameful and unfathomable cruelty doing. I tell it everyone here in germany, denmark and austria!

  • Esther Boersma says:

    PLEASE STOP THE SLAUGHTERING OF THOUSANDS HELPLESS YOUNG SEALS!!!! It is not nessesary AT ALL! It´s sadistic and cruel. Maybe it helps if Holland boycot your country, we allready have thousands of people who are doing that and we will collect more. Like everything: It is all about the MONEY!!! Then, make tourisitic trips to see young seals, you can earn money on those animals in other ways. You don´t have be intelligent to conclude that!! Every fool can think of that.

    Yours sincerely,

    Esther Boersma

  • gauthier says:

    please help us!

  • Diane Davies says:

    I beg you to bring an end to this barbaric practice. Where is your compassion Canada? The eyes of the world are upon you.
    Please, we beg you rethink.

  • Jodie Cornwell-Smith says:

    Canada ought to be ashamed of itself! This is a disgusting and barbaric act against nature. Humans are the worst kind of predator.
    Please please please lets all club together to end this terrible massacre!

  • Howard Harrison says:

    The slaughter of baby seals must now come to an end. You can bring credit to Canada by eliminating this most inhumane of activities and thereby wipe away a beastly stain on it’s reputation and standing in the world. The killing of hundreds of thousands of these seals is way long passed acceptable.

  • Annett says:

    I hope Canada will show to us that they have some intelligence left and stop these killings. There is not ONE single reasonable arguement why the slaughter should go on. Are humans really good? I do not think so.

  • I actually don’t know what else I can do to contribute towards helping to make a differnce. I just hope Canada see the fault in their ways and pass the bill.

  • Stefka Ivanova says:


  • Brigitte Seele-Rossbach says:

    Please stop killing the baby seals

  • Vesna Selinšek Jahić says:

    Luttons contre le massacre des animaux !

  • MARY MOORE says:

    MARY M.

  • Ivana Kalčić says:

    Dear Sirs,



  • sohini ghatak says:


  • Brendan says:


  • corinne clifford says:

    I cannot believe that the seal masacure is still today 2009 continues, and is thought to be ok!!!!!!!!!! Who in there right mind can agree to such a discusting human act???????????? There is no exscuse, reason, or right doing in continuing to slaughter thousands of these beautiful creatures, what the hell is the world coming to???? Isnt there enough blood shed in the world already!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE the people who have the power to stop this for good, DO SO!!!! Its been going on for decades now, and is just simply WRONG. Murder is the word i think youll find it comes under!

  • Sylvia Huri says:

    a shame for a civilized country!!!

  • Pauline Tan says:

    What are you thinking, Canada? Have you no wisdom and compassion for the animals? You are murdering these baby seals all just for the greed of money. What goes around comes around. Good begets good. Bad gets retribution. How do you feel if you children got skinned alive? Think with wisdom. Feel with you heart.

  • Kathleen Ackermann says:

    When do we humans start to apply our knowledge of humanity, than simply talking about it? Thereby, contradicting both our very own principles of what’s ethically right and wrong.

  • BeliefMan says:

    Canada, amazes me! How Canadians let this happen. AGAIN this year!! all that cruelty again.. Really how..!!??
    The people of such cool and beautiful great nation, then allow something this monstrous to happen on their soil, is beyond logical thought, to me. I mean, you guys are part of the world that is admired by so many across the globe.. and then this. Alas!

    How can we change others, when we ourselves within our democratic family of nations have so much to change for the good of humanity. How ?? I ask with the utmost respect to all

    Canada and Canadians are the true RED in a rainbow of democractic loving states out there!
    How could you allow this people?!. When Canada actions something cruel on this scale, then sense and feel a let down by somebody within your immediate family. Please .. understand, change the state of play in your hearts, and arm yourselves with courage, cause, you are Canada! You are fair and an understanding nation under the law of democracy and almighty GOD!

    I pray that Canada will collectively feel my prayer and blessing to live and let live. AMEN!

  • Lynn says:

    The manner in which you Canadians kill these seals is crule, inhumane and down right barbaric.
    Am I right in thinking that makes Canadians as a nation, as a people who concider themselves as a 1st world country crule, inhumane and down right barbaric?
    If you don’t wish to be cosidered in this light.

  • Jimena says:

    No more innocent blood.

  • Monica Saucedo says:

    I can’t even express in words how I feel about this, how can Canada celebrate an event promoting peace and at the same time show so little regard for compassion. I think the best would be to boycott Canada and its games until this horrible situation ends. I’ve always thought Canadians were very nice and civilized people and I’ve wanted to travel there for so long, but I won’t contribute to their tourism industry or any other actually unless they banned these horrific slaughter. Canadians please, protest to your government, they will listen to you

  • Colleen says:

    I am 6 years old. When I was 3 I helped rescue 2 abandoned baby seals. I have the word seal in my very own email address. I feel sick learning about what these men do to live baby seals. I hope they all have bad dreams. They gave me bad dreams when I learned what they do. How can their kids sit at the dinner table with a dad that hits baby seals with a club until their dead? I would be ashamed by a dad like that.
    Make it stop. The seals can’t so you have to.
    Then you could have nice dreams.

  • Hannele Kuosmanen says:

    Im horrofied every time i find out that humans are behaving this cruel-STOP IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim Winning says:

    Come on Canada, do you want to look so barbaric to the rest of the world? Allowing this barbaric type of slaughter is archaic. Haven’t you moved forward since the 1970’s. Please, please stop performing like a Third World country and stop clubbing baby seals.

  • Adri Meintjies says:

    Hi everyone at PETA,

    Firstly I would like to say that I admire what you people do, I wish I could be one of those people “spray-painting” the seals to make their fur worthless to those money-hungry monsters!! I live in South-Africa, far from you guys unfortunately!! I really hope that everyone that’s part of PETA can put a stop to all this animal killing, it deeply saddens me to know that there are cold blooded “people” out there hurting defenseless animals, I still want to do something about the fur-factories in china as well, IT HAS TO STOP!!!!!

    All my blessings,

    Adri Meintjies

  • This is illegal. Not just for the law, but for the animal rights.

    Please! There are so many things to do. Do not destroy innocent creatures.

    This is very bashful, ´cuz one more time the “human reason” is stupid!

    God help us! or someone or something similar!

    Ma. Belén Salinas

  • MICHELLE says:

    I think any one that wears fur is sick, this is almost as bad as abortion
    this world has no respect for life, what are these people going to do when these beautiful harmless creatures are extinct, that is exactly what is going to happen if they dont stop.


    What kind of a person are you if you can bludgeon an infant animal to death??? How did these so called “humans” sneak up the evolutionary chain??? Stop this insane slaughtering – money isn’t everything !!!

  • Geraldine Robertson says:

    I am speechless to think that any person has the right to injure or kill any living creature, but to think that a human could club to death a beautiful animal like a baby harp seal is beyond me. I find it one of the most distressing acts of animal cruelty and in this world there seems to be quite a few at the hands of mankind. I live in Australia and have thought in the past what a beautiful country Canada would be to visit, but I boycott this country until the slaughter of baby harp seals is put to an end. CANADA SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR GOVERNMENT TO ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN.


    What kind of a person are you if you can bludgeon an infant animal to death??? How did these so called “humans” sneak up the evolutionary chain??? Stop this insane slaughtering – money isn’t everything !!!

  • Jane S. Gabin says:

    Please read this and you’ll understand why I am protesting this Sunday on front of the Canadian Consulate. Anyone with a shred of compassion has to see that killing animals this way is wrong — more than that, cruel and immoral.

  • Philissa says:

    Please read this and you’ll understand why I am protesting on Sunday. Protests worked before to save the seals, and they can work again. Anyone with a shred of compassion has to see that killing animals this way is wrong.

  • Eurika Venter says:

    All life has to be treated with respect and dignity. What are we if we don’t live out such a basic element of humanity?

  • I from Russia! I protest against murder of animals. I protest against murder of puppies of animals!

  • barbara russo says:

    I’m just crying !
    how can a normal person living in our today society killed an animals with such savage
    violence and cruelty ? It is just too of a scarrying and frighting thought to even aloud it
    in mind ! These brutalities belong to the dark ages ! For God love how can a man after
    covering his hands of the shame of Blood of killing , will walk in the house of God and ask for forgiveness in the last hour of his life ?
    no mercy should be granted to him .
    The same goes to the Canadian goverment as is covering him self of this shame by permitting these archaic brutalities in our world PLEASE outkaust any and all of Canadian
    manufactor’s products from your home’s from Foods to leisure’s to travelings ,to sports BOYCOTT Canada as are murders!

  • Mc Mata says:

    God damn barbaric Canadian slaughters. What ever happened about the Beijing movement with PETA trying to stop the abuse towards dogs? Did that work because people are gonna have to get creative with helping people notice these things.

  • Doreen Kerby says:

    I hate the seal hunt. It can only be called brutal. Please stop this horrible slaughter.
    Doreen Kerby

  • harriet says:

    To the Vancouver Olympic Organising Committee

    It is so hard to be polite, but I must, I must, I must, but what Canada is doing is absolutely barbaric. I once again reiterate what I have always said if God wanted us to have fur on our bodies he would have provided us with same. He did not intend for our animals to be slaughtered and abused the way the human race does. Canada show us that you do have compassion and that the human race is not barbaric and has compassion for all our animals and stop this act of slaughtering the seals. We all get upset when our children are either raped or viciously attacked and traumatised. What makes you think an animal is different or does not feel pain. There are ways of making money not buy selling the furs of animals to the so-called J.L’s of the world. The people who slaughter these innocent animals should be punished, not paid for this barbaric act. To the Government of Canada do not make yourselves part of what I call “barbarism”.

  • Surendra Prasad says:

    Everyone should boycott anything that is Canadian until this barbaric and senseless massacre is stopped totally. We, in India, who are against this lunacy, will not be watching the Canadian Olympics and will not be buying the products or even watching the ads of the companies that endorse the Canadian Olympics. I hope good sense and compassion prevails upon the people of Canada and this slaughter is stopped immediately. Our hearts are with the poor seals and our wholehearted support is with PETA.

  • Alan says:

    This is the most disturbing act of greed EVER. Murdering innocent animals for money and fashion is quite sickening. I have led several gatherings for the HSUS and you all need to keep in mind there are several common “seafood” companies you need to avoid here in the U.S. These companies buy their seafood from the same people who murder these seals. We have run boycott days on these companies for the HSUS and forced their customers to leave. It would be nice to see PETA do this as the HSUS has been doing it for years. Look it up online. I dont feel like being sued for libel.

  • Daphne Mason says:

    Dear sirs:

    The slaughter of baby seals must stop. No cultural tradition makes this cruel and inhumane act alright.

    Again, please stop the slaughter!!

    Daphne Mason

  • Alok Sharma says:

    I posted the topic in a forum requesting the members to do the needful but one of the rude members replied:

    “Why would the Olympic committee do this? I hate protestors. You guys better not ruin the 2010 Olympics.”

    Here’s the link to the forum post: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1255464

  • Jenni M Foxworth says:

    Nooooo, Canada,
    please help protect all things,
    no funds are worth
    the guilt that it will bring
    save all the animals
    and love all things as one
    You and I will go on long
    after all our deeds are done.

  • Ivette Bibiloni says:

    Thanks for make me create more conciscience of things that i know.

  • Karen Hoover says:

    I will not spend one dime on any Canadian product. I will not watch their cable channels, I will not travel there – my state borders Canada.

    I will not enable the practice of slaughtering of baby seals.

  • Linda Upton says:

    End the seal slaughter! It is cruel and senseless! I will not give up until Canada sees the light and stops this brutal act! How can humans be so inhumane? What is wrong with people?

  • Patsy Henderson says:

    I am writing on behalf of the small ,and helpless, the baby harp seal . I feel this is a very horrible fate of these baby seals all for the money hungry humans . God told us to take care of his creatures i don’t think he meant for them to be slaughtered by anyone.
    It is my prayer that you will think about ,and reconsider what you are doing . There’s no reason that man can come up with that will ever make it right. 60 seconds to to let them die before they’re skinned ,no way it’s crazy. Please stop !, Please Stop !

  • Elena Rojas says:

    Please stop slaughtering seals in Canadá.

  • Pleas end this inhumane and dispicable trade.PLEASE!!!

  • Deb Fahey says:

    Please stop the killing. Not only the killing but also the torture and inhumane treatment that goes along with the killing. It is so wrong to bludgeon these babies. Why is it so easy for people to kill something? That is really scary. This is the 21st century and yet it seems as though the human race has not progressed at all. Canada, stop killing these babies.
    Deb Fahey

  • joe jones says:

    but it creates jobs$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • Dany boy- says:


    stop this, look in this eyes,,

  • Ines Odaischi says:

    O canada wehn will You end tihs cruelty? It’s horrible and no honour for human beings who du that!

  • Robert Spencer says:

    PLEASE STOP KILLING THE SEALS! They feel pain and suffering.

  • Helena B. says:

    The writer is not simple enough to imagine, that a whole British Museum filled with works against meat diet, would have the effect of stopping civilized nations from having slaughter-houses, or of making them renounce their beefsteak and Christmas goose. But if only a few readers realize the real value of St. Paul’s noble words, and seriously turn their thoughts to all the horrors of vivisection–then the writer would be content. For when the world feels convinced–and it cannot avoid coming one day to such a conviction–that animals are creatures as eternal as we ourselves, vivisection and other permanent tortures, daily inflicted on the poor brutes, will, after calling forth an outburst of maledictions and threats from society generally, force all Governments to put an end to those barbarous and shameful practices.

  • Deborah says:

    Please stop the senseless killing of the harp seals once and for all. With so many beautiful man-made synthetic furs these days, the practice of sacrificing so many young seals for their fur is absolutely unnecessary, not to mention extremely inhumane. I, for one, will definitely boycott watching the Vancouver Olympics on television if the harp seal hunt occurs as it usually does this time of year.

  • Alyse says:

    It’s a matter of effort, caring and time before this trecherous tradition is put to an end. Canada is so right-on about so many rights issues– from civil rights to animal rights, and then there’s the big Canadian Rodeo celebration and the Seal Slaughter. Honestly, the people of Canada are better than this! We must prevail for the sake of life everywhere.

  • Elizabeth Janiszewski says:

    Please Canada end this terrible seal slaughter which has incensed large portions of the globe, and doesn’t make you many friends at all. If you want your reputation to be honorable, either now or at the Olympics, for goodness sake give it away and you’ll see for yourself how warmly you’ll be welcomed back into the human race. It is one of the cruellest of all ways that humans prey on animals and, like the cosmetic industry, it has nothing top recommend it but human vanity. There are plenty of other ways to keep warm, if that’s the excuse.

  • Debbie DeMeyers says:

    This is just sick! There is no reason to wear fur period! People look stupid wearing fur. I think it is time that this stops. Our olympics didn’t help the cats and dogs in China, let’s hope people really see how wrong Cananda is by allowing this barbaric act to go on.

  • Nikolay says:


  • Louise says:

    The VICIOUS seal hunt in our Country is disgusting and makes me ashamed to call myself a Canadian. STOP the SLAUGHTER of these beautiful creatures NOW!!
    It is CRUEL and intolerable to for these poor seals and their pups.

    I hate my Country for allowing this to happen! STOP IT NOW!

  • Charlie Lammers says:

    This outrageous assault on helpless animals really offends me. We have way too many criminals here in the United States who engage in barbaric cruelty to animals as well as people whose enterprises are considered legitimate such as horse racing, rodeos and exporting horses to other countries for meat. It saddens me to know that there are elements in Canadian society who have similarly dispicable attitudes toward creatures with whom we humans share this planet.

  • Kamecca Hernandez says:

    This BREAK’S my heart!!! I honestly do not understand the mind set of people who think that seal slaughter is justifiable in ANY way, shape, form, or “fashion”. This make’s me so incredibly sad.

  • HULYA says:

    I can not amagine the taking baby away from its mother.
    What ever happend to our kindness and respect to all living…..

  • Donna Pardee says:

    Please do not allow this, it is hearbreaking. They look like babies.

  • Nancy Lieber says:

    PLEASE put an end to this cruel slaughter! I thought that it had ended long ago, but now find that it is now sanctioned, but with some ‘rules’, which no one is enforcing.

    The world will be watching you; do you really want to be known for this aweful practice?

  • Ann Downey says:

    , Please stop the slaughter,.
    We will put Canada back on our vation list.

  • pierre bass says:

    We should start a boycott of ALL things made in Canada, as well as a tourism boycott. We also should lobby the Obama administration to make demands of the arrogant Mr. Harper who had the fortitude to demand from Mr. Obama that the US taxpayer paid-for stimulus program be open to Canadian (and other) bidders on contract designed to create jobs (for canadians?).
    Additionally, the same should be done with the Japanese with respect to their whaling practices.

  • Graci says:

    How can people in their right minds ever do that to another living creature? It’s absolutley ridiculous! I’ve never been able to get my head around it. Good luck peta, ill do my part to help too!

  • Matias Gentili says:

    Let the animals live in peace!

  • Anneliese Riley says:

    What those people are doing the seals should be done to them, see how they handle being skinned alive.

  • Cassia Glock says:

    I am so sad to hear and see that the government of Canada allow
    this slaughter of baby seals.
    I was thinking to go to see the Vancouver Olympics, but now I am ashamed to go to Canada.
    I hope they will change the laws so their people can be proud of a country that will be doing a humane act, and show what the olimpics are all about.
    Cassia Glock

  • michelle says:

    i really don’t understand why killing them is necessary. probably because wearing fur was never in fashion in my country, but still, just looking at the photo provided above and thinking that he’s going to be killed, and in a very brutal way, soon is very heartbreaking. i don’t know how people can have the heart to bludgeon this gentle animals.

  • Michelle Schulder says:

    Why can’t we just prove that we are still humans and spare life including seals’ lives too.
    Why this barbaric act in 21th century?
    Please help stop seal slaughter.


  • Sandy Porter, Syracuse, NY says:

    Dear Canada,

    You don’t know how many of us in the United States would love to love Canada, but we DON’T. Do you have any idea of how much anger and disgust there is in the United States over the slaughter of the baby seals. It is without a doubt the best known of all animal causes, except possibly whales. Have your little accountants ever figured in all the LOST revenue from your exports due to an on-going and growing boycott of Canadian seafood products? Did it ever occur to you that this boycott is, in fact, HUGE and undoubtedly cost Canada many times more revenue than you are aware of, because the boycott is not only of Canadian seafood products, but ALL things Canadian. And this includes tourism.

    I will not go to Canada to spend my money (and I live in Upstate New York) until the seal hunt is banned completely and permanently. (I do not include in this the small number of NON-COMMERCIALLY hunted seals that First Nations people take in order to feed their families.) You should know that animal advocates and environmentalists played a large role in the election of Barack Obama and of the Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress. We will make our voices heard in defense of the seals, the other affected animals, and the environment, including global climate change.

    I am sure that you will see massive protests and increase in public awareness on the issue of the brutal and grotesque slaughter of baby seals growing every day leading up to the Olympics. Once again, you will not realize the money you did not bring in, the people who did not travel to Canada, and the negative image of Canada in the eyes of the world for this atrocity. Or at least you will not realize these things if you keep in the same direction and do not pay attention to the growing reality. Did you see the public outrage in the U.S. over Michael Vick and his inhumanly cruel treatment and killing of dogs in his dog-fighting offenses? You want to see people mobilize over an animal cruelty issue? The seals are SO cute and the means of killing them SO disgusting that you will lose – and lose big – in terms of money and prestige. The world will be made aware, that as the ultimate in cruelty, licensed vets have established that a very high percent of these baby seals, clubbed and skinned in front of their helpless mothers – ARE ALIVE AND CONSCIOUS WHILE THEY ARE SKINNED.

    Remember just how much attention was given to China before and during its Olympics? Well, the whole world will be watching, and they will be watching the Canadian Olympics through a curtain of the blood of countless slaughtered baby seals. Think about it….

    Sandra J. Porterr

  • Andrew Gould says:

    The slaughter of these gentle baby mammals is one of the most horrific and brutal crimes against nature. There are no words to describe the inhumane killing of the equivalent to a two week old child and or any other infant creature. The Canadian government needs to put a stop to this brutality for good. In my hair salon, in NYC, we use canadian products that are animal friendly and cruelty free. There is no need to continue this brutal bashing and murder of animals for their skins.
    Andrew Gould
    NYC, NY

  • elena banis says:

    Stop the sensless killing of these helpless seals!

  • Irene Parkins says:

    Shame on Canada ! This is the one thing that makes me not proud to be Canadian >

  • Karen says:

    Please everyone… let’s pass this along. There is absolutely nothing worthy or humane about this act….

    Boycott 2010 Olympics!

  • nelly romero says:

    please stop killing seals and all sorts of inoccent aminals!

  • Katie Timmins says:

    stop the blood bath for once and for all

  • Janice says:

    Canada no longer has any status in the world except as a bloody murderer with no sense nor feeling and no concern for the world or the earth and least of all for the animals. Stop this outrageous killing NOW!

  • yairis garcia says:

    I am shocked to the terrible slaughter of seals is a fact that should not be permirtir please end this cruel reality for seals them deserve respect and deserve to live

  • Please share in our fight to save the baby seals.They are born so that their survival can be insured to go on for more generations.If they keep killing
    them it will be another of our animals to become extinct.They don’t deserve
    to be killed for the sake of a coat, mitts and trinkets.

  • Sarah Jane Walker says:

    I can’t even believe that this is still allowed, how is this in any way possible humane? So has it been proven that after 1 minute that all seals killed this way will be dead… doubtful, skinning them alive … I really hope you can imagine the pain.

  • Paula says:


  • Fran Hogan says:

    It breaks my hear that in this enlightened age such unspeakable ACTS OF CRUELTY are still carried out by a country so civilised that it abhors the use of the death penalty. My views of canada have always been of a civilised,
    sophisticated nation but the clubbing to death of these beautiful creatures changes my entire perception. We do not need fur or skins to keep warm it is 2009! These are unjustifable, unspeakable acts of barbarism.

  • Camilla Rydberg says:


  • alexandre says:

    I think that who do this kind of things do not deserve a peace of soul until gets consciousness of the gravity of this action: killing those innocent and harmless seals. I think that the people who make the laws and the authorithies that aprove this killings should slaughter themselves the baby seals because the ignorant people that follows the orders and kill the baby seals are too much primitive to feel any emotion or understand the pain caused to those baby seals.

  • Madonna Cacciatore says:

    Oh, please, have a heart! Don’t do this. It’s dispicable, unforgiveable, and I hope you remember that these are God’s creatures. What goes around comes around. What you do to them, you do to yourselves. You will feel their pain at some point. Don’t find your conscience for that reason, though. Find the love in your heart. You know it’s there. They deserve to live – isn’t their enough hatred, murder, and rape of your mother?

  • Hilario Duarte says:

    It is hard to believe that a highly civilized country like Canada can tolerate such a barbarian act of cruelty like this slaughter of innocent creatures.
    We demand you to stop this and look for a different way of solving a problem if there is some in the existence of these beautiful animals…
    Hilario Duarte

  • mike kaszynski says:


  • Joni LeBeau says:

    PLEASE bring an immediate end to the seal slaughter, these poor animals don’t have a voice to plead with, only us.

  • Patrizia says:

    I wish to bring an immediate end to the seal slaughter.
    It is barbaric !!

  • Aimee Harmison says:

    What is wrong with people….Maybe they should be skinned. Save the seals…..This needs to stop.

  • Susanne Haisty says:

    Please in God’s name, PLEASE bring the brutal seal-killing to an end, and please end it NOW. Nobody wants the coats or fur of animals anymore; that mentality ended ages ago. Today we want to see animals be respected, loved, and left to their own lives. Please dont take their precious lives for fur, or any other “animal products”. As the Olympics in Canada approach, all eyes will be on Canada, and the fur trade. Nobody likes it. NOBODY WANTS ANIMAL FUR. It is truly high time to STOP the killing.
    Thank you!

  • Ferial Evans says:

    Canada the place of cruelty to satisfy vanity and greed. Canada – no place for compassion, this god-forsaken country with no shame to commit such atrocities. What sort of people are they to kill, maim and cause such devestation to these innocent creatures? Fur is for beautiful animals and UGLY PEOPLE.

  • Jenny Palmqvist says:

    End this horrible slaughter of seals now! Shame on you Canada. It’s disgusting. I can’t believe that you are continuing with this massacre of hundreds of thousand baby seals every year. They are dragged, clubbebed with hooks and skinned alive. I can’t express how deeply angry I am. End this now. The world should know what kind of humans you are ding this horrible massacre.

  • Susanne Haisty says:

    Please in God’s name, PLEASE bring the brutal seal-killing to an end, and please end it NOW. Nobody wants the coats or fur of animals, that mentality ended ages ago. Today we want to see animals be respected, loved, and left to their own lives. Please dont take their precious lives for fur, or any other “animal products”. NOBODY WANTS ANIMAL FUR. It is truly high time to STOP the killing.
    Thank you!

  • Claudia says:

    Barbaric, cruel, and why is this? just for fashion?!!!!! Unbelievable.
    Canada you are breaking our hearts.
    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judge by the way its animals are treated” M. Gandhi

  • Evie says:

    You tell me to be polite.OK.then ,I can’t say anythimg about these people
    because it wouldn’t be very polite



  • Natalie Batovsky says:

    The nation of Canada should be ashamed. There is no justification for encouraging the slaughter of innocent animals.

  • Janie Gano says:

    Please stop this inhumane way to take a life. How one can do this or let people take this action needs to look into his or her “heart”. Please Stop !!!

    J Gano

  • Lilian says:

    I was shocked to learn that Canada slaughters hundreds of thousands of innocent seals for their fur every year. These animals, often babies who are just weeks old, have their skulls smashed in or are shot. Then they are skinned for their fur – often while they are still conscious.

    All eyes are on Canada as it prepares to host the 2010 Winter Olympics. Please help end the seal slaughter immediately so that the reputation of the Vancouver Olympic Games won’t be tarnished

  • Beth Wappler says:

    Please stop this horrible assault on innocent animals. I am ashamed to be a member of the human race!

  • Vanessa Valera says:

    im not surprised! it had to be CANADIANS!

  • Will Brownell, PhD says:

    I beg you to please reconsider your nation’s limited views on the slaughter of baby seals. This preoccupation with fur is, as Ambassador Monyhan once remarked, the preoccupation of a nomadic society. Ages ago, it was super to have fur, for that meant the difference between life and death. Now it is merely a matter of death and primitivism. Can you not consider, and be considerate, and cease and desist?
    Will Brownell, Phd

  • The only thing that needs to wear a fur coat, is the animal born with a fur coat. Stop the cruelty, stop the unnecessary slaughter, and stop purchasing fashion that includes fur or leather! If you want beautiful fashion that is cruetly free check out http://www.mattandnat.com

  • mardi Williams says:

    Please, there is no reason for this cruelty. We are here to protect the creatures who cannot protect themselves. Surely, there must be another way. I beg you to stop this.

  • Rosanne Milliken says:

    Dear Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee:

    Please stop the insanity. I am a proud 4th generation Canadian BUT this travesty committed upon innocent animals is an embarrassment to me, my family and everyone I know in Vancouver. I know of no one who supports this barbaric act. What is the purpose of allowing sealing? Dalton MgGuinty seems to think it is a part of our Canadian heritage – but so was shooting Native Canadians and interning the Japanese. There are a few things that need to be discarded as part of our heritage and the slaughter of Baby Seals is one of them. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something to right the wrong of this shameful practice.


  • chris says:

    This seal hunt is nuts. For many years, i have made and fired clay seals, which sell for between 25.00 and 150.00 depending on size…i can’t make them fast enough. A seal pelt currently sells for around 33.00 dollars, if that, so maybe we could teach sealers to make the clay ones and it would make money for them, and is also therapeutic!!

  • Deanna Stevens says:

    beating a baby seal to death in front of its mother must have a devastating effect on the family structure in this animal kingdom.
    Go get a real job.Try getting work that does not include killing animals for money and pleasure.
    What’s next? Clubbing pregnant women on a city street ?
    I always wanted to be in The Olympics, but would cancel instead of supporting this kind of brutality.
    I have never been to Canada and thought it would be a great place to raise children if ever clubbed by a deadbeat from my country , but I see I would be running right to abuse instead of away from it.
    I could never be friends with someone who commits senseless killings of animals.
    Now I know why my dad never eats chicken after being raised on farm with a chicken coupe.He watched my grandmother twist the heads off of chickens like twisting off a cap to a milk carton .She had to do it for the good and survival of her family.
    I also know that my being allergic to cats was a good reason for my dad to claim he would kill any cat to make me feel better, but one day, we got a cat that I loved and loved me.
    Anyone can change and the seals do not deserve this kind of horrific terror and abuse.

  • John Levine says:

    This horrific murder of so many of gods innocent creatures is beyond belief to me.I see this happen year after year and each time i cant believe that a supposedly civilized nation such as Canada, can let this happen on its territory time and again,over and over . This is torture and slaughter on a diabolical level.To mercelessly slaughter any of our innocent creatures is an affront to any standard of human decency. To brutally murder a parents young in front of their very eyes goes beyond any level of banality and reminds me of the horrors suffered by so many in the holocausts of world war two and other vile conflicts. I am thankful that there is a PETA to stand in the face of this terror and proclaim WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!! I am proud to belong to and stand by such an organization.If we dont speak out against this horrendous suffering it will continue to rage unchecked. This must not be allowed to continue,GET INVOLVED!!!!

  • Making short a long story I´m deeply ashamed of the human race.
    Thank God people like you exist.
    Best regards and congratulation for your exhausting job in defending other kinds of beings´right to live.

  • Angela says:

    This is so barbaric, shameful. unfathomable cruelty. – I’m boycotting anything to do with the Vancouver Olympics and am never going to Canada until it stops this bloody slaughter.

  • Rita says:

    To whom it may concern,
    please stop the slaughtering of these baby seals, they are god’s animals. They aren’t hurting anyone why hurt them. This is a very cruel, and senseless.

    Rita Battaglia

  • Dr. Rebecca Field says:

    Please do not kill any more seals ever again. I protest and have refused to buy Canadian products for the killing that has gone on in the past. You stop this horrible cruelty and I’ll buy Canadian products again!

  • Ann Sutherland says:

    This is disguisting this country and the people of it should hang their heads in shame it’s such a shame that these people can’t have a taste of their own medicine can’t be skinned themselves

  • alexandra craig says:

    for many, many years, my family, friends and i have pleaded, nagged, and petitioned the Canadian federal parties and the provincial parties, to stop the slaughter of seals altogether. It has been proven to be a financial loser, and seems to be more tied to the sealers’ sense of their identities than to financial necessity. I had hoped that as sealers aged and younger people came along, the younger people would come up with alternative ways to learn a living, but this hasn’t happened. This annual slaughter causes me to feel frustrated, sad and angry. I also have to wonder at a continuing market for seal products…how can there still BE a market in 2009?

  • shawn leahy says:

    Atrocious! Diabolical!

  • anabela ribeiro says:

    We don`t need the skin of an animal. We also have one, and we want to Keep her. They want the same!

  • Rene says:

    It’s absolutely unbelievable how they can do this and et away with it. I was not aware to the amount of seals being smashed till now!

  • Marisa says:

    This is so ridiculous. These animals have done nothing wrong and do not deserve this torture, end this now.

  • Sumita says:

    How the Candian government allowed to do such an unhumane act. Aren’t government there to protect the environment? I am really sorry and disappointed to read this. I think people involved in henious act towards any animal should be behind bars forever.

  • sarah kearney says:

    hello, thank you peta for the work u do t is of such importance that people becom aware of seal slaughter. it is an absolute disgrase that such an in humane hell can occur year after year. the people responsible for doing this, those eho feel they have the right to end the live of another animal are sick very unconscious individuals. As the saying goes what comes around goes around. they wont have good fortune in there lifes. these are pitiful uneducated peope as we all know. i am so happy that the Vancouver winter olympics will be held there next year. that time wont come a minute to soon. at last it will be in the media spot light. it will come to an end one day soon.

  • Naomi Julian says:

    Please do all you can to stop this slaughter of seals for their fur. We have to protect what is left of our wilderness and wildlife for future generations and for the well being of our planet. Thank you, Naomi Julian

  • Amber says:

    This is horrible and it needs to stop. Those poor seals didn’t do anything to deserve such cruelty. How would the ignorant people who do this horrific act like to be in the seal’s position, I don’t think they would like it at all. It’s terrible how the mother’s of these poor seals watch this going on to their babies. It just disgusts me and it needs to stop.

  • danielle says:


  • Rubie Mourar says:

    I am writing to demand that you help bring an immediate end to the horrific seal slaughter that is carried on in Canada. I absolutely get sick every time I think about it. I pray for the day when there will be such a world-wide uproar over the cruelty involved in this practice, that there will be absolutely no market for the pelts of the innocent baby seals.

    Personally, I do everything I can to boycott anything made in Canada, originating in Canada, or that will benefit Canada in any way. I truly hope that there will be enough public outcry about this centered around the upcoming Olympics to be held in your country, that there will be still more pressure put on those involved. If you choose to ignore the issue, I think you will grossly underestimate animal lovers all over the world who abhor this cruel practice. With the Olympics coming up, I would think you would not want the negative publicity! Thank you!

  • Katelijne Rothschild says:

    Dear Committee

    Please make sure this bloodshed does not take place! We should act as humans and respect all life! Can you imagine your baby being knocked dead in front of your eyes? Is there anything more cruel and criminal? Can you face the label the world will put on your country?

    Thank you for taking urgent action to prevent this massacre!

    Best regards, Katelijne

  • cleopatra says:

    im against any violence and sadistic action towards animals all ppl who are involved to that should be punished and so is high fashion creations!

  • Jenny says:


    It saddens me that such cruel practices to animals continues in a world where humans ensure to save themselves pain in nearly everything they do (in the Western World). There ar pain killers for mothers giving birth etc. I do wonder if animals could scream outloud their terror in a way that reached the whole world would this be happening anymore?

    Soon there will be a voice for the animals that will be impossible to ignore.

    They are the innocents of the world- their whole life- they are as innocent the day they die from the day they are born. Even if that is not long before they are hacked over the head and murdered for their fur (seriously haven’t we moved beyond this!!)

    They are not like humans who learn to lie and cheat and hurt others in only a matter of a couple of decades (some times less!). They are open and loving creatures- and so unique and special in their own way each of them.

    Tis time that humans realised this and treated them with the respect that they deserve! Wouldn’t you want your children to be able to love seals and all the other animals out there, and to know that their parents had something to do with hurting them and killing them in such a way? I do wonder if anyone thinks to the future, of their children and the condition of the world they are leaving their kids to.

    Sincerely Jenny Tudball-Smith, Australia

  • Rosalind Brooks, MSW says:

    No more violence with baby seal killing.

  • Julia Allison says:

    The fur and leather trade must be stopped in their entirety. They have no justification in a civil society and bring disrepute to those countries who attempt to legitimise such extreme animal cruelty. This disrepute ultimately undermines their commerce far more than any gains they seek from such a trade. High income earners like myself are more educated and shop more and consequently make more informed choices. Increasingly people in my income bracket are turning to cruelty free products- soon this will be the way of all people. Countries who promote economies based on animal cruelty will be the big losers in this changing market place.

  • Mindy Martin says:

    STOP!!! The Seal Slaughter. Now!!!

    It is inhumane! As an animal care woker and a compassionate human being….”ALL” Animals/Mammals have feelings and are structured like us.

    What would you do if this happened to your family???? How do you feel when this happens in your own city when people do it to each other??? How would you feel if it happened to you???? There is no difference between you and those seals.



  • Mrs. Bruni Boyden says:

    Dear Sir/ madame, Please dont slaughter those beautiful seals. They are GOD’s creatures too and feel pain like you and I do. My family and I will NOT eat Canadian fish or go on a cruise or vacation to Canada until this senseless slaughter stops. PLEASE STOP KILLING SEALS ! Thank you, Mrs. Bruni Boyden

  • itamar says:

    okay so like what are you guys gonna do about this, and what are some ways i can help out?

  • pinar says:

    i wish and pray everyday thousand times have a free,better and happy life for animal beings but please wake up and realized what a horrible things human does to them please stop,think of your kids and stop,think of your loved ones and stop,please think of your self and stop,stop this torture please ,i beg you all

  • Roxanna Winslow says:

    We must never stop the plight to end this cruel hunt. I agree that Canada’s hosting the Olympics is an opportunity to grow the awareness of this unjust behavior in addition to proving this can never be a humane hunt despite their efforts to claim so. Actually, their efforts in explaining the humane efforts are doing them more harm than good. New process went from Club then Skin to Club, Wait 60 seconds, then Skin. Aaah, much better. I am sure the seals appreciate their compassion.

  • Anne says:

    There is no excuse for killing these adorable animals. Even if they were not so cute, it would not be right. From the small worm, to the largest elephant, no animal should be killed for convenience, sport, food, entertainment or hobby. This is just not right. Shame of you!

  • Winnie Kaulitz says:

    Awww poor babies:(
    What is happening to our world!
    first dogs now these adorable baby seals!
    Baby seals are being slaughtered infront of their mother’s eyes:(

  • Michelle says:

    Does anyone know if there is an organized group going to Canada to protest the massacre of the baby seals? I could organize a small group to assist the protest?

  • Gary Gagnier says:

    This makes Me sad to be a Canadian

  • Phyllis Pickett says:

    Please stop this horrible cruelty to these innocent, beautiful baby seals, How do you people sleep at night? I beg God to stop this, we have plenty of synthetics, to cloth ourselves, must we stoop to this to please rich, bored humans! Please stop!~

  • Deborah Byrd says:

    Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee:

    The WORLD is watching how you treat your wildlife, as you prepare for the 2010 Olympics. PLEASE STOP the slaughtering of seals – Oh, Canada! It’s barbaric, it’s cruel, it’s uncalled for.

  • Karen Weir says:

    I thought this was the 21st century……Killing for skins
    is so barbaric, it is unconscienable.

  • J DeMarco says:

    I think PETA needs to focus its efforts on the abuses of dogs, cats and horses, all of which can use greater publicity and fund raising for those abused, neglected and tortured; i.e. pit bull fighting and other such crimes against our best friends. Not Canada’s seals.

  • Patricia Caporossi says:

    Please, help stop the seal slaughter!!!!

  • Please help me in this! It’s important 🙂

  • Gail Gunber says:

    Killing seals is an atrocity. It is Canada’s shame. I will boycott all Canadian products until you stop this heinous act.

  • Patricia Caporossi says:


  • Paula Majors says:

    Hunters kill for sport or pleasure, poachers and sealers kill for greed – in any case, to put it mildly, they are all COLD-BLOODED KILLERS!!!! I have NO PITY whatsoever for any of them; killing an animal is only excusable due to EXTREME famine or self-defense!

    Sorry, I just can’t be polite with people that are cruel to animals!

  • yemile says:

    we need to help… NOW

  • Frigola, Monique says:

    Once again, I urge to demand to the Government to put an end to these atrocities. The seal hunt is a shame for all Canadians.
    Thank you

  • Kat says:

    I am a Canadian.
    I hate what they do to the seals. Canada is great, but this is just disgusting.
    Every year, it happens.
    Every year, people try to stop it from happening.
    Last year 3 people lost their lives while killing baby seals.
    They deserved it.
    It needs to stop. NOW.

  • Christine Carrales says:

    To whom holds authority and power,I would like to submit a plea to you to stop seal slaughter and permit these beautiful animals to live in peace and harmony in their environment.TRying to construct a powerful and persuasive argument or statement I could do but essentially the bottom line here is the importance of the continiued survival of these beautiful and rare animals.Giving in to financial profiteering of a defenseless and vulnerable specie of animal is ethically and morally wrong and evil.I strongly implore that in our modern times of informed intelligence you use your authoritarian power for good and not for the cruel destruction of a truly remarkable specie of animal. Thankyou for your time and help. Christine Carrales.

  • Kim Houle says:

    As a proud Canadian it is disheartening to see and to know this abuse still is allowed on defenseless little animals.
    Please, STOP THE ABUSE.
    Why do you still allow this?

  • john charnesky says:

    Some people will do anything for money like killing puppies

  • Mariam Hamidian says:

    Please stop killing the baby seals. It is inhumane and as a Canadian I am ashamed to be part of this crulty. Thank you.

  • Charlie says:

    Aren’t seals brutal killers of sea kittens.
    They deserve what they get!

  • Karen says:

    The annual Canadian seal slaughter makes me ashamed to be a Canadian. Recently announced new “standards” intended to make the slaughter appear more humane are indeed a joke. I was sickened to see a billboard on my local highway recently proclaiming that “Fur is Green”, put there no doubt by the fur industry encouraging us to associate their activities with nature and the environment. What this industry does is a far cry from the days when fur was indeed ‘green’ – the days when Native Americans used it in moderation to protect themselves against the elements. Harvesting fur on an industrial scale as a sick extension of one’s vanity shows no appreciation for the sanctity and beauty of nature. I applaud countries like the Netherlands and hope the EU succeeds in implementing a complete ban on the importation of seal fur. Cutting off demand is the only way to put an end to this barbarism. There will of course be people affected who will have to evolve to other means of earning a living, but that is called ‘progress’. We used to think it was okay to have Blacks sitting in the back of the bus……….but with time we became enlightened (thank God). The same needs to happen here. Keep up the great work PETA………keep getting in people’s faces until they change their behaviour. It’s the only way to give a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves.

  • ….can’t believe what they do to these poor animals!! we need to continue to enforce laws to keep protecting our animals!! THANK YOU PETA……

  • Cheryse Wellman says:

    The inhumane and brutal hunt of seals, often less than 2 weeks old, only continues to exist because it is propped up by a range of government subsidies and taxpayers money. The vast majority of Americans, Canadians, and caring people worldwide have been calling for an end to the hunt and the time to act is now. Canadian seal hunting was ended once for 20+ years for the scope of sheer brutality it entails, and it must be stopped again. The new “standards” that Canada recently enforced are hardly standards by any humane conditions. Nor do they exclude bludgeoning gentle animals, impaling them, dragging them across the ice, and ripping off their skin after a “60-second pulse check.”

    Please use your unique position as a representative to citizens of the world and fight for an end to this cruel slaughter. Here in the U.S., the sale of seal fur has been banned since 1972. Belgium and the Netherlands have passed laws banning the importation of seal fur, and the European Union (E.U.) is considering similar legislation. Just last week , a committee in the E.U. Parliament voted in favor of a strong prohibition on trade in seal products-this brings Europe one step closer to a complete ban. This signifies the scope of this horrendous issue.

    The world is watching.

  • Sen Tolf says:

    Stop the killing of seals.

  • Megi says:

    Please, STOP IT! The seals are innocent!!!

  • Erin Pirnat says:

    Please stop harming these innocent, adorbale and kind souls! They deserve to live and not be brutally harmed. I am asking as a concerned human who cares tremendously about animals. They deserve to be treated well and left alone.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Erin Pirnat

  • Alec Stephens says:

    This is outrageous, Canada is a great country but practices like this show us how some of the people from Canada feel about life

  • Tiffany says:

    Please, I beg you to stop the seal slaughter. Besides this being inhumane. There are several different options to wear a coat and fur doesn’t need to be one of them. Bludgeoning gentle animals, impaling them, dragging them across the ice, and ripping off their skin is very inhumane. I will boycott anything sold from Canada until this stops. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Joseph Warren says:

    These are sorrowful times we live in heightened more by the insensitivity you show that spreads to others; the young especially, upholding a cruel and inhumane ideology. I hope you realize you are a part and an instigator of all this sorrow.
    You must put an end to the slaughter of life.

  • robin pappas says:

    we are well into the year 2009 and it is well past time for such barbarism to end..

  • Mary Quatela says:

    Stop the slaughter!

  • Carlos Fajardo says:

    Please, stop the killing.

  • Cathrine says:

    I want to do as much as possible to help, but someone have to tell me how i can help. So if someone can contact me on my E-Mail and tell me I whold been rely thankful.

  • hale civanlar says:

    dont kill animal!!!god is see you!!!

  • d bandy says:

    Humans have not come very far since the Neanderthal. THis is barbaric, selfish, self-serving, inhumane, ghastly, ignorant and cruel……

    I hope the infectious clothes moths attach the closet of anyone wearing sheepskin, animal hide or fur……..They deserve it.

    Exploiting Gods creatures is pathological. Humans do such wrong to animals who have done nothing at all to us. Let them live and enjoy their short lives in peace

  • JANICE M BURGI says:


  • Lena Söderberg says:

    Stop the barbarian seal slaughter if you will be contemplated as a civilized state.

    The slaughter is really disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lena Söderberg, Sweden

  • Ankur Ralhan says:

    Please, stop the seal slaughter it is inhumane and cruel!

  • Karen, T. Lenney says:

    I think this should not be happening by killing wild seals just to get their fur. Please stop the killing. Thank you.

  • George Sidoti says:

    My friends, family and I will boycott any and all commercial products and sponsors connected with the 2010 Winter Olympic Games unless Canada ends its practice of slaughtering the seals. There is no room for comprimise. Either Canada stops the slaughter or the boycott will begin sooner that 2010.

    This barbaric practice of slaughtering seals must end…ASAP!

  • Raymond LeVan says:

    What would be the result of PETA (seal slaughter) literature hand outs in front of grocery stores/super markets? I think it would be grand! PLEASE, don’t purchase Canadian products, e.g. maple syrup and cheddar cheese. Go VT. Thnx!!

  • Dear sirs,Please help us end this disgusting, horrible, slaughter of these beautiful lovable animals.At the present time i have no plans for me or any of my family or close friends to visit Canada or to attend the Olympic games. we will not buy any product of companies sponsoring these games unless you use your influence to end this slaughter now and forever.With your help we will be able to attend these games.My young kids get very upset when they hear what happens to these cuddley animals.They have stuffed baby seals they sleep with at night. They pray to God each night,asking him to make them stop.So you along with God’s help can stop this slaughter.Thank you from me and my family.

  • melanie says:

    Hey i just read this article. I wish all this could be stop by just an aggrement. They seals don’t deserve this, what have they done to us humans ( nothing). When you see cute pictures of just 12 year old seals they have a such an insant face and that is exactly what they are insant animals. I think that the goverment should make this illegal ( not alowed), because if those animals go enxtinct 60 % is there fault every day atleast 100 die. Please put a stop to this.

  • natalie diamante says:

    please don’t hurt animals

  • semra sirel says:

    I love the animals very much. I wan’t their life are happines.I have a little english. I am soryy. I don’t understand what do you want to me.

  • Ute Hübner says:

    Stop this crazzy killing!

  • Dr. William & Nancy Butler says:

    Just because you reside in Canada gives you the audacity to have these seals killed? They belong to the planet Earth, not you. This slaughter is archaic and unnecessary. STOP IT!

  • Mirto Capeder says:

    Stop the Baby Seal Slaughter Now.

    You can alway tell about a Country be the way they treat their Wildlife.

  • Judith Wester says:

    I abhor the slaughter of these innocent animals and see no sense in it what
    so ever especially with the way it is carried out. This disgraces Canada.

  • Michele Mason says:



  • semra sirel says:

    I don’t want killing the baby fok

  • Dianne Mary Rochenski says:

    I’m of Canadian decent and I used to be proud of it. NO LONGER AM I. I’M ASHAMED
    Dianne Mary Rochenski (my mothers maiden name is Beaulieu)

    God is looking down at us and is crying for his animals that he entrusted in our care. Shame on us.

  • Joan Faszczewski says:

    I thing disgusting and horrible. This should be stopped right now. This is a sin on everyones soul. Its not right. How would they liked to see there children being killed that way.

  • For pity’s sake, when will we finally really ‘get the concept’?
    Human beings, for all our potential for kindness, generosity and compassion, have to be reminded again and again to show basic goodness to every species that is even slightly different from us.

    So few of us want the fur of these gentle creatures!!!!! Skinning them for fashion’s sake is NOT COOL nor is it good!!! Got that?

  • Michele Andretta says:

    I am originally from Seattle, WA. and have spent a great deal of time in Canada. I am ashamed that Canadians would allow the killing and slaughter of baby seals. This has to be stopped immediately. It is inhumane treament and no different than the Chinese skinning dogs and cats alive for the almighty dollar.

  • Michele Mason says:



  • LORE BENDER says:


  • robin says:

    I wish people would see how important animals are. Over the years many people have forgotten animals are needed on this planet. Many people think they have rights over animals and can do so many horrible things to them. I wish the people who mistreat animals would realise they have the right to live. We can find other ways to live without the use of furs and a host of other things. No more animal testing or slaughter.



  • MARGO LOVE says:



  • Mag Seaman says:


  • Sam Khalifeh says:

    This is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING and I hope it comes to an end right away.

  • kim says:

    commercial sealing ought to be illegal. beyond necessity for natives of the area for food and/or clothing, it is nothing but inhumane and shameful for the sake of money and vanity. we need to move forward with banning it’s sale and practice and set a better example for the future. thankyou, kim bonner


    Oh, gosh, can this be more inhumane? how can you possibly justify killing, slaughtering these precious animals? Please, please stop this massacre. We, the developed world, are always talking about ways to improve our world for future generations. What you are doing is not helping that. You are just contributing to the extinction of these beautiful, peaceful creatures. Can you not understand the pain that 12 day old seals must feel when you slaughter them like this? Are you all so coldhearted that you would subsidize it with Canadian citizens funds? Please, as the winter games approach, help us show the world that you do have compassion & help us stop this terrible, terrible massacre of baby seals. Thank you for your attention to the important matter.

  • Wm. McCall says:

    I hope this barbarism will soon end. And the “60 second rule” which says that a baby seal’s killer has to wait 60 seconds before skinning it is ludicrous! Surely the small revenue to Canada gained from the seal killing isn’t worth the the civilized portion of mankind’s distain.

  • Simone says:

    This breaks my heart. I hope that Canada will listen to PETA’s pleas. All of us need to shift our thinking into a more conscious and considerate approach life. This horrific and disgusting manner in how they slaughter the seals creates a terrifying butterfly effect that affects everyone in the end. If they are going to continue their needless slaughtering, they really should find a more humane way for such an inhumane act.

  • Merryl Goldman says:

    Unbelievable meaness,horrible inhumanity,stupid vain people buy and wear fur coats. I will never set foot in Canada again(I live in NH) near the Canadian border. I refuse to buy any Canadian products and have even asked my grocers not to sell Canadian fish!! This must STOP NOW!!

  • Zlatica Lazarevic says:

    I am adding my voice to help stop the disasters like these.
    Despicable. Horrendous.

  • Diane H. Brown says:

    Please stop the horrific slaughter of these poor defenceless animals—-& right in front of their family members! Animals have feelings just like we do & still you don’t care! You just do whatever is good for you! What goes around comes around. I can’t wait until you get yours!!!
    You are barbaric & heartless & should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this!!!!!!!
    I’m embarrassed to be a Canadian because of what you THINK you should do! Find another way! Be HUMAN!

  • Ali Dronenburg says:

    Why do you allow such inhumane practices? I’m curious, I would really like to know why you allow seals to be clubbed to death or slaughtered in any inhumane way or at all for that matter? Please, stop.

  • bjanka elam says:

    please, stop murders!!

  • Byron Barwick says:

    As polite as I can be? OK…while the above copy says is all, given the bottom line reality is that NO life-form is any less sacred than any other, I wonder how would those who advocate such cold-blooded brutality would protest if it somehow became legal for them to be deemed fair prey for their possessions in exactly the same manner as they carry out their actions upon totally helpless creatures?

  • Mary Beth Caracciolo says:

    In the name of common decency and humane treatment of living creatures please use your influence to let the Canadian government know this type of barbarian practice will not be tolerated by anyone.

    I don’t care what the Canadian government says they have done to help the situation, the only help will be to STOP THE SLAUGHTER!!!

    No humane being needs that baby seal fur to satisfy their vanity! There is plenty of faux fur to keep anyone warm! Greed has gotten our world in the financial situation we are in and greed drives this massacre!

    PLEASE support this effort…you can do it!!!

  • Audrey Clark says:

    This is very sad to know that we as humans can actually do this to animals who are helpless in defending themselves. IT IS A CRYING SHAME!!!!! I hope that all those who participate in these slaughters will one day wake up and realize what they have done. I know that you all are going to hell as the Good Lord for sure does not need you in heaven. Saying, I am sorry for what I have done” hopefully won’t cut it! You know that this is wrong. It is one thing to kill an animal for food, if you have to, but to kill these precious seals just for their furs is a total disgrace.

    For those who can put a stop to this, I ask you to please put your “wallet” aside and put your heart into what is happening. Maybe you are like the banks and car industry where the CEO’s are getting paid more and more money… Maybe you are getting a ‘huge’ cut underneath all this and that is why ‘you’ are not putting a stop to this. I sure can’t figure out what else it would be. I am sure there are other ways of bringing money into your country.

    For those who where these furs, maybe you ought to be clubbed over the head as well and see how it feels to these baby seals. You probably won’t like it. Oh and we should wait 60 seconds before we club you again and peel off your ‘skin’…..

    It is a crying shame that you have to be begged to stop this ridiculous slaughter in your country. If your heart does not feel something for these baby seals being beaten over the head, then that proves that you all are very heartless, cold human beings and that is a shame.

    Go back to the 1987 ‘ban’ of killing these beautiful white-coated baby seals.

  • Gloria Dallaire says:

    To whom it may concern:

    One word for the annual seal slaughter….barbaric. Can’t believe this even occurs in this day and age.
    Please help to put an end to this needless atrocity. No living creature should have this happen to them. Just awful.

  • Laura Villasenor says:

    How dare you take it upon yourselves to determine whether or not a species should live or die, who made Canada the maker of such decisions? You actions
    are sick and depraved. I want to know, and I think PETA should provide all of its
    members with a complete list of any country that purchases furs, from any animal.

    I do not want to see new improved methods of slaughter utilized, I want the killing of animals stopped, and I do mean now. I plan to send a petition to all my
    associates within the US. I strongly suggest you prepare for a battle, or a boycott.

  • Jim says:

    THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!!! I really do not know how people can kill these poor defenseless animals. How can they live with themselves?

  • JOE HANON says:

    It is unconscionable that the Canadians and its government permit this inhumane and cruel slaughter to continue.

    A better way must be found. Anything Canadian in my stores I will refuse to purchase !

  • Danielle says:

    This is the most heinous act of violence on animals. Shame on the Canadian Government. Who in the world wears Seal fur to begin with??? This disgusts me to no end. If only we could all go out on the Ice and contend with those killers face to face.

  • Michele DeSimone says:

    This is cruel and inhumane!

  • Jeanne Schmidt says:

    Please stop this senseless killing of these gorgeous animals. I do not know how people can be so cruel. Remember God knows when a sparrow falls. even one.

  • Brian says:


    What century do we live in again? For a minute, after discovering this barbaric practice that occurs in Canada, supposedly a leader in the world, I thought that we were living in the dark ages. I just don’t understand how a person with a heart, soul and conscience can bash a baby animal’s head in, or anything’s head in for that matter and skin it alive. I just don’t comprehend how a government can encourage such a practice. I can only hope that for the sake of human dignity this barbaric practice will end very soon.

    Thank you,


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